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Sorry I didn't post yesterday-- it's been a week and today isn't much better. I do know from Twitter they called off the search for Spencer after 24 hours. I would like to remind people they were ON A RIVER--- that HAS GENTLE FLOW-- in Winter. BUT You know what?? It's --a SOAP, right? 
I sure would have written that whole exit different!! Have a wonderful Friday...

Oh, Avery Pohl exited GH as well... she's supposedly gone. But--You know, it's GH! Read it here in: Soap Opera Digest 


  1. It was a week. I too would have had a different outcome for Spencer but doom and gloom wins every time. GF is doing a great job. Nice to have EM back but sad to think her grief is coming from a real place.
    Two new guys. I already like the agent one.
    I just read that Adam is also done. For now.

  2. I like the agent one too, and how they've made him an old character that we oldies know. Love the guy playing him.

    Anyone one else think that Cyrus is taking out Laura's other family members so that he can have her all to himself? Loved when Laura threw him out too. At one point I thought she was going to burst an eyeball. lol

    Eden did a good job with the grief today too. She did a lot of acting with her face, and it was perfect.

    I'm glad Adam is done. He wasn't needed and I don't want Joss' s storlylines all revolving around him.

    Poor Laura, mourning the loss of her whole family. It made that ending all the more poignant. I loved it through my sniffles.

  3. Joss and Trina's dorm:

    Joss and Trina: EDEN MCCOY IS BACK!!! YAY! :D Sad scene. :( When Joss was crying I wonder if it was really Eden who was crying because of her mother. :( Trina does not want to go back to Paris! So that's done. She is taking a break form school for now and going to live with her parents. :(

    Trina: It's that what it was like when you lost Oscar?

    Uh Trina forgot about Rory!!!


    Carly and John: Oh my! Who is this nice cup of water? :) He is HAWT! He used to work at Kelly's?!?!!

    Carly and Olivia: Yeah Carly is still mad at Olivia for not telling the truth about Nina, but at the end they are okay! :) They talked. Awwwwwwww. :)

    Uncle Leo and John: WHOA! John is an FBI agent? My new husband!!! :D He is so nice to Uncle Leo! John is so helpful!

    Olivia, Carly, and Uncle Leo: Awwwwwww group hug!!!! Uncle Leo can tell by their body language they aren't mad anymore. Awwwwwwww. :)

    Kevlar home:

    Kevlar: So sad!!!! Poor Laura! :( She is breaking my heart!!! :(

    Kevlar and Sonny: Oh my! She gave her a piece of her mind because of Cyrus! I thought she was going to end their friendship! I guess not! Great scene!

    Kevlar, Sonny, and Cyrus: Cyrus knows about Spencer because he kept tabs on him. He wanted to be there for Laura, but Laura didn't want to hear it!! He got kicked out! ROFL!

    Laura, Nik, and baby Ace: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Sonny's home:

    Nina and Ava: Wow! So Ava is back home! So no zex from Sava? Awwwwwww! :( Ava is wearing that thing around her waist! She borrowed that from Diane! ROFL! They had to talk about the shooting. Nina refuses to believe that her marriage is ovah! Hi Greenbeans!!! So are you dating Tommy the tapeworm yet? :)

    Sonny and Dex: Sonny tells him to go see Joss!!

    Nina, Ava, and Sonny: Sonny had to tell them Spencer is dead! The Greenbeans are crying. Sonny says he can't do this right now with Nina!

    Ava and Sonny: Hmmm. She puts her hand on his shoulder!!!! Hmm they getting closer? :)


    Jordan and Anna: They are getting ready for someone to show up.

    Gun guy and Jordan: OH! She wants to buy a gun from this guy. He is checking to see if she has any guns or a wire on her. Jordan wins the line of the day.

    Jordan: Buy me dinner first?


    Gun guy, Jordan, and Anna: Anna has got a gun on him! Jordan wants the name of every one who bought shipment from WSB!!! John the FBI guy and the cops come barging in!!!

    Gun guy, Jordan, Anna, and John:

    John: Don't you recognize me Anna?

    Anna: Wait. Jagger?


    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to May 6th 2010* Tracy is suspicious of Helena.

    1. Sonya, I don't think that is that Trina forgot Rory, it is that she didn't love him the way he loved her. And she didn't love him the way she loved Spencer and the way Joss loved Oscar.

