Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Sheets to the Wind!

 Austin finds Michael's shirt under the couch and shows it to Chase before he goes upstairs. Oh he finds the BELT TOO!! Chase starts to stumble upstairs. 

Mildew make DA WUB. They are in bed...talking. "I love you...I love you too"... Chase never makes it up. Austin tells him not to look. Don't let them take your progress away from you. Stupid. Whatever. Chase is going to know and not tell them he knows.  Willow and Michael come down and go to the party. OMG Chase and Austin were hiding in the closet!! Chase wants to go upstairs to LOOK AND SEE for himself if they slept together? WHAT? Like look at the sheets??? OMG Austin finds a condom up there OMG. lordy

Nina facetimes Wiley but Sonny wants to talk. Nina hangs up. "WHOOPS, Call dropped"!! Then Phyllis walks in and says Lenny isn't coming home. Oh, he's not coming home TONIGHT!! Nina and MikeSon are going with her to be with him. Phyllis talks about a rift with her family-- I bet she's related to Stella. 

Jordan tells Curtis she didn't want their marrigage to end. Um, no shit, she's said that all along. They've talked about that 100 times.  He loves her but doesn't want to get back together. yah, we knew that. 

Spencer interrupts Joss and Cam at Kelley's. Blah blah...BLT, he's snotty about his coffee to Cam. Why is Joss putting up with him? The only way to save this is to have Joss and Spencer do it in the pool. 

Portia and Stella... Trina overhears her mom cheated on her Dad (Taggs) with Curtis. She's stunned. Portia sees Trina and Trina runs. She goes to Kelley's.  Cries. Sees Spencer. Says her mom didn't tell her something. 

I really didn't like today's show. But.. that's me. Hope you did! 


  1. Ya could be right. Maybe Stella and Phyllis are sisters or something. Everyone on GH seems to be related to someone on GH

    1. Hoping this is true. We need more Color on our screens with some families with ties to PC!

  2. Chase won't tell that he knows. He'll pretend he can't walk still and hang on to Willow that way. Probably to punish them at this point

  3. Poor Wiley. Left with Valentin and Brooklyn and no kids.

  4. kd said..." The only way to save this is to have Joss and Spencer do it in the pool. "

    NO NO NO! I hope that's a typo and you meant cameron.

    I didn't much like today's ep either. I'm thinking that Michael and Willow & Chase and Austin, weren't even filming at the same time and that's why it was handled that way.

    If I was Portia I would at least have said "YOU have ruined my family and probably done irreparable harm to my daughter, you nosey old busybody!! I hope you're happy!

    The rest of the show was all just blah blah blah blah blah to my ears.

  5. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Nina: A hung up on the phone to Wiley! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay I think it's time for the truth to come out! :) And no Mike, Nina is not interested in V.C. anymore. They are completely over. He is interested in Anna now!

    Mike, Nina, and Phyllis:

    Phyllis: He's not coming home.


    Phyllis: Sorry. I should have said Lenny isn't coming home tonight.

    Yeah you should have!!! Damn Phyllis!!!!!

    Phyllis and Nina:

    "Karen says Phyllis talks about a rift with her family-- I bet she's related to Stella."

    Yeah you are probably right! :)

    Port Chuckles:


    Jam: Awwwwwwwwwwwww love these two! :) And that is a cute shirt that she has on for an 18 year old. :)

    Jam and Chad: Holy cow!!! Joss's bantering with Chad. She must really like him.

    "Karen says The only way to save this is to have Joss and Spencer do it in the pool."

    ROFL! After she pushes him into the pool for a 3rd time?! :)


    Mildew: My eyes my eyes!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the madness!!!!

    Pawtucket Holtster and Chase: Yeah bug eyed Chase! Go upstairs and catch them in the act!! No Chase!!! Don't go upstairs when they left!! There is no reason to!! Unless you want to smell the after sex!! I am so glad Chase has a brain and is very smart!!! He knows Willow wouldn't sleep with just anybody and that she is in love with Michael! Pawtuckt Holtster sitting on the bed! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh wow a condom wrapper!! I haven't seen one of those on GH in a very long time!

    Q mansion:

    Jam: Oh wow!!! Joss won't stop talking about Chad!!!! She is SO into him!

    V.C. and Brooky: Why would V.C. go and see Nina? He is interested in Anna now! Vanna should be in more scenes together.

    Carly and Brooky:

    Carly: It's like I blinked and Donna became a teenager.

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Foreshadowing? ROFL!

    Carly and V.C.: V.C. wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: Are you and Jason going to have kids or what?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And the look on Carly's face! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    The hospital:

    Portia and Stella: Trina hears ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

    Portia and Trina: Oh oh!

    Kelly's part 2:

    Curtis and Jordan: Jordan is showing her teeth! :) Yeah we sure had this conversation like a million times. Jordan go find the Tribbles and arrest who kidnapped them and forget Curtis!

