Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday on the Soaps: Chili is on the Menu!

OLTL: Love the fact that Kimmy's going after Clint. SOAP!! Reminds me of the old Asa highjinks! woot!! Rex..talking to Jessica! Destiny's eyeballs when Dani told her to wait in the hall. Heh. I'm also glad Sky told Gigi that the baby is his (even though it's not)--and why would Gigi get all militant on his ass?


GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG, DOMte..get off the DOCKS when you are listening to your secret footage!! Good Lawd!

I'm already a bit sick of the tortured artist. I'm trying--I'm trying. I just figured it out though. The entire story is a total HOMAGE to St.Jason. I think Franco is Guza..worshipping Jason!! Just sayin'.

Maxie's top was so cute today.

I wish they'd mention Ruby's chili. BINGO! thank you writers. :) Wow, they are trying hard with the whole OlSon thing aren't they? DOMte, put 2 and 2 together, will ya!?
So, does Zander come back to usher Rebeicly into heaven?? Hmm...maybe he and Emily do? (David suggested that). I do think that's what happens after reading spoiler stuff. She leaves Dec. 22ndish--he's on Dec. it figures.
A few new spoilers are up WUBSNET please hit an ad to help the Toys for Tots drive! THANK YOU!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital on Steroids.

Yep...that was our GH last week! More ensemble work...James Franco prancing around, seducing women (and some men?!) nice Thanksgiving scenes--what's going on? I guess the world is watching!! Did you know that in reality Mr. Franco is done taping all his scenes? Just sayin'. What did you think of it all? I personally think any of the soapies we know could have done the part just as well--I mean it's not like he did contortions or anything. BUT! It IS handsome Mr. Franco--bringing with him all the mainstream media so I'll take it. Maybe some new viewers too? Will they be able to hang on like we have year after year? Doubtful.

On to other stuff! Remember Gia? Marisa Ramirez is going to be on Castle this week!

I've been talking about the Toys For Tots drive that the Spixie fans have created for Bradford and Kirsten's holiday joy. Just donate a toy at your local Toys for Tots drive or give directly to the charity. How can you find out more?? Go to Fans Giving Back...a fab new website that has many, many soap stars and their charities listed. Karla, who took Alberta the lobster on the Aids Walk LA started it and the reception by soap actors and writers has been amazing.

Speaking of Alberta, she's off to the Habitat for Humanity GH fans get Building event!! She's going to be with Kirsten Storms, Karla, Paul and other GH peeps. Watch the video "The House that GH Fans Built" on the website: Habitat for Humanity.

There are so many charity events going on, it's amazing. How can you help without spending a red cent? By clicking on the sponsor ads on Wubs Net. $50 is being donated to the Toys for Tots program this month. Thanks so much!

I hope you checked out Chrissie Fit's fun new Web Saga..."The Subpranos"!! GO, watch the intro. It's going to be a blast. I can't wait to watch some great comedy on the net. Two New YAWK girlies let loose in LA!! You can also follow the series on Twitter @thesubpranos. Chrissie will also be on GH again in December!

What's coming up on GH? The Franco mystery deepens, Michael spins more out of control (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?? Hmmmmm. ) Alexis and Mac flirt after she tips one too many at Jake's. We get a Karaoke night again. Rebecca's exit, Lucky's going to find out about Niz and the Cassadine story. DOMte reveal and Olivia and Sonny are going to get cozy and kiss. Let's hope they keep up the momentum.

Have a great Sunday...see you tomorrow for GH

Friday, November 27, 2009

"The Subpranos"... A New Web Series!

GHer Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) is starting her own Web Series called "The Subpranos" starting in January 2010. She co-wrote the series with friend, Cyrina Fiallo and has the intro up on You Tube. Here I thought it would be all drama--but it's actually hilarious! I can't wait to follow Giovana and Denise as they follow their dreams and move from NYC to LA.

Take a peek: The Subpranos

Website: The Subpranos Web Site

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello, Wubbahs! Happy Day before turkey day! Or in Geddy's case, TO-Furkey day! I won't be blogging tomorrow--and anyway GH will be a repeat of the big "shoot out" with Joey Limbo.

OLTL: OMG, Dorian is mayor! Clint catches Nora and Bo kissing! But he didn't. Those fakers!! LOL. I was all ready for a show-down. Dang. Love The whole Destiny family. Still hate Greg.
"Nerve Regeneration"!! Okay... maybe they cloned a whole new spinal cord for him. :) DORIAN goes to Vicky's for a feast. awww. OMG, Ok, having Bo, Nora..the gang get to Seattle in 1.3 minutes on THANKSGIVING is a riot. I guess they do have a jet but still. Shheeze.
Loved the poem Vicky read--sniff.
GH: I have to say Wubby Hubby sat in the room while I was watching the end of OLTL and he made the funniest comments. "LOOK! I can WALK" when Matthew wiggled. To see our soaps in other's eyes? It do seem silly!!

Line o' the day: Spinelli: "Looks like someone raided your horn of plenty" to Milo!

YEAH Diane!! She looked ravishing! Carolyn Hennesy has been tweeting that she is sick with a cold :( Get better soon! Her new Pandora book is out in January, btw!
How perfect is Molly? I loves her. The whole Milo/Spin/Max thing was priceless. Max in the plumming gear. heh. She tells him to bring the rubber gloves and plunger! heh! I love them!!!!!!!!!! Her looking at his package...wowza.
GEESH almost EVERYONE is on today! Thank you soapy extended family goddesses. (cause you KNOW Guza took the day off!)
The Q's: Big Alice has a buzz cut!! Luke tells us Bobbie is in Seattle visiting LUCAS-- :thud: he's still alive!!?? Leslie is off cutting a turkey with Audrey I think he said. heh
Scrubs House: Mac's here! Mac "Is else coming that I don't like"?? Robin: "No, but someone that's coming you DO like"... Mac: "COLEMAN"?? hahahhahaaa. Oh, fun line. I think that Lisa chick looks a bit too young.
Maxie: Too funny. Spinelli has Ann Hathaway on his "DO" list hee hee. And not for nothin' but Lulu/Maxie apartment is FUGLY. bleck.
Oh, I am diggin' Krissy and that wrong? Loved him telling her about Aussie thanksgiving. Hey, Laura was a youngin' when she fell for Scotty. Just sayin' jailbait's been around a LOOOOOOOOONG time on soaps.
Aw CarJax. You can tell Laura wanted to be there with Ingo. hee hee. Aren't I cute? Maybe she'll bring the WINE next time!
TOTALLY Guza's day off today. LOL....Family history, bullets, blood, dead chalk marks on the floor. Loved it! *sigh* The nod to the audience at the end? :) woot!

I AM THANKFUL for you, wubbers, I really really appreciate that you read my stuff. Much Wub and Grub tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soaps On Tuesday November 24th: ABC Semi-Porn!

I'm back in the recliner again (to the tune of Aerosmith!)

AMC: OUCH. I got nothin'.

