Friday, February 8, 2019

Bar Fly

PCPD. Liz " I want to see my fiance... My Fiance.." Who watches Seinfelf? LOL !! 
Jordan says that Franco has "no alibis for any of the murders" which we know is FALSE-- he has alibis for at least  3 of them, we saw it. His shoes also match the shoe print? Huh? Well, whatever. Scotty wants Franco to have an MRI because of his past Tumoah history. 

Griffin and Ryan.. They are waiting to give blood. and Ryan asks where Ava is...thinks Griff would know.  He growls a bit. Later, Ryan tells Ava's picture he's going to get rid of Griffin but has to make it look like an accident because Franco's in jail. 

Alexis is getting a new "shrink" ...Dr. Burns. Why not Dr. Maddox?? I mean?? Andre? She argues with Julian BUT sits at the bar anyway, even tho.  She talks to some rando dude at the bar who turns out to be a professor. He's reading a Russian history book. Feberge Eggs perhaps?  He's "normal looking' (non-soap) and good actor. I guess he was on Starscape?? He asks her out to dinner. That's him up there in Stargate. He's older now. He asked her out. And she says she's not ready to date yet. He leaves his card for her. 
Oh, I get it he's going to be her new therapist.  YEP HE IS. 

Um..what else. Oh, Spinelli, Jason and Sonny talking about SHank. Spin says his back story 'checks out". He did go to Afghanistan. He works with a woman called "Harmony' who's helps him open new centers --one in Beecher's Corners. 

Krissy tells Sonny that she's "found her people".  Sonny says Mike's worse. They hug.  

Sam is at The Cult Club House. She wants to know "more". He shows her a photo of Jackie Templeton who he met in Central America on a 'build" . 

Franco goes to get his MRI and at GH, Ava sees him and they talk. She says she knows he didn't do it. 

END: Ryan makes an excuse to talk to Griffin. Alone. 
Jason is going to rid to Beecher's Corners to find Harmony 
Kevin takes Griffin on the roof and has a hypodermic.

Now, GH in its' STUPIDITY shows Griffin on a promo for MONDAY'S SHOW!! Jesus!! Talk about sloppy!!! wow. 


  1. Didn't Andre lose his license after he was arrested and sent to prison?

    I laughed when they showed Monday's previews. Way to ruin a cliff hanger.

  2. Off topic but for AMC fans there is a cast reunion on Mondays episode of Strahan and Sara (the ABC show took over the Chew I believe). I only watch cause of Michael and because both those crap shows that got AMC and OLTL got themselves canned as well! Bahahaha!!
    So check your local listings.

    1. Thanks for the info, loved AMC, already set the DVR

  3. One of my pet peeves in many medical shows is the use of 20 cc syringes to kill victims. First of all, they are much too big, with needles that are much too long. A killer could not surprise a victim with a syringe that big. Twenty cc is a lot of fluid; the rules of injection are 3 cc is maximum. No one would be surprised by 20 cc. Plus, there is never much fluid IN the syringe. It is all for looks.
    Karen, I snuck a peek at the end and saw the flub of showing Griffin in the next week's previews. Maybe Ryan is going to hypnotize Griffin to kill himself when Ryan is not around. Why not? This whole thing is so far fetched, what's one more bit of nonsense.
    I did like the scene between Ava and Franco. Those tow are such stellar actors!
    Have a good week end to all the Wubbers. Thanks for the blog, Karen.

  4. Yes that preview for Monday ruined that rooftop scene. Totally nutty. Roger and Maura were very good together. Nice chemistry.

  5. First... Absolutely ridiculous to show Griffin in the preview. Way to cliffhang for sweeps! Ryan should push whoever was responsible for that one off the roof.
    Now... I thought Ryan would kill Griffin during Franco's MRI and make it look like Franco did it. THAT would be clever. (And I would of hated it, but good idea).
    Future... I would absolutely love for Franco and Ava to figure this "killer Kevin" thing out. I believe it should end with "Kevin" about to murder Carly.... and Ava is the one to rescue her, killing what everyone assumes is psycho Kevin. Carly and Sonny having to live with the fact that Ava saved her enjoyable!
    Next Future.... Carly and Laura can figure out later that the real Kevin is alive and follow that storyline.

    Ok, thank you for giving me a space to vent. Happy weekend everyone!

  6. Sci-fi geek and soap opera lover here - just to let you know the guy at the bar/therapist (and the pix that you show) is actor Joe Flanigan, from Stargate Atlantis. He was cute, charming, and dashing on that show so looking forward to seeing what he does on GH.

  7. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis on the phone: Her new Doc is named Dr. Burn? There is an ointment for that.


    Julian: Well it's no secret that you have a lot to work through.

    Alexis: WHAT?!

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day with that WHAT line, but Ryan had to say his line and won it.

