Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Robin's Exit Story: Major Event!

 Read it ALL on TV Line!

“It’s coming quick, in the next couple of days,” McCullough tells TVLine. Adds Finola Hughes, when I asked when we’ll get into the “meat-and-potatoes” of it all: “We’re on hors d’oeuvres right now, and then we’ll move onto the second course.”
This much is known going into the coming weeks, during which Hughes will be joined on the canvas by Tristan Rogers (as Robin’s father, Robert Scorpio) and Rick Springfield (reprising his role of Patrick Drake’s doctor dad, Noah): Robin’s latest HIV protocol “is working, and she’s fine now.” But it’s a major event that’s about to hit Port Charles hard, TVLine hears, that will begin pointing Dr. Scorpio-Drake toward the exit door.

Kicking off the new regime and also bringing back old faves. We all know Kim wanted to go, so this really may be a win-win. 


  1. By next week we will be in the midst of the Robin story. Ratings?

    Please Please just blow up Maggie & LIW tomorrow at the benefit. What better way to get rid of these no talents all at the same time?

    I missed Emma today.

  2. WAIT! Reading Robin dying next week??

  3. I think that the LIW will fall for Ethan and, in order to save him from Helena, they will run away together. That would make sense, as Ethan is leaving and LIW needs to leave.

    What on Earth is going to happen to poor Robin?

  4. It's beginning to look like maybe Robin is going to be killed this week. It would be very dramatic to have her survive the HIV scare and then die in a violent event while riding the high of their renewed happiness.

    If she dies in the lab Jason will have major guilt issues for sure.

  5. Watch "Soap Life: A documentary on daytime drama " clip on you tube . Very interesting as it's a soap fan who interviews soap actors and fans at events to get their take on soap genre.


  6. I do think Robin dies next week. WOW. Didn't see it coming so fast.
    I will say, if she is going to 'die' (for now) at least it has nothing to do with her HIV status.


    GH: Possibly Staying Longer?
    Posted by ghhshirley on Thursday, February 16, 2012
    Rumorville: There is a possibility that Kassie DePaiva (Blair Manning) could be staying on longer. Word is that she may have been given a contract. No word on how long the contract is for or if Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) has been offered one as well, but it seems likely.

  7. If Ethan leaves with the LOON In White I'm officially done with this show.

  8. 2Cents, with the Revulsion bombing as badly as it is, they would be really dumb to kick GH to the curb yet. Unfortunately the ratings are so low for GH - it seems that AMC and OLTL viewers aren't watching and I hope that changes with the new influx. I guess we will all be boohooing next week. By the way, KM's video interviews with co-stars were wonderful!

  9. Linda....IMO (which is never right) the fat lady hasn't sung any songs yet for GH. GH is changing in the next few weeks.
    Starting next week. I am not ruling this show as OUT yet. I don't care about the rumors. Look all what has happened to daytime this past year. There IS a demand for soaps daytime. IMO abc is giving GH another chance. I wish them all the luck in the world!!

    If they start to pull in the viewers, abc will find a spot for them. OR..another network will want them.
    I hope. lol

  10. The lab explosion next week is a head fake in my opinion. Tristan Rogers tweeted that he has filmed scenes with KM - unless she is a ghost or a hallucination or dream or something in those scenes, she is still alive as of the end of the month.
    I think Robin is around until the start of March and then leaves quickly thereafter.

  11. Hopefully OldSchool you are right. Tristian tweeted that he isn't back permanently. I am thinking his scenes that he shot with KM are after she is dead.

  12. My guess is the lab explosion isa fake out. Patrick will beOK but somehow Jason is going to have another violent attack and inadvertently Bree the one to takeRobins life.


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