OLTL: Todd tells Danni right off she's his. That's Todd! I take it he saved Tea from Ross' strangle hold. I missed it yesterday. I still see Joey Martin when I look at Ross. Wonder what Starr will do w ith her newly found sister!? I hope they hate each other at first!! Love some good soap dramazzzzzzzzzz.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I saw yesterday's show. I personally liked it. I think it was the ensamble work. The set was kinda funny...but Kirsten Storms was fab. LOVED her humor in all of this. Franco and Geary were wonderful. I do actually like the staged crime/artist storyline. They could have made him just another mob thug but didn't. (see I can give it to the Guza when it's warranted!) Ok, on to the important stuff: wardrobe. WHAT THE HECK? Sam? Spanxx? Maxie was way underdressed, imo. Lulu looked nice in her emerald green.

LINE O' THE DAY: "Your panties are already half way down your thighs"...good laws. Franco to Maxie. LOL. I am not sad Maxie is doing it with Franco. Come on, it's a soap, Franco's on for about 2 seconds--and what the heck.

Today's show: Maxie and Franco. His mystery woman is VANESSA..great name. "I make everything up". I think Guza is channeling Guza while doing Franco!

Sam's boobalage is spilling out. LOL.

JJ with Bruce Weitz! WOOT! JJ hasn't taken my advice to shave however. Oh well, can't do everything. Love JJ and Sonny as well, although it's HUGELY different than GV's vibe. I have to think it's a new character almost if that makes sense. CAMPING TRIP MEMORIES!

I LOVED their talk today..yeah! very good. LukeSon memories. JJ did a fabu job today. He really sold me on the explanation. Loved his take on Justice. "maybe in someway my badge levels the playing field for people who don't have power".

Olivia's outfit matched her wall color today. I also heard some trolls showed up to the Entertainment Weekly boards when they were talking about Franco to bash Lisa LoCicero, BB and even a writer! WHAT THE HELL? Good lord, do you people really REALLY want the "soap fans' reputation to get even MORE sterotypical? How classy--posting trash about ANY actor on a major entertainment board when they weren't even dishing about them...!! Bad form. I don't care if you hate an actor or character, it's just so sad there had to be a dang war over there for the world to see. OUCH!

Sonny: "I can't think of anything worse than your own son investigatin' you"!! Oh, the irony. OH THE ANGST!!!!!!!!!! heh. THEN he tells Dante he'd die if his son was ever a cop. :thud: get ready!!


Jon/Kate: Jon, buy a clue. I thought it was so sad when he said "That was my 20' I'm free"..uh, only beItaliccause KATE IS WITH THE KIDS, you idiot! God, does he think it's just ok to take off? What if she would have left, gone to France with some 20 year old druggie and partied topless? What would people say then? YOU DON'T GET A BREAK WHEN YOU HAVE 8 KIDS! Good Lord. He sounded like a typical guy that has NO clue what it's like to be a father 24/7. No wonder Kate had to kick his ass so much.

Glad the whole thing is over. Good bye. See ya.

The Adam Lambert hooplah is HYSTERICAL! SO, #GMA cancels him for being to "provocative"?? After the skanks they've had on ?? Brahahahaha. Then again, they've done him a HUGE favor. Talk about coolness factor shooting up 900%!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Back from's a sneak peak!

Nancy Lee Grahn's Event in NYC --
Wubbers Patty, Karen (the Queen), Nancy and Chrissy... We had a great time. Nancy was just wonderful! I'll have full story tomorrow, I just got home tonight and am tired! NYC was so great...and Jet BLUE? FABU!!
NOTE The lobster neclaces. Nancy actually had just taken the one she had off to put in her "gift" tote to take home.

C U tomorrow! Hey! how was the ol' Gallery Opening today on GH ?? I have it on DVR. Was it good?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alberta and the Wubqueen IN NYC!

I'm here! The hotel is really nice and only 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Which, I didn't realize--it makes me very sad. We went and looked it over yesterday. I tell you what, it's a shame it's not further along. I think it's taking way longer to do the memorial than it did to do both Trade Centers. S
*sigh*....I cried :( Very moving place, even if it is all fenced off and all you can see are cranes.


You are NOT going to believe this but there is a BUBBLE LAMP in my hotel room!! LOL Two of them to be exact! I forgot my stupid USB cable so I can't so you the Alberta the Lobster photo I got of her with the lamp. It will have to remain a excitement for when I get home!

NLG's thing is upstairs, in a conference room. There are a lot of people milling around and I have no clue who's here for it. I think I'll see people at the registration. Wubber Chrissy who runs Lisa LoCicero's Fan Space on FB is meeting me. I am going ot rely on her Twittering abilities from her phone during the actual event. Maybe I can get her to sign in under wubs net, we'll see. If not, I'll have a full report probaby Tuesday.

BTW, I'm more interested in how the whole thing is set up than the actual "Meet Greet"! LOL. Know what I mean? I'd love to have a Wub Event someday, but have no idea how to coordinate it. Of course I want to see Nancy as well. I have a great item for her to sign that will be going for the AIDS WALK NY in the spring. We are getting a bunch of GHers to sign it and we'll either raffle or auction it off.

Aren't soap fans the MOST involved with charities in the entertainment industry? Soap Stars too..I mean what other show(s) does what soaps do? Check out all your all your soap stars charities and events on FANS GIVING BACK. Wubbers I know have already helped paint a school, walk for AIDS in LA and are going to build a house for Habitat for Humanity with other GH stars.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Franco Friday on GH: Bullets over Port Charles!


Lest you forget just how dangerous PC can be, the bullets were flying in fine form today. Franco watched and had a chicklet gum. LOL... Franco's stupid wave was hilarious. Then they have him stomp on the wounded guy and pose him! WOWza. Gross, yet effective. Guza is having a complete love-fest with this material! Lucky got to say "WACKED"!!!!!! Brahahahaha. GH: even more dark than you remember!

POOR Lucky! God, can they make it any worse? Nikolas over hearing him ramble on about the house and borrowing money? OY! Liz' little red toenails trying to hide Feta evidence? LOL

Kate Howard, how de doo! Why did they shove Megan Ward to the background? She has great potential...she runs Crimson...she looks faboosh. I loved how Kate basically told Maxie to do whatever to get Franco to cooperate! :) that's a boss for you!!
Maxie and Lulu's hair: exact same color.

JoLivia...BREAKIN' MY HEART! Both Lisa LoCicero and Brandon Barash were perfect in those scenes. I give them WUBBA award of the day. I think Olivia needs a lobster statue in her apartment. Just sayin'... Still hard to see DOMte as Olivia's "baby"...:)

Great Maxie promo...MOREBLOODGORE! You know what that is right?

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! There's going to be Thanksgiving all round Port Charles next week. Family Dinners just about everywhere. Pizza at the Q's! Thursday will be a repeat of today, btw--and there's no show Friday.

RUMBLINGS that Pratt is out at AMC as headwriter.

Does anyone else think it was Tess that was coming to see Mitch?

I WILL be at the Nancy Lee Grahn event this Sunday in NYC. If you are attending, please look me up. I'll have lobster beads on. For realz. And carrying Alberta the lobster too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spoilers are UP you WUBBAHS!

