Thursday, February 29, 2024

Today is Hair DAY! But I MADE IT!


Anyone catch Lois' hair yesterday? AHAHAHAHA. Lordy. Anyway, I'm having my hair cut and I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'm hoping to catch a bit of the show. 

The dress up there was the TALK of twitter. I mean-- WHY. It's just-- WHY. There are so many flattering ones to choose from, even if you DO want sleeves. That neckline--just a yolk. We know she's not wearing it. BUT-- I hope they pick a better one or recreate Lois' . 


Today's SHOW: 

Sonny is mad at Michael. MAD MAD. Jagger walks into the gym. Sonny berates him about not being there for Stone when he was dying and calls Karen "Carrie"...Jagger goes to punch him, misses and then Dante and Michael break it up. 

Brook and Chase talk about the prenup. He ends up signing it because he thinks it's a good thing. He signs, she tears it up. 

Tracey and Lois argue about the prenup. Then Greg and Maxie walk in. Tracey apologizes to Greg for calling Chase an "interloper".

Maxie tells Lois she thinks Brook wants to wear Lois/Lila's ' dress. Lois says it's Tracey's call. 

Anyway, in the end, Chase hugs Tracey and yada yada. 

Joss and Dex argue about whether or not he should come back to PC. Joss says Sonny wouldn't dare kill him because everyone would know. 

Liz and Finn. Violet sent out "wedding invitations". Finn freaks out. Liz tells him it's normal behavior. Then asks about their 'Future". Finn wonders if Liz thinks about marriage.


Finn and Liz decide they like their relationship the way it is without getting married. 

Tracey offers Brook Lila's wedding dress

Michael wants Joss to bring Dex home because Sonny's in trouble

PS. I did NOT need to rush home today. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Say Yes To The....


Joss is wandering around the WOODS looking for DEX? What? Oh it's a town. Like with fishing nets and buoys. OMG and THERE'S DEX!! ahhahaaha What. They touch, hug and kiss. They go into his hotel room. She found him by someone's number? I don't get that part. They MISS EACH OTHER SO MUCH...then they make ze LOVE. And OMG they've been apart like 2 days or what?! 

Michael has a favor to ask of Dante. They are at the gym. Michael is still upset his dad has no one to confide in. Michael finds out that crime family heads are being targeted. 

Scotty is at Karen's grave, it's her birthday. Jagger walks up. They talk about Karen and Scotty hopes he's there to arrest Sonny. They wonder if Sonny is going to pay for making Karen depend on him and strip. Jagger says he's not going to get revenge on Sonny because he's "not that guy". 

Carly is in the NEW Playground set with Donna and Sonny walks up. She wonders what he wants. They talk about the threat on his life. zzzzzzzzz

Chase asks Finn to be his best man. Finn says yep. Greg comes out. They talk about Chase and Brook getting married. He says Brook is his best friend. Then he gets a text from the Q lawyers and he says Brook wants him to sign a prenup. 

Wedding dress talk with Lois, Brook, Tracey and Maxie. They talk about Lois' dress and Felicia's yada yada. Lois ended up wearing Lila's when squirrels ate her mom's (true) and they even have a LILA FLASHBACK with LOIS! Then Brook tries on a dress that's HIDEOUS. Everyone loves it. Um.. no. it's.. so bad. Yikes. Brook talks about the pressure of finding the right dress. Tracey says "Ut Oh, there's been an error" (I think about the prenup). She didn't want it sent out so soon. Brook Lyn is pissed. 

Sonny walks into the gym with Michael and Dante

Jagger says Sonny has only one way to go: down

Dex says he's not going back to PC, he's saying goodbye. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

NuWishes for NuGH


So, it's coming. The writing team is going to change. You all know my feelings on that but I also have a wish list of things to come. One of the biggest failures I see of the last regime was not capitalizing on Sprina enough and creating that sense of  a young super-soap couple. I mean at least a YEAR of material and being on as much as the Corinthos Clan.  They were the right couple, the right time--have a huge fanbase and now, NC is off in Ryan Murphy Land.  You can't get that time back. Don't mess up other young adult chances. 

My wishes are more program driven than "I want to see X,Y,Z happen" but there you go. If the STORIES are good, everything else falls into place. 

First up: Longer scenes with better editing. You can cram a bunch of stuff in one show, and edit all over the place. It makes for sloppy flow and is just NOT GOOD. There. "NOT GOOD"

2nd:  Please trim the cast. I'm not going to suggest anything (cough: Cody/Sasha) but there are so many "midline" characters that just don't have enough to do, imo. 

