Tuesday, August 31, 2021

By the Fire

 MikeSon and Nina make out. He wonders if Peter is really gone and feels like he recognized him. He's going to make a surprise for Nina for their date.  ITS' ON THE PORCH lol He made spaghetti. 

Liesl and Scotty on the plane. SCOTTY's HAIR IS ALL OVER AHAHHAHA No one is answering the cabin phone when they try to call. They plane lurches again and the oxygen falls down. Scotty tells Obrect he loves her but she's passed out and the plane goes down!  Two goonies come out and one talks in ..um? Russian? into the phone. 

Camping with Aiden, Finn, Liz and Violet. Finn has on a puffer vest LOL YELLOW!! Jake and Cam said they are too old to go. Chase says Finn camped all the time when he was young. ANyway, Finn and Liz end up falling in the lake together and have to be all cozy by the fire. Awwww. 

Anna, Dante and Sam talk about the plane trip with Drew. bored. They talk about Victor Cassadine in 2014 and how he was in charge of the WSB then. Yada yada.. (all this happened in 2014). 

Jordan and Shawn talking about Naomi. bored. bored. bored. They are working on the Naomi thing together. OMG they eat take out on the docks. GOOD GOD 

Jarly talking about Cyrus.  Carly figures out he's targeting Laura. Jason is going to "take care of it".  REALLY bored. 

Joss and Trina at Jax's house to cook dinner. I love Jax's surfboards. Good props. Oh and Lady Jane's recipe box (looks real). they need TOMATO SAUCE! TRINA'S GOING TO GO GET IT! 

CYRUS shows up!! In Prison and talks to Buchema guy (he talked to Jason yesterday). 


The goons go to pick up Scotty to "chuck him off the plane"!! Obrect is still knocked out!! NO! 

Monday, August 30, 2021

St. Lucia


Liesl tells Nina to get Peter to go to a town in St. Lucia. Meanwhile, MikeSon is yapping at Peter. Peter says "I know who you are" but it's a fake out-- he says he means he knows the type of guy Nina likes. He says that MikeSon is a charity case-- and MikeSon comes out from behind the bar with a baseball bat. LOL Of course he doesn't use it. Nina gets him outside and tells him that the Maxie is in St. Lucia. He questions her then says if she's lying she will SUFFAH!! 

Carly daydreams about Jason giving her the ring. Anna walks up. Tells her she and Jason remind her of she and Robert. "We didn't last long of course"/// 

Brook Lynn is at the pool with the baby, Maxie walks in "HELLO"! They talk about stuff. Nothing major. Austin comes over, tries to talk to Maxie. Brook says buzz off. Maxie explains that every time she sees him she thinks about Louise. He says sorry and leaves. Brook thinks he likes Maxie. 

Valentin gets cornered by Scott and Austin "why should I vote for you for CEO OF ELQ"? Yada yada... Val basically says he's the best option. 

Shawn is visiting Alexis in jail. Sam walks in and says Drew called. She thinks the WSB file will be helpful. Dante calls her and tells her he found something.

Anna gives Dante the WSB File at the poolside. Then Dr O walks in and probes Anna about Peter. (Not telling her she knows he's alive) She wants Anna to keep an eye on Maxie while she's gone. 

Sam finds Dante at the bar. She, Anna and he sits down. He says that when Drew chartered a flight, there was another passenger on there. The seat was paid for by a corporation that turns out to be NINA Reeves! 

Jordan talking to Jason about the wedding and inviting the 5 families. She's afraid Cyrus might do something. They wonder if someone in the five families is working with him. 

Lucy is trying to get Gladys an apartment but she's very picky. Gladys is basically a pain in the ass to everyone. She wants an invite to the wedding. Carly's like: NOPE.

PFFFFFFFFFFFT! Lucy heard Dr. O saying she was going to St Lucia with Scotty and she goes over to him, calls him a Nin_come_Poop and SMACKS him on the forehead!! ahahhaha It was hysterical. 

Dr O and Scotty on a private jet leaving the country. 