That's right, newbie spoilers just for you! WUBSNET. Looks like the LukeSon truce may be coming to an end after the ambush happens. Remember, Luke set it up. Ouch.

TODAY'S GH: What can I say about Elizabeth? I MEAN come on!! There's a Cassadine in your house for feta sake, drinking brandy from a SNIFTER and YOU JUST STAND THERE? RUN! You girlie! Nik is so turning into Stefan. Did he have the Cassadine ring on? I didn't see it.

Oh, those ol' docks. LOL...LULU--do'h Just blabbin away. I'm glad Johnny knows in a way. He could become a policia too. WOW...Johnny even knows that DOMte is Olivia's kid!! I like this turn of events.

Jessie Brewer tells me (yes, she speaks to me) that Maurice has THREE GOATS at home!! Woot! He's so getting a visit from Helena. :)

Franco's face was on today. They must have inserted it. He's due on "for real" [MADDDDDDDDDDDDD WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ]tomorrow.

By the way and observant Wubber remided me that NIKOLAS knows about the whole Michael shooting too! hmmm. Guess he's too 'busy' to notice what's goin' on.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Does the Flu ever hit Soaps?

Get away from my CAM if you don't have a flu-mask on!!

I don't mean MASSIVE Flu's...or big poxes, I people ever just get a dang cold? I'd love to see Nikolas lounging around with a box of kleenex, drinking Thera-Flu that Alfred just brought him. I wish for once they'd have a flu-shot clinic at GH.

NIZ is driving me insane. Just stay AWAY from him Liz!! Oh, it's all a dream...okay. Those fakers. LIZ says she's sorry to SAM? :thud: LOL.
I can totally see this whole "so Michael killed Claudia and when will everyone find out"?? going on FOREVAHHHHHHHH
And when the hell did Johnny start taking photos? LMAO He's all of a sudden a photog. GH YOU slay me. Give me a break. They at least could have had him taking some pics before now. Brahahahahaha. He was a piano teacher, Christmas Tree Saleman and garage owner. wowza.
Lisa. Geesh, could she BE any more soap looking? FOR ONCE I'd love to see a real person on this show. (much like OLTL does). I've seen a LOT of surgeons in my life--none had hair like that. Most can't take the time for much of anything but their work. Just saying she looks a
OMG, didn't Rebecily look like Emily today? Sounds like her too.
Remember when the rumor had it Sam had a guy from her past coming to town? Looks like she knows Franco from the past. SPoilers
"Kill the Beast" Says Anthony..."Cut off his head and right arm and bring them to me on a platter"..
OH NO! Johnny finds the photo of his sister!!! :(
My friends on Twitter talked about doing a web Reality Bytes or Gotham. What should I call it "As the Wub Turns"? "All MY Wubbers"?..."Wubbo Hospital"?? "Wub is a Many Splendored Thing"? That would be so fun. Wish I had more time, more know the usual.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Claudia" Opens Her Eyes!

I saw your name on the Q crypt the other day! Paying a little "homage"!!!!!

OLTL: Todd loves Tea!! Great casting of their daughter looks wise, btw. Ooo, Mitch was in FULL PSYCHO mode today! He'd make a fabu Cassadine, you think?

GH: In the blog below, please find Sarah Brown's addy at B&B. Send her a card. I got a cute one today. I wonder if she likes it over there or is missing the JAMES FRANCO hooplah that's happening...

Spinelli has recycle bags from the market. LET ME SEND YOU WEGMANS Bags, GH! I would be the perfect CONSULT for all things WNY! Sign me up! You'd know how far things are (NYC is 7 hours, not 10 minutes). Spixie was a bit bittersweet today.

Lulu's hair is slicked. And she looks rather cocktailish today. Aw, DOMte was so cute asking Sonny if he thought Lulu liked him! :) Sonny dimpled all up. I want DanaLU to just get there already. YEAH! NICE kiss!! I am so on board with these two!! I think maybe almost everyone can agree on them? Are there still Jonalu fans left though?

Hahaha. Maxie talking about "No Hallmark Memories" with Lucky. At least I can see them together unlike he and Sam. I think if they have him go back to pills after finding out about Niz...he'll just be kick ass in that story! Peeps told me he played a druggie in both "Purple Haze" and "Riding the Bullet" you know it's comin'. PLUS Didn't Jason say he'd take Jake if he ever went back to pills? Hmmm?

Really loved LOVED the Luke and Liz talk. He was so good with her!! I so want them all to do more family stuff with the whole gang. Didn't like the Luke/Lucky talk either..I mean, tell him or don't!

YEAH! Party at Scrubs! Coleman, Mac, Pat, Matt!! Loves it! Here comes...Louise.

KUDOS to Dave Ryan, writer today. Snappy ol' dialog.
MADDDDDD WORLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD NICE touch with the model as Claud opening her eyes!! Wow..looked JUST LIKE her! The photo was REAL, taken in the cabin, btw. Then, Franco went back to his studio and recreated it with a model...
Chad Brannon tweeted he just finished taping at GH today (I think Natalia did too) and it should air Dec 11th, but you know how dates can go.

FANS GIVING BACK is a great website to help you find out about your fave soap stars charities! Check out how to donate, where the auctions and events area and more!!

Geary and Stamos. Other GH news!

"Blackie Parish" gets a Hollywood star and look who shows up to support him! Our own Tony Geary, representin' the GH gang!

Look what Aaron R tweeted this am: Were heading out - can;t wait to get filming... Location is at a huge park - i think we are having a horse on set today too!!

Can GH be doing ANOTHER location shoot? :thud: Oh wait! LOL, someone says that's for a MOVIE he's doing! D'OH! See what can happen with rumors? BTW, an ABC site actually had James Franco LISTED as playing Valenine Cassadine for awhile! no lie. So, it happens everywhere. I Thought I'd leave it up for a laugh.

A few new Spoilers are up. BIG MAXIE Franco sprumor...seems that SOD is reporting she's going to have 'relations' with the man! Hmmm. Lucky Kirsten!

WUBS NET is now on FACEBOOK! Just put Wubs Net in your search box and find us! It's a total place for you fans to DISH!! I've not done anything on Facebook before because I have enough going with all of this. I figure we can share photos and videos there though, so join on in!!

Had an idea today when I saw Sarah Joy Brown on twitter. Why don't we all send her a card at her new show B&B? I think we should send a post card or regular little note to say "miss ya but good luck on B&B"--here's the addy:

Sarah Joy Brown c/o

The Bold and the Beautiful

7800 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036USA

If you are feeling wubulous you can always put wubs net at the bottom too! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

General Hospital: Mac in a Grape Purple Shirt!

That's the best thing about today, folks.
I'm so tired of having Jason ANGST WITH THE MOB! WTF!? How many wasted years of this? At least Burton is tearing up now.

Jax/Sonny pissing contest. AGAIN. Jax, just hire your brother to off Sonny if he's that much of a bother ok? Then I won't have to HEAR IT ANYMORE!!!!!!

Monica was on! Asked Nik and Liz if they "managed" to get to Emily's grave. LOL. Eddie Q is on too! With a picnic tie on. Oh, Rebecily is outting Liz to Eddie.

