Monday, February 4, 2019

Art for Art's Sake

Sam is with Shank at the Metro. He's going to tell her "his story". She ends up telling him about her taking care of Danny and such. He offers her help. 

Jason is at Charlie's with Krissy. She's talking up Shank--he's doesn't buy it. She tells him that Dawn of Day is having a Valentine's Day Do.  Jason tells Krissy that Sam took care of her "special needs brother' when she was young and she has trust issues. 

Franco is with Ryan. Ryan is going to explore ALL of Franco's crimes. In detail LOL. Here's my cut and paste from Twitter so I didn't have to write it again! It was a VERY perfect description of the original Franco character-- his killing was about the spectacle and the 'game'--not the killing itself.  Ryan is writing it all down to use later. 

Franco is talking about his Art and Truth and Reality..and Blurred Lines. Death can exist beyond space and time-- "it's real, but it's also art".. Maximum impact. Killing those people, staging those scenes and trying to get the police to figure it out was really really fun."

Lulu is talking to Jordan. She wants to get hypnotized. Laura says no. Lulu said she's doing it anyway.  Jordan is going to have "Kevin" do the hypnosis. Laura is like NO WAY. He's changed too much. Jordan talks her into it. OMG, Ryan is totally going to plant Franco memories into Lulu's head!! Ryan does a great job explaining how he'll treat Lulu and Laura says she "Sees the man she married inside him again". ALL HAIL JL!! 

Franco and Ava have a nice talk at Kiki's grave. Nice scene. 

Sam tells Jason that Shank is good at selling 'his redemption story". She had a hard time flim-flamming his flim-flam LOL . She's just exhausted and has no clue how Kristina could ever fight off his mental gymnastics. 

Shank meets Sonny at Charlie's. Gives him the evil eye. 

So, the same people wrote today's show-- breakdown/dialog. Want you to watch the difference between the Ryan/Franco and Sam/Shank scenes. Delivery...investment, making the words their own. 
Stunning juxtaposition. 


  1. one problem with the Franco thing is that he was either with Elizabeth or at the hospital when Kiki was killed ----- and I am pretty sure he was somewhere with the director guy was we have two issues:
    PCPD can't solve a crime (i.e. not having a guard outside Lulu's door) and the writers change history......
    I WOULD want Curtis to guard me or do whatever he wanted with me BUT I know 'Curtis' is bored just standing there....

    1. I was thinking the same exact thing Barbara! Every time someone says "you're safe now" or "we're doing the best we can " I literally laugh out loud! And Franco definitely has alibis. Watching Jordan & Chase is like watching Laurel & Hardy!!

  2. because Franco has alibis........

  3. This is just stupid. I try not to complain about gh but wth....what reason would Franco have to kill Lulu, not to mention Mary Pat, that Peyton guy and especially Kiki! I hate that the writers are going to have Ryan pen it on him. Please with the bloody shoes Ava...

  4. They worked so hard to make the idea of "reformed" Franco believable. I think his scenes with Liz and the family are some of the best on the show. Now they quickly throw that away to keep the Ryan story going? Today, Franco talking about murder and the fun he had with it brings out every reason why he should be hated, avoided, and gone. I want him away from Liz and her kids after that conversation. The writers just destroyed the remake of Franco for me.

  5. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sam and Shanky: Hmmm I shall call them Samsky! :)

    The hospital:

    Robert and Finchy: Uh no no! I don't want a scene with them!!!! I want a scene with Robert and Anna!!!!

    Ava and Chase: Ava, Chase and Jordan are not going to find the killer, because they think it's BobTodd! Even though there is no proof! Ava wins the line of the day, talking about Kiwi.

    Ava: She was a hero!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait, Dr Benchy has an alibi? What is his alibi?

    Jasam: Oh yes Sam! Shanky is a brilliant con man! You mean just like you used to be?

    Doc's office:

    Ryan and BobTodd: Oh my!!!!! Great scene!!! Is Ryan going to tape BobTodd talking? Oh wait he wrote what BobTodd said down!!! Yup! He is SO going to set him up!!!

    Lulu's room: Mama bear Laura again! Love seeing that!!! :) But she was overruled!!!! Oh Lulu! Ryan is going to hypnotize you into thinking BobTodd tried to kill you!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Jason and Krissy: Great scene!!! Love how he was telling Krissy, about Sam's past.

    Krissy and Sonny: Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Krissy, Shanky, and Sonny: Love papa bear Sonny!!!!! :)

    Kiwi's grave: Yeah some hero! She has a small headstone with now words on it! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Sonny: What the hell? No I don't want a scene with them!!!! I want a scene with Anna and Robert!

    Anna, Finchy, and Robert: ROBERT! :) Now all we need is for Anna and Robert to be alone.. Go away Finchy and go back to work.

    Cemetery: Oh some hero! Kiwi has a small tombstone with no words on it! ROFL! Great scene with BobTodd alone talking to Kiwi!!! :) Oh hi Ava! :)

    1. I want Robert and Anna back together .

    2. "lindie says I want Robert and Anna back together ."

      ME TOO!!!!!!

  6. Finally got caught up with GH and this blog. WOW! Sunday's postings were just awesome. I loved every response and agreed with them all. This whole Franco thing really pisses me off. I agree with patrix that they have worked so hard to reform Franco and now they are just throwing him under the bus. Personally I would have preferred that Ryan set up Griffin, Valentin, or shoot, even Jason. Keep Franco focused on the Aiden story. Just yuck!

    And just a side note from Sunday, I used to read Sage, too.

    1. Yeh I'm really pissed the writers are doing this! I just saw a GH preview and Ryan is in anger mode and just threw stuff off his desk. Haha! Wish someone saw. Oh and Alexis needs to talk to Laura and she needs to LISTEN!

  7. The whispering mumbler needs to stop phoning in her scenes. Period.

  8. I'm not a Franco fan but having him as the main suspect is ridiculous. Jordan and Chase are really so unprofessional and embarrassingly stupid. So tired of seeing the PCPD as idiots year after year. Couldn't watch Sam sleepwalk through the scenes with Shank. The only bright spot was at Anna's house. I used to read Sage, too!


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