3rd: Stories with beginning middle and endings. Ones that finish in a good time frame. I'm not talking about relationship building or those things but the stories that have meat to them. 

4th: For the love of all that's soapy HIRE MORE POC AND YOUNGER FOLK to write dialog! I'm ancient old and even I don't hear the language, inflection and slang that should be there. 

5th: Watch Neighbours the Aussie soap. OR any British daily. 

MODERNIZE the show without losing the Daytime Heart we love. I do believe that can be done. 

Monday, February 26, 2024

Wyndemere: SOLD!


Sonny and Spinelli. Sonny has a job for him. Spinelli says he hasn't done mob work since Jason died. He and Ellie split up over him working for the mob. Sonny's like: YA WANT IT OR NOT? They talk about Jason love. Spinelli takes the job. Also tells Sonny he's just staying with Maxie because he wants to. They never said what the job was. Probably to trace the Li money. 

Ava and Nina...Nina wants Ava to talk to Sonny. Oh wait, she wants Ava to get them "alone together'. Ava says that's not a great idea for her and Sonny's relationship. Nina: YOU HAVE A RELATIONSHIP? Ava says she has to because of Avery and she's not rocking the boat. Oh.. someone bought Wyndemere finally. Nina continues to whine about Sonny. Then, Sonny walks in. 

Carly and Jagger. She's at Kelly's and not happy he's in there looking for info on her ex hubby, Sonny. They talk about Stone... then he tells her about the FBI case he's working on. (really?) -- he's like "Oh! Sonny hasn't told you, has he"? Then he tells her 4 crime family heads are dead. 

Curtis and Drew. Drew is boxing dah bag. He says Carly says he's "changed" and yada yada. Curtis talks about having rage. Blah blah

Blaze and Krissy. They are after-glowing. They order breakfast. I guess Blaze lives at The Metro.  Eva LaRue comes into the room. She's not happy.  Krissy convinces her she was there for a "girls night"-- and it got too late so she just stayed over.  Eva tries to give Blaze a bunch of stuff from Puerto Rico and Blaze gets all mad and says she doesn't KNOW her and yada yada. She's going to tell her she's gay. 


Sonny agrees to talk to Nina

Blaze starts to tell Mommy she's gay

Carly's mad no one confides in her

yada yada 

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Delayed


For one of the first times in forever, I'm not doing a surgery today. I'm not on vacation, I'm not too sick; I just didn't watch most of the shows this week and have no desire to do so! 

The best things I saw this week: 

Nina's New LOOK! 

Carly Quits! 


Boss Anna 

All of This

Ok! That's that!! Thanks to @Txoxoxo166 for the photos (as usual)! Have a good Sunday! 

Friday, February 23, 2024

And That's a Friday


I didn't watch today--Summary from Twitter:

Sonny took off his wedding ring

Blaze and Krissy made ze love

Heather messes up Cyrus' wire stuff

Danny and Sam go to St. Jaysus Bridge. 

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Sing Me a Song

 I'm only watching because I haven't blogged live in bit. LOL --I've been watching in Hulu and did you know that GH is only 31 minutes in length? I mean, I KNEW it was shorter but damn--- that's A HELLAVA lot of time on commercials. No wonder it feels choppy. 

SO, SELINA WU showed up finally. Thank you Soap Goddesses. I'm digging Ava and Sonny ...just on the "team up" vibes alone. Maura and Mo work well together. Cynthia W's new "look" is magnificent. Woo-WEEE!! 

That Crimson magazine was thinner than Woman's World Daily. LOL oh, and one more thing. Morgan Mentions. I mean, I'd love to see a "Brothers Fight it out for Empire" type thing (classic) but not sure GH can do that right. TOO MANY characters on canvas as it is already anyway. 


Wu and Sonny in the woods, she has her guard Li tied up. Li has money in his account and a gun from that WSB thing. Sonny's going to torture him and Selina looks like she's going to enjoy it. Finally Li says he overheard a phone call and the bosses name is "Stone".  Sonny tells Selina that he knew of a "Stone" and now he knows someone in town connected to that name. Then they talk about Jagger/Stone and Jagger's kid Stone. 

Cyrus is getting wired for Pentonville. Anna gives him instructions. They talk about God a lot. Sigh. Then Dante and Anna listen to Cy's sermon. Jagger walks in (right after Li says the bosses name is "Stone"). Cyrus talks to the gun guy in jail. Jagger tells Anna he's shutting down her operation. He argues with her, Dante steps in. 

Maxie/Sasha/Spin/Cody are all at Charlie's. Karaoke night... Cody and Sasha sing first. Auto tune and a song I can't stand. Then Spinelli sings an AUTOTUNED SONG THAT'S SO AUTOTUNED IT'S maddening. He signs it to Maxie. Then they kiss. Maxie leaves.

