Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Sure Sonny Getting Shot is Scary..but Hardly Worth This"!

Says Olivia to a clown-make up Kate in her bloody wedding dress. Which should be brown and crusty not bright red. "I'm done with Sonny' GOOD LORD, that is the most over used line on GH in all of history!! 

This should be Guza's face!

ROBERT! Dear Stupid GUZA: if you hadn't gutted this show, we would have had such great memories!! *sigh*.  Anna looking at old photos! Just like a Mama! When she told him I just got goosebumps. wahh. And the bears..and then Robert saying "What does Patrick know? He's a civilian"!! LOL WSB all the way! 
Oh wow, that flashback was the first time he saw Robin. :sniff:

Helena and Holly--LOVED Hell's face. She was so interested in the story! LOL 

Luke: "Guard or plaything??"
Helena: "Does it matter"??

Michael and Starr..Marr or Starkle?  Anyway, I thought Epiphany was going to smack him on the head. Dang, she didn't!! 

Lulu calls Liz--  FINALLY!!  you don't think that GH has a phone tree?

Sonny and Dante. yada yada ahaha, you know Kate took Sonny's GUN! aahahhaa. :dying: He's going on trial!

Jason lived..uh, really? What a shocker!

I loved you!
 Davy of my first heart-throbs. I watched the Monkees on Saturday Morning then the Banana Spilts andThe Double Decker Bus!!
Just so sad. Marcia Brady loved him and so did I...

Caption This..

It's just too easy for me! LOL.. I'll leave it up to you... here he is in all his electrode glory!! Perfect stand up hair, but they did make him wear a gown for the Operation.

I may not make it today for the show--keep me posted. Happy Leap Day--a day that should be off for everyone--with plenty of drinkin' and dancin'! 

PS for daily screen caps go to HD General Hospital Screen Caps! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NEW SPOILERS....and Happy Tuesday!

this is why I think she's really dead.. 

Because she's a ghost. I mean, yes, I know they can mess with us, but I don't know, this really made it final for me. We shall see because they are shocking me left and right! KM is still taping and I think it's because she still 'comes' to people during/around the funeral.
NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Sonny's arrested...and it looks like it was KATE that shot at AZ! hee hee.  (or maybe Connie??!). 

I don't know what's up with the new Blogger stuff--especially on the comments. It looks way different. People are also not getting DSS feeds. So not sure what's up. I'll try to find out.

she's back...and in a leather dress?  

 I love TG and Connie!! "What good is victory is you're not around to choke on it"? 

OH WOW...Both Cole and Hope exploded!! Holy moly... Don't like that much-- why kill Hope? Cole got it..but another kid? God people are dropping like flies on this show in the past week. LOL

Hells needed to just start shooting, it was SO Batman like with everyone just standing around. JUST SHOOT! I'm glad her henchman didn't hesitate in knocking off Cassie. Holly looked great in her leather and giant hair extensions. 
SO, Ethan is a Scorpio...!! He's Robert's many of us suspected. A LOT of people wanted that. Poor Robin never knew she had a sibling. wahhh. I thought of something: Holly and Todd. They could have had a one nighter--lol. He'd be a Manning/Lord!

Sonny and Sam.. I don't know, it was ok.  Maurice was good talking about her "like my little sister" FLASHBACKS!
Paddy talks to Robin in the OR. I guess she'll be around as a specter for awhile.  OMG it's "A Gifted Man" just like on CBS! Ever see that show? Guy's dead wife talks to him!!!

Maxie finds out about Robin...Jen's eyes are HUGE! I was just wishing Maxie would shut up for about 1/2 the show. hee hee. 

Michael carried Starr in the hospital? LMAO. Weird. No gurney at the door? And Mac and Dante just stand around on the road--like no other cars would come.  heh.


Monday, February 27, 2012

"Americans who just want good, safe programming,"

Ah, let the spin begin!! This is in a piece in the Killeen Daily Herald, signaling the switch that Dish Network and Time Warner is going to have soon. What is "GOOD, SAFE PROGRAMMING"? Well, getting rid of Soap Net of course!!
Company spokesperson Ryan Kelly said the cable provider will add the kid-friendly channel, Disney Jr., sometime in March. The channel, 155, will feature shows, such as JoJo's Circus, Rolie Polie Olie and Higglytown Heroes..

