Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday in August

Laura Wright posted her last day of Vacation pic on Twitter July 27th! 

August 2nd! August is a great month--and a sad month LOL Great because it's MY month and summer and such but sad because it will soon be Sept and school!! Yes, I'm still on a school schedule all these years later!! 

So, today I'm not able to blog for a myriad of reasons and I'm sorry! Please use this space as you see fit to discuss the show. My Sunday Surgery was pretty brutal and I hope I can get back into things soon. I'll try my hardest. 


  1. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Nina: Mike has said that he doesn't want to know what his life was. Today he tells Nina that he is remembering something. That hat he found, at the NY Methodist hospital. They talked about it for a bit. Well, if he doesn't want to know his past life, then that is his choice, so if Mike and Nina have sex, then it wouldn't bother me, because he doesn't want to know anything about his life!!

    Nina, Wiley, Brooky, and V.C.: Oh no! Brooky wanted Nina to see Wiley! I thought at first that Brooky wanted Nina to go to Port Chuckles! NO! ZOOM CALL!!! CRAP! Oh oh Mike shows up! Carly then shows up! QUICK NINA HANG UP!!!!!

    Q mansion:, Willow, Chase, and Michael: OH WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!! Didn't and Willow made peace with each other before left town?! Yes they did!!! So why the hell is everyone so mean to her?!?!! COME ON!

    Carly, Jason, Monica, and V.C.: Jason telling V.C. about and the cult. I'm glad Molly isn't there or she would call it the colt! ROFL! Jason explaining everything to V.C. and he is in shock.

    Pawtucket Holtster and Chase: Pawtucket Holtster wants to help Chase to show Willow that he can teeny tiny walk! :)


    Mildew: OH COME ON! Willow is so upset with that she is flashing back to when she was with Chase and he told her, that her baby Jonah died!!! COME ON! There was freaking peace writers!!! Oh look she is so upset that it's turning them on.. Mildew sex! GROSS!!!

    Pawtucket Holtster and Chase: Quick take Chase upstairs!!!!


    Curtis and Stella: He was mad at her, but they are family so of course he forgives her. But what is Stella going to do with the divorce papers?! Oh Trina shows up. Why is Curtis acting like she is his daughter? :)

    Curtis and Trina: Trina is worried that Curtis and her mother were together when he was still married to Jordan! No Trina, that isn't the case.

    The hospital:

    Portia and Jordan: Yeah I don't see them being besties. I'm not sure how that would really work anyway.

    Portia and Stella: Stella wins the line of the day.

    Stella: One of the perks of reaching a certain age that you get to pass judgement all you want and no one bats and eye... That was a joke.


    Stella: Portia you don't want to be the other woman in Curtis's marriage, the way you made HIM the other man in yours.

    BOOM! Trina overhears!!!! BOMBSHELL EXPLOSION!!!!

    1. Poor Trina. First the "Victor" crap and now this. YUP, Curtis be her Daddy!!!

    2. "lindie says, Poor Trina. First the "Victor" crap and now this."

      Yeah the hits just keep on coming for her. :(

      "YUP, Curtis be her Daddy!!!"

      YAY! I hope so! :) We just need it to be confirmed! :)

    3. I really enjoyed yesterday, and sue me....I enjoyed Michael and Willow. First time in a long time though, lol! I thought Willow and Harmony had made peace, too. That was weird. LOVED Jason telling the story to Valentin. It was a great recap!

      That mouthy Stella, ooooh weeee! I felt awful for Trina, especially after her nice little chat with Curtis.

      I need Nina busted now! I was dying laughing over her facial expressions at the end, lol!

    4. "Julie H says, and sue me....I enjoyed Michael and Willow."

      Okay I will sue you! ROFL! If you enjoyed them that's okay! :)

      "LOVED Jason telling the story to Valentin. It was a great recap!"

      Yeah me too and loved V.C.'s reaction! :)

      "That mouthy Stella, ooooh weeee! I felt awful for Trina, especially after her nice little chat with Curtis."

      Yeah I know, :( but this is soapy goodness! I wonder if Trina will ask if Curtis is her father!! :)

      "I need Nina busted now!"

      Noooooooo!! Not yet!!! ROFL! I want it to happen soon though but not through zoom! :)

      "I was dying laughing over her facial expressions at the end, lol!"


  2. So, I think the Nurse's ball might be this fall. That is the gossip online anyway. Don't know if it's true. I want to see Valentin sing. Maybe he and Anna can dance

  3. "lindie says, I want to see Valentin sing."

    Yeah me too!!! And Chase! :)

    "Maybe he and Anna can dance"

    I would love that!!!! :)

  4. Laura Wright has amazing hair.
    Another fake flashback. Willow gave her baby away, right?

    1. "Zazu says, Another fake flashback."

      You mean with Chase and Willow at the hospital? No that was real. I remember that. He was telling her that Jonah died.

      "Willow gave her baby away, right?"


  5. I think Maurice Benard DID want a Mike storyline cause of COVID but had NO clue it would be EIGHT months.....and I think he cannot say anything negative about the storyline Frank gave him. Been reading his quotes on 'loving the storyline'.....I don't see it in AUGUST! I cannot WAIT until Nina is caught!!!!
    still think November sweeps = Chase has been able to walk but knows about Michael and Willow and he 'fake walks' at the Nurses Ball.... a GREAT twist would be Brook Lynn KNOWS Chase can walk and keeps quiet-----then she would know BOTH lies...
    and Peter's truth/demise/alive will be November sweeps.......I think Hayden is back in September......or a recast Hayden.....

    1. Yes mufasa. I think nothing will happen until November. Makes for a BORING 3 or 4 months until then. Joy

    2. Laura Wright does have amazing hair. I wonder why she straightens it as Carly? Anyone know?

    3. I think Carly is going to fall head over heels for Jason.....I love Laura W, I think she's a great Carly, but the writers have forgotten she was a horrible person, now she can do no wrong. I also think Willow and Michael have NO chemistry

    4. I haven't forgotten what a horrible person carly is. I remember every time I see her face. I agree about millow.

    5. Mufasa, I think you are probably correct on all of that. COVID changed a lot of plans.

  6. Oh joy. Cameron Mathison has started at GH. Just what we need. Another cast member to displace the ones we want to see.

    1. Just read today on FB that another character is coming. I think the actor's name is Michael Corbett. Not sure of first name or what character. Oh joy.

    2. Is he the guy from Ryan's Hope that was in pic with Genie Francis? This is getting ridiculous

  7. LW could have stayed on vacation for the rest of the year and I wouldn't have missed her. I liked the use of many cast members yesterday for Wiley's birthday. And JPS was just so fabulous in the scenes with Brooklynn. At least they had Jason's rendition of past history accurate and not re-written.

    1. I think the 3 stooges take up too much airtime. I didn't mind Jason with Britt but that's kind of ruined now.

    2. I like JPS friendship with Brooklyn. Will be destroyed when he finds out what she did though

  8. My morning laugh. Put the sound on.

  9. Who should join the no chemistry club:
    Michael and Willow
    Mike and Nina
    Curtis and Portia
    Jason and Carly (lol)
    Sam and Dante



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