Friday, February 15, 2019



Ingo is back in March as idea how long

Dom Z is back for a short stint...not sure when
Kirsten Alderson (ex Starr; Kiki) is back for "Something fun" ..must be Nurses' Ball? 

TODAY'S SHOW:  WHICH was actually good! 

IF YOU do nothing else, watch the first few minutes. LOL!! Ryan's fantasy of gutting CarSon with Ava there. It's AWESOME! Both Carly and Sonny are DUCT TAPPED IN THE MOUTH! Yeaaaaaaaassssssss!! Too bad it was just a day dream.
Ava walks into his office (this really happened).. and they have zex on the desk. Laura walks in after leaving Lulu's room. Ryan rubs the fact that they had sex in Laura's face and is nasty to her. She says he's "not himself"..he says "you're right"!  Then he says "We need to talk about the pre-nup"! Which there isn't one, Kevin did that as a ruse. 
Laura figures out something is up.
Ava then comes in and says "It seems weird Laura would want a prenup"..
Ryan's lightbulb goes off..he calls Ferncliff and is going to go see Kevin. 

Carly: I'm pregnant
Sonny: you sure? 
Carly: yeah, I took a test, it's upstairs
Sonny: I dont' wanna insult you but that's not possible 

He basically said "You OLD, GIRL"! 

Carly says she's not on the pill anymore and thought she stopped her period because of her age. Sonny says "Well, could it be that"? She said, no she took two tests. He wonders what she's going to "do about it".

Sonny points out she almost had a stroke when she had Joss. She said advances in medicine have happened. He gets all upset at the thought of her dying. 
She got pregnant on NYE in NYC...she's about 6 weeks along. 
They talk mob..and the fact the baby will remind them of MORGAN (who else??!!) Carly wants the baby. Sonny says they'll go to the doctor. 

Dr. O is singing at Floating Rib. Sasha and Griffin are there. Dr, O says to Sasha that she bets she's dying to know "their family history".. RIGHT? 
Later, Maxie wants to take her for a mani-pedi (she's going to get DNA sample)

Jordan has a plan to prove Franco isn't the killer but it "has risk" --she's going to make the real killer overconfident by making them think Franco is going down.  She goes to talk to Franco in the jail. Gives him a folder. It's Kiki's murder photo. Franco throws it. She says only a person with no soul could do that. "but you have a soul...don't you". She tells him she knows he didn't attack Lulu or kill Kiki. She gives him a plan to catch the real killer-but we don't hear it. 

END: Laura follows Kevin


  1. ridiculous having carly pregnant. plus laura following kevin without backup. i did love carson bound and gagged.

    1. It was hard to tell cause she was wearing black and her outfit was a bit loose but maybe a hint of a bump?

  2. For the short scenes that Roger has on GH, he always makes the best of them. When Franco looks at Kiki murder photo, the grief or disgust looks real. He's the the best. Funniest part of show was Ryan straightening out desk with Laura looking on. The look on her face was priceless.

    1. YES!! I really wanted him to get out some wet wipes and wipe down the desk! Roger was amazing too

    2. "kdmask YES!! I really wanted him to get out some wet wipes and wipe down the desk! Roger was amazing too"

      HAHAHAHAHHAAHA! That would have been hysterical!!!! :)

  3. Thumbs up to today. I only fast forwarded Valentin/Nina. I usually FF sonny/carly, but I feel this was well done. I also FF Peter, but Maxi was winning today, so he was still useless but got some time. Last, I always FF Sam/Jason so IF they were on...
    Last-er... I have no idea how Drew magically became THIS level of BFF's with Franco, BUT his affect and personality is actually on point when he is with him. Thumbs up to today.

  4. Hey off topic, who watches A Million Little Things? I've got a question about last nights episode.

  5. Haha! Watching GH now, man I knew it couldn't be real! Crap. Then Sonny after Carly told him she was pregnant and he was like that can't be haha! I was like, did you fake it? 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Think I'm done or almost, OMG today was good! I didn't even read your blog beforehand because I saw where you said it was so good!