"I get a lot of direct emails from customers," said Shull. "These were very commonly requested channels by our customer base."
In describing the company's subscriber base, he called them: "Americans who just want good, safe programming," adding that DISH wanted to address concerns of some parents about profanity and other adult themes on pay television services.

Disney Jr. started as a daytime programming block on the Disney Channel. It replaced Disney Playhouse two years ago, earning the pay channel some of its highest ratings in years among children aged 2-5. Launching as its own 24-hour network, the new channel will replace Disney-ABC's soap opera channel, Soapnet. 

THE demo?? 2-5 Year olds.
Thank you Disney, ABC, Time Warner et. al.

All in the name of Good Safe Programming.
I think I just threw up a little.

Monday Cliff Hanger: Literally

Matt and Maxie-- so ingenue. Please be over soon! Just not what I like--

Mac and Spin were awesome--!!  

Starr and Cole and little Hope...hanging off a cliff. Michael and St

Helena needed to kill Cassie or Irina--or whomever, then 

HOLY SHEEBAH! When Helena told Cassandra to shoot and then the commercial came, I DIED!! LOL then Helena had Cassandra shot POINT BLANK? What!!! That Cartini1! dear lord. What a ride.
BYE CASS-I-ANDRA YOU BORING Character. Luke's screamin' like a banshee! Good Laws!

LULU calls Lucky about Robin.  Nice touch, but is he still in that graveyard??! LOL

CLIFFHANGER O'RAMA...GEESH Did Matt kill Lisa? Hmmmmmmmm!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar! Oscar!

Jen and Kelly at the Oscars

 My Outfit for tonight is a vintage Elsa Schiaparelli lobster dress: 

Perfect for the Wubqueen and Alerta Lobster!
So happy Billy Crystal is back! He is the Oscars, I swear. Can't wait to see him do "The Artist". I still love him from "Soap". What a fun show that was. *sigh* 

Sandy Runner Up!
I loved GLENN Close on the carpet!! wow.. Just awesome-- might be my best dressed-- we shall see. It's Zac Posen!! One of my fave designers. *sigh* Read more Oscar Wubbers:

Jen Lilley Will Be At the Oscars!

Jen with The Artist Star Jean Dujardin 
General Hospital's Jen Lilley will be on the Red Carpet tonight celebrating "The Artist" Oscar nominations and (hopefully) wins!! My mission is to spot her. I'm hoping she tweets some photos too, especially of her dress! Congrats to she and the entire cast! 
PS: Jen tweeted she's taking Kelly Sullivan as her date so we'll get TWO GHers in Glam!

Sunday Surgery: Clipping Wings

My Fave Photo, I leave it up on the Wubs Net always!
 There goes Robin... never to return? Or--- ?? I know she taped something with Tristan Rogers as a "vision" and maybe that's why Robert goes missing (to find her??) We can only hope!! I asked readers to leave some of their Scorpio Family memories. See them after the jump! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jack Wagner on Dancing With the Stars!

We knew some GH person would be on--someone "connected to the show" and TMZ reports Mr. Wagner is on the roster. He needs some good PR about now!! So, Frisco will be doing the Fandango!

I'm HERE today to Watch Starr!

Got home from a great lunch at the Rabbit Room in Honeoye Falls. I'm giving it a plug because it's JUST AWESOME!

Lulu with her cold and tissues all over. Hee hee that's me....Puffs Plus all the way! Dante tells her about Robin.

I hate KATE! Did I tell you that? Is that another dress because I swear we saw it CLEANED in the bag in the closet. Unless it's new blood.  Maybe Dr. Ewan will have a purpose now. She all but admitted she has DID.

Sonny sounded like Marlon Brando-- where's the orange?? Bruce Weitz was AWESOME!! Great scene. A mob scene I liked! 
AZ to Tracy "Me and you... we're just gettin' started"!!

GIANT new Hope in the back of that car! Wow!! LOL. SO good to see Starr-- Cole says "It's quite famous (Port Charles) the Cassadines tried to freeze it"!! And he asks her to marry him. Awww. Too bad it will be splat soon! 

