Thursday, November 30, 2017

Only 50%

GOT HERE at 2:26--sorry, the end of the month and it's CRAZYYYY. Plus, I have a crappy cough at the moment and I'm afraid it's the bronchial thing I had last March! No!!! 

SPINELLI hugging Burton. Awww. Spin wants him to go back to Sam.  The trial is coming and Diane says she's going to put Franco 'on trial' and hell everyone what he did to Sam and Michael. Spinelli has been looking up Drew and doing recon.  They go to the PCPD for the trial. 

JossCar...studying. zzzzz.  She got the glass Drew was drinking 

Carly goes to see Killy. She says she thinks Dr. Kim could tell them who's who.  Sam says "didn't you kinda recognize her"?? AHHAA. Miller is pissed. Lashes out at Carly. 

Liz is trying to talk Franco out of pressing charges. She thinks he's jealous of Jason. He says yep. Then she says But I love YOU! 

Franco drops the charges. Compares his tumor to Global Warming "It's Science" LOL 

ANDRE comes into the PCPD with Curtis/Jordan and everyone is there!! 

She's coming back for the Laura and Kevin wedding!! HOORAY!! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Welcome Home....JASON

Dante says he knew it was "Jason" as soon as he saw him in person and some video tape he looked at confirmed it. Says "Welcome home Jason"...shakes hand. HE also tells him that Jason Miller is a good guy and saved his life once.  Burton wants to see the file from the night Faison shot him.  Not much in the file but Dante tells him that Faison was obsessed with Anna Devane. 

Anna is yelling at Finn that he can't help with the development of the synthetic drug for Cassandra. Why? Who knows. Robin walks in "what's going on"??  Finn talks about how bad synthetic heroin is and she agrees. Then she goes to Maxie's gathering. Anna says: "How dare you use my daughter"! Anna talks about Robin's HIV and how Stone's first girlfriend was hooked on drugs and then gave it to him. It was a cycle. Cries.
Valentin comes in and after talking to Finn and Anna, thinks it's a brilliant plan to have Finn do the synthetic chemistry stuff. 
Anna tells Finn to leave then yells at Valentin...CUTE SCENES, I like it!!  All 3 of them.  Finn goes to the Metro where he runs into: CASSIE!  He asks if she'll have coffee with him. 

Maxie tells people she's pregnant. Everyone is happy. Dr. O is like: Now we are bonded together forever. Mac has to have a bloody mary at that news lol! Lulu asks Sam if there's a job for her at their media company. She gives her the managers' name. Robin goes there and talks to Sam about Burton/Miller. Sam snaps at her, says she's loves "HER HUSBAND" and wishes people would shut up. Robin says sorry. She's going back to CA-- and to call if she needs to talk. 
Nina is thrilled about this baby news! Nathan talks about never knowing his biological dad... just then...
Jason goes to see Anna about Faison (anvil??). 

Jordan and Curtis are in "Cuba". I can tell because of the Panama Hats, Cigar, Palm trees, sun dresses and of course, some salsa music (Or whatever) . They are waiting to catch Andre.  Andre walks up but won't tell them anything.  Jordan pleads with his good nature. Will he crack? 

Tomorrow: Spin is on-- and Dr. Obrect talks to Sonny and Jason about Faison's motive and why he wanted Jason as an "asset" . 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

JossCar's "Project"??

Ava Has to sign a document at the Face place saying she can't sue him if something goes wrong.  He tries to give her a sedative before he starts and she says No..she's not ready!!  Then he says, ok but I can't see you until February then! Ava doesn't like that so she says: Go ahead.
BUT! Griffin barges in and says STOP!!  Ava says "thank you, it would have been a terrible mistake". Griff does take the zip drive tho-- so maybe he'll do it? 

Julexis are at the Floating Rib-- he has an ankle monitor. Out on bond until new trial. They talk about the Double Jasons.  Also, about why Olivia would change her mind--he has no idea.  HE says he has no job and no where to live at the moment. Alexis doesn't take the bait and he leaves. 

JossCar meet in the park. Joss is like: You think Andrew guy is your Dad?? She looks so pretty-- and stylish. Geesh, she's like 14 or 15 IRL. 

Jordan and Curtis. Curtis wants pie because they didn't get enough to eat at the Q's! He gets a phone text. Jordan wants to know what it is. He hedges and hands her the phone.  It's from Aunt Stella...he 'pranked her'... or so he said. 

KILLY ARE LAYING ON THE COUCH! they are going to wear that sucker out!!  Miller wants to play Dominoes and drink Tequila. "It's one of my fave memories"--Sam looks uncomfortable. She says "Jason you don't have to do that-- with the memories thing".  They do get the stuff out though. Miller says that Sam makes him "whole". Sam says "we've evolved into different people".  They are going to go make the love again. 

JOSSCAR show up at Killy's lol. They are all "Well..we are doing a research project on a lost person" DERP. SO subtle lol.  Oscar want's Sam to help him because she's  a PI.  Then Miller questions him non-stop. What class? Why are you really here? Huh? Then Tams/Kim is at the door.  She's mad. Hauls them out the door. Oscar says (in the hall) but ...he's the other Jason with a different face, he could be Drew. She's like: Don't care, you're going home and you too Josslyn.  Killy on the couch: Miller said "I got a weird vibe from Oscar's mother, like I met her before". 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Navy Seal is MIA

Sonny's house has still not eaten yet-- everyone else has!!! Tams touches Burton's face-- and says Drew. He says NOPE-- that's my twin brother. She's freaked out and wants to leave. Kim says that she met Andrew in San Diego a 'million years ago"...Joss and Oscar go: HUH!!?   Carly then tells her ALLLLLL about the twin thing, and the NuFace--and Burton coming back to life. Lordy. She needs a drink. Kim says that Drew dated her "friend"--and then left for the Navy Seals. Carly tells her that "Drew" (meaning Miller) is in Port Charles.  Kim leaves. Carly says she's never thought about Drew's missing life. (no you haven't lol) They STILL don't eat. That turkey is going to be dry as hell!! LOL 

Miller and Sam --UGH I can't hear him with her. Good God. Anyway, he's mad at Sonny and Carly.  He's basically Eeyore today. He's afraid Sam will be convinced that Burton is Jason too. Sam tries to convince him she loves HIM no matter what. She talks about their history in 2 years.  They make love on the chair. 

Dr. David and Alexis talking about kissing. He thinks she's on a rebound. He says she wants her to WANT to kiss him. Aw, he's Max Holden at that moment. Molly comes in when Dr. David leaves. They talk about Kristina and Parker-- Molly says everyone hates Parker and how does that make Krissy feel?? (Which is how Alexis feels when she mentions Jules) . Molly says she saw how happy Julian made her and she's sorry he didn't change for the better.
Later, Alexis flashes back on Julian and her good times--and Zex. Hot Zex.  She leaves the house and goes to Jake's bar. She's looking at the Vodka bottles and in walks..JULIAN! 

Ava goes to see Dr. Fix it Face at some clinic.  He says "Great work on your face, why aren't you seeing the doc that did it in the first place"? She says he's not available and gives him the flashdrive.  He basically charges her $75K and says he can do it tonight! 

