Thursday, February 28, 2019


GOT HERE 10 min late--sorry!! End of month paperwork, you know the drill!! At least the hearings are CLOSED today so we can see our soap!! 

Franco and Ryan ...Franco is still pretending with RYAN!! I thought he'd for SURE tell him the truth. Franco is mad that Ryan sold him out to the cops.  UGH, nooooo... and then he shows him THE PHONE!
You MUST watch this whole interaction--way too much to type. But, Franco basically calls "the killer" stupid and Ryan gets angry. 
Ryan totally stabbed him!! Then Ryan cuts his own hand to say it was self-defense!! OMG!! The nurse comes in as Ryan is going to finish him off and Ryan says "HE STABBED ME, GET HELP" and she leaves...
Franco punches Ryan when Ryan turns back around and leaves, shutting the door behind him. Ryan FREAKS out at being locked in. Later, Nurse lets him out. Franco stumbles down the hall--calls Jordan and leaves the message that Ryan is the killer. 
Finds his way outside but is stabbed and not moving too well. 

Ava and Scotty at the bar... Scotty still won't believe it. Says Kevin is a hack who has a God-Complex. He finds out that Ava is marrying "Kevin" and he's NOT Happy!! 

Drew and Liz...Liz is reading the interview over again on her tablet. They realize Franco said he tried to kill Drew when they were younger, which he knows isn't true. They think he has a plan. 

Maxie and Lulu. Lulu flashes back to see the Ryan website before she got attacked. Lulu remembers names and that her mother saw the list in Kevin's office. 

The kids are at Charlie's, planning their roadtrip. Cam is still hating his Mother. Jax set Joss up with an "Adventure" fund. He said to use it on her own adventures-- he gave it to her when Lady Jane died.  So she pays for it all. 
They leave. Cam's like "I hope we never came back".

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Can't Get Soapier


Nathan Varni says today's show will be on tomorrow. Hope you're having a good one. It's the end of the month tomorrow-- so I have a ton of paperwork due!! 

EDIT:  Canadians who could see the show today say it's AWESOME--- (they didn't get interrupted there). 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

LIVE Streaming

Alexis and Neil doing therapy. "What makes you dangerous"?  She tells him about killing Keifer with her car "He just ran out in front of me"!! and Alkazar...he ran into my knife"!! Dr. Says Oh, so nothing is your fault!! 
She then mentions Kat Bell ...and she says My Family is a MESS!! LOL.. He said your time is up. She is uncomfortable and he says that's where she needs to be. 
She goes to Charlie's bar..runs into Chase. She tells him Laura hasn't filed any divorce papers yet. 

Franco doing an interview on TJ.. Peter's there and so is Lulu . Lulu's like: Oh, Mom's missing but the police are on it. She's not even worried!! 
Lulu is interviewing Franco-- and it's live streaming.  Lulu asks about the murders. HE says he's going to take credit for them..well deserved credit. 
I bet Franco tells Ryan the plan because he thinks he's Kevin!! OY!! 
So, Franco sells his murdering --says it was for art. He was happy everyone could buy this "redemption" and how easy it was to kill people. 
He says Kiki was the best one he calls it "Girl in the Wedding Bed"-- and then the best thing: he says he wasn't a copycat of Ryan because Ryan was a 'poser" and "boring" as a killer!!! Wow.. He doesn't even know he's pissing Ryan off!!
GOOD INTERVIEW watch it, I'm not typing it all out!!  I don't get whey they aren't showing LIZ watching tho?? 

Lulu thinks the interview was "off" and weird...

Jordan is in surgery. TJ and Molly are on...TJ's in his hospital scrubs!! He's an intern!! FINALLY!  Jordan lost her left kidney.  I wonder if anyone else will take her job over? Anna ?? ROBERT?? 

Ava and Ryan in Julian's. Ava gets a giant engagement ring.  Chase comes in looking for Laura. Ava says Laura is Kevin's EX-Wife! Shows off her ring. Julian's eyeballs get bit. 
They all watch Franco's interview.  Ryan is thrown off guard.  He texts Chase from Laura's phone. He finally can't take it and has to leave. He says he's seeing a patient. 

JaSam kissing and SHank sees. She hauls off and slaps Jason. SHank buys it. Asks if she needs help. Krissy walks in at that time and Sam goes in the hall to talk to her. SHank is in with Jason. 
Sam tells Kristina that she's sick of Jason putting everything else first but her.  Sonny, his job and that Dawn Day opened her eyes.  Kristina says she's sorry that she didn't know how bad it was. She always thought Jason and Sam were the perfect couple. 

END: Franco is in his room and says to self: Take that, you murdering son of a bitch-- come and get me. Ryan bursts in and says "You've made a terrible mistake"!!

THINGS TO NOTE:  Jordan gave Franco a burner phone that only connects to her. Now that the interview is over, will he try to call her? Who has it? 

