Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloweenie On the Soaps! GH WAS awesome today!

GREG VAUGHAN on instructor perhaps?!! Did you all know he played "Cliff" on the first 90210?? I had no clue. People on Twitter told me he was a fireman in one of the last seasons and dated Donna. He died though, so this is a new character. I don't watch that show. I will while GV is on though.

AMC was fun today just to see the costumes. Crystal belted David too. Annie and Scott made out in the elevator and Zach et all are driving poor Adam crazy! I was NOT HAPPY with that today. wahhh

OLTL: Nora BO! Make out o'rama!! woot! About time.
I am in LOVE with Destiny and David...they are so fun together! The new "Rex and Bo" kinda. Dorian/David flashbacks. Awww. FUN, Fun!
BTW, the ratings were: AMC, GH and OLTL at the bottom. We must WATCH. I still say they are fixed. ABC wants to dump OLTL and make the AMC move look profitable so they rigged the Neilson's somehow.
Bring Kevin back for good! Ditto Andrew and I wish Addie were around for the gay wedding! Where is she?
Fish's face with Kyle...awww, I love these two!! Fish just makes it so heartbreaking.
LOVE Roxy...she's so fun.
Hey, that weird lady that was Heidi Klum is one of the protesters!! OH! Mrs. Burns...I love her too!! LOL
I notice I use the word LOVE a lot when I blog about OLTL.
I think Gigi can cut veggies on her hair. Lordy.
EEE! SkiGi I love Sky--LOVE. I love Rex/Gigi..but I don't mind her with Sky because I love Scott Clifton.
The protesters: "Pervs on Parade"!! FISH IS OUT! He came OUT! hoot! His Speech was wonderful...and to know he's really gay IRL makes it even more awesome. I asked peeps if they remembered FISH on Barney Miller! I want Abe and Bernice to come on as his great-grandparents. Calling Mr. AV's publicist/agent...
BO tells Nora he loves her!
AND DAMN IT, OLTL is a wonderful show and SHOULD STICK around! THEY should be moving to LA..not AMC! So there!
GENERAL HOSPITAL: I am going to forgive the fact that they SKIPPED HALLOWEENIE again-- because it's so suspenseful.
I think I might have to do a Halloweenie WUB this weekend. Hmmmm, it's been awhile.
OMG!! Sonny was M-A-D!! Eeeeeeeeeeee! Exciting. I feel so badly for Claudia!! And Carly's face?? OMG. OH MY GAWD!
YOU HAVE TO WATCH GH today! Everyone gave performances to JUST DIE FOR! WOWwwwwwwwwwww! I have not seen GH be this good in at LEAST a decade.
I am not going to recap here because I really REALLY want you to watch it without knowing what happens. I've never done that before either! The beginning is just priceless. Every character's face...perfect!! Let me know what you think.
I am drained and it's 3:08! LOL Jax and Sonny are in the elevator together. Oh nooooooooo.....all the men out in the rain..aww. I wanted Luke there though. Ok, I 'll shut up. LOL
Even the Valet/Rental car thing was a great exchange!!
I'M GOING on the RECORD HERE: If Bob Guza wrote this, I will die. Because there is NO WAY he's writing this. NONE. It's just an ensamble piece that's brilliant.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Major GH Scoopage 10/29!!

My Florida Connection came through!

Get over to the WUBS NET for the full Claudia story!! It's going to be exciting...on top of all that, Guza says that Ethan will have a "major story" coming up with all the Spencers. He also says that JaSam is 'in it for the long haul'--and that Franco will 'change their relationship'. Lulu finds out about DOMte and remembers all. See it all on the site!

There Goes Claudia!

LOOK WUBBERS! It's ChrissyO! Helping out at iParticipate in NYC next to "Mateo" from OLTL. (She's got the ponytail). What a great cause. Read full story on SoapNet.

Dear Mean Mr. Guza: You had such potential with Ms. Z-- great mobulous couple. There was a potenial there so untapped all because you didn't think AHEAD or figure out a way to redeem her. Plus, Sarah Brown's gone again. BOO on YOU! I am not happy. I am loving the writing lately I do admit that, but I just wish this could have ended differently.

Mike is ON! Mayor Floyd is ON! Mercedes! and....Marty my fave clerk at the Metro.

I feel so sorry for Claudia...wahhhhhh. It's suspensful waiting for Sonny to say something!! OMG, Sonny's using LukeSon history and talking to all the characters we've forgotten over the years. Guza MUST be tied up in a closet somewhere!!
Man, Johnny running up the stairs...clocks ticking...eeeeeeeeee!

Jason and Sam are totally underdressed. Best dressed? Robin. LOVE her necklaces!


Greg Vaughan to 90210!!!

Daytime Confidential has the news...Greg Vaughan was signed for the New 90210 on the CW! How's that for fast!? I am so happy for him. Every GH fan wanted something good to come for that guy--and here it is. Congrats. AND I bet it's a better family friendly schedule AND he gets a better parking spot. SO there! LOL
BLOG COALITION THURS: best of the soap net!
Guiding Light and One Life to Live star Gina Tognoni dishes about her "exciting" return to One Life to Live with Daytime Confidential. (Daytime Confidential)
This week the Pine Valley Bulletin takes on the "big reveal" of Stuart's killer. *yawn* (Pine Valley Bulletin)
This week at The Scrubs Hub we have one simple question for you: What will happen next for Robin & Patrick? (Scrubs Hub)
The Serial Drama girls are longstanding Jonathan Jackson fans, but think it will take some time to adjust to him as Lucky again. No amount of time, however, will make them adjust to his beard. (Serial Drama)
Claudia's time is clearly running out of time in a big way these days in Port Charles...Sigh, if f I had a TRIGGER button on my remote control, Claudia would have been a done deal month's ago. (Soap Examiner)
Sunday Surgery finds the Wubqueen pondering the blow-ups offering clues to the Franco mystery. Could it really be all about Alkazar--AGAIN? What do you think? (Wubs)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Genie Francis Christmas CD!

Wubber Luci sent me this info after chatting with Genie in Chicago recently. I thought it would be a wonderful christmas present for any GH fan!!

Genie and her brothers have pulled together in their adult lives to create this record with the motto, "The family that sings together stays together." They agreed they wanted to make a retro style holiday record with all the familiar sounds that they enjoyed as children growing up with groups such as The Carpenters, Andy Williams and even the Partridge Family. The holiday record features rich vocal harmonies, classical guitar and beautiful orchestral arrangements of your favorite Christmas songs including Winter Wonderland, O Holy Night, a reverent rendition of Silent Night and a stunning four part a cappella version of Auld Lang Syne to end the ten song collection. "We truly hope to remind people of a simpler, happier time and we hope this record can help bring a little joy and perhaps some good memories to people everywhere thisChristmas season." says Genie

The CD,"It's Christmas Time Again" is available by digital download on i Tunes on November 1st. Look for it on November 5th.

Genie was approached by her cousin, Sister Margaret Slowick, who is the director of The Children's Mission in Cuernavaca, to help. Genie was so taken by this cause that she has decided to donate 100% of the profits from this CD to the Children's Mission in Cuernavaca, Mexico.
If you or someone you know is interested in the work of Sister Margaret or would like to sponsor a child please E-mail: for more information.
I'll put up a reminder blog about this closer to Christmas time!!