Griffin thinks it's weird that Ava's missing-- he wants Kiki to call her. Kiki's like...ermmm, not sure.  She's doing ok, don't worry

SPOILER/PROMO ALERT:  I think the fingerprints are coming back and saying Miller is "Jason"... BUT they'll be wrong. Burton is "Jason" and everyone that believes that will work to prove he is.  Now, the second part of this I'm speculating is that Miller starts to have memories of Kim...and being a Navy Seal. BUT! Will he tell anyone he's Drew, or keep up the ruse?? That's a whole OTHER story, see?? 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Pass the Pizza!

Should we tell them the Pilgrims really slaughtered the Native Americans or?? 

We gather together.....

What a nice week for GH! I enjoyed it and really liked seeing the families on our screens Wednesday's show hit all the right notes, that's for sure! 

You know I'm probably eating stuffing and gravy since we have a ton left over and I love it!! Here's hoping your Turkey Day was a good one. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Spoiler Alert! GH for NOV 27th

Oh, look at the Wub Queen a post about spoilers! That' right-- my friend Jenn has a new soap site and does I figure if I point you in that direction, you can find out to your heart's content. 

I have your old face! 

Check out: Diagnosis Daytime

Confession: I really don't look at spoilers too much anymore. I used to have all the inside scoops when Gedstern was around but since her retirement, I just let that fall to the wayside. If I see something on Twitter, I'll mention it but other than that? I'm enjoying being (mostly) spoiler free. 

I do know Dr. Obrect will be getting involved in this Jason mess, meaning things will probably get worse before they get better. I really hope they don't try to say one is Jason but he's really NOT Jason. I did hear that Spinelli is back too-- so will he have to prove Burton is Jason and not Miller after fingerprints say otherwise?? Hmmmmm... 

Ok! Hope you had a fine Turkey Day!! I will do Surgery this Sunday even if we only had a 3day week. It was a fun one, wasn't it? 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Turkey Day!

Jason is at Sam's. He tells her that they are looking at his fingerprints and they are going to tell everyone that he is Jason. But he'll tell them to stop if she wants him too. He doesn't care about his name, he'll never use it again if it will make it easier for her.  Sam tells him to fight for his life . She says "so are you going to just get on your motorcycle and leave?? Sonny and Carly would hate that" (she means her).  She tells Burton to find out the truth--she wants to know who's who and the sooner the better.  Danny comes downstairs. He talks to Burton, tells Sam he likes him. Burton leaves. 

Joss has on a total Laurie Partidge Dress-- Ode to David Cassidy (RIP sniff)
Sonny's smoking the turkey!  
Oscar arrives. For dramatic effect, Tams (aka Kim) is delayed a bit... she finally makes it. She tells Carly and Sonny that "organized crime must be very good to them". Welp. At the end, Burton shows up and Kim says: DREW?? So "Drew Moore" Is really Oscar's father. Now, Burton doesn't know her--but I am thinking the erased Drew's memories (whoever he is) so he won't know her either. 

Auntie Stella and TJ come to Alexis' house. David Bench is cooking-- Or MAX Holden as we know him.  What happens here is, Stella starts talking about the Olivia Jerome news thing, which Molly doesn't know about. THEN TJ tells Stella that Alexis' exhusband is Olivia's brother LOL. Miller comes late because he was talking to Monica. He asks where Sam is--she's talking to Burton!
Later, Sam comes in..and Alexis drops the TURKEY!! 

Lante's house: Nate/Maxie, Laura/Kevin Rocco-- Olivia and Ned. Ned and Laura talk about old times and the toxic dump!! WOW.... Anyway, when the food is served, Maxie gets sick and basically tips the entire table over. Nathan is THRILLED to learn she's pregnant. She tells him later when they are home. He's estatic. 

Miller is at the Q's ..Monica is there too because her plane got grounded due to bad weather. They have a wonderful talk. She says she loves him and is his family no matter what. He calls her Mom. I didn't write it all but it was great dialog. WATCH !!

Ned calls Monica and she says she's having a Turkey Burger. He calls Michael. EVERYONE SHOWS UP TO MONICA'S HOUSE!! All the people from Lante's and then Alexis's party too. BUT..>David and Alexis stayed behind to clean up. He says she's gorgeous even if she did drop the turkey. Then, Alexis GRABS AND KISSES HIM! LOL 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lots Happenin'

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SETS!! THAT'S CAM AND AIDEN!! yep...they don't have to chop wood or kill the chickens!! They all say what they are thankful for--then Miller comes in. LOL. Franco is like "OH Greaaaaaaat".. Liz and Miller talk about him being real/not real Jason. She says answers will come soon enough.  Robin comes in after being at CarSon's house (see below).  She tells him he's NOT Jason. Miller is upset and bewildered. He wonders how he "feels" all the memories too.  Great dialog right there, watch it. Miller does some fantastic acting as well.  Franco comes out of the kitchen after Robin leaves and tells Miller to fight for who he is... Fight to be Jason, who you know who you are.  
Miller is kinda breaking my heart a bit. He says to Franco "Your opinion is the only one I don't care about"!! Leaves.

CarSons:  Michael, Burton, Sonny, Carly and Robin comes over. Robin says there's no doubt that's Jason. So does Carly.  Robin tells Burton it's hard for Sam to accept that he's Jason because she'd be betraying Miller.  She also says she gets it because Patrick almost 'married some woman" .  Robin leaves and goes to Liz' house.  Michael and Burton talk first about Morgan then about Nelle. The entire kidney story-- Frank Benson yada yada. 

Sam's:  Miller said someone wants to cut in to programming today to talk about Olivia Jerome.  He leaves. Alexis is there and talks to Sam about "Patient 6". Sam says whoever he is, what is she supposed to do?? She loves 'her husband".  Sam picked up pies for Alexis, she's having TJ and his Aunt over for Turkey. They watch Nora on TV about Olivia Jerome's statement to everyone about Julian.  Sam is not happy--she doesn't even think about Julian as her father because of what he did to Alexis. 

Nora's Statement: Olivia basically says Julian was made to do what he did by her because she threatened his family. He should be absolved.  CarSon figures out it was probably Alexis that put this in motion. 

Ava's Gallery: She's emailing the Face doctor-- then Griffin walks in.  They talk about Carly being mean to her. Griff brought Turkey subs for them to eat. 

Tomorrow: Miller goes to see Monica. Burton is at Sam's to talk to her. Alexis has turkey day--looks like Auntie is there, TJ--everyone. Max Holden cooks Turkey.  

A LOT happened today--I tried my best!! LOL. Watch the show, it was good.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Family Ties

Family galore!!

