Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday Surgery: A Boilermaker, Please

Nothing says LOVE like a Kiss in the Boiler Room! 

So, another good week for the show! A lot of movement and some unexpected scenes. Great acting from so much of the cast. When GH is "on"'s "on"!!  

I just came back from Buffalo and brought you all Sponge Candy!! Do you know what that is?? If not...GOOGLE!! It's divine!! 
Oh, we are also having Boilermaker're welcome 


Wait just a married ...the guy that's in jail for literally slaughtering three people--and that's just this past year. 

Um, yeah.... too bad, so sad!! 

And...he helped kidnap Avery.. AND he played with monkeys...!!. 

CAM'S LAMENT:  Great stuff. He let Liz have it--and who can blame him? As far as he knows, people are telling him to respect the law and she goes and marries a known serial killer! Good acting from the kid here, he's stepped it right up! Glad to see him grow. On another positive note, Drew being a part of these scenes was another added bonus. Billy was present and things just flowed naturally.  Good stuff. 

WILL YOU MARRY ME? If you haven't watched this scene, do it...and if you didn't catch JL's subtle yet powerful acting, watch again. Ryan was absolutely desperate...feverish get Ava to agree to marry him. It was almost as if his life (or HER life?) depended on it.  Masterful! 

So then I threw everything off the desk, and Ava and I just....

Ewww.....Yeah, I get it... we don't need a play by play.. 

Oh, what's that? YOU might not need one but my brother dear over there sure looks interested!! 

BOILER ROOM BLITZ:  Ryan shoves KevLar in the boiler room and taunts them with his big-pants ideas. Problem is, like every TV and movie villain, he's TALKING AND NOT KILLING. Not that I want them killed but... eesh.  He's smarter than that!! Laura has to start banging on those pipes or turning off those boilers. Someone will come to fix them. 

Dude! I can't drive because I might have a seizure, geesh!! How stupid!
Wait...IS THAT YOUR DRIVER'S license photo?? Looks like
HEY! I have a brain tumor ok!!??

Oh, my god, MOM... not Niagara Falls Canada... the American side, geesh, you think CAM has a passport? He's been with his Gran his whole life and living in an attic! 

THE FALLS:  Will the kids go on their first road trip? I sure hope so! I really like the new girl, Trina. We need another girl in that mix. Glad Cam's mad and just going to leave and ditto for Josslyn. Maybe they'll get to Ripley's Believe It or Not museum. (the American side is pretty dull). 

This bloke is talkin' jibber-jabber.

Oh blimey, not only am I a twin, I was infected with a virus and maybe mind-switched so who knows how long I've been me--or she..or... oh bloody hell...

Hey, it's ok, you still remember me--and my dragon! 

VIRAL VISIONS:  So... I guess this is all about the Twin-Study with Patients X-Z and the mind experiments and the blindness. Which, I'm glad it's coming together but --will we find out who's behind it all? It's not Dr. Whoever in the bed, is it? Because, that would be disappointing. ALL of us are waiting for the shoe to drop that Peter is really Alex's kid and not Anna's. She's go the wrong memories in that brain of her's! That doctor is lying, I know it!! 

We're just sittin' on the dock of the bay...

Watching for the Dawn of Day...
Oh my lord do we have to stay?
Do the writers think we're cray? 

DAWN OF THE DEAD: HAHA. Sorry, but whenever I hear Dawn of Day, I think this!! Sam is trying to figure out what is up with Shank. There's an overdose to investigate. Some tall lady in Beecher's Corners and....a lighthouse. Was he going to roofie Sam and let her have some mind-bending experience when she watched the sunset (and I'm not thinking sex, I'm thinking hallucinagetics)...??? I guess we'll never know since St. Jaysus was falling all over the place blind.

Speaking of blind... um... BLOOP! Drew goes down just as he's getting out of the parking lot and plows into Jordan! We all wondered when --and which of those two would go blind, and now we know! 