More Casting News, Spoilers For GH!

Marsha Thomason of "Lost" and "Vegas" will play a mysterious gal connected to James Franco's character says SOD. New Spoilers are up and a hilarious pic of Johnny, Jason and's like a whole Wub in itself! More and more info pours in about the whole Carly/Claud crash. Carly gives birth in a cabin, Michael is the one that comes up on the accident. Claudia obsesses.
Just a note on OLTL today: Gigi's hair. Scary. Dorian to Vicky "I'm going to be the first out gay married woman mayor in America"!! LOL. fun. I'm not liking Brody's sister. I think it's just because she's new. SHE is a shrew! I knew it!! Do you think it will be Halloweenie on GH?
TODAY'S GH: (or..JJ, day 2) JJ is playing Lucky very, very mellow. Like the old JJ. Luke's jacket was nice. LAURA mention again!!! Wow..TG was so good when he was trying to talk to Lucky about Liz. (Doggin' Liz, actually! LOL) Nice. "Sometimes DNA isn't something to be proud of"...EMMY for TG and JJ for that short yet PERFECT scene! Nothing against GV at all, mind you. I just loved that little exchange.
DOMte!! Shirtless! Shaved, wet and tatt'd. yummy.
I have such mixed emotions about this Claudia stuff. Ahhhhhhh! Just knowing SB was NOT liking the storyline at all and left makes me all sad. I really wish I could have written her character!! I WILL MISS SARAH BROWN! ClauSon should have been the UBER MOBULOUS couple!! Poor Claudia, all happy...sniff.

Michael makes me chuckle in his Harry Potter uniform!
LOVED JAX/SONNY....LOVED NIK/LUCKY! classic Jax/Sonny bitch fest!! Ingo and Mo could probably do it with their eyes closed.
OH, AND NOTE TO SAM: You can get all po'd at Claud but we do remember YOUR PAST too. Just sayin'.
Becky Herbst is just all kinds of gorgeous.
Other stuff: I'd totally go for a OlClaud romance. Heh. I'm weird like that.
JASON!! EEE!!! OMG!! He hears the truth!!
Yeah to see AZ! They kept the spoilers on that deal at a minimum, even scoopsters didn't mention the hit on Sonny/Jason. Just that Joey took Johnny and Anthony had a plan. I like the tension! I like not knowing every dang tiny thing that's going to happen...LOL and I run a website! It's more fun this way. Now, with the writing not giving me hives, I can enjoy the show. and I AM ENJOYING THE SHOW!!!!!
No Halloweenie on GH. Yet?
Nice article about Maurice and his film "Confessions"...pic too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Natalia Livingston to Leave GH--again!!

Poor Natalia...knocked off as Emily during the horrificly written Bland and White ball (misspelling intentional) NOW is leaving again after coming back as the horrificly written Rebecca.

This afternoon, SID tweeted she was leaving. Will "Ethan" be far behind. Now that TG's Fave Jonathan Jackson is back, who knows! Details are coming, nothing on when her last airdate is or anything.

Jonathan Jackson Returns to General's here!

OLTL today: GREAT Kish stuff!! Loved it...great dialog. I felt bad for both of them. You knew they just wanted to grab each other and GIVE IN!
Could have lived without the Leyla and Christian. Not my faves.

The "DreamOMeter" about the dual stories is ok, but AMC just did it with Kendyl and Zac! Dual never know what's true! oy! The whole thing was wack-ooo today.

Oh, I am SO loving Scott Clifton. I just hink he's the sheeze. Loved his singing-- he's just so fun. (gush, gush) Gigi Dreams about Rex-- Sky dreams about Gigi...sigh. I Have to say I was so excited about GH today, OLTL crawled by. Haven't said THAT in ages!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: TODAY'S THE DAY! I was all giddy like a school girl. OMG!! Like bad giddy. It was kinda fun.

OMG, no new opening today. GV is still in there! LOL...:) I guess they are saving it for November sweeps. Whatever. It's hysterical they still have that ancient opening. I hope Max/Diane are in there.

JJ is so different than GV! It's weird, freaky! Anyone else feel it? I swear Becky was even talking all fast/flustered! Oh, for pete sake, they did a fantasy thing with Niz...just like AMC and OLTL today. Good Lord. It was priceless seeing TG swoon over "Cowboy" today! heh Luke seeing Nik looking at Liz...AWESOME soapy moment!
Oh, run to the muscled tattoo'd prince who does you against the wall. hmmm, how skank like. But I TOTALLY get it. How are they going to get out of this mess? AND LUKE walks in on the Niz MAKEOUT FEST!! Those pesky docks!
Lucky calls Laura!!!! I'm tellin' you she's coming back on sometime!! He sends her pictures, chats on the phone with her. GENIE get back!
Johnny was so good today!! I loved the dialog--the whole "sister" thing. "There's no way to save her" Nice scene.

Writers, thank you for getting back to the FAMILY issues on this show.

Sam to Jason "SO, get a plane to wherever they are and Kill her yourself"...!!

SO, DOMte is in the middle of the DOCKS flashing his badge. LOL. Lulu sees him. DOH! Lulu did a great job of acting drugged. Awesome actually. I think it was some kind of acid. Just SAYIN' LOVE DANaLU! They are so cute together!! Finally a good chem match for JMB! He says "You'll thank me in the morning" and She says "You'll thank me tonight"..heh.

GOOD show today!

HEY, not for nothing but having Charlie Brown RAPPIN' and saying "Word" for the Pumpkin commerical is just all sorts of wrong!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

"get more insurance"...GH today

I don't know who's taking over the story "flow" but it's gotten SO much better. All the episodes have been really good lately. I'm diggin' it!

MIKE! COLEMAN! KATE/CONNIE! And A Marty Mention from Carly. Not bad. Krissy even called Mike "Grandpa"!!

I am still not liking the whole Claudia thing, they should have left it alone. Had Jerry Jacks and Ian do it all. ClauSon is such a good mobular power couple. Just when GH is getting good, I know I'm not going to like all the dang ANGST and violence coming up. Loved the suggestion they have Kristina over to learn how to cook!

Jonathan Jackson is coming tomorrow. I have to mention that his people really did us a great favor by having him sign a hat for the AIDS Walk auction. That was really nice, and they did it in record time! News is out that Greg Vaughan is up for a part on the that may work out really well for him too. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Speaking of "the first Lucky" are Liason people feeling about this? It's gotta be scary!!
Scrubs...nice too! Like the idea of them "in on the secret" of all of this. Maybe Robin needs to start working in the morgue, Dr "G" style, then she could be total CSI.
Like the Johnny/DOMte relationship! Although that "garage" Johnny works in cracks me up. LOL

Sunday, October 25, 2009

sunday surgery: GHH "Blows UP" Morgan Pics!

I'm sure Shirley over at GHH will forgive me if I gush about her idea to blow up the newspaper clippings in the "Mad World" montage! Take a gander! Looks like it has to do with ALKAZAR--not the whole Pauletti thing I had heard about. GENIUS idea to do that. Ergo, the code must have to do with Alkie somehow. I guess Mr. Franco also looks a tad like Mr. A. So, although the part about father/son was correct, I do think this is the way the story is going.