    Curtis and Stella: Yes yes! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE mistake!!!! Yikes!

    Trina and Chad: Poor Trina. :( Wow Chad is so sweet and wise!

    1. sonya said...." Wow Chad is so sweet and wise!"

      *** You're still drinking that kool-aid, aren't you? lol

    2. "Di says, You're still drinking that kool-aid, aren't you? lol"

      Hell no! ROFL!

    3. I'm chuckling at the line of the day, perfect! Lol!

      Chase being all bugged eyed freaked me out. He looked psycho.
      Not liking Austin at all, he was way to weird and really poking his nose into Chase's business. And he was being way to matter of fact, if you know what I mean. Their scenes together were just creepy.

      I'm really waiting for Curtis to light into Auntie. Boy does she deserve it. Nosy, blabber mouth!

  6. I did NOT see that coming - Chase finding out so early and Austin knowing, too! that MUST mean something!
    BUT we all knew he WOULD find out and fake it to punish Willow......still think it would be funny if Brook Lynn found out Chase knew...
    Stella and Phyllis - yep, we saw that coming.....maybe Phyllis will take THIS Stella away - she is on my nerves.....the Stella with Mike was wonderful....
    AND Joss hates Spencer WAY too much, so they are going to get together/feel guilty/blah, blah, blah......still don't know how these kids can have storylines in a dorm.....

  7. Ugh Carly & Jason having kids-= yuck. So not happy with this story.

    1. Really yuck. Especially since she forgot she has a baby named Donna. How old is Donna? 2? We've seen her all of once.

    2. She couldn't bring Donna and Avery to a kid's birthday party?

  8. I’m thinking Austin has some connection with Janelle.

    1. Ya never know. Some reason he's getting close to Chase. Probably because Chase is close with Michael though. Austin seems kind of sneaky, sleezy to me.

  9. I did not like today's show either.
    Chase was an okay character but now he is so annoying. All the facial contortions. Other characters go overboard with them too. Maybe the directors think it's good drama. It is not.
    NuSpencer had his best scene today. With Trina. He seemed sincere and caring. Nice job.
    No kids at a 3 year old's birthday. Momma of birthday boy leaves to have cheating sex. This is beyond stupid. Even in soapland.

    1. Actually NuSpencer was very supportive and gave her good advice. I was surprised.

    2. I think Spencer cares about Trina but he's a jerk

    3. "Di says, Actually NuSpencer was very supportive and gave her good advice. I was surprised."

      Now who's drinking the kool-aid?!?! ROFL!

    4. Today, for the first time I thought nuSpencer, the character, appeared kind, thoughtful, and intelligent. And I thought the actor playing the role, Nicholas Alexander Chavez, actually showed some dimension and range. I like this web page because other people post items about 'first days.' Today made me think the actors have to warm up into the roles and we the viewers have to warm up into them. NuSpencer is on his way. I guess I have sipped some of the same kool-aid, too.

    5. You're right, lizwebberfan. It takes a while for actors to get into their rooles. I thought that Spencer seemed a little more like the old Spencer today when he was getting all high and mighty was Cam at work too.

    6. I agree with all of you. NuSpencer was VERY good today. As a character and as an actor. His and Trina's scenes saved the show for me today.

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  11. My opinion Chase will rape willow. why else the condom wrapper. this way the baby will be chase's. I did like spencer today he does have a heart. And Joss definitly has a crush on Spencer. I feel they replaced Emma with Joss.

    1. also chase had some scary expressions

    2. Goo0d grief. Chase most certainly won't do that. The condom wrapper was there to show tham that Michael and Willow had sex.

    3. "witch says, My opinion Chase will rape willow. why else the condom wrapper."

      What? No! He wouldn't do that! :(

      "Di says, Goo0d grief. Chase most certainly won't do that."

      No he wouldn't! :(

      "The condom wrapper was there to show tham that Michael and Willow had sex."

      Yup! Oh and I like your picture icon! :)

  12. I had to laugh when Josslyn was talking about how spoiled Spencer is and how he gets away with everything. Seriously does she not realize how spoiled she is and has never any consequences either.

  13. Tuesday's episode was meh. The whole scene with Michael, Willow, Chase and Austin was just... weird. (Would Michael and Willow really use a condom? They know each other well and I am sure Willow is on some type of birth control.) My guess is Austin is going to use Chase in some sort of scheme to get back at Michael, who he seems to resent.

    Also, do we now think Stella may be related to Phyllis?

    1. Yes. Austin is up to something bad. Yes Phyllis and Stella probably sisters. Everyone is related on GH. Agree. They wouldn't use a condom. Stupid.

    2. Maybe she's related to Bradley Ward or Epiphany Johnson.

  14. As much as I disliked Franco, Austin seems to be up to no good. What was the point of replacing him? And Chase didn't have to look deranged when he found out - bad acting.


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