Julian bought Alexis a cup of coffee in his own bar. Cheapskate 

TOMORROW; Liz and Cam are on. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

The Blind Shall See

Jamie Ray Newman won an Oscar for the Short Film 'Skin". Some of you more "Seasoned" watchers may remember her as Kristina Cassadine, Alexis' sister on GH.  I've been following her for years and really loved her in "Catch Me If You Can'! 



Sam is with SHank waiting on both Drew and Jason's prognosis. He wants to know why Jason was following her and had a gun. She hedges. He finally leaves.

Both Jason and Drew can see...
Carly is with Jason.  They look like Gaga and Cooper LOL.. all moonie. Anna walks in to tell Jason what happened. Too bad they are not in the same room so I don't have to hear it twice. Carly tells Jason's she's PG. When Sam comes in, he tells her the news. They are happy. 

Drew is with Kim and Finn. He gets dressed to go talk to Curtis and say he's sorry about Jordan. 

Jordan is laying there..Curtis wants her to squeeze his hand. Stella comes with coffee.  Jordan has broken ribs and major kidney damage. Later, Stella says she's sorry to Jordan. 


Shasha and Valentin eating with Nina..nope, sorry, Nina picks up Sasha to get her ideas on the bridesmaids dress. Wants her to stay in Port Charles (Valentin wants her to leave). 

Peter and Maxie having breakfast know, that's all they do. Valentin comes over and wants Peter to be his best man.  He says yes. 

END:  Carly yells at Peter for his place in Jason's capture.  Maxie grabbed the wrong nail clippings--must have been Stella's because it was an AA female and she was in there first. Jordan goes into crisis, needs an operation. SHank sees JaSam kissing. 

Wow, pretty much a dull show. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday Surgery: A Boilermaker, Please

Nothing says LOVE like a Kiss in the Boiler Room! 

So, another good week for the show! A lot of movement and some unexpected scenes. Great acting from so much of the cast. When GH is "on"'s "on"!!  

I just came back from Buffalo and brought you all Sponge Candy!! Do you know what that is?? If not...GOOGLE!! It's divine!! 
Oh, we are also having Boilermaker're welcome 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Nothing is in Our Way!

FRIDAY'S SHOW!! I had people text me and say to WATCH IT!! SO I'm doing it on a Saturday to catch up. 

SHank and Sam. He's leading her to Brook Lake... Lake Ontario mention!! That tower is SO Shutter Island...remember that??  Jason's following her. 

Ok, Robert and Sonny aren't bugging me. ITS' TURKEY so you can't just GO IN THERE.  Well, maybe Brick Can!! OMG Sonny's going!!? Seriously?? 

Ava..all happy to go to dinner and BOOM!! Ryan's like BYE GIRL, gotta go get a signature LOL 
Ryan goes to See KevLar to get her signature. Laura says no..I'm not going to let you hurt you like me. He says he'll start slicing and dicing soon. 

Dr. Craven or whoever. Memory transfers!! Who's who on this show?? LOL!!!  Maybe Drew is Jason--- Anna is Alex and... we can keep going! LOL Ryan is Kevin!!? Oh, maybe Peter isn't Anna's??? 

Like Terry and Liz. Nice friendship. Kim would have been ok too but she's prob on vacation. Love she calls her Biz. 

Curtis is all "Well it's not the whole story" to Drew. Geesh, he's not the vault!! 

OMG! The end!! WOW... both Jason and Drew at the same time!! AND DREW HITS JORDAN!! She's the only one that knows about Franco, right?! Oh man. EEK. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Shuffle Off To...

Another adventure for me today!! It's BUFFALO! Going to the Hotel Henry which is an old psyche center! Very cool (We went for Brunch last year) and so 'interesting'.  Yes, I'm hoping to find ghosts and ghouls wandering the hells.  Maybe I'll see the kids on their way to Niagara Falls!!? Ha ha. 

Also visiting The Albright-Knox Art Gallery which is so pretty! Of course, it's ALL SNOW now..but still!! 

So, 2 good days of the show. I was thinking about the Drew/Liz scenes and really liked them. Not as a "couple" but as friends. Billy seemed engaged too. So, putting them in scenes was a good touch. I'm wondering what this "TOWER" is.. maybe they take you, put you in a chair and zap your brain cells to 'follow" the Cult Club. Hmmmmm. OR maybe it's like Shutter Island? 

Have a good day-- see you for Sunday Surgery! 

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Yesterday's show was SO GOOD!! I just watched it. LOVED the new girl-- LOVE the fact they said the DMV wouldn't give Oscar a license. NIAGARA FALLS MENTION! 

FRANCO!!! NOOOOO!!! Also great. Poor Liz. Everyone, even Lulu was um HUH? 

KevLar are in the Boiler Room!! OMG SO good!! Jon is such an actor. I loved seeing Kevin again but man, I really love Ryan too. 

Ok, I'll shut up and get to TODAY'S SHOW: 

CarSon wasn't on yesterday, maybe that's why it was so good. AHAHHA. Joss walks in but Carly says it was just a check up and she has to take it easy at work. Joss asks to go to Niagara Falls. 