Chritchen Clark Clinic is the Nina company connection 

THE PLANE GOES DOWN!! OH NOoooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzz.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Caution


Karen asked me to do a Sunday Surgery, but I really didn't watch much this week. She then said to me "Just post a some kind of photo and the Wubsketeers will fill in the comments based on the photo. You can trust them."


Could it really be that simple?

Here you go Wubsketeers. Here are a few pictures to look over and comment on. I trust you will all have a few things to say.

From "Latter Days" where he really gave a very good performance. No, seriously.

I LIED!! LOL.. I'm going to say some things after binging the show. A LOT Of it will be about Peter! If you'd like to hear what I have to say, take it at the jump!! 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hi Honey, I'm Home!!


I guess I missed quite a week on the show!! I also missed quite a week OFF the show as well!! Twitter was just all a mess. The mainstream media has picked up on actor feuds and IG stories. I guess any PR is good PR for the show?? Hmmm. Not so sure. 

GIANT THANK YOU To DAVE for filling in. Such a great job and more comments generated than when I'm here! I think when I retire, I've found my replacement. 

First of all, I'd like to point out that MOSS was missing and replaced by some floating gardenias. Excuse me, unacceptable. Perhaps it is to showcase the "new beginning" Jarly? Oh boy. All I know is that it was the talk of twitter! 

On to the BIG NEWS-- and I'm not going into all of it here mainly because it's been done to death all over the net. It seems that Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jax)  had a lot to say about mandatory vaccines and 'passports' over on Instagram. That led to fan and costar reactions which led to him doing 2 IG videos stating his stance on the subject. As the Deadline article points out, he also said some falsehoods regarding the vaccine as well. You and I know there are staunch proponents  of the vaccine (Nancy, Maura, etc) who are also vocal about masking.  There are  children on the set that can't be vaccinated yet (as they are under 12 years) so that's an issue as well. Steve Burton recently contracted COVID on the set and is out 14 days. This is a huge, hot issue around the country right now and ABC/Disney has already ordered mandatory vaccinations on most properties so I believe that has to be coming for GH. If you'd like to read more and see Ingo's videos follow these links: 

Daytime Confidential      Deadline         Soap Opera Network 

Even Kimberly McCollough (Robin) had this to say "better check yourself before you wreck yourself" which I believe is in reference to him calling fans "bigots" for using the #fireingo hashtag.  You think HR is busy this weekend? Oh I do! 

Other news? Well my friend and old co-podcaster Jamey Giddens (creator/ head writer of Ambitions) is going to Days for breakdown writing! This is amazing and I'm so happy.  Congrats to him! 

I am going to binge-watch GH today at some point. I will put some thoughts over on Dave's cheeky Sunday surgery tomorrow if he is agreeable to that. 

I had a wonderful vacation--full of lobsters and great times. I love Maine so much and went there as a kid every summer. Got married there as well. It's a wonderful place to visit if you haven't yet. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

In Memoriam

(Friday's Blog)

I found this on youtube a little while ago. I am sure many of you has seen it as well. Someone put together a really moving tribute to those we have lost along the way. I had no idea many of these performers were on the show (Milton Berle, Sammy Davis Jr.). And, of course, it was a blessing to see so many familiar faces and bring back memories. 

The package is put together in chronological order. It ends in 2019 with Jed Allen. There are other versions, so it appears that someone updates this every few years. If you have never seen this, do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes reminiscing. If you have seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it again. 

Of course, comments are wonderful for a blog like this. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Anyone need a good lawyer?


(Thursday's Blog)


Alexis Davis ⧫ Justice Ward ⧫ Ric Lansing ⧫ Paul Hornsby

Robert Scorpio ⧫ John Durant ⧫ Margaux Dawson

Ken Morgan ⧫ Mitch Williams ⧫ Dara Jensen

Scott Baldwin ⧫ Benjamin Lazaro


Diane Miller ⧫ Martin Grey ⧫ Nora Buchanan

Lee Baldwin ⧫ Joe Kelly ⧫ Jake Meyer

Who are you favorites!!?? 

