Sunday, August 8, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Snarkification


OH please, you think you're the first mobster we've seen?? 

It's a week that should have brought me closer to finding out what happened to Peter's body but... alas it just wasn't to be. Nope, not even close. Another downer week so if you feel the need, you can skip this!! 

In a summer where I wanted The Jarly Wedding of the Century and Jason and Carly finally finding their way to some hot zex, where I really hoped Nixon Falls would end with "Mike" coming home still without a memory and where I  and prayed that Robert had moved a dead Peter I got.. 

Gladys as an assistant and Sasha and Brando arguing about his mobular activities!!! 

               More of this; and a Lenny cancer story ! Maurice gets to emote a death again! Wow! 

Jordan and Curtis arguing forever about the divorce and Portia/Curtis arguing about having a relationship !! 

Not to mention the entire rewrite of the Hayden shooting. (Which I shall refrain from bitching about this week because I'm sparing you all). Point is, the summer started out so promising. I mean..oooffff. Dialog is still good, actors (for the most part) are engaged...but overall storytelling? C- and that's being nice. 

AND NOW I find out there's another new "big" name actor coming along with Cameron Mathison who we STILL haven't seen. What happened to the OTHER big actors that came? Where's Michael E Knight? Kim Delaney? The guy that's on a ton of Hallmark movies? Evaporated. I'm still kinda sad Cyrus is gone. Everyone seems to love this guy. Yes, I remember him from The Nanny. No, I didn't see him on Days. I'm just crabby right now. I feel a dearth of over 50 white guys all over the canvas. 

TRUCE OF THE WEEK:  Britt decides that it will be ok to share a job with Terry...I'm sure there will be a lot of times she won't "share" but should be fun. 

KARMA OF THE WEEK: Not sure if it's karma but I guess Stella spiked her own BP enough to have another stroke. I love Vernee; great actress. I just wish they'd give her more to do than meddle in Curtis' affairs. She's so much better than that. 

EWW, GROSS, NO THANK YOU OF THE WEEK:  So.. Chase needs to see the "evidence" of Michael and Willow's dilly-dalling himself. Get the forensic black light out!! Hell, Austin even SITS ON THAT!! He also finds a used condom wrapper!!  So, anyway, Austin is up to something and basically gets Chase not to tell anyone he can walk and to play with the emotions of the cheaters. While I'm all for Chase being a meanie, the dance of the sugar-plum couple of Mildew is so boring. 

SPEECH PATHOLOGY MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Harmony uses a communication board for Ryan. Totally true and used (he could have an eye tracker computer thing but this is old-school). Ryan can write letters! Alexis is intrigued. Not sure where this is going? I mean...Harmony is a health care assistant? Ryan's in Spa Jail? um...okay? Why not Brad? He's in the medical field, could be helping out. I guess we'll find out what Harmony's tie-in is.

FRIENEMIES OF THE WEEK: Yes, Obrect and Anna. Bonding over the heavy-bag and wishing the gym had a smoothie bar. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: If I had to pick one, I'm going with Spencer consoling Trina when she's upset about her mom's past. Showed a different side of him and the whole thing was acted well.  Potential is going up.

FACE OF THE WEEK:  WELP! Chase had to see Michael and Willow's aftermath with his own eyes. Austin went too! Sat on the bed! Found a condom!! Meanwhile, I was still trying to wake up after the most boring zex scene ever.  

PROP OF THE WEEK: The absolutely awful BLT Cameron made for Spencer. It looked limp and nasty. Made me laugh.

DEAR WARDROBE, IT'S SUMMER OF THE WEEK:  While I enjoyed Dante and Laura's Lulu talk, her giant deep-winter coat was pissing me off.  Kind of like Brook wearing all black with a giant long-sleeved blazer to Wiley's party. Ok, I get it, cover them up. BUT PLEASE AT LEAST GET SOME SUMMER LINEN LOOKS!! Please!! Can't they even show their arms?  3/4 sleeves or something?? 