Franco and Ava ...awww.... Roger is such a good actor! Ryan is happy he plead guilty-- Lulu is still in shock.
Franco is shaken. Jordan's like, OH WELL.. Ferncliff!  He gets his outfit and changes into it.  Oh, I totally wonder if he'll think Kevin is still Kevin and his doctor, so he'll tell him WHY he plead guilty!! Hmmm!! 

Jordan wants Franco to do a TV interview to get the real killer angry. 

Lulu starts remembering the door in the office again and almost faints. Curtis catches her. She goes to GH to get checked out.

Liz goes home and almost smashes a photo. Drew is at the door. They hug. Oh, if Oscar dies, he can run to her while Franco is in Ferncliff. Drew thinks that Franco is doing it for a reason. Cameron hears Franco plead guilty. He's not happy. He lets Liz HAVE IT!! WOW, you must watch.  He leaves.
Liz says she KNOWS that Franco didn't do it. Drew gives her back her rings she left in the courthouse. Good scene. 

Sam and Jason on the docks..they were also not on yesterday..hmmmm... They were talking about some overdose. Did Daisy overdose? 
SHANK and Harmony.  Talk about stuff...didn't listen. I think the overdosing thing? Oh, some guy that tried to leave the Cult "overdosed".
Shank wants to take Sam to "THE TOWER" 

That Dr. Cabot has his eyes fixed. Will he tell Anna how she got the virus? He says that they studied Alex because she was a twin. They were hoping to get information about how twins are sympathetic with other twins so they could use it for the double agent things. Anna tho, thinks he's lying.. She says she doesn't remember doing a study.  He says you did it, but no, you don't remember. 

Robert has to talk to Sonny. Lulu's there too. Dante is in Turkey.  He went rogue. The WSB isn't keeping an eye on him anymore. Sonny's pissed. 

Ryan asks Ava to marry him. She says YES!! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Today I'm finally going somewhere for my break-- ITHACA NY! Land of beautiful college campus' (Ithaca and Cornell) and many many gorges. My cousin actually lives there, so it's a day trip.

Alas, I won't be on for GH today. 

I'm still baffled by a few things:
Why start a new Sam Story when Oscar was diagnosed as having cancer and the Joss/Cam thing was going so well?  The Cult Club would have been a good angle first--then have this Sam stuff come out later??  I don't know. Just seems weird. Speaking of weird, why would Carly be pregnant at this juncture? Jax is back? Will she lose the baby and he 'be there for her'?? I can't figure it out.  Why all the desperate Franco-Mess when Ryan could have kept on for awhile without it? Having him attack Lulu was a good idea, but only if she was killed, imo. Having an eye-witness called for this contriving story. 
And not for nothing but dear DIALOG writers..please get more real with the child-care stuff. Monica is running a damn hospital. AT LEAST make it Molly--or some phantom care taker like Betty was. (Remember Betty? Tony Jones used that lady all the time!!) Plus, since when does the Mom not just say to the Dad--um.. here. ? Drew's just schlepping around town, have him carry Scout with him. Kim can moon over her. 
I'll save the rest of my mouth for Sunday Surgery!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Have Some Ribs...or Not

Carly's in the OBGYN's office. And yep, according to the blood work,  Kim tells Carly she's pregnant.
Kim SHOULD be pregnant. Having a baby, losing her other kid. Dramaz right there.  A WTD with Drew and Julian. She has the baby and then she leaves with one of them. YEP. BUT it's Carly.  Carly should have been going through menopause and she's freaking out and Bobbie helps her thru it. 

Carly sees the baby as 'a gift'. She and Sonny hug. 

Kim is looking through old photos of Oscar, which she shows Drew. I think she wants a baby too. She wonders what it would have been like if they both raised Oscar. 

Jason and Drew talk about Shank on the Pier. 

Michael and Krissy at Kelly's. She's all smiling. Wants to talk to him about THE DAWN OF DAY.  Krissy SHOULD be trying to get Molly, TJ, AMY, That other nurse --or anyone else young in town to get in this cult. 
Krissy wants to borrow money from Michael to do her next level course with The Cult Club.  He says he'll lend it to her. 

Sam and Shank are at The Rib. blah, blah... didn't hear much. He wants her to 'go away with him"

Maxie is meeting Sasha at the mani-pedi place to find out about her. She had to say goodbye to Peter first.  She grabs a tissue to get Sasha's DNA test. 

Lulu is at home and DA lady comes in and wants to go over Franco's arraignment. Lulu freaks out. DA lady leaves. Peter comes in with flowers.  He also gives her back her laptop.  Maxie comes by after seeing Sasha. 

Stella runs into Marcus at Kelly's... he's got the Valentine's Day Blues. They hold hands, talk. 