Kirsten Storm's hair looks like Kate Hudson's do.

So, Sonny will find out DOMte's a cop before he finds out he's his kid. Interesting.

Watching JJ today I realized that his character slept with Sam. Can YOU picture KeMo and he in a hot tub? For some reason....I just can't! LOL.

Goodness, Carly brought out the St. Jasus diaglog today! and BY THE WAY Jason, YOUR OWN kid is across town!! Why can he hang around Josslyn, Michael and Morgan but not Jake??

I wonder if the GH stars have been told to stop the tweets...or at least not do them so much.They've really really slowed down. Which is sad, because I think they help Daytime not hurt it.

Dare I watch the Palin/Oprah match?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Buzz

Nine Invades ABC

What a week. Part of me was ready to throw something at the TV again. After the great Claudia demise, I was waiting for some more smash-bangin' stuff happening but got Michael trying to figure out where to live AGAIN. :eyeroll: More Niz/L&L2 Angst. I wasn't running to the TV like I was before. Don't get me wrong, the show is still improved but GH constantly gains steam then withdraws. Case in point: Cassadine stuff. First we had the whole "Portrait" birth certificate find by Helena. That was dropped for 5 months. Then, we finally had a bit Valentine mention, Luke hostage, Hells in GH--now nothing. NOT even a mention!! There's no reason that story couldn't have started to play out a bit instead of completely disappearing. Speaking of--I guess Dr. Matt is finally going to get some story--with Patrick's ex "Lisa". Gee, thanks. Just in time for that, another doc is showing up, Steven Lars. Uh..just what we need? I don't think so.

We've seen enough Franco Promos to last us a lifetime and if they play "Mad World" one more time, I may have to ban it forever from my iPod. (Tears for Fears version). It was a great tool first go around...couldn't they find other songs? Theme from The Exorcist? Now we know that Franco is a Jason-worshipping artist that wants to BE him (doesn't everybody?) and is hell bent on recreating his murders. Claudia's being photographed--with a person or a mannequin? I so wanted her to be dug up...;) I'm spooky that way! I'm excited for the story and the whole main-stream media buzz about this story. I am going on record however, that since we know it's ALL GUZA--it will fall squarely on his shoulders if it flies or not. Keeping fingers' crossed! Read contactmusics interview about the "massive script" that GH had in store for him (that's for the block taping, btw)

Look for the movie "NINE" to invade ABC shows, including GH. Maybe they'll sing songs from the musical at Karaoke night? Get tickets to the show? Mention it a few times? It will give me something to look for when I'm bored.

Speaking of bored, I have to mention AMC at this point. Only watched about 20 minutes this past week. I didn't miss it a BIT. NOT one bit!

Our fave, Carolyn Hennsey (Diane) has been asked to participate in this year's Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, November 29th. This year the parade will also enjoy nationwide coverage on MyNetworkTV on two broadcast dates: December 10 and December 24, 8:00-10:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
Did you know you could bid on the chance to help build a Habitat for Humanity House with your fave GH star? Go to "The House That GH Fans Built" What a fun project...for a great cause. Slots are at $0 for Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson and John Ingle...get in there! Watch a fun video with the GH stars on Habitat for

Next Sunday I shall be at Nancy Lee Grahn's event in NYC! If you are going, please look me up. I'll have lobster necklaces for the Wub Fans out there! It's my first GH Event and I am should be filled with fun. Here's hoping I can twitter from the actual event. If not, I will blog right after. We are taking items for Nancy to sign for the AIDS WALK NYC in May. Alberta the Lobster (pic top right) is going as well! (think I can get Nancy to pose with her?)

Did you hear that GHOFS is launching again? This time with fan bloggers! We've missed Robin and the site, so hopefully it will be running for a long time to come.

Can anyone help a fellow wubber out with identifying this song? Tess is dancing to someone on the start of this OLTL Clip on YouTube. I can't hear the lyrics well enough to even google it. YOU?

Finally, check out the SCOOPS and RUMORS up on the WUBS NET! If you can, hit an ad or two and remember you can order from Amazon with the button on the top left of the site. It all helps the charity donations I give in the fans' names and the site upkeep.

OH! I watched "UP" and "The Proposal" last night. Both Disney movies. The bird in UP was named "Kevin" and the dog in The Proposal was named "Kevin" too. Wonder who Kevin is and why they used his name twice? LOL.

See you on Twitter and Tomorrow on ze Blog!

"Jingle Jackal Christmas"!!

This Holiday Season, we are going to help spread a little magic in Bradford & Kirsten's honor. With your help, the upcoming holidays will be alive with the Jingle Jackal spirit.

We may not have the red Santa bag to give from, but we can certainly help fill a few stockings and bring smiles to those who would otherwise find little to smile about this holiday season.
How 'bout some toys in honor of our favorite Jingle Jackal & his muse?

Toys 4 Tots--It was decided it would be nice to spread the holiday cheer not only in the Los Angeles area where Bradford and Kirsten live now, but also where they grew up. Collected money order & paypal donations will be divided equally to three Toys 4 Tots locations (Berlin, NH; Orlando, FL and Los Angeles, CA) Deadline: December 21.

Paypal (please select ‘gift’ as other options paypal takes out a small fee) donations may be made at
If you would rather drop off a toy at a local Toys 4 Tots drop off, that would be awesome as well! To find a local drop off, click here:

In conjunction with this exciting holiday giving opportunity, will generously make a donation to Toys 4 Tots! The Wubs donation will be based on the number of toy drop offs! To add your toy to the drop off tally, simply take a quick picture of the toy and email it to ! If you would like to be in the picture or show the toy being dropped off, that works too! Please note that pictures may be added to a special blog that we are putting up for the duration of this project (if you're camera shy or would like to remain anonymous, let us know when you email us the picture, we'll be happy to count the toy in the tally and let you remain a secret Santa!). Please visit sponsors on the WUBS NET (click on the ads) and a portion will be donated as well! Thank you! The Wub Fans have been so generous doing this in the past.

Times are tough for everyone right now. I fully believe Bradford & Kirsten would rather see us spent money on other people instead of them and Toys 4 Tots is the perfect way to do so. It’s a Christmas gift for others...but in their honor. So in reality, its two Christmas presents. Any monetary donation is very much appreciated. There are NO small donations. Thanks...and Happy Holidays!

If you have any questions please email

Friday, November 13, 2009

Interesting Franco Interview: WHY GH?

The article is up on's a bit of the interview, read the full one by clicking on the link:

When General Hospital announced that James Franco would be joining the soap opera for a lengthy story arc, pop culture pundits couldn’t fathom the movie star’s motivation. Over here at Movieline, though, we sensed the guiding hand of Carter, Franco’s frequent artistic collaborator. The two men have embarked on a wide variety of art projects that play with and deconstruct Franco’s image, including a VMan photo shoot that handed the actor a flamethrower and covered his face in shaving cream, and Erased James Franco, a 63-minute film (playing November 15 at the Castro Theater in San Francisco) that finds Franco idiosyncratically recreating Rock Hudson from Seconds and Julianne Moore from Safe, as well as some of his own lesser roles.