 Then HELENA walks out!! This stupid story will be over soon!! woot!!! OMG...SHE'S HELENA'S Daughter!! WHO IS THE DADDY? Luke? Faison? who!!!? That was a shocker. Daughter.  hahaha.
LUKE gets dragged out of them tunnels!! He's all beat up. Helena says "one of you has to die"!! They both had on nice grape colored shirts!

Anna was the voice of reason..and so BRITISH!! Jason Thompson......ahhhhhhhhh was so wonderful!! The look he gave to Sam when he got off the elevator? Priceless.

THE END: AZ was the  joker!! wow... nice CLIFF HANGER!


The Revolution's Ratings STILL SUCK!

Read it on TV Media Insights!

Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings for the week of Feb. 13, struggling ABC daytime talker The Revolution has not picked up any steam, according to Nielsen. Results were flat from one week earlier at a mere 1.53 million viewers, with erosion from year-ago occupant One Life to Live of 820,000 viewers and as much as 44 percent.

Dear, ABC YOU SUCK! Taking off OLTL for this sheeze--- made no sense did it? I hope Frons is hiding his head in a paper bag somewhere! 

My 1501 Post on Blogger!

That's right!! I just looked and yesterday marked the 1500th. Goodness. Look at me go!! I am putting this up in case I'm not back to watch the show live today. GH is back on the DVR after a long absence. I think Maxie finds out today and probably the rest of the town. I think it's pretty fun no one notices Luke gone. LOL.. We saw him in the trailer so we know he gets 'out' of wherever he is!
 Starr Manning is on today. Remember Starr is the character from OLTL who's the daughter of Blair and Todd Manning. She's trying to get a singing career going as well. Her baby Daddy was in jail for murder (but since when does that count???) and escaped in the great "Llanview prison break of 2011"! She has a baby (Hope) who's about 2 or 3 now?? Can't remember. Not sure if she's coming on the show or not. (I think not). Starr also grew up on screen much like our Robin did. Kris Alderson has played her the entire time.
Can't WAIT to see Kassie and Laura Wright on screen. Blair is the Carly of OLTL without the shrill crap --well, most of the time!! Todd and Sonny? Eeee! Good stuff comin' people..and ROBERT..and HOLLY and then Heather!! :thud: 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dang Nabbit Tracy!!

Oh Edward!! Nice-- I'm so happy he was on today. "You'll end up in Shadybrook unless this marriage lands you six feet under"! hee hee
I hope JIngle can come back after his operation recovery and losing his beloved wife. sniff. 

MAC and Anna!! aaaaaaack!! PERFECT reactions from Finola and Mac--- PERFECT. wow...JJY was just awesome. It's that shock reaction that gives you chills!! Mac didn't need to lay into Sonny though. He has grief snark.

Patrick and Sam... both at their emotional breaking points. Another great set of acting chops! Great scenes.

WYNDEMERE!? Please..that could be just dropped and I wouldn't care a minute.. ugh STUPID scenes.

CarJon...Hmmm not sure what I think about these two.  I guess they are going to do it though..

Who noted that Sonny had a new tshirt on in the hospital? Think he has his own linen closet there?
KATE in her wedding dress
and HELLS!

Jonathan Jackson Lands ABC Pilot "Nashville"

That's right! Finally someone recognizes his music/acting talent-- here's hoping it develops into a great series. It's a bit "Glee" a bit "Smash". Jackson will play a bad-boy song writer in the city of Nashville according to Dealine.

JJ is currently touring with his band, Enation. He's on the east coast so check out tour dates/places on the link!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bloody Shirt, Wet Hair and No Robin...

TJ needs to shut the freak up! GOD! Molly takes the rap and he's still mouthing off to Alexis? 

Carly... in her wet hair-- and I didn't even want to listen because I wanted to get back to Patrick and Anna!! Come on! 

Sam told  Jason  Robin was fine. Ummmm, no.  Not a good idea! Monica shows up...finally.

Finola was perfection with the shock/horror/disbelief reaction to Patrick. WOW... it was amazing. "Burned beyond recognition" That's code for Switched. And how did the firemen pry off those rings from  her burnt fingers??  