SO, I guess the DA chick has been to Dawn of Day's workshops on grief. Wants to go to more. She tells Shank they are helping her with doing something to a friend. Explains that she has a friend's 'past" or something. His lightbulb goes off and you can see he thinks it's Drew. OMG she tells him they were on a FLASH DRIVE and actual memories!! AHAHAHAAA. And she gave them to the "friend" to keep. SO DA lady is SO STUPID she not only joins a CULT she tells the leader all this shit?? AHAHAHHAA 

SO, at Kelly's and The one ate and only DA lady had water LOL!! 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Passing Out

Hello! Went to Urgent Care today (so much easier than doctor's office). Have a sinus infection and a sty in one eye and a sore in the other, on the bottom lid. WTF!! My eyes are a MESS. So happy this is my VACATION for FS. ugh. So, I am going to blog a bit (I'm out Wed and Friday). but not sure how long I will last. 
I had a viral cold for 15 days, then it started to go into this ish. 



Willow and Chase. She keeps looking at Brad. Chase wants to know why. She dodges the question. He thinks she's brave to have given her baby up for adoption. Then he gives her a prezzie and they are nice gloves because her hands are so cold all the time. They kiss. 

Brucas.  Out on a Date. Brad talks to Julian about The BayBay 

Kim and Drew and Alexis is there. She says she and Diane were going out since Max was busy. Kim talks to her about being "cool" with each other.

Neil, Alexis' doctor walks in as she's walking out. (see below)

Michael is there too, waiting for a date. Geesh, who would that be? Oh MY GOD. Some chick named ZOE who he met on something like Tinder. She looks like a Davis girl...or Willow. Nothing DIFFERENT THAN EVERY OTHER CLONE on this show. Same body type, straight long hair. YAWN. She could have had really short purple hair or something and be of normal weight. But.. zzzzzzz. Zoe lied on her profile... she doesn't really teach migrant kids english, she likes to scroll through IG on her free time. Michael is not happy.  Zoe is on the phone the entire time. Then she tells Michael that he's her third date that evening-- and she has another one. 

On the way out, she sees Neil with Alexis and says "Neil"?? He doesn't know her. She said "oh you messaged me a few times, but you look way younger in your photo"!! ahahha. Neil goes to get a drink. Julian asks Alexis if they are 'seeing each other'. Alexi says yes. 


Laura gets stopped by the orderly. She says she's there on an unannounced visit as the mayor. 

Ryan goes into Kevin's (who's still blind) and says: HEY BRO, YOU LIED TO ME! Ryan is pissed off and tells Kevin he forced his hand with Laura but first he's going to deal with him.  Kevin says the prenup is real, it's in his safe behind his credentials in the office. Ryan doesn't believe him.
Laura is still skulking around.  Ryan leaves, locks the door. Laura looks in the window and sees the back of Kevin's head. Then he turns around!! She sees him!! She says "MY GOD".. They are going "Kevin..Laura"!! And she sinks to the floor. Ryan gave her the needle!@ SHE'S OUT LIKE A LIGHT!!!!!AHAAAAAA 


Nina and Char jump out to surprise her. She almost loses it. Spencer sees that Charlotte is there and wants to go, he said he called a car. Lulu tells him to cancel it.  NB is getting older, just turned 14 and he could be on the show again fuller time. Joss and the rest are 16, so he could be the Freshman to their Juniors.  I love his Cassadine Vibe.  Curtis finds out Nina is marrying Valentin again. 

Charlotte trolls Spence about his tampering with the election. 
Lulu's mad Nina's getting remarried to Val--so is Curtis. Nina says she thinks she got Franco wrong.


Jordan wants Franco to plead guilty so that the real killer will come out because they are jealous. Although come on --she didn't take into account the killer MAY be framing him for a reason?  The evidence was planted so....

ugh, they need Dr. Maddox who was a forensic profiler for the WSB. 
Franco is freaking out and says he won't do it. She keeps saying he has to. He wants to talk to Liz about it but Jordan says NO WAY.  God, I hope he gets something in writing. 
She tells him if he DOESN'T DO IT, he'll go to jail for the rest of his life!! The HELL!! OMG! He'd better get his lawyer in on this. This is bullshit LOL


I think Willow's baby daddy is SHANK

New girl is white, bland..she doesn't even have interesting hair. 

RUMOR has it that Neil is a Cassadine. (he was reading a book on Russian history)

General Hospital Writers win Writer's Guild Award

The Writer's Guild Awards includes all categories; from film to TV to new media. It's not just the Daytime industry giving itself kudos. Ergo, it is a pretty cool award to win and this year the team of GH took the prize. 

I know we pick the show apart inch and inch, I know we lament over what "could be" but I have to say from the Mike story to little Aiden,  GH really has deserved kudos. I'm happy for them and I hope TPTB let the writing flow without too much interference. This also helps keep the show on the air as well. Hooray! 