Note: These were pulled from the web. We all know how accurate the web can be. If I missed someone, please just add it in the comments. Thanks. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Happy Birthday to our Wubqueen

 I know i am late to this, but it is Karen's birthday today, which is why she is on vacation. By the time I was reminded, I was at work and I get home late, so sorry this is late.
If you want to wish her a happy birthday, this is the blog to do it. I am sure she will read it when she returns. 

Remember: "Understated" is Maxie's middle name

(Wednesday's Blog)

You know I've been looking forward to this all summer!! Question is WILL WE GET A WEDDING??!! You know I hope so. You know I want it to be HUGE and OVER The TOP!! With Ms. Wu right in the front row!! So, I give you some of my ideas for their wedding day: 

FAVORS:  Who wouldn't love a sweet blend of Corinthos' Coffee as a little gift? Jarly can have their names printed on the the other side of the bag as well. 

RECEPTION DECOR:  The happy couple plan on turning Warehouse 12 into a garden of wub, complete with seating for 560 people. 

CAKE:  Coming in from NYC is this marvel--complete with real gold-dust trim 

GROOMS CAKE:  Motorcycle themed. Jake asked Aiden to bake one for Jason.  )Although Carly refuses to ride one as her hair gets messed up from the helmet.) 

FOOD: Italian of course in honor of a dead Sonny... and Olivia has decided to do give her recipes with the caterers to make it more authentic. 

DRESS:  Carly has several looks but this is her man do. Yes, there's a bodyguard under there! 

STAY TUNED FOR MORE!! Including: Flowers, and Gifts from all!! 

ps. If you havent guessed by now, and i know you have, this was all Karen.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Wubs Answers Your Questions Part 2

 (Tuesday's Blog)

FAVORITE MALE CHARACTER: This is easy!! I'm in wub with Valentin Cassadine lately. JFP's portrayal is probably 90% of the reason but the character has also grown, shown a hugely complex side and is just plain entertaining to watch. 

FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTER:  Liesl Obrect springs to mind but so does Ava Jerome. Watching Maura act is a thing of beauty. Kathleen just gives GH a much needed dose of laughter. 

FAVORITE CURRENT ACTRESS:  This is an interesting question!!  I think it has to be Lisa LoCicero. I've seen her in person and she's just a fun, engaging and interesting person. Her posts on twitter are always a good read. 

FAVORITE CURRENT ACTOR: Again, hard to pin point but I've loved Michael E Knight since AMC days and I'm really happy he's on the show. Accent and all!  Every scene he's in is entertaining and he can switch from comedy to drama on a dime. 

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE 'SUPER COUPLE': Hmmm, are there are any on the show right now? Back in the Day (way back) it was Luke and Laura like every other person my age. Then it was Ned and Alexis and now?  Everyone's been moved around. Ned and Olivia entertain me the most even though they aren't on screen a lot. 

DO YOU REMEMBER THE FIRST EPISODE YOU WATCHED OF ALL MY CHILDREN:  Hell yes! I thought I had said before that I saw the very first show in Patty Andolina's basement! I was EIGHT!! Lol... We loved it. It was so cool to have younger people on there. Tara and Phil? *sigh* 

FAVORITE MICHAEL EASTON CHARACETER:  Well, I DID love Caleb during the Port Charles years because....sexy vampire. I think John McBain fit him the best however, and I still wish he was playing him. 

WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE ROGER HOWARTH CHARACTER:  Todd Manning. Loved to hate him. If you saw him in the early years he was so 'vile' you didn't think redemption could be even attempted. Roger pulled it off however and I grew to enjoy Todd as a character. 

Monday, August 23, 2021

And So It Goes...

(Monday's Blog)

One thing GH does well, is kill off a character. Let me explain what I mean.

I swear I dont want this to be morbid or depressing. That is not my intent. Going through some youtube videos, I came across a series of GH deaths (and tributes) of characters (and actors) who died. I'm not talking about bit players only on for a few backgrounds, but the long standing, beloved and cherished characters and their actors who portrayed them. 

For example, I will give you my most memorable character death and tribute. (again, trying to put a positive spin on this and not being morbid). Edward. It was the tribute episode they gave him that I will remember as long as I live. Lila stood up from her wheelchair and took Edward's hand and the two of them walked up the stairs to heaven together. In 30 seconds, the show paid the most loving tribute to not only the characters, but the beloved actors as well. I bawled like a baby. I mean, it wasn't pretty. 

