Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GH Cast:

Digest has learned that soap vet Robin Mattson (ex-Janet, AMC et al) is heading back to Port Charles. The actress, who played the memorable role of Heather Webber from 1980-82 will return in late March/early April. Look for her arrival to impact Steven (Scott Reeves): After all, she's his mom who sold him on the black market as a baby.

AND YOU know you heard it here first way back when, I bet boots JEFF WEBBER  is comin!! 


  1. You telling me RDA is a coming, or a replacement for Dr Jeff?? Wouldn't mind either way.

    Thanks Karen!!

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  3. Heather had a brief return in the 2000's already, I think. Isn't she recommitted to Shadybrook or something now? Anyways the actress is great and plays unhinged very well. Would love to see her reteam up with Scotty to scheme on the citizens of Port Charles

  4. OldSchoolGhfan
    I will take Kin back anyday. With anyone. He has always been one of my favorites.
    I was probably the only one who cheered when he got on the plane with Laura!!

  5. Let's not forget She is also Liz's mom too. Hmmm possibilities are endless, just depends on the writing.

  6. Robin Mattson is 55 and Scott Reeves is 45 :)

    I'd love to see RDA return. Jeff Webber was married to Monica before she married Alan. That would be a nice little tip of the hat since we can't have Alan back.

  7. I am growing increasingly concerned about the return of these vets. I'm very afraid it signals the end.

  8. I am so glad that there is actual talent coming back to GH and am hoping the newbies are as good as toast!

  9. Quality over quantity -- probably why I like Lexi's Kristina over this CasSUCKra chick.

  10. Who is Liz's mom? I didn't watch that early?

    If Jeff Webber comes back and starts something with Monica again, she will have to start being nice to Liz again...

  11. There are NO WORDS to describe how much I LOVE this lady.

    I was first exposed to her in 1985 or '86 while watching my favorite soap of all time, "Santa Barbara."

    To make it short: Have been uberly and obsessively in love with her since then.

    Sadly, I think this powerhouse casting (this woman has been nominated for numerous Emmys!!!) is another red herring "General Hospital" only has a few short months left.

  12. I would LOVE Jeff & Monica together.

  13. I'm very excited about RM's return! Heather Webber is such a crazy (CRAY-CRAY) character. She will definitely shake things up with boring Steve and Olivia. I understand their real life age difference but I don't think it'll be a problem on screen at all.

    Heather Webber is Steve's mother but not Liz's mother. I don't believe we ever knew who her mother was/is, just that her father is Jeff Webber, her sister is Sarah, and half-brother is Steve.

  14. @renagade_killerbee

    I hear you...this is shaping up to be one last 80's blast before they close up shop. However, if they can do it better than the last 8 years or so were done, I'll take it. Would rather GH go out on a high note in the short term than to drag on with more of the 2000's mob/butchered characters/dropped storylines/bad editing stuff in the long term, you know?

  15. INFO from GH2

    Here is a bit of completely unconfirmed gossip from the land of Rumorville, word is that although the audition script (mentioned in our previous item entitled, "Recast?") sounds exactly like the role of Michael Corinthos, GH isn't recasting Michael, but instead is casting a "new Spinelli-like young character who is a mini Jason Morgan". Make of that what you will.

    That I like to post! Michael (Chad) is going NOWHERE!

  16. 2/20 Robin's exit storyline starts unfolding.

    Carly tries to find Johnny.
    Dante becomes the target of a murder attempt.

    Both Kelly Sullivan (Kate) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) have met with GH's new headwriter and report that they are excited about their upcoming story lines! Maurice Benard has been equally enthusiastic in his praises of the new writer/producer team. There are a lot of surprises coming up. All we have to do is sit back and support their efforts by WATCHING the show, either in real time or on your TiVO the same day the show airs...or BOTH! Do your part to help give GH a ratings boost.

  17. The idea of a new character having "mini Jason Morgan" AND "Spinelli-like traits" seriously makes my yogurt curdle since these are my two least favorite characters in the 20 years I've been watching this show.

    Isn't one Morgan and one Spinelli ENOUGH? =(

  18. RDA! I love him and would be thrilled to have him on GH.

    Liz's mom is some unknown women Jeff married.

    My2Cents2 said...
    I was probably the only one who cheered when he got on the plane with Laura!!

    Nope, you weren't but not for the same reason. I don't like Scotty or Laura much and I want Tracy with Luke :)

    A mini Jason Morgan??? Seriously? Please NO!


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