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Windex

Watch me while I ravish this woman! 
Karen has been so frustrated with the show this week, that I know she is having trouble starting this  Sunday Surgery. So many times she says "where do I begin?" So, being the good guy that I am, I thought I would help her out by recapping this past week and then maybe she can take it from there.
Isn't Dave awesome!! ? I've decided to read and weigh in -- you can see my stuff in the red :) 

NOTE: Ryan really needed to Windex off that desk when Laura was watching lol.. 

Friday, February 15, 2019



Ingo is back in March as idea how long

Dom Z is back for a short stint...not sure when
Kirsten Alderson (ex Starr; Kiki) is back for "Something fun" ..must be Nurses' Ball? 

TODAY'S SHOW:  WHICH was actually good! 

IF YOU do nothing else, watch the first few minutes. LOL!! Ryan's fantasy of gutting CarSon with Ava there. It's AWESOME! Both Carly and Sonny are DUCT TAPPED IN THE MOUTH! Yeaaaaaaaassssssss!! Too bad it was just a day dream.
Ava walks into his office (this really happened).. and they have zex on the desk. Laura walks in after leaving Lulu's room. Ryan rubs the fact that they had sex in Laura's face and is nasty to her. She says he's "not himself"..he says "you're right"!  Then he says "We need to talk about the pre-nup"! Which there isn't one, Kevin did that as a ruse. 
Laura figures out something is up.
Ava then comes in and says "It seems weird Laura would want a prenup"..
Ryan's lightbulb goes off..he calls Ferncliff and is going to go see Kevin. 

Carly: I'm pregnant
Sonny: you sure? 
Carly: yeah, I took a test, it's upstairs
Sonny: I dont' wanna insult you but that's not possible 

He basically said "You OLD, GIRL"! 

Carly says she's not on the pill anymore and thought she stopped her period because of her age. Sonny says "Well, could it be that"? She said, no she took two tests. He wonders what she's going to "do about it".

Sonny points out she almost had a stroke when she had Joss. She said advances in medicine have happened. He gets all upset at the thought of her dying. 
She got pregnant on NYE in NYC...she's about 6 weeks along. 
They talk mob..and the fact the baby will remind them of MORGAN (who else??!!) Carly wants the baby. Sonny says they'll go to the doctor. 

Dr. O is singing at Floating Rib. Sasha and Griffin are there. Dr, O says to Sasha that she bets she's dying to know "their family history".. RIGHT? 
Later, Maxie wants to take her for a mani-pedi (she's going to get DNA sample)

Jordan has a plan to prove Franco isn't the killer but it "has risk" --she's going to make the real killer overconfident by making them think Franco is going down.  She goes to talk to Franco in the jail. Gives him a folder. It's Kiki's murder photo. Franco throws it. She says only a person with no soul could do that. "but you have a soul...don't you". She tells him she knows he didn't attack Lulu or kill Kiki. She gives him a plan to catch the real killer-but we don't hear it. 

END: Laura follows Kevin

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love in Jail

Not Molly and TJ
Not Jordan and Curtis
Not anyone ELSE ON CANVAS...BUT CARSON!! And I'm just saying that SORRY-- ughhhh we do not need this ish. Nope. All I can think of is Laura Wright is pregnant in real life-- because WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS??? I will have a LOT to say about this later. This better be a menopause story.
YEP MENOPAUSE, that's what I'm going with...because I can't fathom why they'd have a baby story now. 



CarSon in bed. Maybe this is when he plants the seed? Ewwww ..Oh no, Carly's acting like she has something to tell him. They go to the Metro for dinner. Sonny has plane tickets. She's hesitates. When they are back home, she tells him shes' pregnant. He just looks at her @@

Olivia and Ned going to the Metro overnight.

JaSam make out in Jason's place. Then Spinelli comes over. With "Dire News" about SHank. He thinks he murdered someone. 

Sam goes to the Valentine's party to try to get info out of SHank. He massages her head and says mumbo jumbo about the "here and now". She leaves. 

Kristina tells him seeing him with Sam bothers her and she's not "Enlightened" enough. He tells her she has to take more classes. Krissy doesn't have the money-- and Shank says "Well, if you needed an operation, she'd get the money". 

JAIL HOUSE WEDDING!!!!! On the anniversary of Liz' rape day!! I mean, seriously?  I've been waiting for MONTHS for this and it's on this day IN THE JAIL?  Drew is going to marry them. They get married.  No kids. No family-- nope. 

That Dr. guy that is blind thinks Anna is Alex. Then he realizes she's really Anna. I guess they are going to fly him to Port Charles to get his viral thing straightened out. 

Valerie is on.. which I don't even CARE because Brytni is leaving. Whatever. Kristina tries to push the cult on her. Valerie leaves. 

NEWS: INGO'S BACK AS JAX. Not sure when. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


That's my head-- TRAGIC. Migraine! on top of congestion. That and a meeting are keeping me from YOU today!! 

So, have at it. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Laura visits Franco in Jail. She doesn't believe him. She thinks he's guilty. Franco tries to convince her otherwise. 
He says at the end "Dr. Collins isn't the man I know him to be"... Laura's face is thinking.. hmmmmm

Drew thinks Franco is innocent. He tells Jordan that Franco didn't even kill the guy (Harvey) that tried to strangle him during the earthquake. He's changed. 