Carly wants Drew to back off the Nina revenge. OMG Drew is just insufferable. SUCH Over acting. Carly also says she wants Nina out of her life. Ohhh..does that give Drew and in to kill her? LOL  Carly quits Crimson. 

 Anna says he's going to go to Jag's supervisor if he shuts her down

Sonny wants Li to work for HIM to find out the boss

Spin and Maxie kiss, then she runs. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024


 Still sick! Hubs bought me this to cheer me up!! πŸ©΅πŸ’™πŸ’š

After  yesterday I need a break already lol! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2024



Dante and Sonny talk about the fact there are is an organization targeting crime bosses. IT's the same old stuff. I mean THE SAME. Pikeman talk again. He talks about Dex and Michael and yada yada. 

Jordan, Portia and Curtis talk about the shooter. Shooter. Shooter. Shooter. Jordan thinks Curtis could help in the investigation MORE. He could consult. He looks at Portia and then says no. HE's going to focus on family. Jordan leaves. Curtis tells Portia he has to warn Selina Wu because they used to work together. Portia is like: WHAT? Is THAT WHY she gave us a FRUIT BASKET????? damn it! She thinks Curtis is now on the hit list. :eyeroll: Doesn't she work? 

Laura, Val and Robert talk about what should happen with Charlotte and the stalking of Anna. She has to get therapy and 3 years probation. Oh, `=1.000 hours community service. Valentin thinks it's all too much. Laura says thanks for not putting her in jail. Then Laura leaves and Val and Robert argue about Valentin not warning Anna. 

Anna is talking to Cyrus about helping find the shooter. Shooter. He wants to just save his own life and thinks God will help him. She wants him to use his people in Pentonville to help find the shooter. Cyrus goes in 2x a week to minister. She basically begs him. He says no. Then Laura walks in. SHE begs him. 

Diane gives Nina divorce papers. She's kinda upset and shocked. Diane is ..."welp". She drags up all of Nina's past sins and says that she shouldn't worry about anything but she has her inheritance. Diane leave and Valentin comes over. They talk about Charlotte. 

Diane and Robert are going to make the love. 


Laura cries and Cyrus says yes. 

Valentin Tells Nina not to give Sonny the quick divorce he wanst. 

Monday, February 19, 2024



So it's my break week and I'm sick with a miserable cold. Ugh- I was sick Christmas break too. πŸ™„ I think Sonny throws barware today! 

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Pining For You


Here we are again, another Sunday Surgery! Another crabby week for me!! This transition period of writers is going to kill me. Not sure what's up but damn. I miss so many characters like Terry, Dr O and Brad. They filled out the show for me. I also wonder the midst of all the mob war stuff Selina Wu is suddenly MIA. You'd think Sonny would at LEAST consult her or try to figure out what's up with the Asian Quarter. :sigh: They did spend some money on the fog machine for The Pine Barrens so I guess there's that. 

Grab a donut and let's go. 

Friday, February 16, 2024

Well, I Guess It Was a Friday

NOT sure why I'm here but I'll give it a go. I hear yesterday Olivia Jerome was killed off camera. Oh, ok, who knows. I honestly forgot she was alive. LOL 
Sonny and the mob. The betrayals....the women...the BARWARE!! SO predictable. Do I even care who the person is behind all this? NOPE. 

Today's show: 

Kevin and Laura are going to both adopt Ace. Can they change his damn name people? CYRUS SHOWS UP. He's so happy because they are going to adopt him. He wants Laura to let him into the FAMILYYYYY. He's going to get Nikolas protection in Pentonville. He's also going to be on the radio doing God-stuff starting today. 

Anna, Jordan and Dante are at the morgue. Anna wants to see Olivia's body. Yes, it's Olivia, she was shot in the back of the head.  Gun was a WSB gun. They are going to talk to someone about something. Don't care. 

Sam tells Alexis about Danny.  Alexis can't believe it. They talk about Danny being Jason's son. They talk A LOT about him being Jason's son. Alexis gets a call from one of her reporters about Olivia Jerome being dead. OMG the MORGUE HAS A TRANSISTOR RADIO IN IT! ahahhaaha. They listen to Cyrus. OMG a RADIO? 

Joss is at Sonny's looking for Sonny and doesn't want to wait for him with Ava. Ava says don't go looking or him, ok? Ava wants Joss to tell her what's wrong.  Ava then lets her know SHE knows exactly what's going on!! Joss wants to talk to Carly, not her. Ava also tells her that no matter what she says Sonny won't listen. Joss says she LOVES DEX and can't lose him and thanks for the "HELP" and stomps out. Ava tries to call Sonny. 