I am having a HUGE problem with the lack of emergency people at GH...something  BLEW UP and no other floors are even hectic? It's so strange. AND SONNY stood in the hall forever with blood all over his shirt just talking to Dante. LOL come on. Kate runs like a girl.

Poor Spinelli...and wait until Maxie finds out Robin's dead!
Anna calls ROBERT and now she has to  tell Mac!Eeeeeeeee!

Big New Spoilers are UP!

A "Starr" encounter!
Dolores' Hubby is the culprit! It was supposed to be Ronnie but changed to keep him on the PCPD, btw. Seriously, I know. LOL.  Things look interesting! GH is moving along--finally there's some life in it.  I'm still amazed by the lighting,  I can SEE again!

Great Interview with Kim and Finola--

Go to Michael Fairman's site and listen to this! Especially the part about Kim's feelings with the HIV/syringe storyline. It's so sad that "Anna and Robin" just got back on screen together and she left so fast! HOWEVER, that was the old regime. We all know she wanted to go, and it was exciting. Patrick getting her ring also doesn't prove someone didn't do a switcheroo. (I can hope!!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's HERE! Cartini DAY!!


Let us hope it's all the hype I've put into my head it will be.. LOL.  All I know is this is the sunset of GH and I so hope we go out on a WONDERFUL, ratings-filled and Dramaz note!!

Yesterday was a tough one. I personally liked the drama of Robin blowing up. Rumor has it she's drugged somewhere. How? Who the hell knows, this is GH. I know she filmed with TR so she'll at least "appear" to him?



Great... Anna put Emma down in a "spare room" at GH! LOL..

I so wished Molly would have puked all over Michael :) HEH. Molly had on such girlie white socks! I liked TJ today-- and Michael both. That's a first. Alexis was going nuts, good for her. Don't like it that Molly was taking the blame for TJ though.

Sonny crawls to Johnny's? LOL Dante should never have left him alone. DUH His shirt was hilarious. For Dante to have left him, not called 911 and ran UP TO THE PARTY instead was stupid. Carly made sense at least.

KATE IS SOOOOOOOOO  Connie.  I am waiting for her to put on a red wig, fluff it up and start chewing gum.  Did you see her freak out!? CONNIE's COMIN! Kate was playing in Sonny's blood. Goodness.

It was STUPID how long it was taking ANYONE to get to the lab
. I mean the alarm went off...there was an explosion. What the hell. DUH. Sam just wandered down to the lab...lah tee dah.  Patrick gets her wedding ring... and cries and almost throws up. awwww. :sobbing: The wedding ring, nice touch but they'd never do that. Just sayin'


Well, that was a fast paced eppy! Not bad... I was wondering if Sonny and Dante were going to start to sing "Cats in the Cradle" in the elevator though! LOL

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fly Fly Away...

One of the only kids allowed to grow up on GH. She's been on forever. Other than JJ, no one else lasted longer in a part going from youngster to adult.  Knowing  what was coming today? Painful to say the least.

Kids brought BEER! LMAO... Poor Molly!!!  Animal HOUSE...woot! I so remember when a guy would bat his eyelashes at me and I'd melt at 14. LOL That's what Boone's Farm Wine was for!! 

Jason and Spin...Spin better watch out because Franco and Sonny are going to be jealous!! 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH the door slams shut because of the toxins!! EEK!!! Paddy's going to watch Robin die! oh no!! Just like Spock and Kirk!! EEE! Didn't people on "24" die this way too? Robin put the toxins in the box so they will be safe at least.

I HATED KATE TODAY. HATED hate hate. I wanted Olivia to slug her face. ugh.  And Why the hell would Dante go UP to the party instead of calling 911? Sonny was down/out. Good lord, that was stupid. I think KATE SHOT him!!

So, You Like Downton Abbey? Watch Daytime Soaps Then!