Cameron is all beat up because kids at school found out Franco got arrested. He thinks he's guilty. Best part of the show:
Jake, Aiden and Cam all sit down and Liz talks to them about Franco. Aiden asks questions: Did he put that lady in the barrell? Gram said he did it, is she a liar?? 
Drew comes over to lend support. He talks about Franco's tumor. Yada yada

Nina's gonna marry Val. AGAIN.  Dr. O comes around to meet Sasha and have lunch with she and Nina. Valentin isn't happy.  

Peter's having lunch with Maxie. :eyeroll: She's watching the table with Nina/Dr. O by her make up mirror. 

Spencer visits Sonny, who seems to know that he tampered with the election. Spencer said he's not telling Laura because of Lulu and what Dr. Collins did to her but Sonny said he should. 

Jordan and Curtis talk about Franco...and how many questions there are surrounding him.  They think the licenses were planted 

END: Liz spies the wedding invitation. I bet they'll get married. ON VALENTINE'S DAY which will gut many a Liz fan. 
You know why. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

The Brick

Kiki's memorial brick...and we already know Griffin doesn't get killed so... whatever. Ava comes up on the roof. She wants Kevin to say Franco couldn't have killed Kiki.  Ryan says he loves Ava. 

Carly and Sam talk about Danny playing at the Q house.  He made her a Valentine. They continue talking. About Monica.. about.. Jason... about well, didn't pay attention. 

Jason is with Harmony in Beecher's Corners. He asks about Shank. Not much happens. She looks like an Housewife from BRAVO. 

Drew is talking to SHank. SO Boring I'm not even kidding you. 

Griffin is at his apartment, working out. All shirtless and then Shasha comes in. They are all sad over Kiki. 

Alexis is going to see Dr. Neil. They are fun together so far. Alexis traces her issues to her father. 

Spencer is on tomorrow. 

There is not one reason to watch today's show. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Ryan-Nosis

Now, pretend you're a chicken! 

My Diagnosis for Ryan-nosis is Hypnosis. 

I really didn't want to write the blog this week after the horrible editing of the show then the news that Brytni is going to YR. But here I am. Soak it in, not sure when you'll be getting another. I might need a bit of a rest. 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Letting Talent Go. --Bytni Sarpy Exits GH

Valerie is a Spencer and is Chases' partner on the PCPD
Valerie should be helping to catch her cousin's attacker
Valerie is figuring out her feelings for Kristina
Valerie is going to YR

I think GH really wants to drive me from the show. They've done it to almost everyone else, why not me? Latest thing is that Brytni Sarpy who plays Valerie has gone over to YR  Valerie. THE VALERIE AND KRISTINA story I've been waiting for. 

The writers were writing it.... they even made Val Chase's partner, remember? She could have featured heavily in the Cult story and figuring out her feelings for Kristina. Then she disappeared. I wondered why.  Was it the writers fault? 

You can put that ish squarely on management. Same management that let Jason Thompson go. Same management that for some reason, didn't green light stories for Dante and DZ stepped away.  Content to have Tequan Richmond (former TJ) exit the show rather than write for him or put him on contract. He was a stellar TJ-- he and Molly should be front and center for the demographic. And yet. And yet. 

Instead of putting a few people on a short-term contract or regular contract they let the 'recurring' status take it's roulette shots.  In the meantime, we'll get how many other characters that are featured for awhile, then fade again into the background? Even if you LIKE a newbie, chances are they'll be recurring so don't get attached. Don't get invested. 

Yeah, I'm bitter.  I really wanted this pairing since their natural chemistry shown through at that Nurses Ball commercial. You can't manufacture that sort of thing, you cultivate it.  Don't talk to me about recasts either. These two were sparkly because of who they were. Plus, even if they recast, why bother getting all excited when they'll just leave again? 

So, happy Saturday in the Land of Soaps.  I'm thrilled Brytni found a place at YR and wish her all the best. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Bar Fly

PCPD. Liz " I want to see my fiance... My Fiance.." Who watches Seinfelf? LOL !! 
Jordan says that Franco has "no alibis for any of the murders" which we know is FALSE-- he has alibis for at least  3 of them, we saw it. His shoes also match the shoe print? Huh? Well, whatever. Scotty wants Franco to have an MRI because of his past Tumoah history. 

Griffin and Ryan.. They are waiting to give blood. and Ryan asks where Ava is...thinks Griff would know.  He growls a bit. Later, Ryan tells Ava's picture he's going to get rid of Griffin but has to make it look like an accident because Franco's in jail. 