AWWW.  It's "Michael's Jason" 

Q House: Ned and Michael talk about the decorations Olivia put up. There's an adorable centerpiece with everyone's photo on a turkey feather! Ned wants to talk about ELQ. He says it could all implode because of the 2 Jasons. 
Later: Monica invited Jason Burton over to say goodbye while she goes to the spa in NM. She needs to escape because everyone is gone. Alan, AJ, Emily--Lila and Edward. Tracy's in Amsterdam. (with Luke!!)  Monica says she's glad Jason Burton is 'home'. They hug. 
Oh, Olivia made pilgrim hats for everyone and Monica throws it in the fire.  :giggle: 
Later, Michael comes in and is shocked to see Jason. He says he feels terrible he thought Miller was Jason and was too guilt ridden to come to Jason. "but you knew that, didn't you"?? Michael cries, they hug. 

Anna's House: Mac AND Flea AND Robin!! Robin says Emma is at Harper's house!! get it? Harper is the RL name of Kirsten Storm's daughter.  They are trying to get info out of her about Finn.  Anna tells Robin to stop texting him.  Mac and Flea go up to see baby Noah. Robin is like: what's up??  Anna lies to her about the reason she's with Finn. Covers her butt. 
Finn shows up later (after the gym) and meets Robin. In private, Finn tells Anna he wants to help with the drug stuff. Valentin calls her and says "this is going to be harder than we thought".  Cassie wants a researcher to help with making the synthetic opioid. Finn thinks he can help with that. 

Sonny and Jason at the Metro: Jason is going to the Corinthos' for Turkey Day. Sonny talks about the damage to his business in Puerto Rico. Nice touch! Forgot his island was there. Jason leaves-- Cassandra comes up and wants to talk to Sonny.  She wants to tell him about a business deal. Then Valentin comes up and Sonny says "I'm outta here"!! 
Val and Cassie talk about the drug trade. She says she's not going to let Sonny ruin her operation. 

Gym: Finn talks to Chet about being a drug user and tells him to get help. Later, Sonny comes in and Finn wants to know if he knows anything about the illegal drug trade in town. Sonny tells him even IF he stops any drug trade, someone else will just take their place. Sonny also says he's in WAY over his head. 

Naxie's House:  Amy thinks Maxie told on them. Nate is like No way. Then Miriam Colby comes in (the publisher, don't remember her name) and is mad about the fraud.  She's going to sue them.  Then Chet comes over after the gym.  Miriam makes them do a live stream. BUT! Chet jumps in and gives the story as to WHY Amy wrote Man Landers. He's going to save all this!! 

END: Ned tells Olivia that Burton is obviously Jason and Miller's going to fight this big time. 
Michael takes Burton to the gym where Sonny is boxing by himself. The three of them kid around like old times. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Twinning

But if you're you....why does he have your old face? And if he has your old face.... 
Who's face do I have?
His face, right...?? Mom, right? Who's face do I have?!! 

And the WHO'S JASON hunt continues. Although I'm getting impatient I'm also remembering that it's better to have a mystery like this than Burton just skulking around PC for months (see: Robin's Return). 

Sit back and have some of whatever you like for breakfast. Confession: I hate breakfast. Always have. Even as a kid. I would get sick after.  She was great because after awhile she didn't make me eat. I have a banana around 10. See what you learn from me?? 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Focus: Face Finds

BRIDGE DAY!! If Robin says he's Jason--he's JASON. "Somehow I knew you'd be here" she says to Burton. know he's gonna be Jason! Robin says "how can this be possible"??  Jason explains that he has an identical twin. Let's think about this-- wouldn't ROBIN have figured that out!? LOL 
She's not sure it's him then he says "Icing on the cake" which he said to her in Montauk -- when they first kissed (flashback--OMG THEY ARE BABIES!!) 
They hug-- then he says Carly and Sonny are going to prove he's Jason. He doesn't care, he just wants to know who's behind all this. 
Robin tries to explain why it's hard for Sam to admit she thinks Jason is Jason-- 

Sam is at Crimson. Totally forgot she 'owns' it now! She's all glam jam siting at her desk! Nina is afraid that Miller's money won't be good and the media company will fail. She's afraid he's not the Real Jason.  Nina mentions them fighting over SILAS!! hee hee.  Nina thinks Sam should talk to her about Jason and how she's feeling. 
Sam says "so you think I'm afraid to face this"? 
Are you afraid of being in love with 2 different men? Sam explains that she loves Miller and their life together (she says it about 99 times).  BUT then flashes back to her convo with Burton the other day about not being able to love someone because the timing isn't right (or close to that). 

Man Landers stuff: Amy comes clean and tells Chet that she's been paying his bills. She makes a heartfelt plea to him. BTW, if he's supposed to be addicted to pain pills and almost just OD'd, he's looking and acting pretty good. 
Maxie sees her PG test sticking out and hides it. 
Amy and Chet make up, hug. 
Maxi is just going to tell Nathan about the PG test and she gets a text about the Inquisitor breaking the Man Lander's is False story. She runs out. 

Franco, Liz and Jake (the other kids are at "sleep overs" lol)  Jake wants to watch a "Twin Movie"-- Liz tells Franco they should tell Jake that there's another Jason running around. Franco doesn't think so. Then, Franco's picture shows up (Maddox sent it back to him). He leaves with the painting.  Takes it to Ava. Ava tells him he's probably right not to tell the truth because Liz might for sure, leave him. Kind of talks about her own life and Griffin. They are the "baddies" and the "goodies" are too good for the 2 of them. 
Later, Ava googles 'unethical plastic surgeons to find someone to do her face"!! LOL

Curtis and Miller: Miller wants Curtis to tack down Dr. Maddox. and..get this, Jordan comes into the gym and also asks him to look for Maddox.  HE's like: Um, you and someone else, lady! He hacked Maddox' phone and knows the IP address. 

Liz calls Miller to come and see Jake and they tell him about the twin thing. And that some people think the twin is "him"-- which is weird.  But..Jake is like whatever, I love YOU Dad. 

NPR Story includes General Hospital Shout Out

This story is wonderful. NPR aired it as part of their upcoming Documentary Series.  I RT this to my Wubs followers and now it seems he may be invited to the set! 

LINK:  Fandom : GH was the 'dope' 

We gave General Hospital a new name. We didn't call it General Hospital no more. We called it "The Dope" — because it was addictive. We walked down the hallway, they shouting, "Hey — did you see 'The Dope' yesterday?"...
Watching these love stories in a day room full of guys, you know they made the snide remarks of, "it's pretty much for women and females" or whatever the case may be. But we didn't care about that — because they knew the guy that was watching the soap opera probably can kick half of the cellblock he lived on's butt.
The soap operas really, it resonated a lot about missing home, missing the arguing you heard your mom and dad have every now and then. You miss the sisters fighting over the bathroom. You miss the brothers going outside shooting basketball in the backyard. So yeah, it resonated hard and heavy.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pill Switch--again

Burton and Sonny talking about Perks and how Morgan was going to run it. Ugh, whatever. They also mention Faison and Obrect. Sonny will talk to her when she gets back from 'out of town'.  Sonny tells Burton someone messed with Morgan's meds. Burton's eyes are SO BLUE on my new TV set. Like jump-out blue!! 
CARLY barges in ugh. She tells Sonny she invited Oscar and his mother. Sonny is like OMG...cut it out. He and Burton share a 'what ya gonna do' smile. Awww, there's good chem between those 3!! 