James is playing an artist who’s obsessed with another actor on the show. Is that an intentional stand-in for you, in a way? Another layer of meta?

Is it intentional? No, I don’t think so. Actually, I don’t know the full nuts and bolts for how that character came about. The idea did originally come from James and I and our collaboration, and I’m sure that colored the development of the character.

Some people were horrified by the idea that he would do this. They regarded it as career self-sabotage.

People are very critical. Obviously, someone like James Franco — someone who’s not starting out — does not necessarily have to be on a soap opera. I think this notion of “Why would he dare do something like that? It’s a career killer!” is silly. Liz Taylor was on General Hospital, for crying out loud! For James, it’s much more of a challenge, and that’s to his credit. It’s a challenging thing to be on a soap opera — it’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of memorization. In the context of him, again, this is not something he would have to do, but it’s something interesting to him. I take the credit…but that’s why I work with him, too. He’s open to doing other things.

"Lightning Crashes"

#OLTL today, that song by Live was going on in my head when Marcie gave birth. AND it was a boy--! Jared is le mort. Something has happened in Matt's surgery. Rex told Roxy he knows Mitch is his father. Charlie realizes he killed someone but doesn't remember it. NICE CLIFFHANGER Friday!!

#GH It's the Michael show! Where IS he going to live? How IS he going to handle wacking Claudia over the head and getting away with it? How IS he going to pass his finals if he's never at school?!

LUKESON! Get your SonnyRitas out!

BTW, I have a bone to pick. Yes, I was gushing about Claudia's exit but WHY OH WHY does GH always have to totally DROP things in favor of others? I don't mean "Front burner it"..they don't even "back burner"! Spixie? Geesh, could have had them on a BIT after their non-wedding. Ditto the Cassadine thing. Maybe have Valintene mentioned now and again. A weird phone call from Hells. SOMETHING.

I liked Tyler Christopher's acting today..tearing up when Lucky was talking to him. Is that a "soul patch" on Lucky's chin? WTH is that? OMG, I so hope not.

Kristina is all crushing on Ethan!! awww.

GEESH. total non-cliffhanger Friday on GH that's for dang sure.

So, we know Franco took pics of Claudia at the cabin--right? but how did a chalk outline get on there? Did he recreate her with a mannequin or somethign? Did he dig her body up!? what. HE DUG HER UP!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. Loves it. One step closer to Zombie Claudia!

So, Crimson is putting on Franco's art show? Okay, here's hoping Megan Ward can get a day of airtime out of it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Blog Coalition! GH Live

Brandon Barahs's surprise 30th bday party. Courtesy of Sarah Joy Brown.

Daytime Confidential's Melodie Aikels chatted with daytime legend Kim Zimmer at the So Long Springfield event in Pittsburgh. Read Kim's thoughts on her legendary character.

(Daytime Confidential)With little to no air-time for our favorite couple we're back to creating puzzles at The Scrubs Hub. Come check out our latest word search!

(Scrubs Hub)Serial Drama's guest-blogger Louise is lucky enough to watch the one ABC that is entertaining (on purpose, even!). She shares her take on the good, the bad, and the anger-making SORAS mess in Llanview.(Serial Drama)

Claudia's exit on GH had the wubqueen on the edge of her seat. For once things didn't play out like a bad B Movie. Kudos to all, especially the actors. (Wubs)

TODAY'S SHOW: OMG, decide where that little PUNK MICHAEL will LIVE once and for all! I'm sick of it!!!!!

Niz...don't like too much...although Nikolas being a true, dark Cassadine is delicious. Can't you see Nikolas sitting in the dark, obsessing over Lasha...I mean Liz, twirling the Cassadine ring around his finger. Muhshahahahaa

We had old L&L2 flashbacks--permanent lock!

DOMte and Lulu were cute. Stereotypical "I" talian cute but cute none the less. "try the canoli" is that code for something else? Bow chicka wow wow...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Uh...Zander's Back?

For ONE day? Here's the 411.

Must be a dream...or nightmare? Maybe Liz remembers ALL her baby daddies? Maybe it will be a Grey's Anatomy thing. The elevator opens, and he's there to take Rebeciemily to heaven!

Mr. Brannon just tweeted this nugget: So about that whole dead being dead thing...yes it's true. I will be appearing on General Hospital again. It will air sometime in mid Dec!

Is that an Ice Princess Ring?

note: If you are emailing me....please be patient. I'm swamped and overwhelmed at the moment. I am working (for realz) tomorrow and Friday.

OLTL: SO, Charlie is a murderer!? Didn't see that coming!! Does anyone know if Tuck Watkins is staying on the show or leaving...he's always on/off/on/off.

General Hospital: Sheese..I got a headache today listening to Carly and Alexis and Jax and Jason and then Jax and Carly. Haven't they had this arguement since they MET?! I'm also sick of Carly/Jason at the moment. Isn't she supposed to be resting?

eeeeeeeeeeee! Nikolas said "rape" To Luke!! oy vey! Luke needs to bitch slap that boy! He's a Cassadine! Don't protect him...!! It sounds like a FULL ON CASSADINE Spencer beat down! Oh Nikolas, even Grandma will tell you LUKE will win hands down!

Lulu told Olivia she knows DOMte is a cop and her son. Wait until she finds out he's Sonny's kid too!

OMG, L&L2 is gaggin me. Lucky going on and on about their WUBBBBB! That ring is huge he gave her. I would have loved it if he would have said "I had it made out of the ice princess"!!

other GH NEWS from Deb Morris GH Fanclub Prez

It's prime time for Megan Ward! She can soon be seen in a guest starring role on "Ghost Whisperer." The episode (#05.11) titled "Dead Air" is tentatively scheduled to air on CBS on Friday Jan 8, 2010. (Note: This date is subject to change, so please check your local listings.)

Connie Towers: (Helena) The Rose Theatre Brampton, in Brampton Ontario, Canada. This beautiful state-of-the-art venue will be featuring General Hospital’s Constance Towers this January 2010. As part of their main season of live theatre, Ms. Towers will be starring in the role of Lily Harrison in the Broadway comedy Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. The New York Times says this play is “Awesome! Funny, sentimental bittersweet and riotous!”. We know Constance Towers will shine in this unforgettable play, written by Richard Alfieri. Site:

ONE MORE FUN THING!! Check out this's hysterical. Made by Crack, the Wubber Fan:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Franco/Guza News-A

Oy! The things you learn on Twitter. Michele ValJean, writer for GH tweeted that GUZA himself is writing all the Franco stuff.
Yes. You heard me.

MR. G Destroyer of great stories! Deliverer of bad dialog! Oh, I was so hoping the people that wrote the Carnival, Not Wedding and Claudia's exit would be doing it.

Anyway, here's are the three promos that are out for Franco's story: We Love Soaps.

I'm not blogging GH today, sorry. Please let me know how it is in the comments below. Should I bother watching it later?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Veteran's Day Project!

@Gwaddie will be creating a temporary web page for reveal on Wednesday November 11th.