UPDATE: "sonnyandbrenda" on twitter had an awesome idea. Brenda clues are also in those newspapers. She had a hand in the whole Alkazar thing. There are railway maps of Europe on there (where she is now). PLUS, Vanny mentioned to her friend she wanted to come back on GH to work with James Franco! So, who knows?? BTW, will he also go after Alexis who killed THE OTHER Alkazar? hmmmmm.
Many charity events this weekend both on the West and East Coasts. Daytime/ABC cast members helped refurbish schools. Wubber Chrissy said she had a blast in NYC with members of OLTL. I will have pics from both coasts by tomorrow I hope. It amazes me the charity involvement in the soap community--very cool.

Bradford Anderson had an event in Atlanta yesterday and gave out roses to the people that attended!
Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) is looking for a Halloween costume. I told her to go as a Wii Fit! :) how fun is that!? Did you know she was in the movie "Crossing Over" with Harrison Ford and Ashley Judd? Catch it on DVD!
GREAT Spoilers for next week will involve Claudia and Joey Limbo tangle, Johnny tries to save his sister and Liz tries, but fails to sleep with Lucky. (guilt?) Sonny will have a nasty toast for Claudia at her party. Guess who finally ends Claudia's life? Kind of like an EYE for an EYE....if you do get on the spoiler site, please just hit a sponsor or two. I'd appreciate it!
****** NEW ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY***** Lists "CougarTown" on their Mist List as #1 to Watch--and mentions "Scene Stealer" Carolyn Hennsey!
PS. Shilo the "Mermaid Girl" lost her battle and has died. She was one of my most favorite people. Anyone that saw the docs on her fell in love with her spirit. I feel so badly for her parents.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Real Life Soap: AMC Move? Hella Mess...

You know me...I usually report only on the news of GH but this is too good to resist. I heard from not one...not two...but FOUR peeps from the "Back-wings" of AMC about the whole move to LA and let me tell you, it's not pretty. "Logistical Nightmare" is what one is saying.

Although some sets are being rebuilt at the old Night Shift set, there's a huge amount of wardrobe, props and just plain 'STUFF' not to mention offices/personnel loadin' up and movin on across 3,000 miles.

BUT it's been done before you say! Look at Ugly Betty! Yeah, they have months of hiatus...AMC has ZERO. I believe we shall see shrinking and shrinking sets, movement and block taping. Even when the actors make the final move, many are communting so the blocking will continue.

Mood on the set? Can you guess? It's setting in that schools will change (if actually moving) for kiddies, real estate isn't too pretty and some of the cast ISN'T making the transition. Of course, Budig is coming back as Greenlee and Kelly R and Mark are doing a Hailey/Mateo cameo.

You know my idea? Do a "reality" thing about moving the show. Behind the scenes of the LA transition. (listening SoapNet?) I'd totally watch it, it would be fascinating. Actually, if you think about it, MUCH better than the stories have been lately. I DON'T CARE WHO KILLED STUART. No one does. I also hope I get some stories to tell from time to time on the whole deal. I'll share if I do!

This is leading into RATINGS for last week. Can you believe that AMC beat both GH and OLTL? Hmmmmmmmm. Funny that. I think they have a bunch of Neilson Boxers on payroll at ABC. That link is to "We Love Soaps"--I like it because they include ALL soaps, even primetime ones! It's fun to take a gander at the whole genre. (who knew "Glee" was a soap!?)

Have a great one. Maybe the Wubqueen will go to the AMC studio herself and hand-cam the whole thing. What do you think!?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Steven Lars coming BACK TO GH!

In the Land of..."Uh, Okay, didn't see that coming"...TV Guide Magazine has an exclusive saying Scott Reeves is coming on GH to play Steven Lars Webber. Son of Jeff. Excerpt:

Look who’s putting on scrubs! Soap fave Scott Reeves is joining ABC’s General Hospital as the new Steven Lars Webber. The character, last played by Shaun Benson in 2005, will arrive in December as the hospital’s new chief of staff and be thrown into a storyline involving his half-sister Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and the two men in her life, Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). The gig is considered recurring at the moment, which is fine with Reeves. The actor and country music artist, who spent 10 years as Ryan McNeil on The Young and the Restless, will commute to the L.A.-based GH from his home in Nashville.
BTW, he's friends with Steve Burton.
Great..Liz has her bro GET GENIE will ya!?
GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: God, they sprang for extas at the Haunted Star AND "Puerto Rico"!! Where's all the dough comin' from?

I'm tired of the Michael Memory Parade already. Got it. MOVE ON.

Liked Rebeicly's dress today. Nice color. Good to see Tracy around.
Seems that the Graffiti thing was all the Google rage yesterday. "CO77x" or I think it means Colt '77 Xtra Strong. ;) heh.
Carly/Olivia looked a LOT alike today in those dresses.
I think that Sonny needs to start fessin' up to his "Product" we know it's not guns or drugs. THEY HATE DRUGS! I'm guessing ciggs or..hmmm. Designer handbag knockoffs? Maybe they sell all that stuff you see in NYC that's fake!

Thursday Soap Opera Blog Colalition Extravaganza!

Yes, it's that time again! Take a gander of the best of the net soapy-blog wise!! It's fun to see what everyone else is saying out there.

Here's an article about Sebastian Roche joining "Fringe" --with no mention of his GH stint.

Also, Bradford Anderson will be in the ATLANTA AREA this Saturday! Catch him at the Punchline Comedy Club at 3pm. It promises to be fun, and intimate. I'd totally go if it were closer!!

OMG!! The 2010 People's Choice Awards ballot is up and it is by the public's vote as to who gets nominated. How cool would it be to see our own Carolyn on that list for Fave Actress for Television Comedy? If you go to the following link, you can write Carolyn's name in and hopefully we will be able to get enough votes in to get Carolyn on the nominee list. People's Choice Awards. Let's GO! We daytime peeps are thousands strong!!


Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens interviews The Young and the Restless star Wilson Bethel. They talk about his role as Ryder, working with Sean Kanan and Greg Rikaart and Generation Kill. (Daytime Confidential)

Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson's General Hospital Scrubs Team raised $44,878.10 and walked for AIDS Walk LA last weekend, and are currently in top positions individually and as a team. Check out the great pictures from the event! (Scrubs Hub)

Elizabeth Webber's polka dot cardigan has been the sole highlight of GH this week, which has led the Serial Drama girls to wonder if the show should change its name to "Stupid people doing terrible things in an uninteresting fashion." (Serial Drama)

The extended dragged out "Stu-Murder" mystery is driving me up a wall. On top of all of this, the totally irritating promo ABC continues to run about the real murderer being revealed has been way over done and frankly, it's turning my hair gray. (Soap Opera Examiner)

Great weekend for Wubs! AIDS Walk LA, scoops, tweets and news are all up in the Sunday surgery. (Wubs)

See you later...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear ABC Daytime: Buy Some Dang Class, Will Ya?

Brandon Barash, Lexi Ainsworth and Lisa LoCicero at POZ' "LoveOutLoud" more pictures on Lisa LoCiceroFanSpace Facebook.

