Thursday, February 9, 2012

If I'm Not Here...

Why do I feel like TJ and Molly are in an After School Special? Soon they'll get him some dyslexic help while saving the whale stuck in the Port Charles Bay...
Post away!! I may be home...maybe not?


  1. Molly and TJ saving a whale? That's silly. You know the only person allowed to save anyone in PC is Jason Morgan.

  2. Yep - the mob enforcer with the heart of gold. Whaaaaattttt?

    Why are the newbies getting more screen time? They need to be gone!

  3. Today was interesting?? There was fighting between Anthony & Johnny with Carly stepping in to save the day.

    Kate/Sonny/Carly - same old thing, just a NuKate. Although, Kate telling Sonny about Jax was so worth it for me. Then NuKate went home, took out the bloodied wedding dress and changed into Connie or Kate or Katrina or Kathy, whatever.

    Another sleeper of a day for Jasam. What is with the writing and the acting of these two lately? Even supposedly happy, they look miserable and bored. Jason had a "spell"...brain swelling.

    Spin/Maxie/Matt. Matt finally grew some and seems to be breaking up with Maxie. That was a hi-light for me.

    Ewan and Liz...seemed like filler stuff. Oh yeah, Patrick and Robin drove out to a place in the woods where Patrick is planning their dream home (sniff). Convo was almost identical to the one Lucky and Liz had a while back while in the woods planning their dream home. Then Emma who was sleeping unbuckled herself from her car seat, and jumped in the driver's seat to toot the horn. Ohhhhhkay. Was a cute moment though :)

  4. The GOOD-Everything Patrick/Robin/Emma.
    Everything Kate, especially the scene with Carly & with her bloody wedding dress.

    The BAD-Liz STOP chasing. Calm down. Give Ewan a chance to ask you out. Matt. This pitiful jealousy you show is so juvenille & Stupid I can't even listen to you.

    The UGLY-Spinelli, Maxie. JaSam. Carly go home and be a mother to your children and stop hanging out with John.

  5. Watched online.Skipped all of jasam, so boring. Loved Liz talking about art and I would love to see her pursue it again. I even liked when she asked out Ewan and he shot her down, only because I fear Ewan is plotting with helena against the spencers. Ewan , I have no doubt, will fall for Liz but she won't want him by then. Loved Matt's reaction to Liz/Ewan talking ( couldn't stop laughing because it seemed so genuine ).
    Kate nonsense is stupid! Seems GH will go the root of kate having multiple personality disorder. Another woman that sonny has pushed to breakdown.
    lisa :)

  6. Forgot how cute scrubs can be and why I used to like them when they first got together before all the Lisa Niles nonsense. Emma is so cute :)!
    Perhaps kate's other personality has a secret life elsewhere.

  7. I guess Ewan will be hanging around to work with kate. How crazy is that? hanging on to the wedding dress you got shot in? Too wierd for words.

    And I hope they don't mess with Molly. She's such a nice kid. Having Kristina acting out should have been enough. Why are they trying to turn Molly into a sexpot. (Even if it is a phony bio) I hope this isn't a lead-up into replacing her too.

    And you think Alexis would be a little more weary of Molly hanging out with someone who she's been told is trouble, esp when she saw them hiding the computer.


  8. I hope Matt will make Maxie cry.

  9. So with Demi Moore going into rehab, I think the time is ripe to get her back on GH as Jackie, yes?
    #1 - Everyone else is coming back
    #2 - She may be looking for a small acting role just get back on her feet after she detoxes

    Make her a major network news reporter and have her flirt with old boyfriend Robert Scorpio a little bit and get catty with a jealous Anna. Nobody does catty like Demi!

  10. I kinda suspect today may have been RC's first new writing. He isn't going to suddenly change all the stories, but today sounded a little different--especially the heart-warming stuff with Patrick and Robin. Carly is seeming different around Johnny--a bit nicer, sincere, not shrill.

    I hope they get away from the two heads talking format soon--it is so confining and not at all the way OLTL was. Hope new regime can manage it.

    I don't think things moved any faster or Jasam was one whit more interesting, but something seemed warmer, better coordinated. Well, anyway, it was an okay day, though not special at all.

  11. Just read Karen's spoilers. I guess Kate is 2 people! lol
    Also per gh2:

    Maggie makes a date in an attempt to arouse Steven's jealousy.