Chase finds out about Mildew; decides not to tell them and be mean instead

Wiley had a birthday party but never opened his gifts

Austin is being shady about Chase--the Qs and Michael 

Aunt Stella has stroke #2; divorce papers are lost in a coffee mishap

Jordan tells Curtis for the 44.444th time she wants him back; he's like NOPE

Trina finds out her mama and Curtis cheated on Taggert back in the day

Laura tells Spencer to stop being such a jerk 

Alexis taunts Ryan; Harmony shows her how he communicates 

Alexis and Nik found a letter Ryan wrote to Spencer 

Gladys is Brook's personal assistant at Deception 

Joey Novak lets Joss know she's being watched; Jax freaks the F out

Cam takes boxing lessons from Jason

Britt and Terry call a truce to run GH together

Laura tells Dante she's ok with him moving on 

Something something Nixon Falls; Nina facetimes with Wylie and Carly almost 'sees' "Mike"

Hayden's mother Naomi shows up; freaks Finn out a bit

Shawn turns down Ava's offer of bodyguarding her 

SPOILERS:  Scotty and Liesel spoilers!! yeah!! Nikolas is horrified that Ryan tried to send a letter to Nikolas, Shawn talks to Naomi and The Big Wyndemere Party gets closer to happening. 

That's it!! It's hard being a blogger right now! LOL Usually I'm head cheerleader for the show.  I'm just not getting it. I think we've had enough new people on for at least a year. Maybe with the Olympics over it will pick up again. I can't help thinking things were slower due to that. Maybe Mr. Sheffield will the the best character ever and Cam Mathison will shine like a star. I sure hope so. Have a great Sunday. 


  1. Charles Shaunessy played Hollys cousin Alistair sometime in the early to mid 80s for a short time. So hopefully this means that everyone will find out that she's alive and will be found soon.

    1. MAYBE then they'd show Tristan Rogers. Helloooooooooooooooo. Don't like all the new people. Just show the good ones you already have!

  2. Anyone else afraid Charles is the new Robert? 100% hope I'm wrong.

  3. kd said "Maurice gets to emote a death again! Wow! "

    *** I guess after a summer of lingering drawls and table wiping he has to have some emmy material thrown in before he comes back to Port Charles, and they've seen that the grieving scene is a winner.

    I had mentioned a few days ago that Shawn was Holly's cousin back in the 80's, even put a link up for an old scene. I assume he's going to play the same role, as her cousin, and maybe he knows who's got her. Maybe, if we're lucky we'll finally see ROBERT again as he rescues her.

    I'm hoping they brought Harmony back to be the sacrificial lamb if Ryan gets riled. I definitely don't want anything happening to Alexis. I'd rather see her stopping him and getting early relase.

  4. We ALL know Joss and Spencer are gonna get together.
    We ALL know Phyllis and Stella are long-lost sisters/especially when Phyllis told Nina she doesn't talk about family cause they don't speak and 'I don't even remember what it was all about'.
    We ALL know Austin has a secret ----- don't care about him ---- just not doing it for me...
    BEYOND mad they are rewriting Hayden's shooting......Shawn needs a love interest and he needs a good storyline.
    SOOOOOOOOO if they NOW rewrite Spencer/Ryan stalker story, I'm done.
    Can we have fun today with a bracket like in sports?
    Kevin or Finn
    Valentin or Jason?
    Michael or Shawn?
    Curtis or Chase?
    Dante or Austin?
    Spinelli or Mike/Sonny?
    then each day we can narrow it down!

    1. How do you play the game? Do I pick one of the 2?

      If so then:

    2. Yep and then the next bracket is 1 nd 2
      3 and 4
      5 and 6 and so on and so on

  5. Another great SS! Thank you. Skip it??? This blog is way better than GH.
    This week was all you described and less. There is NO reason that Carly would even want to be involved with mob crap. My theory is that she meets a dapper Novak and falls for him. If so we won't see Sonny for a long time.
    My bad memory thinks there was some letter once before between Spencer and Ryan. I don't mind Ryan being used again but him being in the spa jail is totally ridiculous.
    Obviously Hayden will soon be back played by someone. GH is mostly predictable. It's like they have a pattern that they too often use. But not until Finn and Liz get cozier. Same old.

