Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Ryan-Nosis

Now, pretend you're a chicken! 

My Diagnosis for Ryan-nosis is Hypnosis. 

I really didn't want to write the blog this week after the horrible editing of the show then the news that Brytni is going to YR. But here I am. Soak it in, not sure when you'll be getting another. I might need a bit of a rest. 

So, Laura, who's been here to see her besides me? Bobbie? 
Did Luke or Lucky Skype? 
Unless it was off camera, no
Not that I know of
Oh, I saw Robert in town did he...
Ok then. Guess I'm it! Let's get this show on the road... I think I smell's not's paint .. oil paint? Maybe with a hint of cupcake frosting? 

Pick a scene...any scene... this was it. 

Wait...did I just sleep with Sam or did we break up?.. I'm not sure. better ask Carly

Crikey this was a long way to come for a cup of coffee ........

Look at dem.all ats the COOL table!! Zaht's not fair. I am too cool. I just got a new job as a writer for Petra's paper! I'll show zem. I'm going to say Finn has de hemorrhoids in my next column! 

Hey, I'm new here. I like Russian history, asking ladies out to dinner and casual clothes that don't involve flannel. 

I tried to get Johnny Weir but Lucas and Brad will have to do. 

Yeah well, he may have alibis but we have an eye witness. 
But she was under hypnosis. Is that admissible in court?
Does it matter, Elizabeth, does it even matter? 

Yeah, Doc you can't argue with a nurse. Get that MRI going and stat! I got a tumor to search for!!

Oscar's Tumor hasn't shrunk but it hasn't grown either. 
Alexis gets a new therapist --that she already flirted with at the bar. 
Spinelli is in town to tell us all that "Harmony' Is working with SHank
Jason's motoring to Beecher's Corners
Sam's trying to convince SHank she's a Day Dawner
Ryan implanted Franco memories in Lulu's head
Robert and Finn are off to Sweden
Oh, Sasha's back. :eyeroll: 
Franco was arrested, Ava and Liz are standing by him. 
Ryan was going to drug Griffin and toss him off a building but previews ruined that

FK UP OF THE WEEK:  Editing has been a sloppy mess lately. We've seen it with the weird, abrupt scene changes and day-jumps. They've given stuff away in the previews before but this was blatant stupidery. Looked like Ryan was going to durg Griffin and throw him of the roof. Make it look like suicide. BUT! We saw him in Monday's previews talking to Sasha. So..thanks. 

That's it. That's all I have. Just want to say that I do thank the writers for bringing back Ryan Chamberlain, it is  a great storyline.  Enjoyed the Travel Guide as well.  


  1. Loved your SS more than the entire week of GH. Just plain bad. Happy that we have Ryan, Laura, Dr. O and Robert but what shoddy work as a whole. Time for FV to go.

  2. i agree with everything you said, but for 1 thing you can't give up on GH SS

  3. I did mention here during the week that no one really paid a visit to Lulu,especially her BFF Maxie.
    Bobbie,Lucas, Peter,Felicia,Mac& even Valerie certainly could have shown their faces. Lulu's co-parent Valentin apparently brought Charlotte to see her mom.
    Thank you Karen for an always enjoyable Sunday Surgery & for writing about our show when it's sometimes painful to do so.♥️

    1. Yeh Valentin brought Char, like you said. Stand up thing for him to do. 🙂 Maxie visited too I agree, but I think those two were it, right?

  4. Karen – I want to thank you. About a year ago while on vacation I discovered this blog and subsequently your live tweets. I have been a faithful follower since.

    There have been times particularly since last May when I thought GH was deliberately trying to push me away that your humor has made me stick around.

    It is obvious that you love this show and only want it to be better.

    Again thank you. All your work is greatly appreciated.

  5. Thanks for another great SS. I'm still laughing at that first picture and quote. lol

  6. Love your blog; annoyed with show too, but GH is in my heart, for better or worse, and your quick-witted levity makes it fun! anyway, I liked the Travel Guide too, but thought it sorely lacked a map. A big miss IMHO

  7. Your blog is better than the show. I only watched 1 day this week because I can't stand the stupid storyline of Lulu being HYPNOTIZED by Ryan and told Franco did it.....Jordan is on my LAST NERVE.........geesh....and I don't want the Aiden storyline - it feels forced...what happened to the 'mystery' of Liz's sister Sarah coming to the so-called wedding that never happened?

  8. LMAO really enjoyed Sunday Surgery. You've helped me get through this strange week and I thank you for that. Yes, the editing brought us back to the days of Dark Shadows
    Pretty sad for the budget this show has.

  9. Is it just me, but when did Ryan implant the false memories in Lulu ? I didn’t see that happen. She just “woke up” and yelled Franco

    1. I wondered the same but figured I just missed it.

    2. Thanks Michelle, thought I was “losing “ it!

    3. It was off camera-- the door shut and he did it then

  10. Maybe we could have a Prison Wedding for Liz and Franco - then they wouldn't need a new set or any guests. Then the something new could be that she is pregnant!! That would be sweet little Lizzie's 4th baby daddy.She's over 40 now so this could be her last if it goes that way.

    1. Yeah. She's now tied with Alexis and Carly.

    2. don't forget sam. her first from sonny died

    3. Right. Thanks. I'd forgotten about her.

  11. Great SS as always...I couldn't believe after seeing Griffin on the roof a second before, they show him in the previews. It's like they are trying to shoot themselves in the foot

  12. Sometimes I don't get this blog in my email. Sometimes I do. Totally agree on all the choppy points. I do like this new doc and hope Alexis has something nice coming her way. He looks familiar. Maybe Ryan will kill Sasha. He really does need another. The way this is going he may be around to kill the entire cast. lol

  13. I follow wubs on Facebook and click on stuff from there, try that.


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