The show has had absolutely moving death scenes and tributes throughout the years. Steve, Alan, Tony, Lila, Stone, Ruby, Emily just to name a few. 

My question to you today is simple. Was there a death on GH (possibly tribute as well) that was so powerful that it incredibly moved you and forever stuck with you? 



                                                                       KAREN'S PICK:  BJ 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Who's Your Daddy?


Not a bad week on the show! It was fun filled, angst ridden and even had a scary Halloween masks. The dialog has been superb lately. 

This is my last SS for a week so enjoy if you can!!! 

Friday, August 20, 2021



WELP!! There was a news brief and then I had someone come over to see about taking care of Tillie next week sooooooo..... not a lot of GH. NIXON FALLS was on tho!! I watched the show via Canadian tweets LOL 

Anna was at the pool! Thx for the pic @Sourjoy! I guess Martin was hitting on her!! :) 

I decided to watch Hulu later. I'll be leaving early so... look for Sunday Surgery that may or may not contain what happened Friday! LOL 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Nurses Night


Carly calls Nikolas a "self-absorbed jerk" .. UM CARLY!! AHAHAHAA!! 

Spencer and Trina out on the parapet ready to kiss and that LONG HAIRED NURSE WALKS OUT!!!!! BLOOP!! ahahaha. Her name is ESME. She makes out with Spencer. She's his girlfriend. TRina's pissed and leaves. Esme says she trailed Ava around town. Heard that Nikolas was faking his trip and decided to set Ava's car on fire. Thought it was a good plan. But wait ..how did she get Kiki's ID? Maybe she Does know Ryan somehow? 

Laura and Nikolas ...Laura is so disappointed. She says it might be too late for Nikolas. Keep laying into him. Yada yada ..we GET IT... Then Spencer brings in Esme to introduce her. He doesn't want to talk to Nikolas. 

Ava and Portia..Ava's still shook. Then Kevin walks in.  Ava shows him the Kiki badge. They talk about if it could be Spencer or Ryan or whoever. Trina comes in, tells Ava about Nikolas. 

 Britt is at the Savoy bar when Epiphany, Bobbie, Liz, Amy..Deena, Terry all come in and sit down. They drag Britt all over!! Britt goes back to the bar. She drinks. Terry walks over. The table still talks about Britt and Amy tells Epiphany how she saved Jason. Liz still wants to be petty when it comes to her though LOL YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!!!!! it's gold. They dish about Jason and Carly!! Even Bobbie does!  Oh then Britt tries to apologize to Epiphany ..welp!  AWESOME TALK.. watch !! 

Britt orders shots for the Nurses' Table

Jarly's wedding date is set for Sept 17th 

Spencer leaves Wyndemere with Laura and Esme. 

Ava says she's leaving PC for now

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

You are your Father

 Drew's guard guy is Australian sounding... Drew tries to bribe him to get him out but the guy says nope. He has a fake flashback to talking to Scout. 

Sam tells Curtis about "Drew" Calling. He's not sure. She says she has to find out "for Scout" (who??????? AHAHAHAH) 

They realize Spencer couldn't have set Ava's car on fire because he's at the mansion. Laura lays into him. Spencer does a GREAT job with acting hurt and everything with Nikolas. Great job for a new kid. Carly is on Spoon Island with Joss and Cam, reconning the whole story. CARLY SHOULD BE AT THE FIVE FAMILY MEETING!! DAMN IT.  Spencer goes off with Trina to the parpet to think.. CARLY BARGES IN AND YELLS AT SPENCER!! WTF!! GOD I hate her. "I had something important to do and had to come here for my daughter"!! She stomps out. 

Parapet: Trina and Spencer ...she talks to him about his Dad. She doesn't think Nikolas hates him, just wants him to learn something. He says he's innocent of everything. They almost kiss but Cam comes out. Wants to know if Trina wants to leave. She says no. 

