Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Light as a Feather....Stiff as a Board...


It was a filler week. I understand we need these now and again to reset the 'good stuff' and circle around to the stories that don't interest me. (It's all about me, people). GH is still SO large that it's a giant wheel of stories and who knows what's going to get picked next to air. Leaving the Ice Princess hanging a week after Jen Smith gets hauled off is and Yet, we are finally having baby-steps about the Elizabeth "stalking". I'm just glad I'm not in charge of all that because you know I'd only have my faves on!

Good Easter Sunday to you if you celebrate...find those eggs!! 

LILYDALE OF THE WEEK: I'll start out with one the best of the week and that is Aiden and the Ouija  board. Having the kid googling stuff on his phone about the paranormal was a very realistic touch I appreciated. Also, having Gram tell him about old school sleepovers we had as kids using those Boards was excellent. Did it many a time myself. Then. the unexpected surprise of Lucy being there as well and talking about her "New Age" beliefs?! Cherry on Top. She was a vampire slayer after all!! Loved how she explained the universe and it's forces to Aiden. Aiden is still not convinced however so... I'm hoping for a good ol' séance soon! Is GH going paranormal instead of a DID Story? Hmmm...isn't Days doing that now?? 

SMART COOKIE OF THE WEEK: Dovetailing on the above story, wasn't it refreshing to see someone put on their thinking cap?? I'm talking about Chase who finally realizes installing cameras INSIDE the house might be the ticket to catching this culprit. Finn wants him to live there. I'm not adverse to that at all given the chem I saw with Liz and Chase. :EyebrowsUp!: What if they catch HER doing it?? I can hear it now "I'm not telling her, YOU Tell her"--"NO way..YOU Tell her"!! 

RANDO SCENE OF THE WEEK: What the heck was that gym scene with Austin, Spinelli and Chase? It was bizarre and chopped up. Started in the middle with the 3 guys talking about Maxie like we missed an entire scene before that. Austin hasn't been on in...I don't even know how long. Neither has Spinelli! Instead of showing Spinelli helping with the Trina case, this is what pops up? Totally weird. We know he still has feelings for Maxie so.. get him working on the electronic forensics already. 

ENQUIRER OF THE WEEK:  And.... yes, I'm digging Alexis being editor of Deception but something is just not sitting right with me. She's all of a sudden figuring things out about Harmony--but then not really. That Smaltz Guy is busy trying to get a story about Nina/Millow custody and talking Alexis into running it. I'm glad because I don't want Alexis to be some altruistic moral citizen in this. It's a messy business. I hope she's messy. I also hope this is all going somewhere and fast! 

WILEY OF THE WEEK: You know we needed one!! I have three things to report: Willow is really hating on Nina (who's her real bio-mom), Michael is keen to drag up her past so she can't see their tender tot at all and Carly finds out that Phyllis knew Harmony/Lorraine in NYC. What does this have to do with Wiley? Well, if Carly finds out that Nina is his REAL Grandma you can best bet she'll put a wrench in that info real quick! 

CLIFFHANGER OF THE WEEK: Oh, then there's Harmony who put a literal wrench in things when she hurled Mr. Brenden The Blackmailer over the cliff on Friday! What's interesting about this is that it was actually a Thursday show because of the interruption on Wed. Ergo, Monday's show should be even MORE gasp-worthy. Did you notice that Ol' Brenden died like Nell did? That was not lost on me! Anyway, Harmony didn't get to use the giant syringe she brought but did the job none the less. Bye Brenden!

EVERYONE KNOWS OF THE WEEK: Everyone knows Trina didn't do it. Like the entire town except idiot Nikolas. We find out that Jordan and Dante both think she's been set up and will look for new evidence to clear her. We also see that Spencer has been snowing Esme about believing her and is actually trying to get her to slip up so he can "save" Trina. (just like a Cassadine prince!!) Spencer tells Cam about his plan and asks him not to tell Joss. (Oh no, trouble up ahead!!)  The one person in the dark is Nikolas who for some reason is sympathetic to Ez's plight. Is it the whole "I have no parents" thing? Hm...that can't be all of it. At this point Nikolas just looks like a fool. 

