Wednesday, February 15, 2012


of course SHE wasn't on today!! sniff!
 I'm here!! I got here in time. Just in time to see Maxie and Matt-- yammerin' in front of Kelly's! There's the lab and all I can think of is Dee Dee: Ooooooooo what does this button do??!! LOL

Fronkey paper is back.  Sam just rips it off, not even trying to preserve it. Well, that's wasteful. The video...a baby. Either Kal-El   or Baby Jason? Hmmmm. Interesting!

WHAT MAXIE did is a TOTAL Bobbie MOVE!! Totally !! She would have done that. Bobbie did crap like that all the time. heh. She's a hypocrite but hell, she's a fun one!

I saw an EXTRA walking behind Maxie. Something's up!! AND WHO WAS THAT random GORGE guy that Maggie asked out?? WOOT! take of your shirt, mister!!

Carly barges into the lab-- ugh. She's such a pain in the ass.  Unless you have banana enzymes. Hee hee 

 We have seen some changes but tomorrow it's  OFFICIAL! 


  1. Thank God, it's his last day because I thought today sucked. Maxie Liz bashing was not enjoyable , it was ridiculous considering all the sh*t she pulled stealing drugs from the hospital to give to Liz's husband and sleeping with him. She aligned herself with a mob criminal to hide her and Matt's escapades on the party boat. The same selfishness she accuses Liz of , she has engaged in time and time again. She should be doing jail time, but oh wait, she has Mac the police comissioner on her side.
    She is a total bitch! Matt stood there reacting and taking her BS about not being on a pedestal so it's o.k. to scheme and treat people like crap. That argument is BS. She put Liz on that pedestal,more than anyone, because of her own insecurites. Maxie puts herself on a pedstal,as no one could love Maxie more than Maxie.
    I wrote to carlivati about the Liz bashing and how it makes me want to tune out.
    Jasam dull but footage looks like jason as a baby. Heard monica will be shown with jason as a baby. Perhaps there will have been a baby switch. Is jason a Q? Do we care ? Jason walking around in the same black t-shirt and jeans with swelling on the brain is beyond stupid!You would think with a baby on the way you would do everything you could to ensure that your there to see the birth of your child and heed doctor's advice.
    Hate Carly ,but welcomed her toned down argument with sam. She then moves on to aggravate Robin which made me resume hatred.
    I tried tv today but my usual was to watch online and skip the characters I don't like. I'm back to online until all the vets come back and focus has switched to these characters.


  2. Maxie has become a desperate bitch but the actress is great at portraying her. Jen Lilly gets an Abut the writing gets an F. Matt came off looking wimpy at the end of the argument and I felt he should have trounced Maxie.

  3. Matt and Maxie: They had it out! They got closure so that's good. Now they can move on. Maxie go back with Spinny! Matt keep persuing Liz!

    Papa Z and Maxie: Sweet!! I love how he is concerned and calls her cookie. :)

    Johnny and Grandpapa Z: Johnny just intrupted his grandpapa's date with Leonard! How rude! Oh wait Lenny has been following Johnny! ROFL! Lenny are you afraid of Johnny? Lenny is pathetic ROFL!

    Carly and Jason: Woah Carly is happy that Jason and Sam are going to have a baby?! Oh of course, because Carly is happy for her Jason! :) Oh she is starting in on Sam when Jason told her not to ROFL!

    Carly and Robin: Carly!!! Let Robin work ROFL!

    Jason and Sam: It's a baby dvd! ROFL!

    Olivia: Woah Olivia your hair! Did you stick your finger in a light socket?

    Steve and Maggie: Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh oh the memphis police is reopening the memphis case! Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Ethan and Cassie: Zzzzzzz. Oh look Ewen drops by zzzzzzzzzz. Cassie lied about her memory. She got it from a book. She is looking and acting all innocent with Ethan. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Maggie and that guy she is going to the benefit with: WOAH HOLY COW HE IS HOT!!!!! Yes Karen he should take off his shirt. :)

  4. Does Garin Wolf consider himself to be demoted or was this just a "temporary head-writing job" kinda like during the 2007 writer's strike?

    As bad as he was (and he was awful in some aspects), his stuff was 10X better than any of the stuff Charles Pratt and Bob Guza gave us from the past 10-12 years!

  5. Love2chat - High-five on your Maxie/Matt/Liz comments! I was also disappointed the writers wrote him wimpy in the end when he had no right to be.

    Today's epi seemed like the set-up for things to come. A bit boring, especially with the random LIW scenes. No interest whatsoever.

    Carly was in full swing. Love how she can welcome THIS baby but not the one with Liz. Can't believe she later busted into Robin's lab demanding answers. I would've thrown a beaker at her! LOL!

    I'm thinking the baby on the DVD was either Jason or Franco and somehow it will show they were brothers. *Genetic markers everyone*

    Loved the extras and random cuties walking around too! Nice touch. The sets didn't seem so middle schoolish or two people to a set only.

    The changes are happening! Hopefully good things to come will hold off the cancellation of my beloved show? A girl can dream.

  6. We saw LIW but Luke is still knocked-out-cold at Wyndemere?

    When will CasSUCKra just leave already????

  7. Susan Moore (pregnant after affair with Alan Q) is Jason's supposedly true biological Mom and also is Heather Webber's cousin. How does Heather tie in with jason's medical problems?

