Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Bali Hai


Home warming party at Portia and Curtis' house. Aunt Stella, TJ, Trina and then Drew comes in. OH I think Curtis is realizing he can ask WU to get him those records he wants if he lets her use The Savoy for gambling! YES!! I hope so!!

Aunt Stella remembers a bit about the divorce papers not being sent. 

Trina talks to TJ about being wrongly accused. Marshall comes too, TJ invited him. Curtis tells him that he and Porita might vacation in Buenos Aires...Marshall is like "Um I have to get some air." Goes out, takes a pill and then Stella comes out too. 

Sam is with Dante and Anna comes over. Sam thinks they have proof Luke was murdered.  Spinelli has looked at the Dark Web. Um.. Okay, whatever--GET ON TRINA'S STUFF!! They found the Ice Princess up for auction on line. Anna says they need to bid on it. She has a bunch of cryptocurrency she bought with money Duke left her. She gets an invitation to the auction and leaves for French Polynesia. She calls Valentin and says she's worried about him. 

Victor tells Johan he has to leave town (I think CS got his hip operation IRL at this point). He has "business" out of town. Johan thinks everyone will be suspicious if he leaves now. 

Ava comes back to Wyndemere "This is MY damn house too" she tells Nikolas, Esme and Laura leave and Es tells Ava she's not pregnant. Ava and Nikolas go back and forth about Esme. She's going to move back in but to a guest room or a cottage. 

Spencer comes in the house. Esme can't believe he went to the gym just to get away from her. Laura invites them to lunch. Spencer says no. Laura leaves. Then Spencer and Esme talk about things. She cries and says she'll just LEAVE port charles! Get her estate manager to give her money. He says don't go, they can see if they can work it out. Gross. 

Laura goes to the Metro to wait for Kevin. Victor comes over to her. She tells him Esme isn't pregnant. VIctor says they can have a common goal and make things better for the next generation. 

Selena comes to the gym to see Sonny. She talks about wanting to expand gaming in PC-- "There's been a hole in that action since Luke Spencer left".  Sonny agrees. They talk about the West Coast family getting together. Not sure who they are but they'll work together to thwart them when they come to PC. 

SO, in some tropical setting, Jennifer Smith is on the phone with someone talking about bidding on the Ice Princess. She's part of a West Coast Family going to move into Port Charles. 


Ava won't sleep with Nikolas until Esme is gone

Stella faints in the living room

Valentin is in French Polynesia disguised as a French sea captain!! He wants to sit with Jennifer Smith. 


  1. hahaha I just popped in to check on Sonya and wipe up the drool. lol

    "Respire mon ami, respire."

    1. "Dr says, hahaha I just popped in to check on Sonya and wipe up the drool. lol"

      "Respire mon ami, respire."

      Hahahahaha. I did not expect to see him there!!!! Great surprise!!! :) I had to look up Respire mon ami, respire meant hahahaha.

    2. lol breathe, my friend. Breathe. I even said it with my best accent lol in honor of his sexiness.

    3. "Di says, lol breathe, my friend. Breathe."

      ROFL! I know. :) *breaths deeply*

      "I even said it with my best accent lol in honor of his sexiness."


  2. I still think Stella is Curtis' mom.
    Spinelli found the Ice Princess on the Dark Web BUT he hasn't solved Trina's phone????
    So confused about what they are doing with Esme now.....but Ava is scarier than anyone!
    So I guess Victor IS going to make Jennifer Smith the fall person for Luke's death.
    YEAH Valentin!!!

  3. Yay Valentin! Missed you handsome.

    Maybe Esme with actually be pregnant who knows. We know it won't come to term since well, this is GH

  4. The gym:

    Ms Wu and Sonny: Does Ms. Wu want her gambling room at the haunted star? Does Sonny own it now? Who owns it? Great scene! Love the hand shake. :) Delicious!!! :)


    Nava, Laura, Spence and Vampira:

    Ava: This is my damn house too!

    The queen has spoken. :)

    Laura, Vampira, and Spence: Spence is all stinky Mcstinkerson so yeah probably not a good idea for Laura to hug him! ROFL!

    Spence and Vampira: Yes Spence! Admit you are in wuv with Trina!!!! Oh sure hug Vampira. Now your stinkyness will land on her.

    Nava: Mmmmm. Foreplay. :)

    Ava: As long as you are choosing to protect Esme, you will not be sharing a bed.