Anyone else seen the promo for JJ coming back? I want to say I'm a HUGE JJ fan, and I never thought he should have been recast in the first place. But he was. The promo is all "Lucky's back...Elizabeth's first love"....they show the door bell...she opens the door JJ says "remember me"?
Sorry, this is just cheap and disses Greg Vaughan's Lucky. There was NO reason for it. You could have said "Jonathan Jackson returns" and showed an old clip. Kind of like the press release saying GV "left on his own to do films" when we all know he was fired. Even IF it hadn't had been tweeted by him, we fans know he has a baby and another on the way. When oh WHEN are the networks going to learn how loyal we all are? Treat people well. That's all I'm saying.
BTW, you also need to remember that many newer fans don't even REMEMBER JJ as Lucky. Greg was Lucky to them!

Today's GH: Sonny talks all Spanish. :thud: He's still swoon-worthy. They so missed the boat on ClauSon. Like I said, power couple. Start out hating each other..then passion. But NO, write it so she orders the hit that gets Michael shot. What a waste! I'm diggin' them doing this meeting together! Claudia's 1975 inspired bathing suit? Groovy. And the red dress? Woot!
I also really love CarJax. I know they can't be "happy-happy" forever but right now, I loves it.

Max/Diane!! Carolyn Hennesy looks faboosh with her new hair (all CougarTown). I think She and Jane Elliot would do some great stuff together, don't you? Loved the whole Sausage Talk! :)

DOMte would never stand outside talking to someone saying "I'm a cop"..they so need to write this part of the show better.
I am already sick of that dang Dove "Do your ears hang low" commercial!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

General Hosptial Today: Laura Mention!


OMG, today's show steeped in nostalgia!

Leslie takes a pic for Laura! Audrey and Bobbie are on! Luke and Tracy are talking about how stupid the whole party is. Heh "Since we're all together for the first time in forever" Luke you GOT it! LUKE's been talking to Laura in France and told her all about Ethan. More airtime than the Spencer Clan's had since 1999. How much is Liz really "Laura"..Nik is "Stefan" and Lucky is Luke. And they were on a PARAPET today!! smelling feta!

Helena bantering with Nikolas!! woot! "Lucky has a streak of honor and decency that I couldn't even burn out of him"! She's snobby to Rebecca. Oh HELENA you are the best!

Patrick and Jax have a nice just "chatting" scene. GREAT STUFF. That's what we need!! Just talkin', hanging out in the hospital like naturally. Poor Jax--he's in a heap o' trouble when Carly finds out about all his sheezbot lying. Even IF it was to "save" her from labor.

Love JoLivia Sex. Thank you writers for running with this chemistry!! Don't screw it up by making she and Sonny drift together when the DOMte reveal comes. OK?

JaSam in saviour mode. They are going for Mr/Mrs Smith big time. I do really like the writing for them this time around. It could be adventure fun. Jason has talked more in the past 2 weeks than the past two years!

Didn't like those giant things in with Keifer's flowers. eek.

Michael and Kristina: That was a good scene too. "Did he take you home?" got it dude.
Writers: I think the newbies that are on board are doing a FAB job. Really and I haven't thought that in a LONG LONG LOOOOONG time. It's awesome and I'm looking forward to watching GH everyday again.
LEXI AINSWORTH (kristina) is on Twitter ...her name is @_lexiainsworth you must have the "_" in front or it's the fake one!!

Clues, Clues Lookie Who's!

Oh, things are starting to come in about the whole "wall of death" we saw yesterday! Early stages yet so just for WUBBERS, comes clues on the Wubs Net! I do believe it's not only going to provide a story for a newbie, but it just might bring father/son together in a unique way. Also: If you have it on DVR, look at the bearded guy in the upper rt hand corner of the photo montage at the end.

General Hospital Stars Read Hospital Classics! See that pic of Becky on the right of the blog? She was at a Children's "Speakaboo" event with other GH stars. Now, their readings are available on audio books for the public! What a fun Christmas Gift for the GH fan with little kids!

Rumors on Claudia's exit are RAMPANT. I do know that alternate endings were shot. THAT'S RIGHT....there are different endings out there. Just sayin'. So, even if you see something, it might not be true. Which, even as a scoops maven, I Love. LOVE surprises!!

With the mobular story heating up, Carly ready to pop and the Baddest Cassadine Ever coming, I'm hoping that the end of 2009 is great for GH. :praying to soapgoddess:

Here's hoping we see a bit more of Leslie, Bobbie and Audrey today. Did you blink and miss them in the party? I didn't even SEE Bobbie! LOL.

See you on Twitter and at 4ish.

Monday, October 19, 2009

GREAT Greg Vaughan Interview up with Michael Fairman

It's awesome...and long. Read it on Michael's page. Greg is VERY honest as you can see: (he also gives big props to all his fans!)

Do you feel like you even had the opportunity to make Lucky your own?

I think in everything I was given I tried to bring a realness, and was accepted. So many people were voicing their opinions, and it says they embraced me more as Lucky being the man, instead of the child. You know what? With the utmost respect to Jonathan Jackson, and he is a great actor, but I would never have seen this day coming. He has a family he has to take care of too. Now I am on the outside looking in. I don’t have a paycheck anymore. Now I’ve got to go figure out what I’ve got to do to feed my family.

Monday, Still Giddy over AIDS Walk photos!

How fun is it that the Wubs Lobster got to go on the walk with Kim/Jason? She'll be a famous Wubber soon!!

#AMC: OMG, does Scott make the WORST drunk ever? How bad can that get? eesh. I am so over Annie...So over Stuart's shooting. Maybe Scott did it. That would be the only "surprise". Was he drunk that night?

#OLTL: "The Born Identity" I love their titles!! Vicky's hair looked terrible. (the important things first!!) I missed thurs/fri and didn't know the kid was Ross' not Todd's? Or er..Ross THINKS he's the daddy but it's really Todd's. And the lawyer is his brother? Well, I don't think that lawyer guy is a good actor. :/ I'm glad Carlotta and Tea talked. I like the NuCarlotta. A LOT! Natalie, buy a clue. OMG, you know what I saw? CLUE that's a take off of "The Office"! (See Photo)

I really love Nathan Fillion. Just thought I'd get that in there.
#GH: Want to see the new Lisa chick coming to Port Charles?? Told you she would be...she's an Ex's of Patricks. (that's who Louise was talking about) I guess Scrubs needs some angst! Julie Mond will play Patrick’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Niles beginning November 18.
More dates from
McKinley Freeman will begin playing the recurring role of detective Roy Williams on October 29. * Barbara Tarbuck reprises her role of Jax’s mom, Jane Jacks, on November 9.
Constance Towers takes Helena out of town on October 20, but is set to return, “sooner, rather than later.
JJ's first air date as Lucky will be on October 27.
Jordi Caballero will play a Puerto Rico nightclub owner named Mo on October 21 and 22.
Olivia almost gets the DOMte thing out..and, nothing. Oh, Claudia, why did they write this for you!? ughhhhhhhh. HATE.
Helena is in her glory hanging out in her hospital bed, holding "Court"!! Loves it. CT needs to be on all the time. I love that she knows all about Ethan! heh. "Helena 101" says Lucky, that's about it. Tracy and Helena....heaven!! Tracy tells Luke to "go get a stake" at the store. Heh. I'm glad they remembered that Helena/Tracy worked together at one point. Did you see Luke's jama-bracelets? goodness. Luke calls Hells "My Lethal Flower"!
Why the hell is Michael all standing up for Claudia?
So, Olivia goes to visit Anthony Z-- interesting. I saw the media net pics and read the spoilers but couldn't wait to see LiLo and BW together. Love that he knows about Johnny and she. heh. "You're a little long in the tooth for him, but you're HOT"...LOL

Oh, now they are going to have another 'name'...
Denise was Leslie (like Leslie Carleston)
Connie is Connie (Megan Ward)
Becky is Rebecca (Natalia Livingston)
Lisa is Lisa (newbie girl)
I didn't count Laura Wright because she came way after Genie.