    2. "Gary says, Sonya, I don't think that is that Trina forgot Rory, it is that she didn't love him the way he loved her. And she didn't love him the way she loved Spencer and the way Joss loved Oscar."

      Yeah very good point! :)

  4. Genie Francis once again demonstrates why Laura should be the center of the show, not a supporting player and that she is deserving of a front burner story. The way she goes from gut-wrenching emotion to rage and back in the flick of a second is real. I still don't believe Avery Pohl is gone and am hopeful the media got it wrong...she may be gone for now but I can't believe they'd let a talent like hers slip away. She made GH must-see and when Nicholas Chavez is submitting his Emmy reels...I'm sorry, but they probably won't include his scenes with Tabayana Ali but those with Avery Pohl. The energy between them was always electric.
    The Jagger twist is interesting.

  5. Love Avery as well as she's my favorite younger actress. She has probably been bored the past year but bonded with those twins for sure.

    Genie was amazing.. They continue to write Nina as a complete idiot.

    I would rather Olivia and Carly be feuding. Laura Wright show day 2 in a row.

  6. Forgot to NikolASS shows up with Ace. He is the reason that Spencer and Esme are "dead". Just can't stand AH as Nik. He would be a better gun dealer.

    1. I'm with you zazu, except I sorta liked AH as Nik. Not as good as Tyler but then nobody will every be IMO.

  7. Nik showing up was a surprise and great AND Jagger (even though not Antonio Sabato) - I googled and read his whole background - he did have an autistic son with Karen but being Stone's brother I don't think he hates Sonny...
    ------Adam leaving - I am glad - but so abrupt like the malpractice suit wrapping up - even if I never read anything I would know old writers' work is being wrapped up....
    ------hopefully this Feds and guns and etc will wrap up soon too - I think it's gonna be someone we know after Sonny/Anna.......
    -------I just never want Nina back with Sonny.....never....keep waiting on Sonny and Ava to kiss.......
    -----Cam coming back for the service - now he has a girlfriend on the show and in real life so I don't think he will stay???
    -----October was the last time we saw Selina------and I think Terry was November -----
    -----wish Detective Barrett was on more and that Jagger stays....

    1. "Mufasa says, he did have an autistic son with Karen"

      Oh thank you! I forgot. I was trying to remember who's the mother of his son was. Scotty has a bio grandson :D

  8. forgot one thing - so Cyrus was asked "HOW did you find out" and then Trina wanted to tell Cam----------------------------------so HOW did Nik know about Spence

    1. I'm guessing that Nik was keeping taps on Spencer too.

  9. Jaggar??????? That is so stupid. He looks NOTHING like Jaggar. Jaggar joined the FBI??? Think I'm missing something

    1. "lindie says, Jaggar??????? That is so stupid. He looks NOTHING like Jaggar."

      I know!!!! I'm thinking and hoping he had plastic surgery! Maybe Anna recognized his voice?

    2. That's because he's NOT Jagger. He's a new actor playing him because they wanted to use the character. Funny how people can accept some replacements and not others, without even giving them a chance. I think this actor did a great job and i didn't have jagger's face implanted in my mind so i was fine with him. And I didn't go back and find out who played him so i could complain about the fact that he wasn't a clone.

    3. The character did work for the FBI when he was last seen in the late 2000s. And he had a son, Stone, who was on the spectrum...I can't remember however, if they ever declared if his son belonged to Karen (who was Scott's daughter) or the other woman he had an affair with. So bringing him back should be interesting for both Sonny and Jason. Sonny's character back then was really written as not likable, given what he did to Karen.

    4. Diana Taylor, if his son Stone is Karen's it will give Scotty something to do other than plot with Lucy.

    5. I was thinking the same thing. It will bring more Scotty into the picture. Here's the lowdown on Jagger and Karen, including a wedding picture.

    6. I didn't mean any disrespect about Jaggar bit he was one of my favorite characters way back when. This new guy looks NOTHING like him. Hard to get used to that.

    7. Damn I'd better fall in line also. Don't want to get schooled too.

  10. Genie Francis is the most phenomenal actress. The blouse was the most horrid though. I love Maurice Benard but it was so obvious he acting compared to his in that scene.

  11. Will the new head writers keep NuJagger? If so, he could be paired with Liz once she is freed from Finn.

    1. I remember seeing a rumor a few weeks ago that someone either unexpected or someone from the past would show up at LIz's door. Wondering now if it is Jagger.


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