Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Nail Polish

 Gym...Curtis  punching the bag...  Sonny and Curtis talk. Sonny asks what made him so upset--or WHO? They talk about MARSHALL :eyeroll: 

Nina calls Brando about Sasha and her being "Fragile" , asks him to come to her apartment. THey talk about Sasha and losing the baby. 

Portia and Drew stop by The Savoy looking for Drew and he's not been returning calls. They talk about MARSHALL :eyeroll: 

Sasha, Maxie, Brook, Lucy and Gladys celebrate Deception at the Metro Patio. The Paps are there and Sasha freaks out. 

Maxie meets up with Austin; he kisses her.  Brook still doesn't like him. It's a weird scene. He wants to go get wings and beer and go back to Maxie's place. 

Then the papazzari guy takes a ton of photos of Sasha-- and she gets upset and bolts from the table. Goes to the hedges to grab a pill and the camera guy snaps pics of her with them. She freaks out even MORE. Gladys ends up taking the camera and his memory card!! Brook and Maxie are impressed. 

Alexis asks Harmony if she's just going to keep killing people to keep her secret. Harmony says "if that's what it takes, yes" and rushes Alexis. They argue. Harmony picks up a rock to smash Alexis but Carly stops her. Alexis calls 911 ...Carly holds Harmony back until Harmony kicks her and runs into the woods. Carly wants to go after her. Alexis says let the Police do it. 

Finn and Violet are in the nail salon...Ava is there too. Violet wants Finn to get his nails done as well. He laughs. Then Ava and Finn talk about having daughters. Violet seems to be having her nails done at about 8pm at night., ok?  Cute scenes, just... at night? 

Dante goes to talk to the patient "Erik" Who they brought in all beat up. IT's the guy that Sonny put in the trunk. Dante asks who did this to him.  Again. And again. Oh, TJ Is there too. Guy doesn't talk. 


Sasha is driving really fast because the paparazzi is following them... 

Harmony is running in the woods and....she gets hit ( I think)

TJ gets a package at the hospital's Marshall's clarinet 


  1. Enjoyed Ava and Finn's interaction - Maura West looked GORGEOUS! However, I have no clue what the purpose of the scenes were - anyone?
    We all know Hat Man is coming back - Curtis gonna find him - cause I will NOT accept the time I can't get back watching Marshall, Marshall, Marshall.........
    -----Really like Rory but I want Chase back interviewing witnesses------
    Harmony gonna be hit - Sasha has drugs in her system------stock prices crash and they are poor again---this is a whole new direction for sure
    ----------------Sasha and Brando ain't gonna make it
    ---------WHY WHY does Nina have to WHISPER all of her lines?????

    1. Strange. I don't find that she whispers and I've been known to flip on the closed captions for some of them.

      I don't know what the purpose of the scene was at the nail slon either. I guess just to give Violet some screen time without having to be on with lots of people.

      Car crash... Probably going to be someone badly hurt and likely not the idiot paparazzi. Sasha was drinking so that won't be good.

    2. Anxiety pills shouldn't affect her driving and it's not something they'd automatically test for. They can smell booze though.

    3. ooo my bad - I thought she was on the drugs she was taking...

    4. "Di says, Anxiety pills shouldn't affect her driving and it's not something they'd automatically test for."

      They were anxiety pills? How do you know? They look like the drugs she has been taking. Hmmmm.

    5. Since she was taking them to calm herself down, and wasn't acting high, I assumed they're some kind of anti anxiety pill. Some of them are very addictive. When she was high before she was on cocaine.

    6. "Di says, Since she was taking them to calm herself down, and wasn't acting high, I assumed they're some kind of anti anxiety pill. Some of them are very addictive. When she was high before she was on cocaine."

      Ohhhh. Maybe she is taking anti anxiety pills, and that she has become addicted to them. Hmmm.

    7. I'm guessing the Ava and Finn scene may have been a chem test? To see if they click as a future couple?

  2. What a great show today! :)

    Nail salon:

    Finchy, Little V, and Ava: Little V is so adorable! Hmmm Finchy and Ava? Chem testing? We already know they have chemistry. Or is this a beginning of Fava? :) Finchy having nail polish on his nails hahahahaha. Adorable. :)

    Nina's home:

    Nina and Brando: Sasha thinks about how she duped Nina when she pretended to be her daughter every day? What?! So she has baby Liam in her mind everyday, and also how she deceived Nina? Oh come on! I don't buy it. EVERY DAY?! I don't think so. She is so drugged up she can't think straight!