Sonny is at Dex's house. Dex has a gun. Sonny says: You gonna shoot me!? HUH ?YOU GONNA DExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? Dex admire Sonny. Sonny tells Dex he has to disappear. He's giving him a new identity and he has to leave town. Dex wants Joss to go-- and Sonny's like: NOPE.  Dex says "then SHOOT ME"!!!!!!!!! OMG this is SO STUPID! AHAHAHAHAA. Anyway, Dex loves JOSS SO MUCH he'd rather die than run from PC without her. good gravy.


Alexis tells Ava that Olivia is dead

Dex leaves and Sonny gives her an envelope from him; his dog tags. 

Cyrus is on the radio. 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

My Valentine


You know who my πŸ’–πŸ’–is!! Today is her 6 year check up! Can you remember when I first got her!!?? So, enjoy GH today and I'll try not to drive to The Pine Barrens by mistake!! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

VTines Pine Barrens


Dante gets Sam a leather jacket because she "wants to ride again". Danny is brought home by a policeman! He got drunk in the park. Sam's pissed because he's 14. She takes his phone...he says "OMG I bet you drank at 14".  She says she didn't. He goes to puke. Sam says she lied about drinking at 14. 

Trina ordered dinner for her parents. It's their anniversary. Whoops, it was Marshall. They go to bed together--candles all over. 

ChaLyn is having a picnic at the Q Boathouse. they are going to look at a comet. The heaters don't work but they have blankets. They decide they hate Valentine' day. 

Lucy, Sasha and Maxie at The Savoy. Trying to cheer Lucy up over Martin. Then Spin and Cody come in. Lucy tells them to go to the bar--it's "Ladies Night" . Then she tries to call Marty again. Sasha asks Maxie if she ever thinks about Spinelli. Maxie says: sometimes

Mildew drinking wine and talking about life. (Take a snooze break) 

Dex is still in the woods, not giving up Michael's ass to save his own. OMG CARLY ARRIVES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING PINE BARRENS TO SAVE HIM! AHAHAHAAHAHA I'm dying. She tells Sonny Dex is working for her. Sonny doesn't believe her and figures out it was Michael. Sonny asks if Michael wanted to take him down. Dex says at first but he couldn't go through with it. Then Sonny's like Carly! Why did you keep this guy on!! Carly says Because he was with NINA and she had to keep an eye on him. He can't believe she didn't think he wasn't strong enough to take care of his business himself. Sonny's mad Carly lied, Carly says she did it to help him. 

It was weird. Sonny drives around with his driver. 

Couples Zex 


A New Character for GH


Blaze is getting a mama! A Catholic Mama!! You recognize Eva LaRue from AMC? Maria? Well, she's coming to GH. I wondered why Krissy was calling Blaze Ally. LOL --now we know. Will she be on more than Kim Delaney? Another AMC alum? Well, we will just have to wait and see. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

What is ALS?


I watched a bit of yesterday's show...but MEH. And Millow can just go the HE-double EL. They are so boring and JUST SOOOOOOO...not needed. I hate to say that because Michael SHOULD be an interesting character but--nope. Not even close. 


Carly is working in Michael's office. Ava drops by and wants to put off the sleep over due to safety concerns. Ava leaves. Brick comes over. Carly wants to know about the person that betrayed Sonny. Brick says he can't say. Carly gets a text from Joss saying she can't find Dex. Carly puts two and two together, realizes Dex is the one Sonny has. 

Greg is moving into Finn's. Violet sees him not be able to get off the couch. Finn and Greg decide they have to tell her soon that he's sick. Next scene they are giving her the ALS talk. She leaves after to "process" it all. Greg cries because he won't see her grow up. 

Laura and Liz. Liz brings her diapers as a 'gift" and wants to talk about Nikolas. She tells Liz he's pleading guilty. Liz is glad she won't have to testify. Laura tells her she's adopting Ace. Liz says Heather blames Kevin for Esme's death. They drink tea. Liz says she can help with babysitting and Jake is doing some as well. She leaves as Ava comes in. Ava gets tea too. 

Blaze and Krissy. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Molly comes over for dinner. Brings donuts. Molly finds out that Blaze's real name is Ally. Blaze leaves. Molly realizes they are dating. 

Sonny's driving to the Pine Barrens with Dex. Dex is scared. The talk in the limo is SO writing 101 ..for young adult readers. They make it to the Barrens. Dex is surprised he's the one getting shot. Sonny pulls out the other phone and asks who's been paying him and Dex says he can't tell him that. Dex activates a kill switch so Sonny can't open the phone. Sonny gets mad and draws his gun. 