Nelle is talking to some newspaper guy about getting Man Lander's story money since she knows "the truth". She wants all the money up front.  He gives her 3/4.  She spills it all. Says that Nina was involved too and Crimson knew when it ran the story it was a lie because that's her brother. 

Carly wants to invite Oscar and his mom to Thanksgiving Dinner. It has to be Tams because there's a promo of her sitting at Sonny's. 
And..Oscar's mother says she'll come to Thanksgiving dinner-- but he's afraid of what she'll think when she finds out Sonny's in the mob. 

Griffin and Ava. Ava's begging Griffin to fix her face. He says NOPE she says Pleaaaaze. Nope. Pleaaaaze. Later, they both go to the Metro. Burton comes over to talk to Ava and pay Griff back the money he lent him at the Abbey. Carly sees this and is furious!! "SHE KILLED MORGAN!!" Ut ohhh...and Burton gets angry. "He was my godson--I repaid you, now we are done".  Ava tried to explain why she did it but he's not having it. 
Carly rails at Ava, says she's as vile inside as out..and Griffin will find that out soon enough.

Amy rushes in to get Nate at GH because Chet is gone!! She's freaking out. 

Maxie is taking her pee stick test when there's a knock on the door. Chet is standing there?? HUH? WHAT?? Hmmm... I guess Twitter put out Man Lander's address out there so he went to the apartment. He wants to talk to Nate about his sister. Maxie is like "Don't you remember me from High School-- I was a cheerleader"!!! He like NOPE.  Chet says he wants to go away and not have Amy find him. Maxie calls him a coward. Tells him Amy paid for all his bills!! 
Then Amy and Nate walk in--that will be tomorrow. 


Hmmmm, they are talking about military people .and San Diego's military base.  Maybe Drew was a soldier boy. Remember Helena called him "Soldier Boy" . Well, Oscar and Joss find a "Oscar McSomeone" on My Face--and he was a pilot in the Iraqi war. They wonder if it's him--we see his photo and it's rando guy. We've never seen him that I know of.  JossCar kiss 

END: Sonny is texting someone and smiling. Jason is on the bridge!! Oh it's gonna be ROBIN!! Tomorrow she's on!!! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Nelle is trying to get a job at the daycare center at GH. LOL! She has to interview with Laura. Lord, keep her away from the kids! Laura is like, why would you want to work in child care again? 

Nina and Cassandra--talking over lunch-- and Nina tells her some of what Val said. Nina says she understands and wants to be friends anyway. 

Alexis is talking to Valentine. She wants to know why he's connected to Olivia. OMG-- she says "Julian is being scapegoated for HER crimes"???? UM...I think Alexis really does have a brain worm!

Maxie and Lulu talking about Lulu's trying to write a column ... Oh! Maxie goes to throw up! We know what that means.

Scott visits Julian, Julian is pissed that Alexis came to see him. 

Ok, I have a meeting 5-7 tonight and have work to do. Kinda glad it's just filler. Sonya, you take it away! Thanks

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Q's Hug it OUT


This will be short and sweet. 

Val and Nina. Valentin 'explains' to Nina that Cassandra is an old business associate.  He says she 'very complicated'.. and he's going to "work" with her.  He tells her about the arrangement about catching Cassie in drug trafficking.  She's really not that thrilled that he's working with Anna tho. 

Monica, Jordan and Anna talking about Dr. Andre Maddox!! Jordan tells Anna they are looking for him because of Jason. Monica leaves and the two of them talk about DNA and twins and things.  Anna said she feels badly for both Jasons because she knows what it's like to have one show up. 

Diane is in the Metro and Alexis comes in to talk to her. Diane is NOT happy with Alexis talking about Julian anything.  Diane calls Scotty a "chowder head" LOL Alexis explains how bad off Jules is and badly beaten. Alexis won't be able to live with herself if Julian dies in prison. Alexis leaves. 
Diane is sitting there and Miller comes in and she has to tell him she thinks the OTHER Jason is Jason!! AND she's resigning as his lawyer!! OH LORDY!! 

Burton is at Sam's penthhouse-- it's a flashback or flashforward and he shoots Miller and wakes up screaming from a nightmare.  Carly comes to see him--and they hug.  She babbles on an on about how much he means to her. She's also trying to get him to figure out who he is. There's fingerprints but the federal ones may be compromised. 

Sam and Miller. Miller is going to FIGHT for his life. He's mad that Jason has HIS face.  Miller thinks that Sonny just wants the other guy to be Jason SO badly, he'll make it happen. He's afraid they'll have to go into court to fight for things like his SS# .  He leaves to interview a manager for the media company.  (who is at the Metro and looks so bland). AHAHA he asks Miller if he's "really Jason Morgan"!! "I've recently had a twin resurface" .... don't hear that every day!

When he leaves...Sam has a First Jason flashback.  She looks forlorn.  Carly comes over. She says "you know that Jason is Jason (Burton)... you know it" Sam just looks at her, doesn't say anything.  They talk some more. Carly tells her that the REAL Jason won't fight for her like Miller will. Because that's not the real Jason--he just wants her to be happy. 

Alexis goes to Valentin and asks him what his association is with Olivia Jerome. She thinks he's bankrolling Nora to be her lawyer. 

GAH!!  MONICA!!  I was so happy so see her at the door.  I got chills!! "I just want to look at you....I am so happy to see you".  "you've always been so independent"--- He says he was unfair to the family. She says it's water under the bridge. They love each other and hug. 

Jason goes to see Diane too--she explains how he can find out who he is (maybe). They need to get  his case files from 1993.

Someone with black gloves touches Andre's passport on a desk. Can't tell where. 

GOOD show...good Carly/Sam scenes. Good Monica/Jason scenes. 

Monday, November 13, 2017


Nora was talking to Bo on the phone and she wants a ROADIE'S BURGER!! Be still my OLTL heart!! Alexis goes to see her. NLG has a bad cold-- ouch.  Alexis wants Nora to talk to Olivia Jerome regarding Julian. 

Jordan: DNA MATCH!! Everyone in that room has on a black coat but Jordan. lol They figure out it has to be identical twins. Burton says Liz told him about the twins yesterday--and Killy say they knew too. Carly just about LOSES HER SHEEZE because she wasn't told! ahahaa. Anyway Miller calls Burton "Drew"...Burton just stares.  Jordan says Hells erased all of Original Jasons' fingerprints. They need to find Betsy Franco. Sam says "Let's go to the OTHER Franco"!! 


Franco and Liz....guess he's not told her the truth yet!! Scotty comes over. Tries to talk Franco into telling Liz the truth about the twins and who's who.  Franco thinks he'll lose Liz if he tells her the truth.  

OH WOOT!! Jordan, the 2 Jasons and Sam come on into the house!! Scotty is still there. Liz comes out of the kitchen from making cookies.  "SO Franco, is there something you haven't told us"??  Franco says that Dr. Maddox gave him the death certificate that's fake and when he went to look for him, he'd gone. Jordan says she'll put out an APB for Andre.  THEY LEAVE? HUH? 
Anyway, Franco tells Liz he's sorry he didn't tell her but he wanted a good night first. She's ok with that. Franco then BURNS THE PAPER with the evidence on it. 
Sam and the Jasons are on the porch and she tells them to get along because they are brothers and they have to solve this mess. 