Graffiti was "CO77X" on the wall. I am liking DOMaLu!
Leslie and Audrey at L&L2's engagement party...I tweeted last night that Leslie was going to be on as well.
Genie Francis is due at the Anaheim Comic Convention in April 2010! (maybe because she'll be back on GH and living in LA!!?
NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Go take a gander, hit an ad and feel the WUB@@!! We'll have a "Puerto Rico" set soon. Heh, I'm guessing lots of pineapples?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alberta The WUBS Lobster at the LA Aids Walk!

That's right! Here's Alberta, getting ready to do the LA Aids Walk! Karla reports that she walked with Sonya Eddie (Epiphany) and SCRUBS also! Everyone loved Alberta. How fun is that?? More pics to come.... Thanks to all that helped raise money for the walk!!
That pic up there is Karla walking with Finola, Kimberly and Jason Thompson!! Woot! Note the Tshirt!!

Sunday Surgery--AIDS WALK LA!

Gwaddie and husband Paul are on their way to the LA AIDS walk today! They are Team ScrubsWubs and are walking with Kim and Jason (Scrubs). With your help and many GH stars, they raised $1500 for the cause! You can still donate on the ScrubsWubs Walk Page. Alberta, the WUBS Lobster mascot will be going as well!! yippee! Hopefully, we'll get pics today from the locale!

Other news, Greg Vaughan has landed an indie flick! This is a great article/interview Greg in Hollywood.
As you all know, soap fans are as loyal as they come. We'll f ollow him anywhere!

Some rumors: Helena gets sent away to "recoop"... Claudia leaves some damaging evidence behind regarrding DOMte-- and the growing threat of Valinten make enemies come together to fight the fright!

ALERT: Kelly Monaco (Sam) is NOT ON TWITTER! I promise. If she ever does get on, I'm sure Steve B or NLG will let us know. Neither is Laura Wright. An account popped up for her this weekend. Her Official Face Book page says NO!! When real stars get on, usually one of their cast members will validate then the mags or sites RT it. If it happens, I will let you know.

Nice DonALu pic for fans: Album

NEWS: Daytime Confidential reports that Hailey and Mateo are returning to AMC for their 40th anniversary! I so remember the first day of AMC! Watched it in Andolina's basement. We thought Tara and Phil were "IT"!! squeeeee Hey, did you notice the Daytime Confidential widget on the side of the blog? It has all the headlines that are newest and most fun!

Take care! Scoops up later. I know I keep promising them, I just don't know if what I have in email are true or rumors. There's a lot of sheezbot around, especially with JJ back, Claud leaving (different endings shot so know one knows which they'll use) and the whole Valentine push back.
have a great Sunday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

GWaddie Visits Love Out Loud Event --GHers!

GHer's: Matt Borlenghi (Coming on as Cassadine)
Lexi Ainsworth
Greg Vaughan
Brandon Barash &Lisa LoCicero
Amanda Baker (Mischa)
NS--Adam Grimes
NS--Carrie Southworth
GH'ers past, present and future showed up at h.wood last night to show support for POZ Magazine and AIDS Walk LA. Greg Vaughan looked relaxed and enjoyed catching up with Lisa LoCicero. His wife was unable to make it.Lexi arrived from the studio, very poised and friendly. She's hoping to test out of one more subject in school and then start community college classes. Lexi does NOT have a twitter account, Taylor Spreitler (DOOL) was encouraging her to get one asap! Matt, very friendly and easy on the eyes. A humorous moment, I introduced Lexi to her "Uncle", explaining that Matt was slated to come on the show as a Cassadine. Brandon and Lisa arrived together. I was in swoon mode, and totally did not notice Lisa! I was on Lisa watch forever, until someone pointed out that she WAS there. My bad. Brandon and Lisa signed our tote donate for a chance to win it!!

fun facts:
Brandon and Lisa both love Bruce Weitz
Lisa does a great imitation of Lisa being Olivia
Brandon has definite favorites in sports teams (a definite USC Trojan fan/alum)
When they each got their phone call about Jolivia one night stand it was a "whaaa ?"
They are both passionate about the upcoming Habitat for Humanity project
Lisa spreads the charity love around--so many worthy causes
Lisa enjoyed filming the scene where Oliva and Claudia duke it out in Johnny's hospital room
Lisa originally auditioned for Kate, but tptb called her back specifically for Olivia
They agreed that Maurice Bernard can be friendly Mo, but all it takes is the word ACTION for Sonny to come out
GH is shooting post-Claudia scenes and the fall out from her exit off canvas
They both feared coming across uber cheesy in the scenes after karaoke
Brandon's headed to WV for a public appearance
They just finished a quick shoot for a February promo
NEXT up for GWaddie and Hubby Paul? AIDS WALK LA--this Sunday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Soap Blog Coalition!

It's Thursday so take a minute to surf the net and read some good stuff from your fave Soap Sites!

One Life to Live's Ilene Kristen is a Jane of all trades. Check out an interview with the talented actress at Daytime Confidential. (Daytime Confidential)

Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson had personal appearances in New York City last weekend and we've got an exclusive library of photos from the Brokerage event! (Scrubs Hub)

The Serial Drama girls learned the hard way that watching current episodes of All My Children will make you hate your favorite characters, the writing staff, your television set and your immune system. (Serial Drama)

There is something to be said for older characters on the who bring so much wisdom to various storylines on the soaps. As the World Turns does this well and nowhere was it more evident today when Lucinda and Emma tried to reach their daughters regarding their love lives. (Soap Opera Examiner)

Here is something more rare than Monica's screen time on GH: The wubqueen actually really REALLY enjoyed a show. Check it out and get your "Lukealikes" on! (Wubs)

No blog about soaps today as I was in a fabu seminar about Dementia...simply amazing. Usually I have a migraine by the end of my workshops, this just flew by. Are OLTL and GH worth the DVR watch today? Let me know!! Tomorrow I am also out because I'm driving southbound to my hometown. Think you'll recover from my NOT being here to lighten your life? Heh. I guess I'll have to write a catch-up blog on Sunday! I WILL Have some fall spoilers up probably tomorrow am. I'll put a note in here so you'll see it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Look at Sarah Brown on B&B

And she's a blonde!! WOOT! Which I love. I am sending this out to all her GH fans so they'll tune in to watch her on B&B--and send some FAN SNAIL Mail to her!! Check out Sarah's Web Site for details. I think she's on the B&B starting November 8th. BTW, she's not wearing BLACK! LOL

Oh, Kristina, Kristina, Kristina....