Phoebe Wallingford?
There I was, watching the finale of Downton Abbey last night, the newest sensation on PBS --and I thought: Every ONE of these stories were used/lifted from soaps. Snooty people watching this primetime soap are no doubt the same ones that look down their noses at us for watching "daytime dramas"-- when Downton Abbey is just about the MOST soapy you can get:

Guy is paralized and walks again? Check
Someone comes back claiming to be the heir that looks way different than they did years ago? Check
Dead gorgeous guy in heroine's bed? Check
Can't marry the the man you want because your father thinks he's not good enough/wrong side of the tracks? About a MILLION checks.
Pissy older grandparent tossing off one liners? Check
Virus outbreak? Check
Innocent man convicted of murdering nasty wife? Yep. 
I can go on and on. Thomas and O'Brien are straight out of soapy casting!  

VANITY FAIR even has "Trading Cards"  for the characters!! LOL.. and "we're extreme"? 

SO, You can all STHU when it comes to soaps. America is demonstrating their love for the genre in droves. Yes, it's got better costumes and is on an 'artsy' channel but IT'S A SOAP. Deal with it.
ABC, you have Revenge going strong--and look at the Desperate Housewives run... and you can't see the value of GH? You can't see the point of promotion and making production top notch? Well, you are not thinking straight. It's time to make the GH hour must see TV again.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Surgery: The Producers

"Springtime for Hitler"... 
Think about it.  GH is actually the George Costanza's "opposite" of The Producers. In that film, they were putting on a show that was almost guaranteed to be a hit but wanted a flop so it closed. On the show, they are putting on a hit but want it to be a hit so it stays...but we know it will probably close. That's the WACKY BUSINESS OF HOLLYWEIRD!  YEPPER!. GH is getting watchable again and I'm happy.  I have been for about 2 weeks. Things started shifting and morphing into something I didn't want to fall asleep during.  
So, dear Wubbers, Read On to see the magic that is unfolding at our little studio: 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kristina Wagner Hints at a Frisco/Felicia Comeback on GH!

YEP...on her FB page... 

Catacombs....two weddings....2 on screen kiddos....the Brownestone...hmmm...who are these two characters? They may be seen again on screen on a certain ABC soap soon....keep watching GH for some great returns!!!!! The old gang is making stops in Port Charles!

HEY, Isn't Jason Morgan Monica's Son??

Ummmmmm, NOPE!! You see, long long ago in the land of Port Charles a lovely brunette woman (Susan Moore) lived in a little cottage across the way. Alan would watch her from his "telescope" (I'm not making that up).  They had a torrid affair and poor Alan found out not only was his wife Monica PG with his first born heir, but Susan Moore was also preggo!! 
Eventually, Susan was murdered by Crane-- and Alan brought Jason home, asking Monica to raise the boy as theirs. Monica agreed.
That's where the huge AJ/Jason rivalry started... 

back blue eyes!!
His STEP father was Scotty Baldwin, btw..something you'd never know by the Guza's "history" reduction. Alan fought Scotty for Jason--and was awarded custody as his bio-dad. Monica didn't know about Jason up until then. Soapy GOODNESS!! 

Jason and AJ were in boarding school for awhile and came home grown. AJ was a screw up  and Jason on the track to be Alan's protegee in the medical field. Well, until AJ drove drunk into a tree and Jason was forever changed into a mobular hitman with limited feelings. (frontal lobe damage).

I'm  sure this will all be explained when Heather gets to town. I believe Heather was with Scott at the time the custody battle was happening. 

As for the baby in the film sequence? Jason as a baby- and how did Franco get it? I say because Susan Moore is his mama. BY THE WAY...this would all be WAY more interesting if ALAN WAS ALIVE (Blaming Guza again!!) !!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday GH: Drunken Stuper!

Ah, A Drunk Johnny...on the way to warming my heart!! You go! Ruin that UGLY Metro Court function. If Kate redecorates,  I may tolerate her longer!!
Jason even gets to wear his damn black tshirt in his hospital BED! what! Oh someone told me that Robin said he could wear it if he stayed in the hospital.
ANNA !! ANNA! YEAH!! Hot dogs in the cafeteria! Ohhhhh. The good old days.
Looks like everyone in the Gala went to the same hairdresser!! 60's Greek Goddess? 
fugly vest.
MAXIE IS THE ONE that did it!! WOW...She's the reason Robin's going BOOM! OMG.. Patrick collapses on the FLOOR? I had no clue that was going to happen I LOVE IT! wow.. love twists.  Thank you!
curling irons were in full force!
ALL THE GIRLS look gorge at the party! I LOVE curly hair!! Becky especially looked fabulous. Didn't like the dress that much but her hair up? WOWza.
Ha ha on Kate/Carly's speech interruptions. Heh. HEY! THERE WERE WAITERS there!!! GOOD LORD!  Great party..I even saw a food tray! Max tries to tackle Johnny when he gets his checkbook out! Sonny and he try to outbid each other. I was waiting for them to measure their... you know whats! 