    1. Same old, same old... dragged out because of Covid. They probably have some storylines ready but the actors aren't coming in. I think that's why we have so many new short term actors in bit parts, usually working with only one or 2 people. I can't wait for things to get back to normal.

      I doubt Carly will fall for Novak and I think Sonny won't be back for a while. They'll drag out the Lenny is sick story to fill in more a snail's pace. That's better than having Sonny and Nina getting together...*gag* IMHO

      Finn and Liz make good friends.


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Well, aren't you special?

    2. Please no snarky comments on here. We are all a friendly and respectful GH community. Thank you

    3. Take your rudeness elsewhere, Luke Fan.

    4. Karen is a coward. Can't take the heat, girl? lol

    5. You have been here before. What's with the nastiness? I just reread the blog and still don't get why you are so riled up about it. I'm sure you are perfect. lol

    6. zazu - I simply pointed out her hypocrisy and spoke my opinion just as she did. Why do you consider me to be nasty but not her? What exactly was I wrong about?

  7. There is no doubt the Willow, Michael, Chase triangle needs some umphf but the Austin connection is just not making any story line sense for me. I also have a hard time seeing Roger Howarth in the new role. He has been recycled so many times... Not buying the newest conniving doctor with a Quartermaine connection.
    Nixon Falls' pace is glacial; Nina's lie by omission is unforgiveable but I think Stella is Lenny's sister not Phyllis,. Then Lenny can be irritated that Phyllis reached out to his sister and Stella can be irritated that Lenny is near death and they wasted so much time.
    Spencer wins the award of the week. From the maturity he displayed counseling Trina to the well deserved tongue lashing he received from Laura was nice and soapy.

    1. I think I like that connection too. Or I wouldn't mind a Curtis connection either.

      And I'm also not liking RH's new character, and not in a good way like I didn't like Cyrus. He's just blah. I don't think his character was well thought out. Too many sides to him and none are standing out.

      I agree totally with your Spencer comment.

    2. Ya, I think Stella is one of theirs sister (or close cousin). ????

  8. The stories are awful right now and the Austin character needs to be killed off. No purpose to his unlikable character. What a mistake killing off Franco who had depth and many facets to his character.
    Also quit dragging out stories until we just don't care.

    1. Az Deb, I completely agree with all you said.

  9. SPOILER introducing Cameron Matheson's role, including a sound clip of Sam getting a phone call from him.

  10. Thanks Di. That was weird how she answered the phone. Ummmmm. You are supposed to believe he's dead Sam.............

    1. So, Dante and Sam get a little closer and Drew will come back into Sam's orbit I guess now. Gosh, hope this isn't how they bring Peter back. I will just scream and barf.

    2. I'm just happy that poor Dante might be free of Sam. lol

    3. I don't like Sam with Dante either.

    4. You know; Sam can be with Austin. I don't like either one so much

    5. HAHAHAHAHAHA Sounds good to me too, lindie.

  11. I think the part about the wardrobe choices that pisses me off the most is that Laura, Brooklyn and Maxie are NOT larger than the average woman. Do they think 50+% of women in the country do not wear summer clothes? I almost died when I saw that heavy heavy jacket that Laura was wearing in August in New York...give me a break. I think they need a new costume designer.

    1. Plus you know it must be hot working under those lights. Unless the AC is cranked they just be roasting.

    2. They should be in lovely, beautiful Kimonos and summer wraps paired with skorts or capris. I'm 50ish so I approve because it's obviously what I'm wearing. LOL!

  12. Welp, Soap Opera Network is reporting that Cameron Mathison will premiere on Aug. 16 as Drew Cain.

  13. Yep. I left a link to an artcle and a video yesterday. It has spoiler in front of it.

  14. also in previews, Dante finds a dead body-----------Naomi I would think..........don't think it's Harmony yet.

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