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Sam and Shawn go to see Naomi..they say they are her best shot at bringing her home. She says she doesn't know where she is. Sam gets it out of her that she's had contact since Hayden's been missing.  Shawn says "think about what Violet must imagine about her mother". Naomi says "Its' BETTER THAN THE TRUTH" ...which SHE says is that Hayden doesn't like to be a mother and doesn't want to be around Violet. Um.. I think she's lying. Oh she is. They figure out she was giving them a clue-- with Hayden's wrong middle name. Then they think Naomi was trying to give them a clue. Then some guy is in Naomi's room..but we don't see his face. 

Scott and Austin!! LOL Scotty says he's great on a diet of "schitznel'!! He wants to know when the Q money is coming through. Scott thinks that Austin should tell about Michael's affair with Willow to fight them. Austin says no. He tells about a letter his Dad got in 2011 that said Edward was rethinking his will. They need to find proof. Austin thinks Chase will search the Q house because of his broken house even if he is a cop. 

Chase flashes back to Michael putting the ring on Willow's finger at the wedding.  Then he tells Brook Lynn he's happy at the Q's. 

Willow comes in and sees Michael says "this can't go on"...SHE'S going to tell him when he takes FIVE STEPS. PFfffffffffffft . They walk in where Brook and Chase are. Nothing much happens. Brook calls Michael "Vanilla" AHAHHAA.. Willow says he's not. (Um beg to differ)

Alexis and Nik find the letter Ryan wrote Spencer. Ryan tells him to keep going in his "endeavors" ..Nik figures out that Spencer could be behind the stalker stuff. Alexis scofffs. Nikolas thinks it's true. Alexis tells him not to confront Spencer because they just got their family back together. 

Spencer and Trina at the pool. HE says he's not as bad as Joss says he is. They talk about her mother.  He says he's always doing things without thinking and hurting himself the most.  They are getting closer. He says he's going to have that big party. 


Austin talks to Chase. He's going to try to convince him to search for the Will. 

Looks like Naomi might be dead? 

Spencer takes the letter to Spencer

Trina wrote "Kick Me' on Spencer's back when he was asleep LOL 

ALSO: TRIBUTE to Stuart Damon. I hear there's going to be a show devoted to him in the fall. 


  1. I don't think it's Peter who killed Naomi.....what if it is Charles Shaughnessy and he is playing Raymond Berlin? Father of Hayden? or did he die? I DO like Naomi giving them a clue----so obviously she was not alone when she came back - wonder if she was being follow at Kelly's?
    Not Drew - just don't think it's Peter - that would make NO sense.
    GH better have an ENTIRE episode devoted to Stuart Damon.

    1. Wrong build for Charles S., and besides he's playing Holly's cousin. Wrong build for Peter too.

      I guess Sam and Shawn discover Naomi's body though, not Dante as some sites were saying. Obviously they just looked at the previews and made a guess. They had no actual spoiler.

      I was a little annoyed at Spencer when he said he didn't need his father's permission to throw a party, it was his house. Since when did Spencer own the house. Definitely an entitled Gen Z child.

    2. ooooo - I didn't realize he was playing her cousin - that was a rumor floating around - but I didn't realize it was true. MAYBE with Sam going to see Drew in wherever she will run into Holly???????

    3. I posted an article days ago containing an interview with him. I guess no one ever reads them since people have actually asked questions that have been answered by the article, right below the link. I only post a link from a reliable source or the actor themselves.

    4. Totally my bad - I read the article that talked about what he did years ago - didn't read it thoroughly enough on the part that he is Alister again!

    5. I agree Mufasa, it makes no sense for it to be Peter. Why insert him in this sl? People need to leave him dead. I like the idea of CS being Haydens dad.

  2. I don’t understand why she would invite them into her room.

  3. Yawn. All the borings in a row. What are they doing to RoHo?
    Five steps. Haha.
    Michael Q/Corinthos could be a great character. Good actor. Rich family. Yet they dress him and script him like he is a derpie teenager.
    Sam and Sawn couldn't be any more awkward.

  4. Just read that Tristan is having a zoom event tomorrow on soaphub I think? HOPEFULLY he will answer if he is coming back!

  5. The hospital:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Scotty: Scotty went to go visit his son, er I mean Pawtucket Holtster. WAIT! Edward was thinking of changing his mind about his will and there is proof?! Why is the proof at the Q's and not with Pawtucket Holtster? Pawtucket Holtster wins the line of the day.

    Pawtucket Holtster: As it turns out, I am really good at pin the tail on the donkey.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! And the look on Scotty's face! :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and Chase: Well well well, So Pawtucket Holtster IS manipulating Chase! :) He wants that proof! I can't wait to see the proof!

    Q home:

    Mildew: 5 steps?!?!?! REALLY?! So how is this going to work?

    *Chase walks 5 steps*

    Chase: I did it!!!

    Willow: That's great Chase!!! Um there is something I have to tell you. We are over.

    Chase and Mildew: Oh look. Willow gave a kiss on the cheek to Chase! How romantic.

    Mildew and Brooky: Oh look. Michael has a dirty face, and he can't clean it.. Willow cleaned it for him. Well, at least she didn't lick his face.

    Naomi, Sam and Shaun: Where oh where is RayRay? Oh where oh where can she be? She must be with Waldo.

    Naomi and ????? Superman? Spiderman? Clark Kent? The Tribbles?

    River ridge: I don't know the name of that place! ROFL!

    Alexis, Nik, and ALERT ALERT! A LETTER!!! Is it in code? :)

    Metrocourt rooftop pool:

    Trina and Chad: Great scene! KICK ME HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Tribute: Beautiful tribute to Alan! I was thinking that's it? That's all they are going to do? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    "Karen says, I hear there's going to be a show devoted to him in the fall."

    GREAT!!!!! :)

  6. You know Joey Novak was outside Kelly’s watching Naomi.

    1. Is that what he was doing watching Naomi? Why her?

    2. NOOOOOOOOOOO I wondered who that was!! thx

    3. I think cause the camera made it a point to show him looking in at her talking with Finn and Elizabeth? and yes, he MUST be working with someone else and he is a good creepy character!

    4. Do you think Peter has something to do with Naomi death? I don't want it to be him but she is connected to Finn and hence Anna ?? God I hope not

  7. Sam was wearing hooker shoes yesterday. Why don't they just accept the fact that if they hire a short actress that's fine - they don't need to constantly have her in towering and ridiculous heels. Now poor Violet has lost her grandma, too. I hope Nik gets caught - he is really a jerk.

  8. I'm not liking Austin using Chase as his pawn. Chase is the 'good cop' straight arrow. Why would Chase get under the spell of a stranger, Austin? The character traits Chase usually portrays are honesty, empathy, and loyalty. I know I watch for entertainment but I would like just for once a character like Chase to crack a zinger and say, "There are so many people living here, of course, they need their own cop to direct traffic but No I wont search the Quartermaine Mansion for you.' I do love the vibe between Scotty and Austin. Scotty should be the one to concoct the ruse to distract and search.

    1. "lizwebberfan says, Why would Chase get under the spell of a stranger, Austin?"

      Chase is vulnerable and hurting right now. :(

      "but I would like just for once a character like Chase to crack a zinger and say, "There are so many people living here, of course, they need their own cop to direct traffic but No I wont search the Quartermaine Mansion for you.'

      Hahahaha. Well of course he COULD say that, but then that would be boring. :)

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