RORY OF THE WEEK:  NuGuy Rory is just making a killing lately! He's even at Kelly's as Joss and Tri are having a gab fest. Josslyn mistakes him for a creep but Trina recognizes him from the PCPD. A cute scene and I like how they are introducing this guy. 

BUSTED OF THE WEEK: Sam tries to steal sensitive info by "forwarding" Dante's email file from the PCPD to her own inbox. Gets caught by Dante.  Whoops. 

SALE OF THE WEEK: Sonny wants to gift Phyllis Charlie's by selling it to her for $100. Phyllis hems and haws but takes the offer. Maybe we'll see more of Krissy now? HAHAHAHA. That was a joke, folks. 

IT'S A ROBBERY OF THE WEEK:  Let's harken back to Nixon Falls  where the Tan-O was robbed several times to show what a hero MikeSon could be. Welp, two idiots come into Charlie's and try to rob everyone at gunpoint. Brando and Sonny save the day and Nina even picks up a gun to hold one until the PCPD can arrive. What was the point of all this? I guess to show Sonny's losing "ground and street cred" with the gangs and is vulnerable? Um, okay? Anyway he promises to 'show them in a BIG WAY who's BOSS"!! Can't wait :eyeroll: 

CARLY OF THE WEEK:  You knew we couldn't escape this! Carly goes into Charlie's to check on Sonny and ends up yelling at him again. She's happy he's not drinking but not happy he listened to Nina and not to her. She's also not happy he's not really powerful as she would like because you know, DANGER. Seems like Carly hates it when Sonny's IN -IN the mob because of danger and NOT IN-IN the mob because of danger!! PS. What was she wearing? That's for drinks by the pool in Boca Raton. 

WU OF THE WEEK: Damn but I think I'm getting some Selina Gamblin' action at The Savoy!! YIPPEE!! Yes, I love this idea. 



Finn wants Chase to stay with Liz and have cameras set up around the house

Aiden wants to contact the dead to figure things out

Laura is ok with Lucy dating Martin

Curtis agrees to Wu's idea of a gambling den...but only if she gets the file he wants

Carly is angry that Sonny didn't listen to her about drinking

Willow and Michael are going to fight their battle in the press

Harmony pushes Brenden off the cliff when he figures out she killed Neil

Alexis thinks something is off with Harmony

Sonny 'Sells" Phyllis Charlie's for $100 

Charlie's gets robbed, possibly because Sonny is weak in the mobular world

Sasha pops another pill 

Maxie tells Spin she likes Austin so back off

Spencer thinks Esme did it and wants to prove it but doesn't want anyone but Cam to know

Drew and Carly hold a mutual admiration society at The Metro over beers 

NEWS AND NOTES: I think this is true, at least as far as I know. Charlotte will be SORA to teenager before we know it. She's going to be Jake's age? And I think we saw a giant Danny at Christmas. Anyway, I DO know that JPS is back from taping his other Disney show so he'll be on more. 

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK:   Anna briefs Laura and Robert, Alexis finds a dead Brenden, Curtis wants Ms Wu to give him the goods on Marshall and Lucy just might be able to help in the Liz situation. ALL the scoops at Diagnosis Daytime. 

So it's a wrap kids!!! This coming week I'm off Tues-Thursday because it's spring break here! Am I doing anything fun? No..but I do have some visits to make and hair to get cut. So, you'll be seeing some fun blogs from Dave and of course, will have space to keep me up to date on things happening. 

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  1. Carly's outfit was Dorothy from golden girls

    1. Definitely old lady or something you'd wear over a bathing suit.

    2. I KNOW... I mean if it was at the Metro Pool, I would get it.. just weird. They are in LA but try to dress NYish lol

    3. Maybe muumuu dresses are coming back in style. Just goole the word and see how ads come up after. lol

  2. Happy Easter. Thanks Karen.

    Hope we find out why Valentin lied to Anna. Better be good. These 2 are not officially a couple yet and they are messing with them.