Five Family meeting: Carly is with THE KIDS and Ms WU wants to know where she is. Jason's like; Busy. Of course Carly isn't there. They are pissed. Jason is like: Deal with IT. He tries to say he and Carly are a united front. This is just a wasted scene without the two of them together, imo. Oh, Ms. WU is really not happy with this. 

Liesl talks to Jax at The Savoy. Wow, he really doesn't have any friends. He's wondering why his phone is messed up. LOL Can't figure out Spinelli wiped it clean. 


THE FIVE Families walk out when Carly shows up. I think Jason had to set a date for the wedding. 

Trina and Spencer almost kiss

Laura says Nik is a lot like Stavros

Drew gets a pen off the guard to jimmy off his cuffs 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


 Sasha and Brando at the OBGYNs...they don't want to know the sex. It's only 10pm at night but ..let's get an ultrasound!! Baby looks good. 

Ava talking to Portia  in GH...weird stalker nurse watching. They end up talking about Kiki and how lucky Portia is. 

Ava leaves, Nurse Creep smiles. Ava's car is on fire down in the parking garage. They find a gas can and an ID. OMG it's Kiki's! 

Jason on the docks... Five Family meeting tomorrow. Yada yada...I have no clue why they are showing this. 

Jax and Carly--Cripes I wish they'd just fall in wub and FLY OFF TO THE OUTBACK TOGETHER.  They argue. Jax makes points, Carly bitches. Jason walks back in. Carly tells him what Jax did. They yell, Jax leaves and CARLY NEVER ERASED that PHONE CALL!! AHAHHAAHAA. Jason calls Spinelli after Jax leaves and Spinelli wipes his phone and his Cloud. 

Carly goes to the island instead of the Five Family meeting. 

Sam gets a call from Drew. She takes that call with all the surprise as asking what time it is. Tells Dante. He's going to try to trace it at the PCPD. They try to figure out if Drew is really dead-dead :EYEROLL: 

Parapet...Trina and Spencer watching fireworks... mask guy with a knife. They go in.. then Trina leaves. The Mask guy grabs Spencer and chokes him. Runs out. Trina finds Spencer. He's shaken and terrified. 

Inside..Cam figures out that it has to be someone in the house doing all this. Laura and Kevin walk in. 

THEN... Laura talks to a trembling Spencer about being attacked and Nikolas walks in and takes off the mask..everyone gasps. Laura screams at Nikolas. So does Kevin. Nikolas is like: Meh. Too bad, he needed to be taught a lesson.  They yell.. then Ava calls and tells Nikolas about the car.  He thinks it couldn't be him because he was at Wyndemere. I hope he thinks he could have hired someone. 


We see Drew in some prison

Monday, August 16, 2021

Party Pranks

 Monday again!

Laura is in GH going to dinner with Kevin but until he gets here, she's going to talk to Liz. Wonders if Liz is going to tell her Dad about Naomi. Liz isn't sure. Laura says she can email him. Liz really wants to find and tell Hayden. 

Ava's at GH and thinking about Ryan pretending to be Kevin. But she sees Kevin and he says Ryan can't move. They talk about Spencer possibly being the stalker. Laura comes in later and Ava tells her the details about Nikolas' plan. Some rando young nurse is listening outside the room. 

The party: OF COURSE we don't see anyone else. Even the photo booth was just the 4. I did predict that on twitter. NO WAY they'd pop for a real party.  Joss' bodyguard Tony is kinda hot. it's SO SO bad. Spencer got a mechanical bull (off camera) and the kids just talk inside as usual. Costas says the launch is missing. Cam and Joss go up to the parapet. The bodyguards freak because they can't get in touch with the drivers. Spencer gets a call from "Ryan"..(it's Nikolas) All the kids freak. Lights go out. Dayglo on the rug says: It Ends Tonight. The bodyguards tell them to lock themselves in the room. BUT Spencer and Trina go off to get the cell phone booster thingy to work. 

Jax tapes Carly while they talk about Josslyn. He gets her to talk about the 5 Families. He brings up Morgan and how he helped raise him. They sent him to school to keep him safe and when he came home, he died LOL!! pffffffffft. Carly bitches. He gets her on tape saying she's head of the organization. Carly's suspicious of Jax's questions. She realizes he's taping her. 