OH! Monica mentions SUSAN MOORE!! I'm going to love this. For once being OLD is going to pay off because I know that whole history!! eeeeeeeeeee!
Dante and Sonny went into the parking garage...and..and... we see a gun. Sonny's gonna take the bullet for Dante!
Patrick's crawling on the floor of the lab...Robin's probably going to find him or go back for Jason's protocol and BOOM!?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You know I'm OUT today...dang it. SORRY!! There should be some scoops up later so make sure you look at the WUBS net tonight or tomorrow morning.
I CAN'T wait for ROBERT to get there! eee!! With a NEW writer to boot..and producer. SWOON!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Robin's Exit Story: Major Event!

 Read it ALL on TV Line!

“It’s coming quick, in the next couple of days,” McCullough tells TVLine. Adds Finola Hughes, when I asked when we’ll get into the “meat-and-potatoes” of it all: “We’re on hors d’oeuvres right now, and then we’ll move onto the second course.”
This much is known going into the coming weeks, during which Hughes will be joined on the canvas by Tristan Rogers (as Robin’s father, Robert Scorpio) and Rick Springfield (reprising his role of Patrick Drake’s doctor dad, Noah): Robin’s latest HIV protocol “is working, and she’s fine now.” But it’s a major event that’s about to hit Port Charles hard, TVLine hears, that will begin pointing Dr. Scorpio-Drake toward the exit door.

Kicking off the new regime and also bringing back old faves. We all know Kim wanted to go, so this really may be a win-win. 


of course SHE wasn't on today!! sniff!
 I'm here!! I got here in time. Just in time to see Maxie and Matt-- yammerin' in front of Kelly's! There's the lab and all I can think of is Dee Dee: Ooooooooo what does this button do??!! LOL

Fronkey paper is back.  Sam just rips it off, not even trying to preserve it. Well, that's wasteful. The video...a baby. Either Kal-El   or Baby Jason? Hmmmm. Interesting!

WHAT MAXIE did is a TOTAL Bobbie MOVE!! Totally !! She would have done that. Bobbie did crap like that all the time. heh. She's a hypocrite but hell, she's a fun one!

I saw an EXTRA walking behind Maxie. Something's up!! AND WHO WAS THAT random GORGE guy that Maggie asked out?? WOOT! take of your shirt, mister!!

Carly barges into the lab-- ugh. She's such a pain in the ass.  Unless you have banana enzymes. Hee hee 

 We have seen some changes but tomorrow it's  OFFICIAL! 

And Anna Makes Three!

EEEEEEEE! How Darling is this??!!

Dear BOB Guza et al ...this is what you messed with so long ago with your family destruction and throwing away of GH history. The chance to have three generations in one room! I'm thinking too of Lulu/Laura/Lucky/ yada yada--ALL the Q's that are dead now--Felicia gone. Sniff. Killing Georgie! Turning GH into a shell of it's former self.
Still Bitter? You'd better believe it!  Frons, Guza...JFP-- ugh. Just sad, sad sad.
At least in it's twilight year, we'll get some old fashioned soapy goodness!! 

A Wubber posted this link below:
 Anna Return's scenes streamlined here:

Yes, I'm gone today AGAIN-- I do have next week off however, so I should be back in the swing then. Please use this post to let me know what you thought of the show. By yesterday's tweets I see a LOT of people were all choked up by Anna's return!! We deserve it.

BTW, I heard that the OLTL taping with Kassie and Roger was AWESOME!! Can't WAIT for that. It's a crossover lover's dream come true!