Nelle comes in and sneaks around Crimson but Maxie catches her!! Lulu comes in too. After Nelle leaves, Lulu and Maxie talk about Man Landers. UGH. Lulu's jelly because she wants to work. Maxie says: WORK HERE!!  Then Lulu remembers Nina hates her lol. So there goes that plan!  Lulu says she's always wanted to be an 'investigative reporter like Jackie Templeton"-- LOL Maxie is like "GO FOR IT"

Michael is in Floating Rib, drinking. Nelle stomps in and they end up sitting together :EYEROLL: with drinks Nelle tells him she got fired because of Maxie. She lies and lies. Then--leaves. 

Amy and Nathan talking about pain killers and her brother. She wants Nate to try to talk to Chet. Nate goes in. He says he knows about addiction because he's seen it with people he's worked with that served. Chet tells them to get the hell out.  Nate talks to Amy about letting Chet push her away--give him some space. They hug.
Amy doesn't take Nate's advice-- she storms in and tells Chet he's living with HER..or she's going to put him in the psyche ward. 

END: NELLE overhears Maxie and Nate talking about Amy really writing the Man Landers blog. She looks all scheming. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Papa Can You Hear Me??

Papa, can you help me.....not be so frightened?? 

Another pretty great week, if I do say so myself!! The whole initial giddiness of Burton entering the canvas is tampered down but there's still enough sizzle to keep me interested. 

I did miss a day this week. Everyone said it was filler (Tues) so I won't be covering that. I'm also going to try to cut down my usual super-summaries because writing them is exhausting! (probably exhausting to read as well). 

So--let's start. Lots of Monica !! --that's always a great thing! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

YOU ARE ......

Veteran's Day-- here's to Navy Men (my Dad!) .... Having the day off is nice, even if it's 22 degrees here and like FOUR with the windchill.
GOOD LORD I am NOT used to this.We had the best October!!

OMG! Guys, we were talking on twitter and I can't believe I didn't think of this: DENTAL RECORDS!! Screw DNA --MRIs whatever. You can't CHANGE TEETH--and teeth stay the same! Unless "Real Jason' had all his teeth pulled, right?? I mean, hell Monica should be able to tell by teeth. I am so disappointed in myself on this. I watch and read true crime DAILY and didn't think of this? Oy, I need to be fired from life lol. 

CarSon are at the "restaurant" Sonny owns-- Jordan comes in. She wants to know why Sonny posted bail for Klein. Sonny tells her he wanted to talk to him and that Klein's boss called from Port Charles. 

Alexis talks to Monica about the 2 Jason's --Monica says she's fine and to take care of Sam.  Then Alexis sees Dr. David he says he's sorry he missed the launch party. Hmmm, wonder if he was busy tracking down Patient 6?? 

Sam and Jason. Sam is kinda stunned. He asks if Miller is there. She says no--and then you can hear Scout on the monitor. Sam says "that's my daughter' and this time, it's Burton's turn to look stunned!  Sam brings down Scout. He says she's beautiful "Her name is Scout"?? Sam says "Emily Scout"...Burton says "After my sister"... He tells her he just wants her to be happy.  There's a ton more dialog including a little something where Sam talks about "Alexis and Julian" and "real love..." when she's really talking about she and Jason (Burton). See below for the rest. 

Ava and Kiki...trying to figure out how to get her face fixed. Kiki ends up taking the flash drive when Alexis comes over to talk to Ava about Julian.  She says Julian is in real trouble. Ava didn't know about it. Ava says that Julian won't let her visit or use the money she sends.

Kiki goes to GH. Both Griff and David tell her it's too risky to do the surgery because the method is not tested. 

Dr. Bensch is looking to invest in Port Charles real estate. I'm telling you HE'S THE BOSS! 

Miller goes to the Q crypt. Either audio has to fix it or he needs to STOP WITH THE LOW REGISTER GOD!! I'm not THAT old but I can't hear shit he says. LOL..Oh, Monica walks in. I can hear her fine.  She says she knows about the "other Jason"... but OH! that's right she doesn't know the twin story!!!  Miller tells her. She's all WHAT!!? That skank Susan Moore! LOL  She also flashes back to having talks with both Jason's. She says to "Alan" Wish you were here to witness this miracle. 

Ok, so...Miller gets back from the crypt in time to see Burton holding Scout. Burton was telling her about Lila and how sad Sam was-- anyway, Miller tells him to put 'his daughter down or he's going to kill him'.  Sam says we can't keep doing this. Then CARSON show up. (Because of course they do!!) THEN JORDAN shows up. BOTH DNA tests came back as "Jason Morgan' Ergo, they are identical twins. 
You can run DNA tests that go out further in the genetic chain but PCPD didn't do that (yet).

OH! Alexis calls to visit Olivia Jerome but has to ask her lawyer first!! Her lawyer? NORA Buchannan! She's on tomorrow! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

You're FIRED!!

Miller thinks Burton might take Danny, he thinks they need more security. Sam is, no. Then he says "don't you think I'm Jason" or something like that. He went to see Betsy but she left. Sam tries to reassure him. They mope on the couch. Sam tells him to go for a "ride to clear his head". She can't go because Scout if upstairs. 

Oscar and Josslyn at Perks. He says he's found a CD that pertains to his Dad. They go to Sonny for a CD player lol... you know he has one! They get it and listen. We don't hear it-- because of copyrights I'm sure #$$$ but it's about people that can't be together. (they show Miller right after so?? Is he the daddy??) 

Klein takes the call from his boss--can't recogninze the voice because it's mechanical. Sonny says: MEET HIM! So Klein says they need a face to face. Boss says NO. Sonny says he'll leave it up to Burton to decide Klein's fate. Burton wants him to FIX THE REST OF AVA'S FACE!! ahahhaha. Sonny's not even in the room. Oh that's great. Klein gives Burton a flashdrive and then he puts it in an envelope with an address on it. He tells Sonny that Klein is "all his now" 

Cassie goes to Crimson to talk to Nina. She wants her to go out to lunch.  Nina can't, because of a deadline. Cassie leaves. She sees Valentin later and flaunts seeing Nina in his face. 

Kiki is happy Ava reopened the gallery.  Boy, Ava's hair is..... I like it so much better that lighter blonde!!  Geeesh, you'd think they talk about Avery? Just a little?  Anyway--Burton dropped off the flashdrive at her apartment. She and Kiki look at it and figure out it's notes on how to fix her face. 

Nelle is trying to blackmail Valentin with the photo of him kissing Cassandra. He's not happy!! He says NOPE. So, she goes to Nina and shows her the photo. She acts all upset like it just happened.  OMG Nina finds out by looking at the phone that Nelle took it a month ago and figures out she was going to blackmail Valentin or try to get Nina to give her money!! LOL. She yells at her and FIRES her!! Nelle stalks off. 
Oh, she's got no money, no Michael...No job.  You know it's a rampage next lol. 
Valentin tells Nina about Cassandra and knowing her back in his spy days. He says she's there to see Hamilton Finn about a medical condition. Then he says..."and there's something else" ...