    TJ creates a MyFace post that will have serious repercussions for Molly.

    Ewen discloses Cassandra's motives to Ethan.

    Maxie manages to get Liz suspended (by telling Monica something--and it is the truth). :)
    Maxie's motive is pure jealousy, she is NOT happy about Matt's interest in Liz and that they are around each other all day at work.

    Shawn and Michael bond.
    Shawn realizes that Michael is upset with the world. NO SHIT!!!!!!

    Multiple dramas unfold at the MetroCourt Hotel. Sonnys fundraiser.

    Kate is keeping another secret and it's going to be a shocker and it will test their love. According to Kelly Sullivan it's a meaty story, one that shocked her when she learned of it.
    An inebriated Johnny arrives at the ball, and the animosity between Johnny and Sonny builds. He calls Sonny out in front of everyone present. Sonny decides to retaliate by spilling some very personal information about Johnny.

    The headaches Jason has been experiencing worsen dramatically. Jason's situation appears to be deteriorating quickly. When he arrives at the hospital the thought of Franco causes him to have another serious episode.

    Patrick has to break through Jason's tough guy attitude and basically let him know in no uncertain terms that Patrick is the one in charge, and that Jason must take what Patrick has to say to him seriously.
    Patrick discovers that not only has Jason's condition worsened, but it is inoperable. Robin vows to find a genetic protocol to save Jason.
    As doctors struggle for answers, Sam and Monica wait with Jason and cling to hope.
    Lesile Charleson shares in SOW that, "things are not looking very good. Things are so severe that Jason is hospitalized. hHs condition is deteriorating by the minute.
    Then there is a mishap at the hospital that threatens everything.
    Charleson explains, "It's a soap event. Lives are hanging in the balance and unfortunately for Sam and Jason what happens threatens Robins life-saving research, as well. What's coming up is going to be a nightmare for a lot of people."

    Robin's exit storyline starts unfolding.
    With a crisis underway at the hospital, Robin heads over to GH to do what she can to help.

    Dante tries to stop a Mob war.

    Sam has a secret.

    We learn Helena’s master plan, which naturally includes Luke.

    Ewen discovers Kate just as Helena Cassadine appears, dagger in hand.

    Someone is about to murder Dante!

    Franco has sent Jason and Sam black and white footage of Jason’s past.

    At the ball a gloved hand aims at Sonny and Dante.

    What happens to Robin will have a profound effect on everyone in a very emotional way. Robin's mother, Anna, is about to hit town and her father, Robert, will soon follow; they haven't been on the best of terms, but Robin's exit will definitely bring them together. Plus, there's more to the story than meet the eye. Robert's return may not be all about Robin...there could be other news that he will receive while he's in town. ??

    Who else is Johnny related to? According to SOW, it is someone who is in Port Charles.

    Expect to see more of Tony Geary (Luke) and Constance Towers (Helena) that week as well.

    Tristan Rogers returns as Robert Scorpio, and both Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva arrive in town as Todd and Blair Manning. As of now, the latter two will only be on GH for a brief period.

    Michael Easton as John McBain shows up in March. He is expected to be around for a minimum of 6 months.

    Be prepared for some explosive material and a mystery that will need solving (kicking off in late February or early March).

    I also read that Jon Lindstrom & Kin Shriner is in talks to come back.
    They are now going ahead with Sam's daddy storyline.

    This is a show that is ending in June???

  12. I look forward to all the returns. Some more than others, but most mentioned will be good.
    As long as Holly tells Robert that Ethan is his and not Luke's. That really has to be addressed because that stupidity of Guza's just about ruined Luke for a great many of us and set us against the kid--which he probably didn't deserve. I have never felt the same about Luke since, because I KNOW the L&L story SO well, and there is no way he cheated on Laura at that point in time. That Tony went along with it somewhat damaged my admiration for this gifted actor as well. As for the actor playing Ethan, I don't mind him, but he didn't need to be Luke's son to enter the show. It made no sense. To take it back, they will have to explain why Luke agreed Ethan was his. Maybe something to do with a secret of Robert's and the WSB?
    I think at this point, Maggie is the most annoying newbie. And pretty pointless. She wasn't needed.
    Why men put up with Maxie and her obsessions baffles me. You'd think Matt would just say, 'Get lost!' by now. I feel Liz's interest in Matt is mostly about teasing Maxie. And I don't blame her.


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