Have a great one.  Some new SCOOPS are up. There seemed to be false info out there about Sonny's gala being blown up--seems it's the hospital lab and Robin is unharmed. We have to be tricky now. There will be a shooting at the ball. Do I dare hope it hits Kate again? hee hee.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jen Lilley's Valentine to Fans!

What a sweetie...DC is saying she took to twitter to talk about her taking over the role of Maxie. You know I think she's doing a fab job. No, She's not Kirsten but no one would be. For me, she's doing a hell of a job and I really enjoy the "NuMaxie". Especially with AZ!! 



John Ingle's Wife Passes Away.

This was out there yesterday but I didn't get the chance to write it up. So sad and so sorry for his loss. Nancy Lee Grahn has set up a Facebook post she will print and give to him if you'd like to leave a message. He was married to Grace-Lynn 58 years and was in rehab from surgery when she died. Our thoughts are with him. 
You can also send a card to the studio:

John Ingle

c/o General Hospital @ABCTV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday: Will She or Won't She...


Ok, we know Maxie does--tell on Matt and Liz. BUT-- I meant WILL I make it today?? We shall see! I hope so. It's getting ever closer to the RON o'Carlitini stuff!! BTW, I believe Maggie/Steve killed someone to save another--noble yes, but stupid. (just like them! LOL) Who saw Tamara Braun at the Grammys? Uh...she was also at some Paul McCartney event AND Clive Davis party. Is she dating someone?? Is she a closet singer? What?

2012 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute.Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.February 10, 2012.Tamara Braun 
(February 10, 2012 - Photo by Bauer Griffin) 


Red Carpet Tams
Hope to see you later! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Transfusion

Changes, they are a comin' Slowly but surely-- the abrupt snap to black after scenes is a total OLTL trick. Women are becoming more dimensional and less like shrieking harpies. Even Carly's toned down. Dare we hope for a fun, connected show?? One we can rush home too? It's getting there. Crossed fingers.

OLTL Buzzzzz: 
Remember that Kassie and Roger (Blair/Todd) will only be on GH for about 8 eppies so far. That may change...not sure. They are the parents of Starr Manning, aspiring singer and baby Mama to Hope. (She had her at 16). I am wondering if Hope is going to be a part of this story or what. It may be hard to drag a baby around PC--we know how that goes. Heh.  Todd Manning is the owner of "The Sun" a tabloid type paper in Llanview. Blair is a much married Mom of 3 (Jack, Starr and Sam) who gets into trouble a lot. Colorful character--and she sings. Todd masterminded the gang-rape of Marty Seybrook all those years ago. He was "redeemed" somewhat through the years but remains a bad-tempered rogue. He was played by Trevor St.  John until it was discovered that Trevor was his brother Victor. (and  ATWT was cancelled).  Todd is Vicki Lord's brother. Their father was nasty in all sorts of ways. Vicki suffered from DID and was "Niki/Viki"--just like her daughter Jess was Tess and host of other alters.  I think Laura Wright and Kassie will be greatly matched on the show! 

Awww. New Cast Wub

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Ah, yes the Davis girls...happy for Baby comin'!! Hopefully another GIRLIE to add to the fold!!

CONNIE/KATE NOT the Scene of the Week: This is a page from OLTL I don't want to happen!! I don't like it.  Not one bit.  Just shut up and redecorate that new restaurant and mind your magazine and hotel. NO RED LIPSTICK FOR YOU!

OTHER WTF: Dolores is so not dressing remotely appropriate for even a detective on the PF. Just sayin. Where's LUKE? Chained up with Helena tickling him? TJ-- like I said after school special. All these ends have to keep evolving and getting to make sense.  

FUN PROP: Fronkey Wrapping paper. Because you KNOW they bought it for me!!

A fan had a good idea about going over the vets coming back in the upcoming weeks. Many people don't even remember them! Especially someone like Heather Webber. So, that could be fun.

See the NEW Scoop on Steve and Maggie up on the WUBS Net... 
Along with all the other stuff coming up! Ad revenue for the end of the month and into March goes to GaGoo Jammies (see below!!)  

MTV is having a Whitney Video marathon on right now. Such a loss of talent. Her early stuff is stunning. "I'm Your Baby Tonight" is so classic cool. 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...