Carly tries to call Sonny

Dex won't tell him who the person is 

Monday, February 12, 2024

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Hollow Ground


Call me Crazy but.... I think the writer transition has started.  I am at a loss today so just sit and relax, ok? 

HERE we GO! 

FUNERAL:  Oh geesh. First off, I don't think they should have HAD a funeral -- I mean it's 2.3 days since the body was supposedly "floating to the English Channel". Who the heck digs a grave for a fake coffin for not only the loved one but the other one that caused his death? Twilight Zone. Look, I don't think he should have been presumed dead. It's over used on GH and it's laughable by now. Why not make him simply vanish into the mist while Esme is out and about? Go check out Vineyards to buy in France while Trina's in school for 4 months??  Anything but this. 

 There was SO much wrong with the funeral it's getting it's own little mini-blog: 

TRINA:  Why is she not yelling that he's still alive? "Don't give up hope!" ? I can feel it!!?? Why did we not see her featured more? The crime of Cameron Coming and Joss and him going to Wyndemere without her is astounding. YOU HAVE WILLIAM LIPTON FOR LIKE A DAY-- don't have him spend it with Trina? No cute young Cam-Spencer flashbacks? He could have been telling Joss and Trina about them while they ate candy and drank champagne in a bedroom at Wyndemere. So many possibilities. Oh, and PS after the funeral day, Trina was NOT ON ONCE. So.. there you go. 

CYRUS: No one invited you. No one really wanted to see you but thanks for that weird little scene in the foyer of Ava's house. 

MARTIN: This show films so much out of sequence and we know it for sure now. Martin's all over the canvas before and after the funeral but NEVER MENTIONS SPENCER'S DEATH? Like EVER? Um... Okay. Tracey was even told -- then nothing about it from him. Not even after when he sees Nina in the Metro Court Bar.  Laura would have ABSOLUTELY wanted him there.. but no, insert CYRUS. :eyeroll: Just plain bizarre. 

ALEXIS:  Ok, the writing of the obituary with Sam was touching but you did give ol' Esme a job and didn't really spend a lot of time with Spencer...and neither did your girls. There was very little connection. Sam did have a few good scenes with him a year ago--but...? The graveside narrative? Hollow. 

ESME: The ONLY thing to perk me up on Funeral Day was Heather Webber screaming at Kevin. Oh, she's so good....and so bad. Interesting Elizabeth was there. (I was just glad Finn wasn't) Esme has a marker and a freshly dug "grave". Did Kevin pay for that? I mean, I get it, she's his niece but-- you'd put an empty coffin in the ground for her? 


  Besides the fact he looks/acts nothing like Jagger, I'm already sick of the "I'm John now" thing. Look, Jagger is at least something to give you a little pizazz. He's fighting with Anna. He's fighting with Dante and of course, he's fighting with Sonny. Interesting he didn't bring up Sonny DRUGGING Karen and having her STRIP in his club--but Sonny could bring up his cheating on her. Um.. One is NOT like the other!! I am SO not into this story. Don't care. Don't care--don't care. And where's MS WU? Isn't she the head of a crime family in town? Is she a suspect or potential victim? Who in management doesn't like her because she's certainly been thrown in the closet. (same people that don't like Dr Obrect...that's who). 

CRIMSON WARS: Carly's trying to be all "FASHION" and rolling in advertising deals. Nina is going to start her own mag to rival Carly's. That's about all you need to know. Oh, and Brook Lyn threw in with Carly and is going to help her out. 

GREGORY FACTOR:  SO, he's getting worse and is going to move in with Finn and Violet. We had a lot of scenes during the funeral that were all about this guy. The ONE silver lining is that Tracey has been getting some good stuff out of it all. She even apologized to Marty about breaking his and Lucy's relationship. 

LOONEY LUCY: Umm.. where to start? Ok, so .. she begged Martin to take her back, he said no and she went back to the photo shooting set and slept with Scotty behind a hay bale. Now, I'm all for fooling around but this was... puzzling. That's all I have to say on that subject. 

DEXATRIM: Dex is up to his eyeballs in money from Michael to "keep an eye on Sonny" and Brick is on to him. Wire transfers never lie. Will he squeal on Michael? Michael and Sonny are in a decent place now. Will it blow up again? :Sigh: 

  All I'm going to say about this is: They are trying REALLY hard to make him "demented" before St. Jaysus returns. Even Carly wants him to back off from Nina-Revenge. Maybe he'll harm her and go to jail again for awhile. 