Alexis is getting a new "shrink" ...Dr. Burns. Why not Dr. Maddox?? I mean?? Andre? She argues with Julian BUT sits at the bar anyway, even tho.  She talks to some rando dude at the bar who turns out to be a professor. He's reading a Russian history book. Feberge Eggs perhaps?  He's "normal looking' (non-soap) and good actor. I guess he was on Starscape?? He asks her out to dinner. That's him up there in Stargate. He's older now. He asked her out. And she says she's not ready to date yet. He leaves his card for her. 
Oh, I get it he's going to be her new therapist.  YEP HE IS. 

Um..what else. Oh, Spinelli, Jason and Sonny talking about SHank. Spin says his back story 'checks out". He did go to Afghanistan. He works with a woman called "Harmony' who's helps him open new centers --one in Beecher's Corners. 

Krissy tells Sonny that she's "found her people".  Sonny says Mike's worse. They hug.  

Sam is at The Cult Club House. She wants to know "more". He shows her a photo of Jackie Templeton who he met in Central America on a 'build" . 

Franco goes to get his MRI and at GH, Ava sees him and they talk. She says she knows he didn't do it. 

END: Ryan makes an excuse to talk to Griffin. Alone. 
Jason is going to rid to Beecher's Corners to find Harmony 
Kevin takes Griffin on the roof and has a hypodermic.

Now, GH in its' STUPIDITY shows Griffin on a promo for MONDAY'S SHOW!! Jesus!! Talk about sloppy!!! wow. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Scotty to the Rescue I am!! So, Franco got arrested yesterday by Jordan who CLEARLY doesn't know how to handle a gun.

Don't they take classes in that ish?? Because this is stupid.

We were just going to find out Gail's Will update and Liz calls Scotty. Of course she does.

They are searching Franco's art room. Liz goes nut, Griffin takes her out of there. Liz says he can't be the killer!! Griffin tries to reassure her. 

Franco is at the PCPD with Jordan. Won't talk, is going to sue the town. Scotty goes to see Franco.  Jordan tells him about the 'evidence'.
They find the licenses in Franco's office.

SLOPPY SLOPPY:  OMG. So DA lady and Jordan READ Ryan's files OUT LOUD to both Franco and Scotty. In the holding room. I cant' take this level of sloppy. I can take a LOT of stuff but not that. Why do they do that. WHY? 

Ava goes to see Ryan. Ryan has to turn over his Franco File to Chase, who has a warrant. He doesn't "want" to but he will. Ava finds out Franco is arrested for the murder. She's really angry that Ryan didn't tell her about Franco being close to losing control. Seh goes to leave. Kevin grabs her arm--hard! And says DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME! Ava leaves. Ryan throws everything off his desk. 

Kim and Drew and Oscar wait for test results from Terry. The tumor hasn't grown anymore, hasn't shrunk --it's just there. It's good it's not grown. Prognosis is the same. 

Gail's Will will be opened April 1st, which we all know is the anniversary of General Hospital's debut.

Sonny tells DA that HE doesn't want Franco to get away 'with anything again"!!!  She says something (I stopped listening). Then she says he doesn't have to worry, she's not going to do anything to he or his family. 
She leaves. He goes to talk to Alexis and they discuss SHank. 

Liz finds an invitation Franco. He drew a wedding invitation. 

I predict the SHOES Ryan wore will become key. Ava took them from the hospital. She's either going to find them and see the blood-- OR Ryan's going to get them and plant them.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Tillie has a trim today during GH so I must leave you with this quick post. Here's a fun photo!

Yes, MC is out as Griffin. I'm of course, hoping he goes out in some priest self-immolation but that would be hoping for too much in daytime!! He'll probably just slink away quietly. ??? Could be Ryan's last kill?? 

Speaking of Ryan, both Dave and I have noticed that people are NOT HAPPY with this story twist. I got a text from an old friend in Florida freaking out!! LOL.. Comments are running 80% at least against the whole Franco-Memory Implantation scheme. 

You all know I love Roger and Franco. This will give him good material so I am happy for that. 

You all know I love Jon and Ryan. This will give him good material so I am happy for that. 
It keeps Ryan around longer. 
WOOT! WIN-WIN for me!! 

Other news:
Emme (Lulu) just signed her contract. She's staying.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dorothy Hamill

Aiden is ice skating.  Franco is talking about being a suspect. Liz invited Brucas to come and skate with Aiden. 

Peter calls Jordan and tells her HE'D BETTER BE UPDATED ABOUT LULU ASAP! ahahaha. Maxie asks if Dr. O could do the medical advice column.  Peter's like SHE TIED ME TO A BED! Maxie's like Welp. He decides it's ok if she works there. 

LULU and Laura.. Ryan comes in to hypnotize her. Laura says she's going to be in the room with her.  Jordan says she has to be there too. Ryan says NO way.  She may spill details of her personal life. No psychiatrist worth their salt would let the police be there--or anyone else. Lulu agrees to it and not to have it recorded. 
Ryan puts Lulu under--using a super sexy voice. ;) 
Lulu remembers about the list. Ryan tells her she called him and there were seven people on the list NOT nine.  He basically plants things in her head to remember about Franco.
She sees Franco's face instead of Ryan's !! 