PREVIEWS:  Burton shows up at Sam's door. Miller goes to Monica who reassures him. 

Sonny let Klein go. Brick found out that the cell phone pinging came from Port Charles so obviously, his boss is in PC.
I think it's MAX HOLDEN--Dr. David Bensch. Just a thought. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Get My Mocha!

I haven't watched yesterday's show, damn it so I may be spotty on this!! 

Steve and Laura had a fun facebook chat today-- Steve says he has FIFTY BLACK!!  T-shirts!!

Valentin changed his mind about helping Anna bring down Cassie. She threatened Nina and Charlotte. Anna is like: I have to trust you, right? They talk about things. Finn comes in later, Valentin leaves. Finn tells Anna HE wants in on the drug thing! LOL now she has 2 guys to help her!!  She says No though! "I already have a way in"... Finn figures out it's Valentin and he says "oh hell no"

OH! SO Amy's brother, Chris I mean-- um... what's his name? Chet ? Chad? Anyway he's addicted to pain killers. GREAT idea for the opioid story--so many vets are addicted because of physical/mental pain. Finn is treating him. He doesn't want to see Amy--she won't leave. Calls him a hero. Chet says "I'm no hero, the ones that didn't come back are heroes".  He tells her to leave again. Nate says to Amy; "Tell him about the money you gave him for his bills". She says no, it will hurt his pride and she'll never tell him. 

Michael isn't sure if Jason is Jason--but he hasn't seen Burton's face yet. Sonny's like: It's him. Michael doesn't want to explain to Burton why he thought Miller was Jason, he feels terrible about it. 

OMG!! ahaha. Maxie is acting like Nelle's boss!! You GO GIRL!! Nelle is broke, needs a raise. She storms into Nina's office. Nina's like: NOPE.  Then Maxie tells Nelle to go get her coffee. LOL Nelle storms off. 

Later, Nelle sees Michael at the Metro. She says I heard about the Jason/Jason thing. I can help you, I still care. Michael just stares at her. Nelle keeps trying "We can help each other"... Carly sees them holding hands. Michael tells Nelle to just go away. Michael then tells Carly they are broken up. 

Carly goes to Visit Burton. Tells him Franco is "reformed" and to focus on HIS life, not worry about Franco. Diane is getting bail for him. Sonny will pay. OMG. Carly bought Burton clothes. LOL She says to wear them when he gets out. Burton: CARLY!! YOU BOUGHT ME CLOTHES? NOooo. 

Klein is out on bail... he calls Valentin to say thanks. Val is like NOT ME, PAL...never call me again. Then, Klein is attacked. Oh! Sonny takes him into his office. Sonny" You're gonna tell me who's paying you for this"!!  Klein says he doesn't know. Sonny says they are going to sit there until the phone rings. 
OH!! Jason comes in later...he must have gotten out on bail! Carly bought him standard St. Jayus outfit; Black Tshirt, Levi's and leather jacket.  Klein insists he doesn't know who the boss is.
THEN THE phone rings....but show ends..dun dun dunnnnnn. 
Look at that photo up there: Bob the Badger helped out too!! 

SO...Nelle is strapped for cash, she can't even pay her phone bill. After leaving Michael, she runs into Valentin and he asks if she's ok. She says no "you may be the only one to help me"
I WONDER IF SHE'LL DEAL DRUGS!! Oh no--she tells Val he has to tell Nina to give her a raise or she's going to "blow his marriage out of the water".. She took a photo of him kissing Cassandra.  Valentin is not too happy with that. 

Wondering: Will Nelle remember Maxie's Mocha? 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wubs Needs a Day Off!

Sorry, can't blog today-- too many things going on! I will watch later however, can't miss GH anymore!!

Hope you had a good day--remember to vote! It's the 100 year anniversary of women's right to vote !! Did you know that Susan B Anthony is buried here in Rochester, NY?? She is! And people leave their stickers on her grave after they vote. 

Ok, take care. Thanks for visiting the blog--oh and if you're doing your holiday shopping, you can hit that Amazon link over there for me. It just takes you to your page but I get a little something for orders. xxoo 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Old Photograph

Liason Day!! it's your turn!! 
Liz questions him about Jake and the park. Burton says he knew it was Jake-- and he's beautiful. How is it possible? 
Liz tells him about Helena. And that Franco had a tumor and has changed.
Burton says he doesn't care, Franco had Michael raped in prison and made Sam think she was raped. "He hurt people". 
Liz uses the TUMOR defense---Jason doesn't care. She then drops the whole "you have an identical twin" thing on him! BUT Liz still thinks Drew is dead.  (which is stupid given that Miller has DNA that matches "Jason" and there's a Jason with the old face running around)
Liz tells Jason the whole Jake Doe story and how she almost married him. How she kept the secret. She says she can't forgive herself. Burton says "you should...and besides you knew he wasn't really me"...
Liz says she believed Miller was Jason and still does because of DNA. But she's crying hard-- she probably realizes that if Burton IS Burton Franco lied again. 

Finn tells Cassandra nothing is wrong with her. She's sad because she wanted to keep seeing him. She says she's staying in PC for business. (IMPORTS of all damn things lol). She wants to date him later.  Nurse comes in later and says to Finn-- Another bad Opioid death, the third this month. Ah, he might want to work with Anna on this after all? 

Anna gets in from a run...takes off sneakers then whips out her gun...Valentin is there drinking tea. He wants to know why Finn is treating Cassie. Anna hedges. Then Anna spills all. She knows about his jewel stealin' days. She says she also knows that Cassandra is dealing in synthetic opioids. He says she ASKED ME to join her but I'm no drug dealer! Anna wants Valentin to work with her on the case. I thought he'd say yes but the previews for tomorrow, doesn't look like it. 

Killy--He wants to hear her say HE'S JASON. Sam hestitates, Miller answers the phone. Curtis sends them the drawing Franco did of Jason's face. Then the death certificate. Sam says; that's your birthday. He says 'What's my mother's real name"?? 

Franco is looking for Liz. He goes into his office. Curtis is gone. Diane comes in and wants him to drop charges on Burton. He's like NO! He's probably and impostor, he wants him in jail. (leading me to believe he's the real Jason because Franco is hella scared of him). Franco realizes someone has been in his office. 
THEN! JaSam burst in and Miller pushes Franco and says: START TALKING, NOW!! 
Franco tells them the entire story except he says Drew died of heart failure around the age of 4. Miller demands the photo of Franco and Drew as boys. He leaves. Sam says to Franco "Jason is going to KILL YOU...." Franco says "Does your husband know that you think he's not Jason"?? She says: that man with the other face HATES you and will destroy you. 
Note: Franco worked hard to get Miller to think HE's the REAL Jason. 