Oh yeah, Sam and Dante are at the pool. BAFk ... I mean, really boring. She does have on that terrible skirt tho. They kiss, they are going to date. 

DREW calls Sam!

A mask-wearing knife guy stands on the parapet where Trina and Cam are

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Panic at the Disco


Seltzer Bar is OPEN! 

This week's GH kept me mildly engaged. It wasn't a big week for things happening but I did have glimmers of hope in there now and again.  We had two character deaths which is always dramatic. 

I should have saved that title for next week but damn, I loved it. Spencer's "party" was surely something out of the budget bin. I'm having a White Claw because clearly those poor kids can't. 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Bye Lenny


OPERATION RAGER!!!!!!!! The kids are in the front room. Will we see ANY other part of the party? Hmmmm...The girls get ready in a bedroom. Cameron and Spencer talking about the party without actually BEING AT THE PARTY .. it's unbelievable. So, Joss tells Trina about Spencer's past and how rich he is... yada yada. 

Fake Sonny thing and Carly. She basically wants Sonny to "Bless" their mess. IT's SO NOT NEEDED. he's not DEAD!!!!!! SO there's nothing to feel with this! UGH

Nixon Falls: MikeSon wants to take a Fishing Trip! ahahahhaa. Oh Lenny dies watching the sunset on the porch. Oh he dies. BLoop!! Sonny goes to tell Phyllis and Nina. Phyllis drops her glass. Phyllis says a sad goodbye to him. 

Jax, Britt Jason..Jax "Do the right thing Jason". Jax argues then says he's done coparenting. Then he goes to talk to Dante about the situation. Dante's like Whatever, can't really help. 

Jason and Britt talk about their angst. 

SAM HAS ON THE MOST WEIRD-ASS SKIRT EVER! AHAHAHHA. I mean, I wore oversized denim in the 80s but damn that's UBER HUGE. 

Someone is in Wyndemere stalking the kids. 

PS. Boring show today

Thursday, August 12, 2021



Hope you read the blog below about Victor Cassadine. I'm sure that's how that will all tie together. 

Cam and Spencer at the pool. Spencer brags about his friends flying up from the city and he's getting a DJ from LA. He wants Cameron to invite more of HIS type of friends because his friends are so 'fake' LOL..OKAY

Josslyn finds Jarly in the kitchen. She ends up talking up their relationship and asks when the wedding is. Then they talk about tonight and she says she's getting together with her friends. Jason wants TONY to drive...not DEVON. Joss wants DEVON. yada yada. 

Jarly talk about their relationship changing by getting married. It was almost a nice tender moment. 

NIXON FALLS!! WOOWHOO. Lenny's dying. Phyllis agrees it's better to die "living" than die "dying" so whatever the biopsy, she'll let him live out his years. You know, the fact there is never ONE customer in there is just such a joke now.  Anyway, Phil and Lenny dance a fun dance, then go outside. Nina is so happy to be in Nixon Falls. She and MikeSon make out. 

Jax and Britt ...he's concerned about Joss so he goes to his one night stand for advice. She talks up Jason. He's jealous. 

Stella apologizes to Trina. She likes Portia now. Thinks she's a good mother. 

Nikolas tells Ava that Spencer is the stalker. Shows Ava the letter and tells her about Ryan. He says he knows that Spencer did it and he's going to teach him a lesson.  Should end well. :eyeroll: Nikolas doing this is classic Cassadine. They hate their kids for the most part lol 

Jason finds Jax in Britt's office

Carly talks to Donna's doll about Sonny; he "appears" in her kitchen 

Rumor Patrol: The Victor Factor


Victor Cassadine 
So, that's Thaao Penghis .. the Victor Cassadine I remember. When Spencer mentioned him to Liesel bells went off all over twitter that Mr. Sheffield will be playing HIM. I was convinced that he was going to play Holly's cousin (because that's who he played decades ago). But.. the more I think about it the more it makes sense. He ran the lab WSB in 2014 and had Liesel installed as COS at GH. He was the one that had "Jason" on ice in the cryogenic lab. (Who turned out to be Drew Cain... keep up, will ya?) 