Well, my life sucks.  First I had to plead guilty... the Elizabeth threw her wedding rings at me and now I have to eat this food for god knows how long! 

FRANCO IN FERNCLIFF:  The trial was juicy and jaw-dropping. Not because he plead guilty (we all knew he would) but how Lulu, Liz and Ava reacted. Liz got angry and tossed her rings. (Franco tenderly picked them up and I cried!) Ava was shell-shocked and Lulu just sat there open mouthed. She couldn't grasp the fact he'd said that. It was almost as if she only believed he did it when he was denying it. That way she could be angry and have no time to think. Then, she has a flash back and realizes maybe it's not what it seems! Squee!! 
I'm not going to talk about how stupid Jordan's plan is...but it is WAY stupid. Makes no sense and there's no way Scotty wouldn't know. I'm glad Curtis does because if she's not going to make it, we can't have Franco painting pictures of baskets for his entire life. 

Oh, Julian, is that you? I didn't recognize you without your flannel! 


Oscar didn't get his license (good move) but the kids want a road trip anyway.
JaSam enjoy the docks...and SHank takes her to some lighthouse to watch the sunrise
Anna figures out the Twin-Study is connected to Dr. Maddox and the mind-switching experiments
Both Jason and Drew go blind at the same time
Carly's pregnant and thinks it's a 'gift'....Sonny's not so sure
Franco pleads guilty to help find out who the real killer is. Liz is at first upset but decides to think the best of him. She also screams in a car. 
Cameron tells his mom she's a dumb-ass for marrying Franco
Ryan traps KevLar in the boiler room at Ferncliff. Ava agrees to marry him. 
Maxie got DNA samples to find out if Sasha is really Nina's daughter. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK; I'm giving it up for Roger, who's expressions in the courtroom were just gut-wrenching. Loved them all...especially when he picked up Liz's rings. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Jordan..about to meet Drew's bumper! 

PROPS OF THE WEEK: I used to have a photo of the giant ring box GH that held all the guys/gals jewels. I really love looking at them. Liz tossed her's off and I did notice she had three rings. I've only seen this if it was a 'snap' set where the diamond is enclosed with 2 bands from the outside. But Who cares, love them and loved the way they were used this week. TOTAL  DRAMA DIAMONDS! 

That's a wrap, folks! Back to work for me tomorrow. My cold is still hanging on--it's just a mess. It's the end of the month as well. Here's hoping I can keep up with the show. For those of you with Hulu, did you know GH posts at 8pm/est and is commercial free? When my DVR didn't tape it for some reason, I could watch that night. 


  1. Hi Karen-Both of my sons went to University @ Buffalo & whenever we brought them up to school, we stopped & got tons of sponge candy. A co-worker from Buffalo introduced us to this delicious treat.
    Have a good week back @ work& feel better. As always,thanks for a great Sunday Surgery. ♥️

  2. I watch on Hulu since I work most evenings and I still have commercials. Oh well, I'm just glad I get to see it. It was a great week too!

  3. OMG, Karen, those captions were hilarious. But this was my favourite....

    "Oh, my god, MOM... not Niagara Falls Canada... the American side, geesh, you think CAM has a passport? He's been with his Gran his whole life and living in an attic!"

    It had me in hysterics.

    Fantastic Sunday surgery. Thanks so much. You are such a talent!

  4. It was a good week for GH. Your comments always put the cherry on top! Finally a twist or two on a Friday show. It may be interesting now that the two big story lines are connected. The twin thing and the serial killer thing. If these are wrapped up there isn't much left. Michael's baby thing still out there. We shall see. Thank you and enjoy your Sunday all.

  5. are we ever going to show when Alexis went blind and and is she still blind wherever she is???
    at least we NOW KNOW that Anna did NOT sleep with Faison!!!!!!!!!!