Connie and Jack Gavin out on the town for the LA Opening of the Philharmonic. (Oct 8th) Don't they look dazzling?!

There's Kristina fallin' for the OLDEST line in the book..'It will be ok'...oh, sweetie.

Anyone see Bubble Lamp's cousin in their room? CrystalCube! Gotta keep an eye on the props, people. They will serve you well on a boring day. I'm sick of condom wrapper noise on soaps. I know we have to have the message of "protected sex" and all that but man, I miss the swingin' '70's.
Awwwwww, Kristina and Michael. Nice Bro and Sis stuff...glad they didn't "go there" with the creepy stuff. AND I'll say it: MICHAEL will look a LOT like Lucky!! I smell a teen pregnancy comin'! Alexis and Kris reminded me of the Gilmore Girls! Alexis all Emily like...LOL.
Coleman and Johnny are still priceless. I am LOVING BRANDON BARASH! Here's an idea: Coleman and Johnny move in together. Frat boyz!
The DOMte reveal is going to be SO GOOD ---I swear SO GOOD! I am digging Olivia/DOMte and the whole thing. I'm a total JoLivia fan, but I want to see what happens when he finds out. eeee! DOMte is preaching our COP is the good guy stuff! I think Guza read SoapZone, Daytime Confidential this blog et al..right?
Of course they are making me like Claud even more. Sarah deserves such kudos for making her sympathetic. Although creepy with the "I love you, you love me" junk.
OMG, guess who TWEETED me yesterday?? Scott Clifton!! :twirling: He said he got my message of cyber-fan love!! Little does he know I'm the great and powerful Wubqueen. heh. I just love that guy--he's so "Ryan Reynolds"
My pal Frank found this picture of BJ Jones all grow'd up! Her name is Brighton Hertford (sounds so soapy!). She's the one in the blue blouse.
THANK YOU everyone for the ScrubsWubs ad clicks and donations. We are over $1000 now! Karla and Paul are walking SUNDAY with Alberta the WUBS Lobster! I can't wait to see the pics!!

RIP CAPT. Lou Albano. "The Phone the middle of the night and father yells When you gonna LIVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT"??? sniff.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Link" and "Evan" take over the Haunted Star!!

John, Mr. Jackson if you're nasty.... :) (get it?)

OLTL today: I swear that I've waited before for Blair to remember stuff. Maybe I'm thinking of Jessica remembering the baby switch. I don't know, but I'm a bit sick of it. Scott Clifton is on today! woot! yippee! The only fun part was Fish yelling today about "Dorian's pretend Gay fiance"! I am in love with Kimmy too. Great actress.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: You know, GH comes on when I SHOULD be walking my poor bladder filled doggie. LOL.
OMG, the whole Michael's is shot flashbacks are coming again--Dylan Cash laying there. Here's hoping he gets residuals on that piece of film. Could pay for his college!
Molly is 'conducting an experiment' in Sam's hot tub. This kid could have her own show. LOL. She's a gem. 'Heathcliff/Catherine" she's such a romantic. She reminds me a bit of Diane, who should be her godmother.
Coleman with the shotgun! LOL..."I have to call Jason or Sonny or they'll have us killed"!! Fun, fun. And a good combo--that's not usually GH's style to throw different characters together so KUDOS writers. (:thud:) Coleman with Epiphany. Even some 'back banter'!!
Claudia/DOMte are creepy to me. Just creepy.
Ha! Tracy hires two guys that look like Luke and Ethan to run the Casino! "Link" and "Evan"! And the Haunted Star is PACKED with customers! :thud thud: Too funny. They must have had fun getting the "Lukealikes"! (as TG says)
Kristina snowing Alexis about her birth control pills. Oh, ALEXIS !!!! Then Molly tells her mother she walked in on "sam and jason HAVING SEX"!!! brahaha. Alexis' face is priceless. Uh, Molly they were kissing!!
Anyone else thinking they are writing JaSam pretty well this time around? Jason smiled yesterday and 'TALKED' today... he said "I realize how much I missed you--how simple it is to be with you"... Nothing against Liason mind you, it was just written really well.
ClauSon COULD have been an epic couple I tell you! EPIC! But no, they had Claud order that damn hit and write her into the corner.
OMG, I have always defended Jax and now I'm so mad at him! stop it!! stop it!! While you're at it, grow that hair out and get some highlights! LOL
I am totally falling for GH again. Who is writing all this? MVJ? The new guy? It's brilliant and someone finally got the memo to MOVE PEOPLE AROUND TOWN! woo hoo! Keep it up!
DWTS: I watched...although I don't watch Tues, so it's kind of hard-- I am glad Sabrina (whatever her name is) the Teenage Witch did so well...and Kelly O of course. And Aaron Carter? He was SO going to cry!!! Biggest Losah tonight. I love sitting my butt in front of the TV for two hours watching other people exercise. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Renegade French Fries only on GH!

Carly eats some nice Coleman's french fries while Johnny talks to her about Olivia. She's going to have pains...he's having false labor, I believe.

Dante and Lulu have a good chat about his early life. I am liking how they are taking them slow. And we find out DOMte knew someone that got killed by a mob hit. Poor Mr. Pauletti. That's why he's a cop! Oh, and he likes Johnny....calls him a "wiseguy".

Sonny "gets" Michael's rage. That's why they both throw barware.

ZeNoose is tightening around Claudia!!

JaSam making out--and Molly catches them while wearing a snorkel mask.
THANK YOU GH for moving the people around canvas!!

Oh, I have a fun story to tell you. Does anyone remember when they called the middle of Port Charles "Center City"?? Used to bug the HELL out of me. NO lie, but now they have up signs going into Rochester saying "Rochester Welcome: Center City"!! whahahaah! I used to make fun it all the time. Now the whole city shows me up! I would have stopped to get a pic but I was flyin' down the expressway. Sorry.
Isn't Modern Family the Best? When they were in Costcos I was dying! "What IS this place"???!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Florencia Lozano Readings in NYC!

I rarely tout other actors' gigs outside of the world of GH but I had to for FL who is one of my faves on OLTL (Tea). If you are in the NYC area, this is for you! Who knew she wrote too?

Florencia Lozano will be doing two readings of two plays she has written. The first is called "underneathmybed" and is a play she has been working on for many years. The will be a reading of it Wednesday October 21 at 8: p.m. at the Public (in the Shiva theatre.)

The second play is called "girl in window" She's been working on this play for a little over a year. The reading will be on Sunday November 1, at 9:30 p.m. at the Public (in the Shiva theatre.)

You do not need to make reservations for either of these readings. Just show up at the Public Theatre: 425 Lafayette, 20 minutes before the reading.

Sunday Surgery...All the Goods

I'm Podcasting today!! Dishing with Belinda and Luke about all things ABC!! woo hoo!

