Monday, August 30, 2021

St. Lucia


Liesl tells Nina to get Peter to go to a town in St. Lucia. Meanwhile, MikeSon is yapping at Peter. Peter says "I know who you are" but it's a fake out-- he says he means he knows the type of guy Nina likes. He says that MikeSon is a charity case-- and MikeSon comes out from behind the bar with a baseball bat. LOL Of course he doesn't use it. Nina gets him outside and tells him that the Maxie is in St. Lucia. He questions her then says if she's lying she will SUFFAH!! 

Carly daydreams about Jason giving her the ring. Anna walks up. Tells her she and Jason remind her of she and Robert. "We didn't last long of course"/// 

Brook Lynn is at the pool with the baby, Maxie walks in "HELLO"! They talk about stuff. Nothing major. Austin comes over, tries to talk to Maxie. Brook says buzz off. Maxie explains that every time she sees him she thinks about Louise. He says sorry and leaves. Brook thinks he likes Maxie. 

Valentin gets cornered by Scott and Austin "why should I vote for you for CEO OF ELQ"? Yada yada... Val basically says he's the best option. 

Shawn is visiting Alexis in jail. Sam walks in and says Drew called. She thinks the WSB file will be helpful. Dante calls her and tells her he found something.

Anna gives Dante the WSB File at the poolside. Then Dr O walks in and probes Anna about Peter. (Not telling her she knows he's alive) She wants Anna to keep an eye on Maxie while she's gone. 

Sam finds Dante at the bar. She, Anna and he sits down. He says that when Drew chartered a flight, there was another passenger on there. The seat was paid for by a corporation that turns out to be NINA Reeves! 

Jordan talking to Jason about the wedding and inviting the 5 families. She's afraid Cyrus might do something. They wonder if someone in the five families is working with him. 

Lucy is trying to get Gladys an apartment but she's very picky. Gladys is basically a pain in the ass to everyone. She wants an invite to the wedding. Carly's like: NOPE.

PFFFFFFFFFFFT! Lucy heard Dr. O saying she was going to St Lucia with Scotty and she goes over to him, calls him a Nin_come_Poop and SMACKS him on the forehead!! ahahhaha It was hysterical. 

Dr O and Scotty on a private jet leaving the country. 

Chritchen Clark Clinic is the Nina company connection 

THE PLANE GOES DOWN!! OH NOoooooooooooooooooozzzzzzzz.


  1. it would be very funny if Victor IS not only alive but HE controls Peter=boy.....not sure why Hayden and Chloe and Drew are his victims, but maybe Victor could kill Peter-boy.
    Peter is no fool - he knew Nina was lying -I don't think Dr. O is supposed to be kidnapped? Maybe die? SO bizarre - it's still like the writers make it up as they go along.
    I googled the real birthdays before they SORAS them and found Joss should be 12; Spencer should be 15; Michael should be 24 and Cameron should be 17------just interesting...

  2. I also noted that Peter said..."I swear you won’t be the only one who suf fahs." Where the heck did that phony accent come from.

    And the Chritchen Clark Clinic is where Nina was kept when she was in the coma. So was Michael. Did Nina buy it after?

    I hope Gladys is blabbing to Cyrus' connection in PC. If it is him maybe we'll be lucky and she'll end up in the harbor. After all, she should be on Cyrus' hit list now and bragging about her connection to Sonny should put her on the radar.

    1. "Di says, I also noted that Peter said..."I swear you won’t be the only one who suf fahs." Where the heck did that phony accent come from."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have no idea! :) Well, at least he doesn't bug his eyes out! :)

  3. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar: Oh yes. Dr. O is all set to have Hiney killed. :) Is she going to do it? Or did she pay someone to do it?

    Mike and Hiney: GET HIM MIKE! Pound him with the bat!!!! When Nina runs in too bad she didn't yell, SONNY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Hiney and Nina: Yes Hiney. Go where Nina tells you to go.. Hehehehehe. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yikes he is grabbing her! Leave her alone you slime!

    Mike and Nina: Oh! A date. :) At first I thought Mike said that Phyllis was out with Jax. Hearing things I swear!!! :)

    Port Chuckles:


    Jordan and Jason: Here we goooooooooooooo. Cyrus is up to no good!!! How is this Jarly wedding going to be?!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lucy, Gladys, and Brasha table: Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: I really think the natural light would make you look better.


    Carly and Anna: So Carly, daydreaming about Jason giving you the ring huh? I thought you were going to daydream about the almost kiss. Maybe next time. :) Oh hi Anna! :) Oh yes you and Robert. :)

    Metrocourt rooftop pool:

    Maxie and Brooky:

    Maxie: Brookylynn! Hi! Oh my God! Are you here for lunch? Let's sit together! Oh hi cutie! It's so good to see you!

    ROFL! Oh Maxie you are a bad actress! Not subtle at all! And Brooky looks like she wants to jump off a cliff!

    The Holtster, Scotty, and V.C.: The Holtster is all flirty with V.C. :) Scotty looks great!!!! :)

    The Holtster and V.C.: Oh they shook hands.. They are holding hands awwwww. :) When are they going to go on their first date? :)

    Lucy and Scotty: Okay at first I was so confused with Lucy. Is she jelly that Dr. O and Scotty are together? And then that hit on his head and I laughed so hard and kept saying, WHAT?! Anyway I'm dead.. Just bury me because I am dead and not coming back! I love Lotty. They will always have a special place in my heart.. :)

    The river jail: Dammit what is the name of this place? ROFL!