Alexis and Scotty. Julian's been beaten up many times in jail. Scotty wants her to go give him some hope because he doesn't care what happens to him. "Give him a sliver of hope". Diane sees them talking and tells Scotty to beat it. She tells Alexis not to believe that Julian isn't manipulating her. 


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Memory Maker

I know you are, but what am I?
Another fast-paced week for our soap! Breakneck speed can only keep up so long, right? Friday's show was actually a little bit of a nice break because I could sit and process some things!

I hope you read the Saturday Pre-Surgery WUB down there. You know it has to be a bitch for the writers with all this. Seriously. They also have to remember all the history, and try to honor all the fanbases that jump on things as soon as they are out.  I sure did enjoy the show though, no complaints from me! 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday Pre-Surgery WUB: Just Do It

Imagine if you will....


TPTB:  Burton's leaving.. sell it, he's dead. 
Writers:  No recast?
TPTB: Come on, it's BURTON we're talking recast. Sell his death. HARD.

Writer: Okey, dokey 


TPTB:  We recast Burton. 
Writers: WHAT??
TPTB: Yep. with it. 
Writers: Um.. well... 
TPTB: You can bring anyone back to life..,you've done it 56 times already.
Writers:  Yeah, but usually they are the same face.
TPTB:  Some have had different faces. Just do it. SELL MILLER AS JASON. HARD!!! 
Writers:  Okaaaay.... we have to take some liberty with memories and timelines and
TPTB: You think we care? Look at Franco, people buy anything. DO IT! 


TPTB:  Hello, twerps! 
Writers: (all throw their pencils) what NOW? 
Writers: Of course you did. So, Miller's out. 
TPTB:  Oh, you fools. Of course not,  we're keeping him too. 
Writers: So, Burton is a whole different character--like, um..Claudia was? 
TPTB:  No, that would be stupid. He's coming back as...Jason.
Writers: But you're keeping Miller
TPTB:  Yep. 
Writers: : But we sold Miller hard as Jason 
TPTB:  You think we care? Just do it. 
Writers: You can't just do it...
TPTB: Oh, other soaps have done it, don't even pull that one on us. We know. 
Writers: Damn it. Well, then, Miller has to be a fake Jason that doesn't know he's Jason, right? Then Jason comes back and people find out he's the real Jason and...
TPTB: Nah, that's been done before...we want something twisty. 
Writers: Twisty?
TPTB:  Yeah, make it real twisty. But stick to history and don't make ANY mistakes. Our fans know every detail that's happened. So, don't blow this. Just you know, do what you do. We're watching. 
Writers: Oh hell. 
TPTB: Have a nice day--oh, by the way-- Tamara Braun is back too. 
Writers: Hey --
TPTB: Don't worry, you won't have to work as hard on that story! Have a great week! 
Writers: We're fucked.  This is worse than Kidney-Gate.  Get some Starbucks. Now! 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Push Ups

AGAIN, this was hard to keep straight! Watch the show for the details --and characters' faces!

Diane and Sonny. Diane hasn't seen Burton, he was gone when she went the the PCPD. She says "He could be playing you though"...They try to figure who's who. Get no where, really.

Liz confronts Franco. He admits there's a twin Jason but says HE'S DEAD and gives her the fake death certificate!!  Well, why? Hmmm..Maybe he doesn't want her to think the real Jason is alive?? Hmmmm.

Scotty sees Jason Burton at the PCPD 'GOOD GOD"!! He won't even go in there! LOL he says: I'm out. Remember he helped Susan Moore with all this stuff--- back in the day so who knows what he knows!! 
He goes to GH and hauls Franco away from Liz. Franco tells Scott he can't tell her the truth because he tried to kill the twin Jason. DUH. Like when he was 3??? That's pretty weak. Scotty tries to talk Franco into telling the Jason's who's who. Franco is afraid. 

Burton is in the jail with Klein. He wants to know who took him to the clinic. Who paid them. Klein says he has no idea.

Diane goes to see Burton in the jail. She says Well, Well, Well... Then she says I KNOW you're Jason. I am a litigator, there's too many holes in his story. Your story fills him in. I'm objective. Carly and Sonny love you, they needed you back. I know that's you"....

GrAva..Ava's got strawberry blonde hair today.  They go to the Metro where Sonny is. Griff takes a call. Sonny wants Ava to tell him about Jason in the Clinic. He thinks she may be part of it. Sonny says to Griffin: YOU LEFT the Priesthood FOR HER?? lol he says he'll pray for him lol. 

Alexis and Sam---Alexis asks her "what if that other guy IS Jason"?? Sam says she loves her husband and he loves her. "He's Scout's father, the only Dad Danny has ever known and we've fallen back in love over 2 years"... 

Later Miller and Sam go home and cuddle. He says "You know that guy's a fraud, right"??? Right"?? Sam doesn't say anything.

Curtis is going to work for Miller to help him find out who the 'fraud' Burton is. Curtis goes into Franco's office and picks open the drawer to find the fake death certificate and the envelope that has the names of who who's in it. 

Monica says to Liz that she knows Miller is her son. (I think she wants him to be her son, since they got close and such)-- and she hopes they find out about the impostor person. 

END OF SHOW!! LIZ goes to see JASON! Monday will be a Liason day! 

MONDAY: Liason talk. Scotty says that "Julian was beaten to an inch of his life"....

Thursday, November 2, 2017


NOTE: WAY too much happened on today's show for me to even START to do it justice. You have to watch. JUST WATCH. 

Hey! Sam!! Guess what? You almost drowned but now you get to tell Danny that his Dad has his old new face AND tell Jason Burton that Danny is REALLY is son after all!!  She doesn't tell him. Jason says hes' an "old friend"-- Miller comes in and yells to leave his family alone. Burton says: I don't know what happened but I know this much: I AM JASON MORGAN!!
Sam is laying there acting like she's going to throw up. Nice scenes.
Carly takes Danny to play video games. 

Burton asks about Danny "He looks a lot like Jake"-- 
Sam says yes, Franco lied, Heather lied, he's my son with Jason (and she grabs Miller's hand!!) oh interesting!!  

When she comes back, Miller is yelling to get security to get Burton OUT! Carly says NO I won't call, I told him to come here!!  Miller says: YOU told him to come here"?? What? Then they hell and EPIPHANY comes in and sees Jason Burton and is all 'awww" but then realizes what's happening and makes everyone leave. 

OMG!! Burton sees Franco with Liz in the hall and beats the CRAP out of him!! LOL--I mean A LOT. He won't stop--then he stops and says to Carly "HOW is he still alive"??!! and then...goes after him again!!! Security takes him out. 

Liz figures out that was a  twin and that Franco knew all about it. She's not happy.

Miller talks to Carly. "How can you think that's him?? You talked me into what my identity that's all over"??? Awww.. Such a good talk, Wow.  

Klein wants Valentin to help him..NOW!! Those two idiots are on the shouldn't the police be there too? I mean...this is the PCPD but still. Valentin calls someone to come and get him. NO!! It's the POLICE!! 