This webpage will honor current, retired and deceased U.S. Armed Service Members. Please provide the following information for EACH service member. By doing so, you acknowledge that the information provided will bepublished on a website available for public viewing:

Hometown (optional)
If active duty, area of deployment (general location...may be editedto protect service member):

Comments or Message (may be edited to protect service member):Please send above info by NOON on Tuesday November 10th to

BOOM! Down Goes a Cassadine!

Nice article on new Detective on GH....handsome McKinley Freeman! It says though that he's only on for 4 eppies! I hope he stays longer.
AMC, how stupid to have Scott put the ring on Annie. ugh. DIDN'T like that!
OLTL!!!! let the MADNESS BEGIN!! WOWZA. I was so hoping that would be Nash's body sitting there, rotting! eeeeeeeee! Poor Jess...will her mind snap? Lordy, MINE WOULD! Great suspense. I knew Natalie would be in that closet. Nice ending.! Rex knows, John "the brain" McBain figured it out (on the plane LOL)...and Mitch steps out from the shadows. :THUD:
BORED with Christian and Leyla...BORED.
GIGI... she needs Drunk acting lessons, just sayin'. LESS Gigi today would have been welcome..they dragged everything out too much.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Liz and Nik in the storage closet? Okayyyyyy. cut to soft-porn music.
Ok, so Jax was wrong--but come on. To blame him for the WHOLE THING!? Not fair. Just sayin'. I'm feeling badly for Jax, just because he finally gets a kid and it's ruined.
Mayor Floyd is looking a bit like Don Drapper!
At least JASON says killing someone is wrong.
Donte is the same height as Lulu. Lulu was looking like GF today--maybe it was the hair? And, Maxie was seen on Media Net visiting Lulu..did she do that? WOW..Mike talking to his grandson DOMte! :)
Hey, are so stupid if you don't run far far away from Krissy!!
Nice ending. I gotta say it's a dream though. Liz' guilt coming out. BOOM! Nikolas goes down...Lucky shot him. (dreamwise)
NO NEW GH OPENING!!!!!!!! WTF are they doing??????! BBarash has been here for two years! No Dr. Matt...Claudia never got in. God, my KID could do a new opening! They are toying with us people!
OK, Enough with the Mad World.
LINK TO NEW ABC Promo: Night of Passion (their name, not mine!)
MAURICE BENARD'S Movie: Confessions On Demand! VOTE To have it in the LA area! (I used zipcode 90027)--get the word out and let's get his movie on the move!
LISA LOCICERO: New Official Fan Site up! Has info on joining her fan club and tickets to the FCW!
HOW FABULOUSLY Groovy was the MAD MEN finale last night? Swoon. Loved it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Soapy Friday! AMC, OLTL and GH

See the new scoops. Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) will be singing for us soon on GH!

First of all, thoughts out to Fort Hood. AND now, Orlando. What is the world coming to? I meet so many fantastic people on the net--from all over the planet and forget that evil lurks around the corners. Best wishes out to everyone in those areas.

AMC: Annie/Adam-- ewwwwwwwwwww. BUT! Loved the colors and flowers! :) Talia is on there too as the inn keeper. Adam is on his 10th marriage!! LOL. I'm going to DVR B&B so I can watch Ms. Brown. (she's newly blonde!)

Liked having Stuart there at the wedding.

I did tune into the end of B&B...Sarah doesn't disappoint. YOU KNOW her character is going to have an edge. You know it! eeeee! Great outfit.

OLTL: Marcie!! ;) Loves her!! So glad they had her come back even for a catch-up. OLTL is magical that way. Dorian's dress looks so nice. Hope's Bday. Seems every kid is born for November sweeps on Soaps! LOL.

Todd doggin' on Dorian and Amelia...heh. "which one is the groom"?

I can't wait for MITCH TO SHOW UP! I hope Jarod is all innocent in this!! I'd love it. I like him. I know he's leaving the show, but I still want him to be a goodie.

MARCIE! :twirling: Loved that they used the whole election/baby thing as a reason for her to visit!! I wish they'd put her back on the show.

EEEEEEEEEE! Nash's coffin is empty and I think HIS BODY is in the chair in the SHED!! ooooooooo. Gross! Leave it to Mitch to be that creepy! Monday should be wild! I hope we see Nash's decaying body! I hope Mitch laughs and laughs! woot!


Flashbacks: Claudia's death oooooooooooooooooo. spookay

Josselyn Jacks looks like she's about 7 months old! LOL.she's even babbling. BIG AND SMART! I really love Olivia and Carly's friendship too. And now it's out that Olivia knew too. Ouch.

Don't like that chartreuse color in The Jack's House. OMG, and Carly FORGIVES Jason..even though Jax's motives are the same as Jason's. To protect her. NOT RIGHT!! :stomping foot:
Oh, DOMte caught at the Jack's house! LOL. And Jax..trying to make DOMte think that Sonny or Jason did it!

OMG....Lucky says To Jason : "Is your fave color black"?? You wear it all the time. What's your fave music? "Are you an emo kinda guy"?? LOL! Great scene. I want to see Jason singing "HEY MISS MURDER CAN I? HEY MISS MURDER CAN I"? He's a TOTAL emo!!

Michael is looking way older to me than 16-17 lately. GREAT acting from Drew Garret in that scene with BB. Genius to put them together right after the shooting.

Brandon Barash was awesome today talking about his "sister"!! "I want to bring her flowers"...wahhhhhhhh. OMG. I want to hug him. He's the WUBULOUS Actor O' the Day for me!

I'm going to a FABU BEER TASTING this weekend! How fun is that? 30 breweries! Snacks! My Dad's bday too! My whole hometown is going or almost the whole town. Can life GET any better?! Nope.

Here's a great blogger site that has almost ALL the verified soap star tweeters: SOAPSTARTWEETS! (link fixed)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

ODE to Sarah JOY Brown...

Maxie's back to Blonde! Here she is with The Franco.

@TweetSoapStars: i think B&B got a whole slew of new viewers starting today, lol, @sarahjoybrown 's fans following, new character , new story from scratch

Watched B&B today just for her. I didn't realize it was on at 1:30 and only on for 30min!! PLUS she's in a story to be FRISCO's (Jack Wagner) surrogate mama! WHAT!?? woot! She was wearing messy clothes, eating junk food. Said her Uterus was for sale. Kiss kiss. I think GH will be worse for wear without her around. I love how Johnny was so loyal to sis today..sniff.

OMG! Lulu's room: Tracy, Liz..Ethan, Luke, Nik..good lord. Please have Leslie walk in. Jane Elliot is GORGE today!! She and TG look smashing. Luke totally gave Liz a "I'm watchin' you HUSSY" look! LOL

I can't wait for the DOMte secret to come out. With the writing going the way it is, I'm hoping it's WONDERFUL! It could be the turning point for me with the years I've wasted on recycled MOBOOLar stories. I do want Olivia to be with Johnny though. SONNY STOP TELLING Michael it was right to kill Claudia! He could say "it was UNAVOIDABLE..." NOT "RIGHT". Don't like that.
POOR Carly. Finding out about Jax's lying--or er..not telling. Oh...Jax, you lose this argument. Jason giving Carly the baby when she was so upset. Nice touch.
DOMaJon working together to find Claud's body. I like that idea. OH! And the Franco guy having the pic of them burying Claudia?!!! ;) good.