  What did she ever do to you? Geesh... Brick? SERIOUSLY? Look, having SS on once and awhile to pop in and out and jaw with Sonny is one thing--having him try to be a potential partner for Jordan is something else. Where's Zeke? How many talented actors are in LA and all over the nation? What is HAPPENING!! 

BLOOMINGDALE'S:  Lois shows up at Charlie's in this get up and I about fainted. Ok, we GET IT. She's an over the top Brooklynite --but...but... THIS? In the middle of the day? Lordy. It IS available at Bloomies so I suppose someone is buying it. Western NY would faint. 

TORRID:  Burn this blouse. That's it. Just... burn it. 

SCENES OF THE WEEK: Didn't even involve funeral. No, they took place Monday when Nikolas showed up at Laura's door with Ace.  Adam Huss was brilliant in every scene. Ace was also perfection!! Laura convinces him to turn himself in and off he goes to jail. Oh, HE didn't get to come out and watch his son's memorial...but HEATHER Webber did. Go figure that one out LOL 

There were more scenes involving Sasha/Cody and Spixie. I guess they are the "Couple Quad" now. Lois talked to Gregory, Michael and Willow had mopey time at the carriage house. I'm still in shock that I'm watching this "Who Shot Who" story unfold and Cyrus' name hasn't come up ONCE.  ?????? People are speculating it's Jason doing the shooting--but really--would he miss THAT many times? And it if IS him, I can't wait to see the excuse they give for it. HIT HIS HEAD! CHIPPED by VICTOR!! BIT BY A HALLUCIONGENIC TOAD! OR maybe Dex IS the shooter and Jason will save the entire East Coast Mobular Force, it's anyone's guess at this point. 

So that's that. Hope someone enjoyed this week!!  We had 60 degree weather here and some sun! WHOO HOO! 

Friday, February 9, 2024


Drew, Carly and Joss talking about Spencer dying. She wants to post old photos on social media but doesn't want to hurt Trina. Trina likes the post off camera. WHY CAN'T SHE BE THERE? Then Joss leaves and Carly and Drew talk about Carly being a long term editor at Crimson and how great she is. Carly tells Drew she will only stay at Crimson if he drops his revenge on Carly. I about fell over  

Sonny and Jagger argue about the past: Karen, Stone yada yada. Jagger says he's in town to "save his life" Sonny laughs. They fight more--it's hysterical. 'I'M TRYING TO SAVE YOU" Sonny: I DON'T WANT IT. Blah blah..

Jordan is out with Brick and I might throw up. Anyway, Brick goes to order champagne and Dex says he'll pay for it and pulls out a platinum card and Brick's all: WTF is that!? They get the bubbly and Brick tries hard to flirt with Jordan. It's embarrassing. 

Joss joins Dex at the bar because Dex's fave band is on tonight. They decide to go some place "quiet". Brick gets up to follow them. 

Maxie, Spin, Cody, Maxie and Sasha are throwing AXES. I guess Cody is trying  to get Spin and Maxie to date.  Sasha gets a bullseye. 

Millow. Ugh They talk about getting back together, or not getting back together. Drew being 'different" yada yada Michael's going to stay the night. Wiley comes down. He's happy. 

Spixie win the ax throwing thing, they get to go to dinner together

Dex and Joss are at his place in bed

Brick finds Dex's off shore bank account. 


Thursday, February 8, 2024



I'm not hopeful for today's show. I think we are in transition at the moment. You can choose to believe me or not. 

Let's GO! 

Lois wants to talk to Greg. They are at Charlie's. He leaves the table and Finn and Chase talk about his condition getting worse. Finn thinks he might have to move in with someone soon. Chase thinks he won't give up his independence 

Lois and Greg talk about the wedding. Boring...but Lois's outfit is HEDIOUS. I can't even explain it. LORDY. THey talk about mulitgenerational families living in one house and how great it is. Greg then decides to ask Finn if he can move into his apartment. Um, buy a house, ok? 

Anna gets her badge back, makes a speech. Then she tells JAGGER to back off, it's her investigation now. Jagger says 4 heads of crime families are targeted for assassination. Looks personal and not about business. Anna tells Jagger to talk to Sonny. He says no..she says what would Stone want? 

Michael goes to talk to Sonny... he apologizes. He also tells him that he blackmailed Nina. They talk about Nina and Michael says if Willow wants her back in their lives then that's ok. He also wants Sonny in their life. 

Willow is talking to Drew. She says he's changed. He says he had to pretend to be nice when he came back from being Victor's prisoner--then the jail time changed him. Willow talks about forgiveness yada yads. 

