Thursday, February 7, 2019

Scotty to the Rescue I am!! So, Franco got arrested yesterday by Jordan who CLEARLY doesn't know how to handle a gun.

Don't they take classes in that ish?? Because this is stupid.

We were just going to find out Gail's Will update and Liz calls Scotty. Of course she does.

They are searching Franco's art room. Liz goes nut, Griffin takes her out of there. Liz says he can't be the killer!! Griffin tries to reassure her. 

Franco is at the PCPD with Jordan. Won't talk, is going to sue the town. Scotty goes to see Franco.  Jordan tells him about the 'evidence'.
They find the licenses in Franco's office.

SLOPPY SLOPPY:  OMG. So DA lady and Jordan READ Ryan's files OUT LOUD to both Franco and Scotty. In the holding room. I cant' take this level of sloppy. I can take a LOT of stuff but not that. Why do they do that. WHY? 

Ava goes to see Ryan. Ryan has to turn over his Franco File to Chase, who has a warrant. He doesn't "want" to but he will. Ava finds out Franco is arrested for the murder. She's really angry that Ryan didn't tell her about Franco being close to losing control. Seh goes to leave. Kevin grabs her arm--hard! And says DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME! Ava leaves. Ryan throws everything off his desk. 

Kim and Drew and Oscar wait for test results from Terry. The tumor hasn't grown anymore, hasn't shrunk --it's just there. It's good it's not grown. Prognosis is the same. 

Gail's Will will be opened April 1st, which we all know is the anniversary of General Hospital's debut.

Sonny tells DA that HE doesn't want Franco to get away 'with anything again"!!!  She says something (I stopped listening). Then she says he doesn't have to worry, she's not going to do anything to he or his family. 
She leaves. He goes to talk to Alexis and they discuss SHank. 

Liz finds an invitation Franco. He drew a wedding invitation. 

I predict the SHOES Ryan wore will become key. Ava took them from the hospital. She's either going to find them and see the blood-- OR Ryan's going to get them and plant them.


  1. Well, I guess you answered the question as to whether the DA lady is still there.

  2. again, I would love to be a fly on the wall at Briana Henry's house when she reads her script and says, 'I love my job but this commissioner is SO incompetent'......and did anyone tell Curtis he can leave Lulu's room now?

  3. Actually, the positioning of Jordan's finger on the gun IS correct! This is police training to put the index alongside the barrel AS OPPOSED to on the trigger itself to avoid accidental discharge.

  4. As for the shoes, you gave us 2 options.

    I am going with the one where ryan finds them and plants them. why? because it will drag out this storyline. FOREVER.

    this is all they got. they need to milk this as long as they can. Its not like they have a cassadine ring storyline or drews memories storyline to flush out.


  5. this story is disgusting.hope franco really sues the pcpd.and hope ava figures kevin is the killer.she is the only one with a brain. one more thing da lady and sonny will go to bed.

  6. The hospital:

    BobTodd's art room:

    The cops and Liz: Great scene!!!!! Love how angry she was!!! Griffin trying to be the hero?

    Griffin and Drew: Drew was looking for BobTodd! :) Will Drew be by his side?! I hope!

    Outside the art room:

    Griffin and Liz: Oh Liz! Griffin is not the right person to get advice from! Oh good glad she mentioned it! :)

    Doc's office:

    Rava: GREAT SCENE!!!! Love the grabbing of her arm! Oh she don't like that one bit!!! Listen to your instincts Ava!!! BOBTODD DIDN'T DO IT!

    Ryan: Don't you walk away from me.

    Oh! He is going to sing the Whitney Houston song!!! Oh no false alarm.

    Nurses's station:

    Ava and Griffin: Oh what the hell!?!?!?! Why are you hugging her? Don't touch her you scum!!! Oh oh Ryan sees them!!! Ryan you going to kill Griffin? Is this how Griffin leaves? :)

    Private room:

    CarlyKim, Drew, Terry, and Oscar: Oh goodie. Oscar's cancer isn't growing. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    CarlyKim and Drew: Are they going to kiss because Oscar's cancer isn't growing? Oh they are holding hands.. They ARE going to kiss!! Oh false alarm...

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Carly Jr and Julian: She is so smug!!!! Come on Julian tell her you are back with CarlyKim!!!! :)

    Josscar: Yes Joss. Cancer not growing. It's a teenager.. Now let's go tell Cam!

    Kimlian: OH! Kissing with his hands on her face!!!! :) Oh oh Alexis sees that! She is jelly!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Margoo and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

    Margoo: Now just keep roasting your beans.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but BobTodd wins it. So that line, Is that an innuendo Margoo? Do you want Sonny to roast his beans with you? :)

    Alexis and Sonny: YAY!!!! A Sexis scene!! Love love love. :)

    Alexis and Scotty: Great scene! :) Hmmm April 1st? Interesting.

    Sonny and the dawn of day book:

    Sonny: This is a piece of garbage.


    Sonny and the bartender: Oh but then when the bartender said that the book changed his life, Sonny is thinking hmmmmmmm..

    Police station:

    BobTodd and Scotty: BobTodd is worried about the boys!!!!!! Awwww! :(

    BobTodd, Scotty, Jordan, and Margoo: BobTodd listen to your lawyer!!!!!! Don't answer!!!! Jordan and Margo, BobTodd has an alibi with all the murders!!!

    BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    Margoo: You're blood lust?

    BobTodd: My blood lust? What am I? A werewolf?


    "Karen says So, Franco got arrested yesterday by Jordan who CLEARLY doesn't know how to handle a gun."

    Well Jordan had to pee REALLY bad!!!

  7. Well thanks a lot everybody, you were asking where Magoo was and POOF, there she was. Blech!

    Hated the whole Franco setup. Hated thinking about Liz's boys and their house being ransacked by the Keystone Kops. Hated that they found the licenses in the art room. Hated that Franco's alibi's are being called sketchy. We KNOW where he was and what he was doing. Hated a lot of things. Double blech.

    I need Ava, Liz, Alexis, Carly and Laura to sit down together (with no cell phone interuptus) and pool their knowledge and figure out that Kevin is Ryan. They all know enough stinkin' clues for god's sake.

    I honestly didn't know that GH premiered on April 1st. Thanks for that tidbit!

    1. Liz will hopefully tell them about his alibis, as well as the kids or who ever else. Just sucks! I am so over this sl. I liked it when there was blood on the shoes, thought, hey now it's over....then Franco framing! 😡

  8. Yes, I guess poor Griffin will be done away with by Ryan. If Ryan is out of control, and does this, then I guess that clears Franco.

    1. For the sake of another murder, I hope it does happen, so it clears Franco, even if Griffin is the vic.

  9. Also, what is supposed to be going on with Griffin? First the cut on his face, now his shoulder hurts, are we missing something?

    1. I'd like to know that answers to that too!

    2. Don't care. The actor finished a movie, maybe it's from that?

  10. After reading all this I didn't even feel like watching yesterday. Bad idea to have Franco framed, especially with Aiden going through some tough times.

  11. How could such potential with interesting story lines like a teenager having cancer, an older man having alzheimers and a serial killer...all really happy themes, right...just disappear. Whatever is going on at GH just judging from what gets to our TV screens, it's not good. Can they redeem themselves....of course. Ava must be the one to end Ryan's madness. I hope. The cult story has a chance, but then it's not about the's about Sam. Here we go again.


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