Monday, February 27, 2012

"Americans who just want good, safe programming,"

Ah, let the spin begin!! This is in a piece in the Killeen Daily Herald, signaling the switch that Dish Network and Time Warner is going to have soon. What is "GOOD, SAFE PROGRAMMING"? Well, getting rid of Soap Net of course!!
Company spokesperson Ryan Kelly said the cable provider will add the kid-friendly channel, Disney Jr., sometime in March. The channel, 155, will feature shows, such as JoJo's Circus, Rolie Polie Olie and Higglytown Heroes..

"I get a lot of direct emails from customers," said Shull. "These were very commonly requested channels by our customer base."
In describing the company's subscriber base, he called them: "Americans who just want good, safe programming," adding that DISH wanted to address concerns of some parents about profanity and other adult themes on pay television services.

Disney Jr. started as a daytime programming block on the Disney Channel. It replaced Disney Playhouse two years ago, earning the pay channel some of its highest ratings in years among children aged 2-5. Launching as its own 24-hour network, the new channel will replace Disney-ABC's soap opera channel, Soapnet. 

THE demo?? 2-5 Year olds.
Thank you Disney, ABC, Time Warner et. al.

All in the name of Good Safe Programming.
I think I just threw up a little.


  1. Because 2-5 year olds often buy products right? They are such a better market than woman who actually do the shopping in many cases. How stupid!!! I haven't had soapnet for years but this makes me so mad!

  2. I find it quite amusing that Disney thinks the audience who watched SoapNet will now tune into it for their children to watch "safe programming". Nice marketing spin by putting it all on what the cable companies say they are hearing from their customers. LOL!

    Disney is clearly delusional and does not know or understand exactly who their market audience was with SoapNet...meaning they do not care and are looking for an entire different audience. To them, soaps are D.E.A.D.

  3. does the comment section look different to you guys too or just me?

  4. Yes, what's up with the comment section?

  5. Thanks for asking that. I thought something was wrong with my computer again.

  6. Everything that was in the right hand column on my computer is gone.


  7. Yes the comments look much different. Also your blog page (but not is totally whacked out on my mobile device (iPhone), making the font so small it is basically impossible to read. It used to be optimized for mobile devices and that seems to have been eliminated with the new layout.

  8. DANG it on the mobile thing, that has to be Blogger, not me. ;/ I try to get the page mobile friendly. When I have time I'll look around blogger to see if people are complaining.
    Why do they mess with stuff that works? UGH!

  9. Because 2-5 year olds need a 24 hour channel...

  10. Because 2-5 year olds need a 24 hour channel...

  11. Totally agree. 2 to 5 year olds should only be watching tv for an hour a day at most.

    What do these people think the stay at home moms are watching while the kids nap or take a break? It's definitely not kid's programming! And they don't all want to watch an endless string of talk shows or cooking shows either. They want an escape! A good old fashioned soap.

  12. We've lost that battle Soap Fans. It's not only about who's buying what. And believe me Moms forced to watch those shows over and over buy the garbage that is advertised.

    The biggest reason is Disney already owns a butt load of those shows. They can show shows from 10-15yrs ago because nothing has really changed. Or they may show the same episode 2 times in a row for 'educational' purposes.

    ABC/Disney is probably putting very little up front cash into this venture. And again I am disgusted!

  13. if Disney felt the need to make another kids channel, couldn't they at least find better programing than Rollie Polie Olie? That is anything but safe programing--my cousin used to watch it and whomever was watching her that day would fall asleep while it was on. Couldn't they put on something from pre-2000 (preferably the 80s or 90s)? I think Disney just wants to make kids dumber than they already are.

  14. Well, as the mother of a five year old, I can safely say that she will NOT be watching this channel. PBS Kids is all we watch at our house, and it will continue to be that way as long as all the other "kids"channels are full of obnoxious commercials. Seriously, my daughter was begging me for an allumawallet yesterday...

    Besides, she's perfectly happy to sit and watch GH with me, although, it seems like I have to shield her eyes more and more lately...


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