  8. Though I do agree Maxie's reasons for going to Monica were wrong, is it fair to say that you think 2 wrongs make a right?
    There is no defending Maxie. She is wrong. Liz on the other hand should have known better. Maxie was right today, Liz had options. She could have gone to Dante or Steve. Liz's reasoning was she wanted to be Lucky's hero.
    Hey I done stupid stuff. But if I fell upon someone I 'supposingly loved' in Luckys state of being, I would have run for help. Not tried to take these matters in my own hands. Liz was so out of line.
    She is a nurse NOT G*D or a Dr. !!!!!!!!!
    So NO Maxie's yelling today made sense. She should have done this months ago, not out of hatred because Matt FINALLY dumped her.
    I would suggest writing to the writers asking them to portray Liz differently. Its not Becky, its Liz's character that can be disgusting.
    Maxie was wrong when she told Matt that Liz will drop him for Lucky. Not so sure. She would drop him like a hot potato for Jason though!! lol I hope Lucky comes back, but is he really enough for Liz??

    LOVED Olivia's hair today! If they don't throw that idiotic Maggie in the blast at GH. She dances whiles she moves around.

    LIW. FF. Who the hell came up with a story about a ghost in white living at Wyndemere??

    Carly behaved like an idiot today. I knew yesterday was too good to be true.
    Another one who wants to be a hero throwing her weight around instead of letting the Doctors doing their job.

  9. Love2chat - ohhhh now that would be such a soapy tale to tell with Heather involved somehow.... :)

  10. Yea I was wondering that too about Heather & Jason.
    Does Heather carry a gene that would cure Jason? Oyyy can you imagine being in debt to Heather for saving your life!

    I too was wondering what the baby stuff was about. Why can't Franco be done??

  11. I can't believe that Jason acts so dumb about anything medical, even medical stuff that even I know about--and I don't know too much medical info. Jason used to be in med school, and, through the years since his accident, has often helped out medically until EMT or whomever arrived, using his knowledge and skill. Now all of a sudden he doesn't know what swelling of the brain is? Makes no sense. . . .

  12. Really do want to see the FINAL end of Franco--but what if...the baby is Jake? Just crossed my mind because so many people here want Jake's death undone.

    I think the pace is picking up and the story points better made, but I am waiting for real change, such as more than 2 to a scene!

    Maxie is just so full of vitrio,l she lays imagined crimes at Liz' door and where she does hit the truth, she is so far out there with reading it. I think she stunned Matt with the viciousness of her hate.

    So good to have Anna back. I DO hope when Robert arrives, he remembers his best friend was once Luke and they have scenes together. The last couple times Tristan was back, they didn't even talk--it was as if those years of tight friendship never happened, and yet that was once one of the best portrayals of male friendship ever on a soap. It would go a long way in restoring Luke for me to have him act like he knows who Robert is and how to support Robert in trouble.

  13. I'm thinking the random guy maggie asked out might be "road kill" for the upcoming They'll have to have bodies.

    Maxie was the world's biggest hypocrite. Liz was wrong but she should have been reported ages ago, not now.

    I was wondering if that was pictures of Jake as a baby.


    And where the heck is Luke?

  14. Franco has more of the coloring and shading of Alan and Susan Moore, so a baby switch with him as the real Quartermaine heir, and Jason as a pretender to the Q throne would be interesting.

  15. So what, Franco isn't dead?

  16. I CALLED Susan Moore when they kept showing Jason's eyes.. LOL. Then with the Franco "Secret" it fit. With Heather WEbber back, she'll probably do the crazy and spill it.

  17. Sonya, nice to see you back! I thought Jason Cook did a great job yesterday! I just didn't think that our old Maxie was that spiteful and insecure. Can't stand Carly getting in everyone's face. Johnny and Anthony scenes were good - very happy that we are seeing more of Johnny. Goodbye Wolfie!!!

  18. GOOD BYE Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza!!!!

    Don't let the door slam you in the ass on the way out either.

  19. I say if Liz has to pay for her drug crime, so does Maxie...Monica even said that to Maxie when she was narcing on Liz. If Monica suspects Maxie stole drugs for Lucky, why isn't she pursuing that too?

  20. LSV422 said... Sonya, nice to see you back!
    Thanks! It's nice to be back. :)

    My2Cents2 said... GOOD BYE Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza!!!!Don't let the door slam you in the ass on the way out either.
    Yeah goodbye!!! And I think it's time for you two to get a divorce ROFL! How long have they been married 2cents? ROFL!

  21. Sonya..LMAO!! I still haven't watched today, I had to take a nap. Flu today.

    How long were they married?? Don't tell anyone, but rumor is they were never LEGALLY married, just living in sin!!!!!!!!
    They BOTH 'supposingly' have other wives!!!!.

  22. My2Cents2 said... Sonya..LMAO!! I still haven't watched today, I had to take a nap. Flu today.
    Oh no!!! Get well soon! And watch today's GH. :)

    How long were they married?? Don't tell anyone, but rumor is they were never LEGALLY married, just living in sin!!!!!!!!
    They BOTH 'supposingly' have other wives!!!!.
    :0 NO GET OUT!!!! Shame on them!!! :0 ROFL!


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