Ok, so Carly and Jason Burton are in the PCPD.  She tells him about FRANCO'S TUMOR--she tells him she almost married him...and that he's not his twin (Heather lied)... Then Burton sees Klein who's come into the PCPD. Burton says don't call Diane just yet because he wants to be in the jail with Klein to get information.

Maddox goes to say goodbye to Anna. Nice scenes. They should have used him a lot more on the show. He gives Anna  little disco ball. Awww.  Great dialog about his work and regrets. Watch's really good. She says she's going to make some tea for them. He's gone when she gets back.

Maddox goes to the docks and BURNS ALL THE JASON FILES! Holy crap! Now how we gonna know who's who and switch them back!!?? DAMN IT you'd better have a flash drive!!

The Jasons WUB: What's Under There?

Some people love these, others hate them. I can't stop the WUBS when they come. This was in my head driving to work yesterday morning. They invade me. LOL. Hope you enjoy. 

Setting: Sonny's house...on a dark and dreary night, Burton carries in Sam: 


Carly: Oh My GOD! HOLY HELL!!'s it's...
Sonny: Yeah, I know.
Miller: Well, I don't know...what are you doing with my face...and my wife? 
Burton: Stare blink
Carly: It's YOU! JASON!! What the what...
Burton: Stare...
Miller: Look over here ME! With my OWN FACE look at me! Let go of my wife!!
Burton: Cocks head...looks at Sonny. blinks
Miller: And don't try that damn bink stare on me!! I started that blink stare, or at least I thought I did..Damn it!! Put her down!
Sonny: Jason.. put her..on the....couch.
Carly: Ok, ok...who's who?? I mean....Sonny....???
Sonny: It's not obvious?? 
Carly: Well, ok..ok, I can down your pants..
Burton: Blink...stare...
Miller: Blink...stare
Carly: Waves her hands--WELL I'll know it when I SEE IT! 
Sonny: one is pullin' down their pants here...
Miller: Come on Sam..wake up...
Carly: Wait, should that Jason be touching her...or should that Jason be touching her?  
Sonny: That's  Jason THERE and that's NOT Jason there...
Everyone pauses and looks at each other...

Miller: Hey, you....get my tshirt off...
Miller: Sonny, tell him to take my tshirt off...
Sonny: I'm not tellin' anyone to take any shirt Or Pants off! You are all crazy...
Carly: Jason---I told you to get a tattoo that one night we were at Jake's, I TOLD YOU! 
Sonny: Yeah, a tatt would help in this situation about now....
Sam: (waking) Um...Jason....? No wait.. Jason?? (Passes out) 
Miller: Look, we have to do something because all my clothes have "Jason Morgan" labels sewn on now...I'm not taking them off.
Carly: Seriously? Jason Morgan labels? 
Miller: Elizabeth did it for me...but don't tell Sam...
Burton: you have underwear labels? (smirk)
Carly: HEY! I know...I know...boxers or briefs? You first..
Miller: Boxers
Burton: Come on...
Carly: HA!! SEE JASON DOESN'T WEAR UNDERWEAR!! BOOM!!! DID IT!  Com-MAN-do. Totally. Jason--that's Jason. 
Burton: Stare.  Nod. 
Miller: Oh hell... whatever. I don't even care. I can NOT wear underwear too you know. But I chafe. 
Sonny: rolls eyes...ok... here we go.. I'm taking Sam to the hospital. You two stay here and work this out. 
Carly: Oh Squee!!  :claps hands: I can't wait until you braid my hair! AND I have about 700 photos to go through with you...and oh my god, Josslyn is such a bitch right now. Did you know that we found out who gave her her kidney? She's this awful girl who...(rambles on in the background) 
Miller: Hey...
Burton: yeah?
Miller: wanna sneak out of here while she's yapping and grab a beer? 

Burton: um...blink. Do we like beer? 
Miller: I dunno but I'm not listening to this much longer...
Carly: Oh! And what else...Spinelli moved with Ellie to raise Georgie and ...oh! We had a serial killer and...
Burton: Come on. this way...
Miller: Shhhh.
Burton: Oh she can't hear you..believe me. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Ol' Switcheroo

Maxie greets Nathan with breakfast. She wants him to be Man Landers for more time. Maxie invited Amy over to talk about everything.  Maxie is pleading with them to let her do the feature in Crimson.  Amy is yelling at Maxie "Stop making this about YOU...its' not"!! Maxie "YES IT IS--you took advantage of my husband"!! BTW, Chet is on his way to Port Charles. 

Maddox goes into his office and gets scared by Franco with a scary coffin monster thing. LOL Franco is like "Drew is alive, isn't he"??  Maddox is packing up his office.  Franco is ranting about Liz being shot-- and he overheard Monica talking too. He figures out that Maddox gave him a fake death certificate. Maddox says YES, Andrew is alive. Franco realizes that Jason's twin is in Port Charles right now. 
Franco says he's going to call the police on Maddox. "ALL RIGHT says Maddox". "I demolished a person's life--I tampered with his memory, tampered with his mind, and now two people think they are the same person".  
I found a way to use computers and memory mapping--I found a way to put one person's memories into another. The WSB was backing the project. They pulled out and he went to another financial backer. Then he got a subject from a shooting (Jason from the water).  Then he implants his memories. But who got the memories?
"They both think they are Jason".
Franco is all @@ WHAT?!!  Maddox says that he downloaded the truth to the printer and Franco can see it. Franco takes the paper and looks at it and says : "Oh My God" . 

Michael wants to see the guy who says he's Jason here. Oh! He's been released!!! Because we probably couldn't have had a Diane scene??  Darn it.  Michael says that he never "felt Jason was right-- (Miller_)" 

--Burton goes to see Carly.  Carly runs to him and cries and hugs him. She's shaking "I missed you so much"--"so much".  Carly says she grateful and happy to see his face again. "I told myself he was you--I forced him to believe he was you". Then she tells him that Spinelli did the facial recognition software.
"I turned him into you". They talk about Morgan...and cry. He also says he's gained Jake and Robin back. Carly tells him to go see Sam..he says: That guy who thinks he's me, does he love her?  


Sam's dreaming of Jason-- both Jason's... she opens her eyes and they are 'both' by her bed.  Big Blue eyeballs staring at her. LOL Of course, it's only Miller there, not Burton. Sam thinks Miller pulled her out of the water and she hallucinated his old face. "Sam, I didn't pull you out of the water. Sam, you didn't see me... this sounds crazy but there's a man who looks exactly the way I used to and he pulled you out of the water".  She can't understand what was going on. They talk.  Miller leaves.

LATER: Carly convinces Burton to go in and see Sam.  She wakes up and looks at Jason. "It was real... it is you"..."Yeah" says Jason. 


Laptop Malfunction

Oh it's a sad day, Wubbers--my laptop is dying-- and I can't watch the show where my desktop is so...the blog my be a bit delayed today--not sure. It will be up at some point!  Eat your extra halloween candy before Finn gets it! 

Sunday Surgery: Soaked

  Whopper of a week in many respects, especially for Liz fans!! We've got Liason, Tequila, baby-wars, hips and violins to discuss.  Grad...