    Alexis and ????? At first I'm thinking he is a lawyer. When Alexis was talking about her getting a new therapist, I'm thinking is this guy her therapist? Oh he is asking her out. :)

    Cult house:

    Shanky and Sam: Oh boy! Krissy is all jelly!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sonny and Jason with a splash of Spinny: Soooooo much Shanky talk. Beachers Corners huh? :) Whenever there is Beachers Corners talk I always perk up!! :)

    Sonny and Krissy: Love their scene!!!!! :) Yeah I don't think Mike is going to remember Krissy. :(

    Cult house part 2:

    Sam and Shanky: OH! More of Krissy jelly!!!! :)

    Therapy room:

    Alexis and ??????: Hey there he is again! Is he Dr. Burn? Damn why did he have to have a name like that!?!?! Why writers why?!!?! Why couldn't he be named Dr. Burns?

    The hospital:

    Friz: No BobTodd!!! You did not kill Kiwi and those others! You did not try to kill Lulu!!! Your tumor is not back!!! :(

    BobTodd and Ava: YAY! She believes him!!! OH MY Ava is going to go find Ryan!


    Griffin and Ryan: Griffin giving blood? That makes no sense. He doesn't give a crap about anything right now. Oh there it is! Ryan wins the line of the day!

    Ryan: You're next!

    FREAKIN CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh he is going to push Griffin off the roof?!!?!?! Oh my is Ava going to see Ryan push Griffin off the roof!?!?!!

    The roof:

    Griffin and Ryan: HOLY CRAP!!!! He is going to push Griffin off the roof!!!! OH he is going to drug him first!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH THE SHOW IS OVER!!!!!

    Previews: Wait Griffin is alive?!?!! What happened?!!?!? I am so confused.

    "Karen says Now, GH in its' STUPIDITY shows Griffin on a promo for MONDAY'S SHOW!! Jesus!! Talk about sloppy!!! wow."

    YES!!! Very stupid!!!!! The mystery is ruined!!!! GAH! I hate when they do that!

  8. Valarie is going over to Y and R. I know some of you really like her. I couldn't like her because she slept with Dante. That made no sense to me that he would do that.

  9. Oh, I am so sad that we are losing Valerie, love her, GH should have given her a story, she is gorgeous and really good actress!

    How many months is Griffin going to walk around with a fresh cut on his forehead? How can this be? And it never was explained . . .

    So poor Griffin is dead man walking, though I guess he doesn't get pushed off of the roof . . . You know, Kevin seems like the victim here, but he is sooo responsible for all of this. What was he thinking, that Ryan could be reformed, and not telling anyone that Ryan was alive! In my profession (mental health), there is a real problem with calling everyone "sick" instead of evil. There is no cure for evil, it is ego syntonic (the person wants to be this way).

    So many people want to "forgive" evil people/deeds, when most evil people don't even ask for forgiveness. I saw a 20/20 documentary the other day on the BTK killer (remember him?), his daughter has written a book. The show details all of his grisly crimes and his unrepentant attitude. Then, at the end, his daughter says she "forgive(s) him." And that she will see him in Heaven when G-d forgives him! If BTK is going to Heaven, then I wonder who is going to Hell?

    According to Judaism, there are 3 conditions for granting forgiveness: 1) The offender asks for forgiveness; 2) they make amends, and 3) they demonstrate how they are taking steps so that they never will do these things again. This makes sense to me from a mental health standpoint also. I have patients who feel like bad people because they are told they have to forgive everyone, and they can't forgive their father who raped them, etc. For some reason, forgiveness has been made to be a burden for the victim, something else they have to do. And then we wonder why there is so much evil in the world . . .

  10. "lindie says Valarie is going over to Y and R."

    Yeah I read that over on soap central! DAMN! I really like her and wanted her with Krissy!!! This stinks. I do watch Y&R.

    "AntJoan says I saw a 20/20 documentary the other day on the BTK killer (remember him?)"

    Yup! I watched it and I remember him!!! Last night it was about the black widow! Remember her? Next Friday it's Ted Bundy. I wonder how long 20/20 are going to do these specials.

    1. Sonya, I watched the one about the black widow. 20/20 has a show every Friday night, don't know why they are concentrating on serial killers. But I do watch these shows, as psychology is my field so I try to understand these monster's minds. Plus, it would be nice to be a able to spot evil people when you come across them.

    2. "AntJoan says Sonya, I watched the one about the black widow. 20/20 has a show every Friday night, don't know why they are concentrating on serial killers."

      They don't always concentrate on serial killers.. :) They had Lorana Bobbit and her husband, and Tammy Feye and Jim Bakker.. I wonder if they are going to do the Long Island Lolita! :) I'm just waiting for that!

      "it would be nice to be a able to spot evil people when you come across them."

      Yeah it would!!!!

  11. My new crush is Alexis' new shrink. He's a DILF!!!



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