Carly is talking to some "Grayson" guy in The Metro and Nina knows him from Crimson Days. She wants to continue their relationship with the ads in Crimson and he says he does too but she garners "bad press" He wants to terminate their agreement. Then he sees Nina, hugs her and says Crimson just isn't the same without her. 
Brook is throwing in with Carly to help get Grayson back to the magazine. They finally get Grayson back by offering an ad champagne deal with Deception. 

AND the last few minutes were chopped off due to "Breaking News" ....

NOTE: Is it me or does this show and some of the other ones look like they were filmed before Spencer's death? I mean like did Michael Knight come in, film a few shows, they chopped things up and put them out of order? THEY SAID NOTHING about Spencer today--anywhere. Marty wasn't at ANY of the funeral--and hasn't talked to Laura???????? it's such a disconnect. Very weird. This show feels like it was filmed on a sound stage by itself 2 weeks ago. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024



Alexis does a eulogy voice over. They all lay white roses down on his grave. Joss and Trina hug. Cameron is there. Sort of .. a nothing thing, imo. 

Kevin and Liz go over and see Esme's little grave. HEATHER shows up in chains and screams on Esme's grave. She is happy that Liz "Saved" Esme's life but she HATES Kevin. She screams at him about trying to "save" Ryan. She says it's his fault Esme died. 

Greg decides he wants a cemetery plot for people to visit. He gets an attack..can't breathe-- Finn talks him into relaxing. Then Finn gets mad about Greg not telling him he's getting worse. 

People go to Wyndemere. Then Cyrus shows up. No one wants him there. Most of all me. 

Dante and Sam talk about the shooting and Dante is afraid to tell Sonny that JAGGER is there. Dante decides not to tell Sonny about the FBI or Jagger. 

Trina tells her mom and Curtis she's not going to Paris or PCU because nothing means anything. 

Michael and Willow stupidity. Amelia threw food on him, he forgot Wiley's notebook-- Willow is there. HOW does SHE do it? OMG then they talk about stupid Drew/Nina. 

NOT HAVING TRINA WITH CAM/JOSS was SUCH a poor call. They should have been eating mounds of Candy (like Spencer did when he was a kid) on a bed in Wyndemere, drinking his fave Champange. Flashbacks and such. This was just... 



Tuesday, February 6, 2024

That Hay Hay

 Sonny's questioning Brick about him maybe being the leak for security. Brick is like NO WAY, MAN! Sonny's like: COOL COOL....Brick thinks it's Dex. "It fits". 

Dex goes to Michael's office and says that someone tried to kill his father. Michael says it's good that Dex is keeping an eye on his Dad. IT's POINTLESS,

Anna and Jordan are in a holding cell together. Dante comes in. He wants to know exactly what happened. They tell him about questioning the guy in the motel room. He says he will try to get them out. 

Jagger/John sees Robert. They talk about Robing and Robert recovering from his cancer. Jagger tells Robert he arrested Anna and Jordan. Robert talks him out of arresting them. Dante and Jagger meet. 

Tracey and Marty talk about Lucy. She says it's her fault. She says she manipulated him to think Scott and Lucy were having an affair for revenge on Lucy. Martin gets really angry "WHY YOU....How could you do that" Tracey says: I do it all the time LOL. 

Greg comes back over to Tracey when Martin leaves. She says she's not hungry now. She says that being around Gregory is making her "NICE" and she doesn't like that. 

Lucy and Scott make out and then fall to the floor... um.. they end up literally rolling in the hay. Then she regrets it. Then Martin walks in. It's driving me INSANE about Martin not knowing OR NOT saying anything about Spencer. GEESZZZZZZUS. Like Laura wouldn't have called him yet? Hell, Cyrus knows! 

Marty is very upset and is wondering how Lucy could jump into the hay with Scott 15 min after they broke up. He also tells her that it was Tracey that set them up. 


Anna's going to take the police job Laura offered her. She's the commish now. 

That's about it. 

Monday, February 5, 2024



So, Burton is back March 4th. 

Today's show: 

Nikolas comes home to Laura's house with Ace. Adam Huss is so good. Laura's blouse is still hideous. She says she loves him always.  Nik says feels responsible for Spencer's death. He also says he's going to leave again to avoid jail. Laura gets angry and says maybe Ace would be better off without him. Then she begs him to turn himself in. Later, she calls Dante and Nikolas is going to do just that. 

Tracey is in The Metro Court and sees Marty at the bar upset about Lucy. She's egging him on to believe that Scott is involved with her. 

Lucy's Phone....and that's SCOTT'S number LOL 

Lucy is yelling at her assistant and it's really because she's angry Martin hasn't called. Scott comes in and says he can't call Tracey because it will look desperate. Lucy tells him to scram. 