  7. I'm loving Finn and Robert's little moments of distrust? jealousy? hostility? subtle looks of disgust and hints of respect...they are situated so awkwardly. I love it and Anna's awareness of their attitudes while trying not to notice. She and Finn are adorable. I loved ME as the cop on OLTL--he was my favorite character there--but who knew he could be this quirky and fun. He and Roger are my favorites on GH now. Always felt I wasn't able to fully like Roger on OLTL because he was pretty dispicable there as Todd. But he is marvelous now with Liz and her family and he still can add in his little personality touches, the little ad libs of business we all enjoy.

    I'm hoping they can clear up the Ryan thing now because I am longing to see a happy Laura find her way back to loving Kevin. She is almost on to him now, but in danger.

    1. Boy, Jon Lindstrom is a great actor. Ryan is SO cruel throwing Ava in Laura's face. He is so good at playing a cruel SOB

  8. Robert should be jealous. Anna is the love of his life

    1. You mean Robert is the love of Anna's life? YES HE IS!!!!!! :)

  9. I guess they don't attempt to get them back together because Robert never sticks around long enough :(

  10. Carson home: I had a feeling that Ryan was just daydreaming about Carson hahaha. Great scene though. :)

    Carson: GREAT SCENE!!!! Yes Sonny it IS dangerous for her to be pregnant. Wow! Carly thought since she is of higher age she won't get pregnant anymore? So she is off her birth control pills?!!?!? Uh Carly? That is so dumb. You still get your period, and since you do, you can still get pregnant!! *roll eyes and face palm* Speaking of periods, I can't believe she brought up her period!!!! Shocking! Nobody on soaps talks about periods!!! :) Uh Sonny? Why didn't you ever ask her if she is still on her birth control pills? Very odd. Besides all that, great scene!!! :) He is so worried about her. Awwww. :(

    The floating rib: Dr. O singing karaoke!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! More more more! :)

    Griffin and Sasha: Is that a fresh wound on Griffin's lip? What is going on with him? The scrape on his head, his arm hurts, the scrape on his lip.. Hmmmm. Is he in an illegal fight club?!!?!?!?!?! I shall call Griffin and Sasha Gasha. :) I'm glad there is a scene with them. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Maxie: Can we stop this crap? Maxie should be having dinner with Michael. I want my M&M dammit!!! Oh Maxie? Don't blame V.C. for hurting Hiney's eye!!! UGH!

    ValeNina: UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth needs to come out!!! Poor Nina!!!! :( Writers stop manipulating me with their sparklyness!!!!

    BobTodd's jail:

    Friz: They got married and Liz says Mr. Baldwin Webber? HUH?!!?! What is she talking about? It should be MRS. Webber Baldwin. Oh he wants congical visits! ROFL! He would have won the line of the day with that line, but Ryan ended up winning it. :)

    BobTodd and Jordan: I know why Jordan showed BobTodd the picture of dead Kiwi, to see his reaction, but GAH, wish she didn't show him. :( Oh good! Jordan believes BobTodd didn't do the recent killings and didn't try to kill Lulu! :)

    The hospital:

    Lulu's room:

    Lulu, Laura, and Spencer: I still can't get my head around Nicholas Bechel's voice!!!! :) It's so deep!!! :) Oh it did crack a little bit. :) The actor turned 14 Feb 15th!!!! :) Wow I can't believe he is 14!!! :)

    Doc's office:

    Rava: DESK SEX!!!! :) WOOT WOOT! :)

    Laura, Ryan, and Ava: This is where Ryan wins the line of the day.

    Ryan: Well, Ava is not my patient. She's my lover.


    Laura and Ryan: I love the look on Laura's face when Ryan was fixing his desk because it moved while Rava was having sex, ROFL! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The gotcha of the prenup!!!! Oh boy Laura is following him now!!!! :)

  11. Laura Wright was perfect today. You could see her melting as they talked about Morgan. I may be a minority but I like Carson. It was a good GH day. No Shanksam is noticeably nice. Hopefully a sting caper starring RH will end the insanity.

  12. Good show yesterday! Laura is finally catching on. Ugh, hate when Morgan is even mentioned-one of the most unlikable characters ever on GH. Saw a rumor that the first Kiki may be coming back, but obviously not as Kiki. Another bad actress but I know some loved her from OLTL.

    1. Yeh I saw that about Kristen Alderson, miss her, will be interesting what she does.

    2. Yes, I had not seen her before she was on GH as I don't watch other soaps, but I did not think she was a very good actress. The new Kiwi wasn't great, either, but she got better as she went on.


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