Things that are out there: I hear that Robin/Patrick are going to do some CSI work and they are bringing in some guest stars ala St. Elsewhere for this. First name up? Demi Lavato, who's the star of Disney's "Sonny with a Chance". We'll see. Hopefully, there are some ADULT stars coming on. (with big pustial growths. heh)
Also, Patrick's ex "Lisa" may be coming on. That was the whole thought behind "Louise" talking about Pat's wild past. I'm hoping she's for Dr. Matt. 'member him?
Tristan Rogers and GREEN Magazine TV! take a gander!
Daytime Confidential keeps breaking's phenom. Jamey G is the new uber guru of soap scoops. When the podcast is up, I'll let you know.
I'll get the scoops up later today I hope!

Friday, October 9, 2009

OLTL: who told ya baby?

OUCH. I knew OLTL was in trouble. They said they would be moving to the AMC studios, and AMC to LA because of transferring to HD. Well, Nelson Branco has this little nugget on his site today, read it and weep:

One Life To Live, ABC — Another sign the show is doomed?• ABC slaps their ugly stepchild again: According to Soap Central, ABC has shelved plans to broadcast their best soap opera, One Life, in high definition.

When I brought up the fact that I heard OLTL was in MAJOR trouble, I got many emails saying they wouldn't be moving it if they didn't have faith. Well, folks, that faith is going down ze tubes. So WATCH IT, write to it, tweet at it, whatever it takes. OLTL is a super show, the funniest in daytime and really deserves to be saved. AMC is the one that should have stayed on the east coast languishing, imo.. BUT! That is a flagship, has Susan Lucci AND is Agnes Nixon's first baby.

Sad, sad, sad.

Friday on Soap Town.

AMC: I think Stuart's falling down dead scene airs more than Marcia's getting hit in the nose clip. Good LORD. Please stop this.

There are some new scoops up and a fantab pic with Helena in a wheelchair on the WubsNet. She looks so glam, even in the hosptial! I love that picture up there of she and Luke! Hey...Lucky gets a heads up from Granny Cassadine regarding Liz--watch next week
I'm PODCASTING Sunday! How fun will that be? Can't wait to dish with daytime confidential. So much to talk about.
NLG was tweeting about Obama's NPP today. She's happy he won, 'natch. Not much else to report on there yet.
OLTL: Destiny: "Your ex-boss is marrying a woman, and she's a "sistah"! Then, Dorian starts quoting Madonna. God, Tea freaked right out, didn't she? And we get Roxy talking to Morris!
Didn't Blair JUST get out of the dang hospital after the shower attack? She should be on GH she gets hurt so much!!

I need to take my son to the doctors. Please put comments in below about the show (GH). Let me know if I should watch the DVR of it, ok?

Remember to check out the TeamScrubsWubs walk for AIDS LA. Tons of great prizes AND bid on a signed Jonathan Jackson cap as well! RARE! Just email with your bid and you might win. Cool or what?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday BLog Coalition! Frozen Twitter!

TWITTER was frozen this afternoon! I finally found out on Mashable (great for all things tech). I was like, what the heck is going on!? I am so addicted to that thing. I get such good info in an instant. No one seems to know the news before ME. Heh.

AMC: Hating the Annie thing. stupid, stop it. (there that ought to do it!)

Best line ever: David to Dorian: "That Gay Banner is well hung".. brahahaha! OLTL is getting good with the double meanings. :wink: I am totally spoiler free on this soap so the things that are happening are just stunning. I'm forever surprised. The sound went off ABC on my TV at 2:45 so I couldn't hear Blair screaming at Tea. Just seeing her gums a flappin! Dang it. Blair is just being a banshee.
whaahah! Dorian saying she's Amelia's fiance! whahahakakakaah.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: How can Sonny be so stupid, like Claudia wouldn't go get PG just to keep him. I mean, really.
LAURA WRIGHT is too gorgeous. Geesh. I wish I could have her coloring--I wonder if she tans. Or spray tans. Hmmmmmmm.
I swear, GH starts and I get all tired. LOL.
Love how Claudia hit Olivia in the butt with her purse. Sarah Brown's taking no prisoners in this, is she? She's playing it pissed and hurt (which I bet she was a bit!)
Does Sonny have a new pinkie ring on?
Why isn't Michael spilling what a jerk Keifer is? ugh. And the Patrick and Louise thing. Why is she on? Why did she drag is "Lisa" name up. I am so hoping there's not an ex of Patrick's coming back! Now she's off to Jake's with Patrick?! Come on.

Sarah Brown had this on her facebook:
Last day as Claudia Zacchara - such a pretty name - I've always thought so. Hope you have a good one - wish me luck - I'll need it! xxoo's SJ5 hours ago\
twitter: Steve Burton as usual, always there when I need you most, thanks Brother, I'm not gonna cry, promise, xx's u in Cyberspace, C ya later! :)

I know that's a 'private' message to her friends but since it has to do with GH, I thought I'd get it out there for you to see. I think she'll understand. I feel badly. I know she wanted to come back, they created the character for her. The whole writers strike messed up her debut, imo and she never really recovered. Sucks.

Loved Modern Family last night. Like Cougar Town. Love Top Chef. Padma had on one of Chers' jumpsuits from 1976 though. ughly. TONIGHT IS THE PAM/JIM wedding on The Office !!! Niagara Falls! If you see The Red Coach Inn, just know that the Wubqueen has dined there herself!

ABC soaps had a crazy casting week last week. Tune in to hear Luke, Jamey, Regan and Belinda discuss all the comings and goings, including: James Franco, Jonathan Jackson, Beth Ehlers, Thorsten Kaye, Susan Lucci and Greg Vaughan. (Daytime Confidential)

There's plenty about All My Children to be negative about. But there are also positives too. In an effort to accentuate those positives, I propose my own Top Ten Reasons Why I Love AMC. Share the love and tell us what your Top Ten Reasons are! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

The Serial Drama girls have decided that General Hospital is really good at something: being inconsistent. The last two Mondays' episodes couldn't have been more different in terms of quality (and amount of karaoke). (Serial Drama)

There is something to be said for older characters on the who bring so much wisdom to various storylines on the soaps. As the World Turns does this well and nowhere was it more evident today when Lucinda and Emma tried to reach their daughters regarding their love lives. (Soap Opera Examiner)

On this week's We Love Soaps podcast, Suzanne Rogers talks about how she landed the role of Maggie on DAYS and why her character has come back into prominence this year. (We Love Soaps)

Woo-wee! Could we have a more wild week in soap news? The Wubqueen dishes it all plus Carolyn Hennesy news, and Team ScrubsWubs LA Aids walk info. (Wubs)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wed, Wild Rumors on the Soap Opera Trail

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) writes another book in the Pandora Series! It will be available January 2010! How DOES she find the time!!?

AMC: Geesh, Ok, I think the "Annie in the Hood" Thing is a bit much. ugh. I DON'T CARE who shot Stuart. I used to...I used to really think it was a good story/mystery but now? Good Gawd, get it over with.