    Sam, Alexis, and Shaun: Drew Drew Drew. :) Where is Ryan? Where is Vampire girl? Does this place have no cells?

    "Karen says, Chritchen Clark Clinic is the Nina company connection"

    Hmmm very interesting.

    Dr. O's plane:

    Dr. O and Scotty: Oh oh turbulence! She has got her hand in her purse. I was thinking does she have a gun in her purse? Is she afraid that Hiney did something to the plane? OH OH DARKNESS!!! Dr. O's scream was funny! :)

    Sidenote: Due to Labor Day, the show will air an encore of its November 18, 2020 episode when Brad was brutally attacked in Pentonville.

    1. Scotty and Leisl can't die. Especially Scotty since he's been on the show for like 40 years. NEITHER of them will die

    2. Why do I have the feeling that Scott and Liesl will end up in the same place as Drew? Or on a deserted island? Scott and Liesl would be fun on an island all by themselves getting the luv on, lol.

      From the spoilers, it looks like someone ELSE shows up in Nixon Falls and blackmails Nina. When is she just going to pull up her big girl panties and tell Smike who he really is before the poop hits the fan. That is the only thing that may save her from Sonny's wrath. I really hate that she is being thrown under the bus for Carly and crew. I only hope is that Sonny keeps enough Mike in him to forgive her.

    3. Wouldn't it be funny if EVERYONE ends up there! 🤣😂🤣

    4. Everyone will end up at Nixon Falls and still no Mike reveal.

    5. Read it is Jax who also shows up?

  4. Mike is so sure that Hiney knows who he really is wouldn't it occur to him that Nina does too? Another ignored detail.
    Not liking the Leisel/Scotty plane thing. They may be the last fun couple on GH.

  5. Plus not one freakin' person ever GOOGLES someone - Mike/Sonny or Peter or Nina - SO STUPID - no wonder they have NO customers.

    1. Exactly, Mike could Google "Peter Sinclair" too.

  6. Did I miss what happens to Jackie and Greg? They aren’t even mentioned.

    1. I know they just vanished. At least tie up loose ends if they won't be on again for a year. But look at Robert. Barely a mention of him

  7. What the Hell! So the plane is gonna go down and nobody is gonna kill PLP????
    That woman and her mouth and now he's gonna get her drunk! Brando deserves a better mom!

    So Austin looves Maxie. Cute!

  8. Im just glad that when I clicked on today's blog it was written by Karen.

  9. "lindie says, Scotty and Leisl can't die. Especially Scotty since he's been on the show for like 40 years. NEITHER of them will die"

    Yeah I haven't heard anything about them leaving the show.

    "Michelle L says, Wouldn't it be funny if EVERYONE ends up there! 🤣😂🤣"

    Hahahahaha. Yeah how funny if that happened. :)

  10. Sofia(Sasha) had her baby! A boy! Last month! He's cute. I wonder how pregnant Sasha is supposed to be cause I thought she just found out a couple months ago?

  11. The not so soon demise of Peter... I try to cling to my hour of General to escape everything else. Watching the fictitious story on the tv and reading and commenting on this blog is a daily, enjoyable habit.
    I so HATE the Peter character and the story line. I detest that the character thwarts everyone, everywhere and the villain endlessly gets away with any and all crimes. In just the last few months he kills Franco, miraculously lives after a doctor and a nurse believe him dead after a tumble down a flight of stairs, doesn't get pummeled by a bat by Sonny (Mike), and now when Dr. O and Scotty are going to be waylaid by their plane mishap he will escape Liesl's plan.
    Combine this with his hissing vocal tones and quite frankly the actor's real height that enables him to tower, crowd, and intimidate just by leaning over and into his victim's faces and you get a character that I wish would FINALLY get his comeuppance.
    Oh well...its entertainment.

    1. You'd think so right. I can't list all his crimes. He didn't kill Drew but he did kill Franco and Chloe. Don't remember who else. Just miserable.

    2. Actually didn't Maxie technically kill Chloe when she set that trap for her? As much as I hate the guy this one is on Maxie.

    3. All of you are correct - it's supposed to be entertainment BUT when storylines are dropped and characters are never mentioned and HISTORY is rewritten - it is gettin harder to watch for sure.

    4. You are right. Maxie killed Chloe.

    5. It was the fake Chloe that fell into the well. The real Chloe's body was found in a dumpster and she now works where Drew is being held. Makes sense. Not.

  12. I enjoyed the Lucy/Scott scenes and the Anna/Liesel scenes today. My guess is Scott and Liesel are going to wash up on a deserted island together and have to survive on their own for a while. That might be fun.

    1. No. With our luck he'll wake up and she'll be gone and we won't see her for months. Peter, in the meantime will be on our screen all the time.

  13. I was so hoping Mike would beat the hell out of him with that bat. Love love love Liesl and Scott, and Lucy was a riot! Never saw so many fully dressed people at a swimming pool.

    1. I find the fully dressed at the swimming pool funny too. Only the teens wear bathing suits

    2. Well I mean you? They are older adults who probably don't want to be in bathing suits. What Austin wore for example was suitable. These are "older" adults and they probably just don't want to be prancing around in batching suits and bikinis.

  14. Today's show had me bored and confused.


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