  6. di you need a passport now to go to canada? asking for a friend...

    i went to the falls in canada years ago. (80s?) have thing changed? maybe because of 9/11. im too lazy to look it up.oh well.

    ps. we miss Dave. bring Dave back. ha ha ha

    1. If you have an enhanced NYS driver's license you can use that instead of a passport . I do the license because it's cheaper

  7. Dave, you need one now, you didn't when I was growing up in Buffalo.

    I don't think we know for sure that Hiney is Alex's. . . .

  8. Love sponge candy!! I know it as honeycomb candy and not the chocolate covered but pure,melt in your mouth yumminess! So good! Haven't seen it anywhere for years but now I'll have to try & find some. I didn't think the whole wk was good but for me Franco & Liz and Laura finally together with Kevin was nice. And Friday was one of the best wknd shock & Wthell cliffhangers in a while so it wasn't too bad. Laura's concern for Ava was really touching. I've been thinking about all the stuff Ava is going to go through when she finds out about Ryan. It's nice to be excited about Mondays show again! Thanks for all the time you take put of your very busy life to do this Karen! Especially this wk being so sick and everything. Have a blessed day all!

    1. Hey gracegirl, try Amazon for that candy you speak of. You can find anything on there. My mom is Amazon queen and found these certain chips they had at her work and when she retired she couldn't find them anywhere else....except Amazon. Do a search.

    2. Hello Ms Michelle! Why didn't I think of that!!? Thank you! And of course you were right and I have already placed my order!! Thanks again! Take care!

    3. Yeah that's awesome!!!! My sister is always my Amazon finder, if I can't she sure can. Haha!! Hope you enjoy! 😁

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. great SS Karen and LOLOL for "sitting on the dock of the bay"

  11. All I have to add is that I, too, placed my order for that damn candy. And I did love Laura and Kevin - time to start banging on those pipes!

  12. Sunday Surgery was a hoot, thanks as always!! I really enjoyed Friday, between men going blind and Laura and Kevin I was pretty happy. If we didn't need Jordan to clear Franco, I would have told Drew to Step On It! HA!

    1. Haha Julie!!!! I am so stoked for today! I follow @generalhospitalabc Instagram and their video today makes me want to watch NOW! LOL!

    2. I have a repeat listed for today.

    3. Weird, watch anyways if you can. Or catch on Hulu. Looks like it's going to be good!

  13. I have a record set for both ABC and City tv so if there's a new one, I'll get it. Thanks for letting me know as my settings only pick up new ones and both stations say it's a repeat.

    1. Oh wow, weird! I'm so glad I'm off today to watch live and I swear if Trump interrupts it I'm gonna reach into my tv and pull that hair of his and slap him silly!

    2. Well it wasn't Trump. On ABC here it was a Florida Police Press Conference On the Prostitution Sting And Robert Kraft Charges because no one could wait until the news at 5 to hear that. How would we have lasted through the agony of not knowing. * insert huge eye roll here*

    3. I hear ya! It's always something!

  14. I forgot about the phone that only connected to Jordon--and of course Franco had to turn in everything at Ferncliff.

    When is someone going to remember that 'Kevin' passed out trying to kill Lulu and went blind? Does the test or virus work on dead twin? So if not, wouldn't someone guess that Ryan isn't dead? I'm wondering how this ties into Drew and Jason losing time--was this the memory switch they had? There was a time Alex pretended to be Anna about a year ago, would that tie in? Did they flip? I can't recall the plot well enough to know why Alex did that. But, surely someone will remember that Ryan went blind and had to have the same surgery...and that someone will ask the Old Dr if the virus applies to dead twin.

    So good to see Laura and Kevin finally together. I hope they get out soon!
    If Ryan kills Franco while Franco is locked up, wouldn't that say he was not the killer?? Is Ryan that angry to forget to be smart? (If we Lost Roger, I think I would think about giving up the show! Well maybe not, but I'd sure be upset. One of my all time favorite soap actors.)

    This show just gets better and better...although I'm not much intrigues by Shylo or Dawn of Day. At all. Part of it is because I cannot hear much of What Sam says--she seems to whisper in a monotone.


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