    1. I THINK I read he might be trying to trick Victor and probably doesn't want Anna to 'get hurt" WHO KNOWS.. but yeah, not smart

    2. Yup, not smart at all on Valentin's part since that is what ended he and Nina with him being sneaky and lying :(

  3. karen, curious who are your favorites?

    1. oh! I like the baddies!! :) Right now I'm into the Esme story, The Elizabeth "stalking"... and the Ice Princess stuff. LOVE Selina WU and bringing in Curtis' place to the mix. Alexis and the paper is intriguing. I don't like Millow/Wiley ... Carly and the apparent Drew fest (they don't seem to know what to do with him). Sam needs to be way more into investigation. Not into Sasha and Brando AT ALL. I like the idea of Phyllis but she needs more. Maxie and Austin? And WHO is Austin?? Kind of a flop character. All in all the show is good but I think has too many things going on. I don't want to be bored but...

    2. I love esme. really enjoy her acting. And liz has always been my favorite. I agree with your choices. thanks for answering.

  4. Nikolas is playing esme, he told ava so the day show was preempted.

  5. Thanks for another great Sunday Surgery. I agree with your choices. I hope that Val is playing someone because I love the character, even when he's in evil mode.

    I certainly hope that park isn't one kids play in. lol Hopefully they met outside the city.

    I think the Aiden storyline could be cute. I remember those Ouija Board get togethers too. Start as a scoffer and hide your fear at the end. lol And is there anyone who didn't ask if a certain someone liked them?

    And I'd much rather they have a paranormal story instead of a DID Story. The latter is not something they can just drop after, like they have with their transplant stories. Maxie and Joss would be in the Guinness Book of records now.

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

  6. Thanks for another great SS!
    Definitely noticed that Brenden went the same way as Nelle.
    There are still too many stories. Too many characters.
    Alexis at the "Invader" can lead to many scenarios in the future. They might want to change the name.
    I still have a Ouija board. I too hope they go further towards the paranormal.
    Where the heck did Harmony get that giant needle?

    1. Probably online unless they have some in the nurses office at Spring Ridge. You can get them singly or in packs at Amazon....errr checked for a friend, honest. 😉

    2. I was thinking more like a veterinary supply as it looks like a large animal needle.

    3. I just named 2 possible sources as you didn't seem to know where she could get them.

  7. I don't remember Nik telling Ava that he was playing Esme....even watched online- never saw it - just SPENCER telling Cameron...
    SO ON POINT - it's all chopped up - Jennifer Smith and Val - then NOTHING..
    So Harmony goes nuts and tries to hurt Alexis and Carly------I never thought of that - I thought Ryan would kill her.....BUT at least we now know what May sweeps will be----Willow and Nina and we don't care.......I REALLY wanted it to be Esme getting caught but I don't think she will EVER get caught------
    no nurses ball in May I see.....
    and I am ready for Valentin to come back....

    1. mufasa said: Harmony goes nuts and tries to hurt Alexis and Carly-

      Where are you getting that from?

    2. I saw speculation on CDL .... a lot of could, maybe , might....

      "Carly’s wheels are already turning when it comes to Harmony’s connection to Phyllis Caulfield (Joyce Guy), so she could start putting some Nina and Willow clues together.

      That’s exactly what Harmony is afraid of, so she may lose it and put Carly in danger along with Alexis.

      GH spoilers say Alexis and Carly will face a dangerous ordeal before Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Josslyn race to the hospital.

      It sounds like Carly and Alexis could get injured, so we’ll see if an out-of-control Harmony might be to blame."

    3. CDL lies. One that comes to mind is that they said Maxie was going to miscarriage. There were many other 'spoilers' from them that never happened. FYI.

    4. Yes. I never accept any of their speculation as a spoiler. There's only a few sites I trust and this is one...if it's from kd or quoted so I can check it.

  8. how did I miss Nik telling Ava he was playing Esme??

    24 min mark.


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