Lucy goes to the Metro to see Marty. He won't forgive her. She begs...Tracey is giving him the eyeball across the room. They talk about Bobbie's death changing Lucy and he goes on and on about time mattering and stuff. I GUESS he knows about Spencer but he's not saying anything. But Maybe he doesn't. He tells Lucy he loved/s her more than another woman but he doesn't want to look over his shoulder thinking she loves Scott. Lucy cries and runs out. 

Greg arrives at The Metro, sits with Tracey. He tells her that Spencer is dead. She looks over to Marty/Lucy. Greg also tells her about Esme and such. After Lucy runs, Tracey looks at Martin. Greg leaves to make a phone call. 

Sam and Dante go to Sonny's to talk about Spencer. Sam ends up leaving. Dante and Sonny talk about the shooting on the island. They argue about Sonny and Cyrus. Yada yada. Dante says they'll have everyone be a suspect because whoever did it knows the house on the island. 

Alexis tells Greg spencer is dead. He's sad. Goes to see Tracey. Sam shows up. She and Alexis talk about Spencer's antics when he was younger. They talk about writing his Obituary. 

Agent JAGGER-JOHN (DON'T CALL ME JAGGER) is with Anna and Jordan. He says they are doing a BIG INVESTIGATION ON ALL OF THIS AND STAY OUT. He also says call him JOHN not Jagger. :Eyeroll: only interesting thing about him, imo. He wants to bring them in on the investigation after all (even though he just said he didn't) but the bosses are mad that they questioned the witness. I guess that guy was the link between the stolen guns and the buyers.  I don't get all this but Jagger JOHN wants Anna to keep a 'leash' on Sonny or something. 


TRACEY is going to tell Martin the truth...

Lucy and Scott kiss 

Dante arrests Nikolas

FBI Jagger John arrests Anna and Jordan for obstruction of justice

Alexis reads Spencer's obituary

Sunday, February 4, 2024



So short you'll blink and it's over. 

1. Spencer and Esme "DIED" or are "PRESUMED DEAD" -- but we all know what that means. 

2. Everyone's sad about Spencer. Trina had flashbacks

3. Adam grew a backbone and told Daddy he was living his own life

4. Drew didn't let Michael quit Aurora

5. Tracey saves the day with the ChaLyn Wedding: Coney Island rehearsal/ Port Charles wedding 

6. Sonny and Ava got shot at. Probably by someone that knows the Island

7.  Um... oh! Finn got off his malpractice suit. Shocked, aren't you? 

8.  Everyone got back to Port Charles and told everyone else about Spencer 

9. Nikolas showed up at Laura's with Ace

10. Eden is back as Josslyn. 

11.  and............ we got JAGGER "JOHN" CATES! Yes, that's right!! I'm thinking: huh.. that's an interesting choice of.. NEW character. Because we don't have enough. Oh, and he looks nothing like Old Jagger--he looks like Sean Bean in his Middle Earth Days and... DEX! Take that as you will.   Oh and kinda like that other WSB guy John.  Doesn't really bother me what he looks like actually.  At least he didn't show up looking exactly like Roger Howarth.  The guy is a good actor, I will say that. 

I am so tired of the "presumed dead" stuff, I can't tell YOU!! We alllllllllllll know that Nicholas Chavez will finish filming, probably be back for awhile why they are in post-production then leave and to do PR and such. Recast then? Who knows. Ergo, the memorial service will move me NOT. one. BIT.  

Will Esme Die-Die? Um.. all depends because they'll decide to either bring Avery back or not. I mean. Heather Webber is her mom so... you know that drill. 

Speaking of drills. JASON's not dead--we know that and SBU started filming this week. Don't care. Hate that whole situation. 

NOTE: Could that boat/yacht set have LOOKED any cheaper? Geesh...

One more bone to pick: YOU CAN RECAST a character from the EARLY 90's  but we can't get TAGGART SCENES? You kno,w TRINA'S FATHER?? Call me crazy but someone higher up needs a slappin'. 

NEWS:  Adam/Joshua Benard is off the show-- until they want him back again.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting William Lipton/Cam will be back (I think for Spencer's funeraL) : Soap Opera Digest

BREAKING: Antonio Sabato JR speaks about not being hired as Jagger. He's so angry...awww... 


My ACTUAL FACE watching this week.

SO!! There you go.  As you can probably tell, I'm in my "not happy with GH" mood and I have a feeling it's going to get worse and time creeps up to Steve's return.  I'm stocking up on prescription medications. 

Cheers. HEY !! Did YOU know the River Seine flows into the ENGLISH CHANNEL? Twitter sure does! 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...