New Detective Hottie's in the room! He COULD be Taggert...should be Taggert. Can you see it? DOMte's boss is MARCUS TAGGERT...who is head of the mobular task force!! woot! It would play out so well.
SAD ABOUT Fort Hood. I tell you what: I hate watching the news! Cleveland? That baby under the bed? Good Lawd!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wed on GH: Dark, Doom and Danger!

ddneroval on twitter:

@WubsNet Best Claudia quote ever 2 Sonnny:
"I hope you remember how this began, cause you sure as hell won't forget how it ends"

@WubsNet Carly's baby brought into the world just in time to witness her first murder. Welcome to Port Chuckles, honey!

AHAHAHAHA...Baby Jacks has the same Bday as Claudia!! OMG, didn't even think of that until she said it. NO baby Emma's bday this year, NO Maxie Bday...NO Halloween.

Claudia's death...all Bavarian chanting---all slow mo. Pretty graphic and nicely directed.
Michael Wacked her, her eyes are open...Fin.
I think her SOUL went into baby Jacks. That what I got out of that scene.

Nice scene in the car with Carly--talking how Claud saved the baby. But come on, she looked TOO FABU for her ordeal. LOL.

OMG, CarJax post baby glow was so nice. Josslyn asleep in daddy's arms! What a cute (not 'newborn') baby!! Awwwwwwww. And I didn't think Carly would tell Jax, but I'm glad she did. Great acting, Laura Wright.

OMG, MAXIE'S HAIR IS BROWN!!!!! Browwwn. I think I saw a tattoo on her inner wrist??

Sonny: "you bury Claudia close to Hell as you can" and then Jason yells at Max who's only trying to help! This is the GoodFellas or something!

Drew Garrett was awesome today!

DOMte and LULU..DANaLu! FINALLY the paramedics are coming for Lulu. Geesh.

They should have had Kate at that party for Claud too..she WAS a part of the whole shooting deal.

KUDOS to the production TEAM Today!!!!!!! I have often said that GH mobular violence was terrible BUT I did say with good writing I Might like it. Well, Fri-today they did it up RIGHT. Nice job.. right down to the Bavarian Chanting.

Did you know you can download the premire of "V" From iTunes for free? Run to it!

More Franco...and Spoilers

Yep...graffiti artist. WITH A HOOD! Too bad he's not "naked Graffiti Guy"! Heh...

Another great BLURB about our gal, Caroline Hennesy on EW's POPwatch. They call her "Barb" on Cougar Town their fave new character. They spelled her name wrong but I commented. Plus WE SAW HER FIRST! LOL.

Laura Wright has signed a new 4yr deal with GH. She's totally into her wine business too and is starting to tweet about it. Her name is @LLDubs on Twitter.

New Spoilers are up. Looks like the Cassadine stuff isn't happening in the next 2 weeks. Perhaps just the beginning of it all...setting it up. Liz will be the new Laura/Lasha with brothers fighting over her...

On EXTRA! Today there will be the "Men of GH" your local channel and time.

Brandon Barash tweeted a cause for the stars of GH: The Holiday House GH Stars/Fans built.

LISA LoCicero was voted "Most Beautiful Woman on Soaps" By SOD!

Greg Vaughan checked into Twitter too:
Good morning. Coffee time! Been enjoy these past few days of R n R!! Both Sebastian movie & 90210 are doing well!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Franco Factor--General Hospital

BTW, THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS IN here so If you don't want to know-- don't READ ANY MORE!!

Compliments of SOAP NET, here's the fist glimpse of Mr. Franco gracing the GH studios with his A-LIST presence. His first airdate is Nov. 20th. Guza said in one of the mags he's an "Artist"--whatever the hell that means (graffiti?) And will change Jason's life--and in turn, Sam's "Forever"..(general GH catch phrase).

Here's hoping the ratings shoot up. I think the show's going in a good direction. We've not had a guest star-stint I've really liked, however. Even Holly's return was flatter than Nicole Richie! hahahaha (see, I can be funny).

Sarah JOY Brown will be on "Smarter than A 5th Grader" today or tonight, depending on when it airs in your area. Click on the link to find out. Tyler Christopher is on tomorrow.

SPOILER: HOW SCARY DOES MITCH Lawerence LOOK!!!! GOOD GOD!!! Wowza. Loves it!! I love a great psycho on my soaps. Can't wait. OLTL here I come! It's great they have voting day on VOTING day today. Nice. Many soaps never can manage that. OMG, please the HAIR ON GIGI is would be okay but it's too Kate G. I am SO excited for Sweeps on this show! Dorian looks resplendent today as well...I am going to call David and Destiny DoubleD! Someone on twitter suggested that, so thank you. Kish is dishy....and I am still crushing on Scott Clifton (just ask him, I stalk him on twitter..heh). He flew to LA for Halloween. I know that. I also know what he ate because he twitpicked it! :) heh...BTW, people are wondering how Mitch L can be alive--we 'SAW HIM DROWN"..hello, I bet Helena saved him, just like Stavvy. No one IS HELPING me--does anyone know If Jarod is being used by Mitch and he's really innocent?

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Scary Claudia! Eeeeeeeee! Get this, yesterday I had no audio on my ABC channel today's it's no picture!! OMG. Stupid TV. Well, it's not the TV, because it's on the digital box and regular cable.
It's on now. Phew. Jason broke into the WRONG cabin...scared me and those people! wahhaaha. Come on, there are more unlocked cabins in that area than I've ever seen before. LOVED that lady calling Jason a maniac! LOL

Is Claudia being GOOD or does she just want to steal the baby? I hope it's the good one. Loved her stomping around with a knife in the cabin! As someone said on twitter: Carly #1 is delivering Carly #4's baby! The whole thing was a bit 'off" would Claud really put her hands up to her face after moving the baby around? Ewwwww. I'm not a doctor but, gr-oss!
I am SO FEARFUL that this is going to be an even messier end than I thought for Claudia. If you haven't read the spoilers STOP reading now. SPOILER ALERT I think Michael is going to see Claud and think she's hurting Carly when she's really not and kill her. And Claudia would have saved the baby but dies doing it. :( wahhh. And I know she took Carly, but stupid Sonny should have STFU. Yep, I do like Claudia. Sue me. Although at the very end, it did look like Claud might not be giving the baby over to Carly. Oh I DO NOT like watching this! LOL

WOWza...Sonny said he loved Carly THE MOST! All the S&Bers are madder than hell now. LOL

Lulu and DOMte entertained me today. I like them so much. And I really haven't liked Lulu with anyone. OMG--Dom told Lulu that Olivia is his mom! All she could say is: And she's sleeping with Johnny!? brahahahaa
BTW, Dominic Z got married IRL, check it out on ABC Soaps in Depth!

Jax and Sonny need to just take their pants off once and for all and check each other out. LOL...It's a riot. How many years has Ingo been on GH? That's how long they've been sniping? Sonny tells Bernie "All our goombah's can't find them"?? brahahhahaa!