Sasha surprises Nina. I guess Valentin set it up.  Sasha tells Val "She's calling the shots now" whatever that means.  He tells her whatever, but don't meet Lesil. 

Carly gets near-hyterical over JaSam's "Break-Up".. ugh. She's such a mouth. Of course, Jason tells her it's a ruse to catch SHank.  Then they basically talk about the entire story --so if you need a catch up on that, watch. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Art for Art's Sake

Sam is with Shank at the Metro. He's going to tell her "his story". She ends up telling him about her taking care of Danny and such. He offers her help. 

Jason is at Charlie's with Krissy. She's talking up Shank--he's doesn't buy it. She tells him that Dawn of Day is having a Valentine's Day Do.  Jason tells Krissy that Sam took care of her "special needs brother' when she was young and she has trust issues. 

Franco is with Ryan. Ryan is going to explore ALL of Franco's crimes. In detail LOL. Here's my cut and paste from Twitter so I didn't have to write it again! It was a VERY perfect description of the original Franco character-- his killing was about the spectacle and the 'game'--not the killing itself.  Ryan is writing it all down to use later. 

Franco is talking about his Art and Truth and Reality..and Blurred Lines. Death can exist beyond space and time-- "it's real, but it's also art".. Maximum impact. Killing those people, staging those scenes and trying to get the police to figure it out was really really fun."

Lulu is talking to Jordan. She wants to get hypnotized. Laura says no. Lulu said she's doing it anyway.  Jordan is going to have "Kevin" do the hypnosis. Laura is like NO WAY. He's changed too much. Jordan talks her into it. OMG, Ryan is totally going to plant Franco memories into Lulu's head!! Ryan does a great job explaining how he'll treat Lulu and Laura says she "Sees the man she married inside him again". ALL HAIL JL!! 

Franco and Ava have a nice talk at Kiki's grave. Nice scene. 

Sam tells Jason that Shank is good at selling 'his redemption story". She had a hard time flim-flamming his flim-flam LOL . She's just exhausted and has no clue how Kristina could ever fight off his mental gymnastics. 

Shank meets Sonny at Charlie's. Gives him the evil eye. 

So, the same people wrote today's show-- breakdown/dialog. Want you to watch the difference between the Ryan/Franco and Sam/Shank scenes. Delivery...investment, making the words their own. 
Stunning juxtaposition. 

Kristoff St. John

Sad news to report. Kristoff St. John of The Young and the Restless fame has died at 52 years of age. 

Daytime Confidential has the details. Many of his castmates and former acting friends are speaking out on twitter. Just a tragic situation. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday Surgery: "Light" Reading

Let me preface this by saying I STILL have the cold from hell so I'm grumpy. Take all this with a gain of salt. Or cold medicine--whichever gets you through!! It's not pretty ...

On a personal note, I realized that I started writing for Gedstern's website in Feb of 1998. That makes me old hat at this, no? The Wubs Net became 'official" in about 2001... it's coming up on 20 years soon, kids. 

We have a new Taco Bell in our area--not sure if they have breakfast burritos? Could I even taste one with my stuffy nose? 

Friday, February 1, 2019


Carly is at Kim's. They talk about Drew and Her KNITTING. 

Schlub DREW goes into Julian's to tell him to stop the nice stuff he's doing. Like the cleaning service and meals. Not sure why other than he's being a dick. 

Lulu has a nightmare. She sees the door almost open, then wakes up screaming. Jordan wants to use hypnosis. 

Brick is on with Sonny--he's that sports guy that makes a cameo now and then. Sonny's expounding on Mike's story. 

Ava wants Olivia to see if she can use her "LSD POWERS" to help her catch Kiki's killer. It's actually a good segment. Ava's desperation and she knew olivia helped the PCPD once. Olivia's hesitation because she's scared. Olivia gets nothing from the photo. Sonny steps in and Ava leaves. Sonny is going to get Brick to look for Dante. At least Olivia and Sonny had a scene. 

Ava goes to Lulu's room. She wants to know if she knows anything. Lulu pleads with her and tells her she doesn't know. Ava snaps 'TRY HARDER" and shoves Kiki's photo in her face. CLASSIC AVA MOMENT!! She gets thrown out of the room. She and Laura have a nice moment in the hall about Ava's pain!! wow. 

Alexis and Kevin ..Kevin says he wants another copy of their prenup, he lost his. Alexis wants to start up sessions again. 

Julian goes to Kim... then Carly finds Drew at Charlies. Julian says he sees the way she looks at Drew, so he's bowing out.  Carly tells Drew he and Kim should be an item but he thinks she's only saying that because she likes JaSam. 
So, Kim I guess decided to take Julian the weirdest scene ever. 

Kevin is told Franco is a suspect for the murders. He decides to see Franco as a patient again! 

On Twitter today, I saw a tweet from Eric McCormack that Travelers is ending this season. No more after 3. WAHH!! I loves that show!! 

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...