Wednesday, February 1, 2012


DUH.. I did watch GH today, just forgot to hit PUBLISH when I went away from the computer! It's down there...BTW, tomorrow NLG is saying there are some hilarious scenes coming with she and Diane. That's always a fun watch! I will be late, I do hope I get home in time to watch some of it!! Thanks for being patient while I'm on the new job.  SPOILERS are up if you haven't seen them yet. I guess LULU is working in the Evidence room..LOL. What IS she going to find??? You know she'll solve every case in the last decade in a month.
 They get the results tomorrow or Friday-- not sure which.  If you read the WUBS you know the results. I kinda wish it was twins.  One and One. LOL they could be like Adam and Stuart Chandler!!

BTW, looks like The REVULSIONSS is doing badly in the afternoon!! Can we dare dare hope there's a sliver of redemption for our soap? I keep wondering why ABC would choose to keep something that has dismal ratings, bad reviews over a proven genre with a built in audience that advertisers KNOW. PLUS the fact canceling the soaps gives him nasty press and bad karma all around. Wake up you weenies! :) There, I told 'em! 

NEW INTERVIEW up from Kim McCollough  ...interesting. Maurice is talking like ..well, you'll see: 


  1. So, is he leaving the show? Or was he just sounding like he's leaving because he thinks the show is done? Something's up!

    I think most of MB's best work was in the 1990's, but he'll still do quality work when he's inspired. He's always good opposite Tony Geary and Nancy Lee Grahn. He nailed the Johnny scenes last week, and I still remember how chilling he was in the great final confrontation scenes with Claudia a couple of years ago.

  2. I don't forsee MB staying with the show whether the show continues or not. JMO

    Who was he talking about when he was talking about Michael?? The character? Now that seemed to me like he was talking in past tense. I am wondering more who he was referring to there.

  3. I think he was talking about the actor who played Stone.

    Yay! I think I finally figured out how to post. (slow, I know)

  4. Great interview! Oh how I would love to see MB on an HBO or Showtime show. His "type" is perfect for so many of those shows. I could even see him fitting into that would be so intriguing. So nice to know he wants to move on to bigger better things.

    What a nice compliment he and Robin paid to Michael Sutton. The story of Stone was one of the best storylines in soap history and you can see it all over Maurice's face how proud he was of it and of Michael's evolving acting abilities.

  5. are correct! I was wondering why he was calling Chad 'Michael' when 'Michael' is a character.

    He was speaking of Stone.

  6. It definitely sounds like he's leaving the show. I hope that means he's leaving, and not the show's ending.

  7. I took it as show's ending. I really REALLY think MB would stay on even if it was off IF he had ANY choice. He has a's good steady money.
    I could see him on HBO or Showtime. I hope he gets something. Boardwalk Empire would be awesome.
    We know Guza stole stuff from those networks for years anyway! LOL.

  8. I think Maurice is leaving, I think that is what the angle with Kate is leading to.

  9. My vote's in the cancellation corner, much to my sadness. The comment about "a show that's been on 50 yrs, you think you'll be there forever" felt really weird. Like he would be there, if the show was there. JMO.

    Of course, it could be the actors are wising up to ABC Daytime's big, fat, lying mouths and aren't trusting a thing they say and are getting their eggs in order, just in case.

  10. Sorry, that "Unknown" post was me, CareyN. Not sure why my sign-up didn't work right?

  11. It's OK that this blog believes GH is over. I don't. Not yet. I believe NOBODY knows today what will be this summer or Fall. Alot is riding on the writing, other shows failing, etc..I for one will not count this show out yet.
    Not because I believe abc.
    Because I believe in GH as a show.
    Anything is possible should the writing get good. And, its on the way to that as we speak.
    Not sure about Robert & Anna, bring back Ric, Bobbie, Felicia, etc...there is alot of potential for this show. jmo

  12. I get the feeling that they see the writing on the wall, and don't think that GH is going to last on ABC. Given how ABC handled the cancellation of AMC and OLTL, I don't blame him.

    That said, I liked the talk that MB had with KMc. What KMc mentioned - about MB teaching other actors - reminded me of how she said the same thing when she interviewed Lexi.



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