Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday's Shows...whoops

I TOTALLY fell asleep! I did watch about 2.2 seconds of AMC before going to shop. No news there. OLTL looks like Jared and Tea's secrets are coming out...then: Now, GH. This was me: I started watching. I saw Alfred read Liz' letter on the phone and then, nothing. Keifer was crying to Krissy. -- Blackness of sleep! LOL. I woke up to Oprah showing some family of little people in a giant Hummer. whoops.

People are saying Rebecily dyed her hair like Nik asked. Which is weird because he just tried to get her out of town..I don't know.

WILD WEEK eh??????? Huge amount of casting stuff, Gh is now in the mainstream news with the whole James Franco business. Read this blistering account:

Genie's in talks, JJ's back, Sarah's on the way to B&B (will you watch she and Rick Hearst?!) --Audrey's coming. The Cassadine saga heating up woot!

Tyler Christopher's wife had their baby Greysun Oct 1st-- Ingo Rademacher's getting married tomorrow.

Kelly Monaco is up for Vote for the Celeb on Dancing with the Stars here's the link: ABC TV

Remember we are trying to get some donations rolling in for Team Scrubs Wubs and the LA AIDS WALK. Even $5 is great!!

I'll be at a Gaming for Autism event son is in the Halo 3 tournament. Wish him well in blasting the crap out of others.

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  1. IT"S AWESOME!!)) at the last second of this video THERE IS SUCH A FUN)


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