Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wubs Is LIVE Today!!

And I'm here to watch the GH!! What do you think!? I crawled home to see this! LOL 


Today was BORING AS HELL..firgures. GOD. Carly's all pissy about TJ Hustlin' tips. Shawn is acting like he was mugging people!
Michael..wah, go GET A JOB. 

Matt/Maxie--no chemistry there, Nada. 

Giant Carrot Cake alert at Kelly's...that's how bored I am. 

Sonny "It's not my fault Jax got on a plane he knew he shouldn't"?? What kind of shit is that?? Sonny totally messed with the plane, wanted it to crash but it's JAX'S FAULT he got on it??? Oh please. DUH! Yes, Jax knew it may have been tampered with but take SOME responsibility! 

Of course, no Helena today. The Soap Gods hate me. :Bawling:

Robin Mattheson is only 10 years older than Scott Reeves. He looks SO OLD to me any way!! She'd better call him Steven Lars!!


  1. I don't now why Jax would leave his half of the Metro Court to Kate to run. He knows Kate and Carly hate each other and would end up destroying the hotel trying to one up each other. Anyway something tells me Carly is gonna find out what Kate secret really is (because we all know the shrink stuff is total b.s.) and use that information to get total control of the Metro Court!

  2. Scott Reeves looks like a dried up leather coat. I hope he leaves with Magpie.

  3. Hi Karen... I think maybe there aren't a lot of people posting comments right now because the site is loading super slow. I think all of the embedded videos from the SuperBowl are causing the trouble. Just FYI. :)

  4. Dear Soap Gods, before GH ends, I want Latte.

  5. Oh is it slow?? Mine is going fast.

  6. I have no problems either but I have high speed cable internet maybe people with dialup have a hard time

  7. Who else can see Lulu becoming a cop?? She could start working in the evidence room, want to start solving old cases, one thing leads to another and fighting crime is her "passion". I like the idea... Lucky & Dante are both cops..

    And..Padilla is growing on me

  8. AND.... What if Padilla's husband is the stripper murderer guy? Something has to be up with him...

  9. Am I only one who noticed that Lulu was dressed more for the club then to work in a dusty evidence room!

  10. I'm not really finding GH all that boring now. Seeing Liz out with Ewen was fun and of course she looked stunning. Liked Matt, who gets cuter every day, with NuMaxie.
    Johnny was his old cocky self at the police station and his interacion with Spinelli was good. TJ is really annoying, though. Loved Scrubs. Looks like Jason T. really loves Kim. M.

  11. I enjoyed the Ewen/Liz/Maxi/Matt scenes and the Johnny/Spinelli scenes. The Scrubs stuff was cute. I think the rest was blah. I can't believe Jax gave Kate the hotel. I really really really want her to leave..she is immediately after the idiot-in-white on my please leave NOW list...sigh


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