OLTL today was called "Children of a Lesser Todd"...heh. I LOVE the writers on this show, even their titles are great!!!!
I don't get the whole Jared it still over Tess? If so, that's lame. I know he's leaving but still.
Dorian to David: "I gave you the chance to play gay"!! How about OLTL as "Mad Men"? David could be Don, Jessica Betty and Nat Joan. (she has the boobalage to do it!) Not sure who for Peggy...hmmm, Starr? Tea could be Pete's wife. Todd could be Sterling. Oh, I can go on and on!
GH: the gang is ALL IN GREECE! Look at Luke go, showing off infront of the kiddies! I am loving the fact that Connie can play 1/2 way "good" as Helena. I know she wanted to do so with Alexis at some point. This is great.
JoLivia: Breakin' my heart! Such great soap stuff!

CHECK OUT THE RUMORS:! I put them all out there. There are a million of em. I loves it! They built a new set for James Franco which I am HOPING doesn't mean he's block taping the entire thing with Steve B and a few others. There are a few new spoilers up too. It's an exciting time for everyone because no one knows quite what's coming! While you are there, click on a google..JUST click, it will go to the AIDS walk! It's free and easy. Like me. Oh..that didn't sound right did it? LOL.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Greg Vaughan Says Goodbye...

Greg Vaughan, who played Lucky Spencer for the past 6 years just tweeted this message to fans:
Well, I made my final stop through GH & I didn't have to shave!! All cleaned out my dressing room & said my goodbye's! Those that I spoke with, cast & crew, true class!

That's Greg with wife Touriya Haoud . He is wished well--and I know he'll have wonderful success in the future!

David has a "unibrow" ABC Soaps Today! smokin' JOLIVIA!

Did you wax today?

AMC: OMG, where to start. Liza gives the chick her baby in a church? WTH? Uh, ok. Guess that's the soap schmaltz talking. Madison confesses all--(bye-bye) and Colby's all pissy. The only good thing was that Jake said David has a uni-brow. LOL. Fave part of the show. That baby Stuart is a darling!!

HEY! I have a great interview up with Chrissie Fit! She's such a sweetie. There's a little JF drop in there, look to see what GH did just for him.
BIG auction coming up for Team ScrubsWubs for the AIDS WALK LA! NLG just donated an item and we have a Jonathan Jackson auction going on Friday!

OLTL: Poor Tea...good scenes though. The nasty ol' Todd came out for a bit. "You're makin' me sick" What's her other secret? A kid?? Todd you are SCREAMING WAY TOO LOUD! You'll get vocal nodes doing that!! Oh, Jared, you are in too deep and you're off the show--sooooooo, sorry buddy. You're OUT! Love the damn movie thing...Gigi throws popcorn at Kim. Heh.

General Hosptial: Today's show starts off with Lucky almost finding the Lizzy note. DOMte tries to get Tommy to join the witness protection program. Carly says her baby's name will be: Jocelyn John Jacks. Or it's spelled Josslin, I don't know. Krissy said "Joss Stone" Which is what I tweeted. I am so hip, baby.

Olivia: "Johnny you are fabooshalah in bed but I really felt sorry for you and you bring out my maternal instincts"... OUCH! great work by both Brandon and Lisa! My TV Melted! Classic soap stuff. Nice. LOVED IT!

OMG, writers, why would DOM have Tommy knock him out? I mean he could totally run to Sonny! That was shoddy writing right there. DOMte.."you could be a leiutenent" it's the army. THEN he says: "But consider yourself on probation"..double secret like Animal House!!?? LOL

Claudia said she could "already be PG by Sonny" wow. So, I guess she takes the test and then goes on the prowl for a baby. She goes to pee on the stick...puts it on the DRINK CART (ewwwwww), then throws it. NOT PG.

I say Mischa looks a LOT like Emily. Sounds like Leyla. This is not starting out promising. I guess I have to give it time, right? Helena and Luke are on again! I love Connie's hair. Mekkos had yet "another bastard"--Valentin. Helena wants Luke's help. Will Luke believe her? She will be in GH sometime, we've seen the media net pics. I know the whole story but I'm not telling. HAH!

Elizabeth Taylor tweeted today she's going into the hospital for a heart procedure. She wanted people to know before the papers got it. That's the POWER OF TWITTER, people! Stars really can control their PR!!

NLG (Alexis) tweeted a link for her video of "What a Pair" where she sings for Breast Cancer awareness. Anyone else going to her NYC appearence in November? The Wubqueen will be there. HOW fun is that going to be?

Dancing with the Stars last night (I can't believe I watched, but I did): all I can say is Kelly O got robbed! I so want her to win.
RUMOR: James Franco is named Darius Cane. Can't confirm. Another rumor: Greenlee back to AMC.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Medic: Soaps on a String

Soap Opera Source has a great interview with one of my fave actresses on the planet, Connie Towers! She dishes about JJ coming back, Helena's fear of the new Cassadine and much more! Here's a bit of trivia for you about Connie: She collects pigs! She also wore a giant spider pin that was designed by a fan just for her for a couple of eppies. Scoops say Helena ends up in GH--in a hospital bed, and Luke goes in to make her life miserable.

AMC: Ugh..can't watch this show !! I am stuck here anyway--my son has another head cold. This season is gonna suck with the illnesses, I know that. This Bailey chick is really young. I get she's supposed to be young, but she looks REALLY young. I hope they totally TOTALLY throw caution to the wind and start doing all sorts of bizarre things before they move. LOL. Like run Madison over with a bus...Hang Randi out a window and drop her... what else? LOL. The whole Hubbard mess is just that A MESS. MESS.
OLTL: Todd to Blair "Sometimes I just zone out when you open your mouth" heh
Another great one: David to Dorian "There's no way people will believe I'm gay. I'm rugged and outdoorsy...people find me dangerous"!! and "I won't go gay for pay"! zingers.
Jared is doing a good job at being over the top out of control. Tea's got another secret. Loves it!!
GH: So, wonder why Olivia isn't throwing the whole Michael thing in Claud's face? Double Blackmail! lol. I am going to miss Sarah Brown. If she stayed and was PG with Dante's kid, can you imagine? Hey, Sonny you think your son is really your grandson. ahahha. Aw, cute stuffed animal for Olivia, Baxter from Johnny!
Nikolas and Robin. I remember when they'd sit on the couch and read poetry.
Spencer. SPENCER? Good LORD. And I still say it's hilarious the de-aged him from when Nadine was on. heh
It's 3:27 and I'm bored. At least a new Elmo commercial is on.
OMG! THE fake GREEK set!!! LMAO. It's killing me. Love the "bar"-- fishing nets, blue and white, "Greek Music" pfffft. OLIVES ON THE TABLE! I think they basically look up the country in a 3rd grade atlas and grab some nicknacks to throw up.
Love the discussion of the Girl's Name. Jax said "Jason"..for the middle name?? uh, ok. TEEN baby girl Jax is on...I still say Janie Joy Jacks is a good name.
JOIN Facebook's fan page for Tristan Rogers' upcoming Web Series "Reality Bytes"!
PRIME TIME: Can't comment on my fave Mad Men as it's on the DVR waiting for my viewing pleasure. Ahhhhhhhh. best show out there! The Amazing Race last night was interesting, I could never go to a hot/humid country, I'd boil. Seriously, I get nasty and pass out when I'm too humid. Ask hubby.

Uh, oh..getting a sore throat. waah.
REMEMBER to support Team ScrubsWubs AIDS WALK LA! I sent my lobster out today to take part in the whole thing! woot!

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...