A bunch of stuff happens...yada yada... and in the end, it's Lesil that shoots him and he's "dead" before he could set the bomb off at the clinic. BUT I DON'T THINK HE WAS DEAD -DEAD. So, let's see. Victor is behind the whole mind-altering project. I bet he killed Naomi (Look at the suit the guy was wearing; black with white shirt). On top of that bet boots he has Drew locked up, did something with Hayden and soon will take Liesel. Oh, and guess what... PETER AUGUST. I'm just sayin' it. Pray for my sanity everyone. 

Thaao is on Days and now on that Salem spin-off show for Peacock. Ergo, not available for GH. A shame because he started he character in '81. I guess we'll see how Charles Shaughnessy does in the iconic role if this rumor is true. (and I think it's right on the money). 

Get all the skivvy on Victor on The GH Wiki .  It was seven years ago so you may need a refresher course. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021



Stella going to get out of the hospital. Curtis wants her to stay with him. 

Laura and Kevin go to Wyndemere. Nikolas says he's going to Dubai ...Spencer calls Trina about the party. 

Dr O and Liesel make out at the pool, Britt is like OH MY EYES lol 

Jason is feeding Donna... she calls him Daddy. 

DAMN IT...here in NY I got interrupted by Gov Hochul ..our new lady Gov. ..that lasted until 2:30

Nik shows the letter to Laura and Kevin from Ryan to Spencer. BTW, I feel like Spencer would have on really expensive ripped genes and his eyebrows groomed. Spencer leaves. Laura doesn't believe Spencer would side with Ryan to do anything. :cough: Kevin is going to see Ryan at the Spa jail. 

Ava sides with Portia and tells Trina that her mom's affair is none of her business. Trina is like: WHAT?? Ava says she should have compassion for her mother. 

Britt gets invited to Spencer's party. She's like, hell no, I'm not Gen Z lol 

Liesel is going to St. Lucia to look at Hungtinton's Disease treatments, wants Scott to go with. He says yes.

Nikolas goes to Ava ...says he knows who the stalker is 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tracy mention

 Naomi is dead--strangled. Shawn and Sam find her. Sam calls Dante. Dante comes. Finn trails along. They all figure out she was probably murdered. 

Willow is student nursing with Liz. Monica wonders why she didn't take Chases' last name. Willow said she changed it back from Quartermaine and didn't want to bother. Monica gets a text to go home. 

FELIX and Willow talk Nurse talk. Epiphany is in CABO! They laugh at how "green" Willow is. 

Finn comes back and tells Liz that Naomi was killed. 

Brook and Michael talk about deceiving people. Michael sound noble. (or tries to). Ned calls a Family meeting about Tracey. Monica arrives. He tells her to sit down.  IT seems Tracy knew Edward was going to change his will to put Jimmy lee in and she intercepted letters to him. She does think that Edward left records though. They panic. They discuss, argue and finally decide to offer Austin one lump sum to get him to leave. 

Austin is trying to talk Chase into being mean to Mildew. He tells him he should get revenge. Chase tries to defend Willow. Austin goes for him hating Micheal. Wants him to find the records that Edward kept about putting Jimmy Lee back in the will. He says the Qs are cheaters and they should work together. Chase is like How does this HELP ME? Chase ends up leaving without committing. Oh then he sees Willow, flashes back and then looks like Chase is going to help Austin. 

Nik confronts Spencer about Ryan's letter. Spencer is all cocky. (Kid does that scene really well). Spencer finally blurts out that he knows it wasn't Ryan Chamberlain doing the things to Ava. But he talks himself out of it and Nikolas ends up apologizing to Spencer? HUH? Maybe he was bluffing? Oh yes, he figures out that Spencer returned that letter before they even got the cockroach.. and Spencer said he got it AFTER. Nikolas says that he's going to leave the country for awhile and Spencer will have Wyndemere to himself. I think he'll hide in the tunnels and try to catch him LOL Spencer says: PARTY To Trina. Yep, Nikolas is checking into a hotel in PC. 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...