    The Metrocourt lounge:

    Gladys, Sasha, Maxie, Brooky, and Lucy: I love how Gladys runs to hug Sasha when she shows up. :) I love Brooky's jacket. Oh look a reporter.

    Sasha and the reporter: Oh oh the reporter stole Sasha's pill! Man this reporter is strange. Taking close up shots of Sasha. Does he want a close up picture of her eye? What will the caption be? Sasha's eyeball. SEE it to believe it! :)

    Maxie and Brooky: Why is Brooky disparaging Pawtucket Holtster? I thought they made peace. I'm so confused.

    Maxie, Brooky, and Pawtucket Holtster: Awww Pawtucket Holtster is so sweet explaining why he was late. :) Pawtucket Holtster and Maxie have a date. :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and The reporter: Pawtucket Holtster wins the line of the day.

    Pawtucket Holtster: Do your job someplace else. Like the gutter.


    The hospital:

    Delivery guy and TJ: NO TJ DON'T OPEN THE BOX! It could be a bomb! At first I thought the box was for the bad guy that was in the hospital.

    TJ and the box: Oh it's a musical instrument! I was really cringing badly when I thought the box was going to explode! Why a note inside? Why couldn't it be on the outside of the box? TJ is not a musician, so him having the musical instrument is odd. Mr. Hat man should have given it to Piffy. Is Mr. Hat man not coming back?

    Bad guy and Dante: Yeah Dante I don't think he is going to tell you anything. Dante give him a Tribbles. That will make him happy. :)

    The gym:

    Sonny and Curtis: Oh Sonny just tell Curtis about the meds that you saw on the hospital floor!!

    Sonny and Dante: The bad guy has amnesia! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah right. :)

    The Savoy:

    Drew and Portia: I'm glad Drew told Portia what is going on. She is so worried!

    Drew and Curtis: Yeah Curtis! Leave Drew a message next time. He was worried too!

    Purtis: Yeah Curtis. You both need to talk!

    The cliff:

    Temp Recast Alexis, and GREAT SCENE!!! This actress playing Alexis, looks so much like the actress who played Luna Moody on OLTL. She also looks like someone else from OLTL. I don't remember her name or the actress's name. All I remember is a scene where she is telling someone, oh he is going to kill her!

    Temp Recast Alexis, and Cujo: Cujo was very helpful today. :) Cujo deserves a cookie. :)

    Temp Recast Alexis, Carly, and cop Rory: Yes Cop Rory go find and arrest her!!!

    Gladys and Sasha: Sasha should NOT be driving!!! That reporter really REALLY wants those pictures. Including that picture of the close up of Sasha's eye. :) Sasha's eye must be worth a million dollars! OH NO! HARMONY.COM! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :( I don't want to die! I want her to get arrested, then go to a psychiatric ward and get better, then get redeemed, then come back to Port Chuckles! I really want to keep her. She is a great actress!

    1. Oops forgot to mention, Sonny talking to his daughter on the phone awwwwwww. :) Which daughter? Donna or Avery? He should of said her name or Dante should have asked him who he was talking to.

    2. well Ava talked about missing Avery--so it must have been Donna at Carly's...

    3. "mufasa says, well Ava talked about missing Avery--so it must have been Donna at Carly's..."

      Oh. But then where is Avery? :) He isn't going to have the ice cream fun with her too? :) I want to join them! Yum! :)

  3. Willow, willow, willow, Wiley, Wiley, wiley

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah I don't know. The those things on her arms on the shirt was strange.

  5. Don't agree with sonya about today being a great show.
    Even with Hatman 'gone' almost half the show was talk about him. Do not care.
    The Harmony story has been good. Better if they didn't chop it into 3 second scenes. That's something they do on a regular basis which leads to the inconsistency of the show.
    The salon scene had no purpose but not every scene needs one. Just sweet. Finn's wearing my color. lol

    1. "zazu says, Don't agree with sonya about today being a great show."

      Well, there were a lot of great scenes today. At least we didn't have Mildew today, and for that I am so grateful. :)

      "The Harmony story has been good. Better if they didn't chop it into 3 second scenes."

      Yeah I don't know why they do that!

      "Finn's wearing my color. lol"

      Hahaha you wear that color on your nails too? :)

    2. Shades of purple everywhere.

    3. "zazu says, Shades of purple everywhere."

      Hahaha. You are going to dye your hair purple? :) Can you see Finchy's hair purple? Hahahaha!

    4. I thought Wednesday's show was good. It almost seems like the writers are accelerating current storylines to start new ones, maybe?

    5. Whatever the reason I'm just glad some are finally moving forward.

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