Exciting stuff coming up for the holidays! There will be a Toys 4 Tots Charity Drive in honor of Spixie called "Jingle Jackle"! I will have all the details up soon.

If you have any questions please email

Thank for all the loyal people that hit the sponsors for me or order from Amazon on the Wubs Net. It really REALLY helps me maintain the site.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday: Will GH Knock The Socks off--AGAIN?

Oh, Laura Wright is on Twitter! Follow her at @lldubs !

Fell asleep during AMC. That about says it all. OLTL was great for the Bo/Nora thing alone. David and Destiny are awesome still. Loved KISH! VERY nice acting. If they have Matthew fall for Danella after Rachael dumped Sean for Dr. Boring-face I'll scream! If BOTH Destiny and Sean get dumped? I'm screaming. Looks like it's happening. I say it's a WEIGHT ISSUE and we need to protest!
Roxy kissing Mrs. Burns full on the lips at the end of the wedding? HEH

GH: "The role of Lucky Spencer..." UGH WE GET IT! Just give us a new damn opening already. JJ is way small to be in that room next to Jason...give him some Monavie Juice!! He's also too soft spoken for a cop so far. I like he and SBu together, always have. Just hard to see him as a policeman just yet.

Sonny at Alexis' house!! Molly wants to write a report on the happenings for extra credit! I LOVE Sexis!! Sonny's face listening to Molly. :) Molly is a doll. Alexis was great telling Krissy that Sonny loves her.

Johnny runs into the police room, says he'll 'vouch' for Jason with the commissioner. Uh, you are the son of a giant mobular man! LOL that was weird.

Sam's all leather and gun. LOL...

The pace isn't up to Friday, which I understand a bit, but today was a big let down from that show. They needed to keep up the pace another day or two, imo. It just moves a bit too slow.

AND of COURSE Jason gets out! LOL...Poor Mac.

Kudos to Laura Wright today who had to crawl thru fake mud and tons of "rain" AND have contractions! Good job. The Open cabin complete with wood and Yankee Candles is a bit funny but WTH.


BTW, Rena Sofer is going to NCIS! She's also on a Hallmark Movie this weekend.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Surgery: Still Stunned about General Hospital this week!

The end.

I'm still in awe of the whole "GH Experience" I had last week. If I didn't know better, the entire production/head writing team changed when we weren't looking. From the re-introduction of Lucky to the mouth-dropping show on Friday, I really sat in disbelief .

It takes A LOT to impress me. Those of you that have followed my blog know that I am usually very cynical, bored and angry when it comes to this soap. Block taping, recycled stories and a total lack of ensemble work would drive me to tears. Ever since the carnival this summer, things have begun to change. Slowly but surely, I'm falling in love with GH all over again.

The return of Jonathan Jackson was difficult because I genuinely liked Greg Vaughan's "Grown UpLucky" and had become used to his performances. I didn't like the writing for the character however, and I'm going to say it: I don't think Tony Geary did much to help matters. His performances with both Jacob Young and Greg were wonderful as usual but lacked a certain charm and lightness I'd come to love from him. The minute JJ was on screen, it was back. "Cowboy" became meaningful again. I'm still getting used to seeing he and Becky together again but it will come in time. Having Genie Francis come back would make my heart go BOOM! So hurry up, get her signed!!

On to the Corinthos Mobular Spectaular we've been subjected to for years now. I think if I took all the times Mr.Guza promised something "huge" or "life changing" for Sonny I could have a DVD 55 hours long. Ditto Jason. was always the same. One of them in a room with one other player, talking about angst and how hard it was being a gangster. Someone gets shot or there's a fire and we'd move on. Yawn. My favorite thing that Sarah Brown's character Claudia Zaccahra has done is to FINALLY give us the push I've needed to see in Sonny for years. I have to admit I was really sad hearing she was leaving. I was enjoying ClauSon and thought they'd make a fabu mobular couple. Now that the story is playing out, I think the road to the end of Claudia will be paved with wonderful memories. The performances ALL the cast gave on Thursday and Friday were phenominal. From Jane Elliot's Tracy adding a bit of humor to Lexi's Kristina watching her father rant like a lunatic were perfection. I remember watching Steve Burton watching Maurice talk and have a hint of tears in his eyes. Laura Wright's face when she realized Jerry Jacks was involved with the shooting. Don't even get me started on Sarah Brown. Holy MOLY. Knocked my socks off.

Maurice, most of all, has to be commended for his very VERY subtle performance leading up to his blow up Friday. Usually in those circumstances, an actor will give a face, or let you know things are up when the other character's back is turned. Maurice didn't flinch from his "calm happy guy" stance before his toast to Claudia. You knew it was coming, it was simmering under the surface and even KNOWING the scoops---you were on the edge of your seat waiting for him to erupt. Claudia's joy turning to nervous horror was also not over the top. Sarah started out happy, glowing and then shaking. Watching she and Laura Wright in the car (with a split head shot of the two of them) was unnerving.

The team popped for extras. We saw Mercedes, Marty and Mike...all of whom add to the canvas. Bobbie, Audrey and Leslie were all recently at the engagement party, even Luke said "this doesn't happen often". It wasn't a skeleton crew like we had for the toxic poison storyline (remember that horrible "cocktail party"?) The extras weren't window dressing like they were for the Black and White Ball. They were IN there. Even the rent a car guy was 'in there'. The whole thing took 2 days..they didnt' stretch the party out for a week. Kudos to all--- the dialog was priceless. Alexis was consoling Kristina but also took Sonny's hand because she knew he was devastated. Jax was so crazy he threw his ethics out the window and actually told Mac to let Jason go find Carly. Olivia? Her scene with Sonny at the end of the party was fantastic. (the girl has chemistry with a lamp post!) Brandon Barash just tore at my heart with his frantic search for his sister. Morgan and Molly rescuing him was such a great touch. Even Ethan grew on me this week. Who would have thought it? Julie Marie Berman as "drugged" was played perfectly and she and Dominic sure have that spark that's been missing in most of Lulu's relationships. (and HELOOOO, he's one hot shirtless guy, isn't he?)

I am the biggest critic out there when it comes to GH because I know most of the actors and think they are just about the best on TV daytime OR prime time. I've seen great writing and know what can be. This week was a delight. My only TINY regret is that Carolyn Hennesy wasn't around because she's off being famous on Cougar Town. With Max and Milo on hand, I would have loved to have seen her at the party. But hey, can't have everything!

I'm not sure what's changed behind the scenes and who hit who in the head with the frying pan finally, but it's working. THANK YOU for giving us more vets, more character movement and really GREAT cliffhanger scenes. THANK YOU for more than 2-3 characters in a room. Having Patrick and Jax have a little talk in the hospital meant the world to me...(easy to please?!) Mayor Floyd popping up at the party was a fun surprise too. Alexis' face was much like mine: DOH!

I have these two eppies on my DVR and already watched Friday's 2x over. I realize that that it can change on a dime but for the FIRST TIME in a LONG TIME I can't WAIT for Monday's show. And I know the scoops! Doesn't matter because I know there will be surprises and the actors will be amazing. Can't wait.

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...