    She said that sensually. ROFL! Mmmmm foreplay. :) Yeah but Vampira could use that!! She could put a spell on him and he will want her in the bed. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Yohan and Victor: Yohan is still working for Victor? Poor Yohan!!! RUN YOHAN RUN!

    Victor and Laura: I'm glad Victor knows that Vampira has not got the preggers.

    "Karen says (I think CS got his hip operation IRL at this point)"

    Oh I guess there won't be temp recast then!

    Sam's home: Hey where are the Tribbles?!?!! Anna calls V.C. twice!!! She misses him and is worried about him awwwwww. :) Yeah where is V.C.?!!

    Sante and Anna: Why is Anna wearing a summer dress? Still a heat wave? Mmmmm auction for the ice princess! LOVE IT! :) Cripto currency with Duke's money?! WOW! Anna you are full of surprises. :)

    Purtis's home: PARTAY!!! :) Mmmm food! Love that painting! I'm coming over! :)

    TJ and Trina: OH TRINA! Yell it all on twitter you are innocent! I am behind you!!!!!! :)

    Portia and Trina:

    Trina: Spencer wants to do what's right but in the end, he does what's easy.


    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: Mr. Hat man is acting funny.

    Stella and Mr. Hat man: Great scene!

    Mr Hat man: If anybody of his teaches family, it's me.

    WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?! Are you saying that Stella is NOT family?!?!!

    Picture time: YAY! Everyone get close.. You too Stella.. Oh oh what is wrong with Stella?!!?!

    *Stella goes down*

    OH NO!!!!!!!!! :(

    French Polynesia: Jennifer Smith talking to her husband on the phone? Did you see her hand shake while she was on the phone? V.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAA! YAY!!!! :) Wow he reminds me of when we first met him. :) Why didn't you call Anna and tell her what you were doing? Well, she is on her way so you will see her anyway! :)

    1. Stinky-McStinkerson, hahahahahah! My line of the day was "off-brand sociopath" by Queen Ava. Omg, I just howled! Couldn't have said it better myself.

      Love Anna's dress and this whole cryptocurrency jazz. Nice touch.
      If I was Stella I would conked Hat Man right in the nose after that crack about family. How DARE he?!!

      I did see Jennifer's hand shaking. I was a little worried. And yippety-skippy that your Val is back. About time!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, Anna looked great too. Valentin why are you with Jennifer Smith????????

    2. Anna did look beautiful! Loved her dress and the longer hair is very flattering.

  6. GH doesn't need Jennifer Smith and the Ice Princess. Just a tired story. Luke is probably not even dead. Just being held or hiding in some dank basement. Again. It is good to see Valentin but rather in PC.
    Spencer and his father presently win the Most Gullible awards.
    Was the Deception party the same day as the new house party? Wasn't Curtis just wearing a suit?

    1. Jennifer Smith. Why her? Spencer and Nicholas are quite stupid these days. Throwing away Trina and Ava for Esme. Wow, super gullible

  7. Laura looks GREAT with the pink blazer. They need to dress her in "her" colors more often.

  8. Did I miss something…how did Valentin get away from Victor? Last I remember seeing him Victor put him in the trunk of his car.

    1. Valentin was found drugged in some back alley, but the poison (or whatever) caused some damage and he had to go to a specialist out of town (named Dr. Disney, I think) to recuperate.

    2. Thank you - I must have missed that episode

  9. Forgot to say it's been so nice to have a break from Snarly!

  10. Yay. No Snarly. She is so shreeky. Is that a word?

  11. Jennifer Smith was a surprising return. Holly Gagnier does a great job playing her, closest to what the original was like, a little over the top, a bit flaky, but lethal. And James Patrick Stuart. How fun!

  12. Jennifer Smith is such a random nothing character. Why is she even on? Next thing you know Colton Shore will show up.🤢🤬.The writers have nothing fresh to offer? Why go back to the Ice Princess?

  13. I like surprises and having Jennifer pop up was a surprise. Now, whether this storyline pans out into something good is another matter. Time will tell. But it's nice to have Valentin back.

    I predict just about time that Nik and Spencer wise up to Esme and want to kick her to the curb, she will turn up pregnant by Nikolas.

  14. I just have to comment on the screen grab you posted. Finola Hughes just gets more beautiful as time goes by....


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