Friday, November 13, 2009

"Lightning Crashes"

#OLTL today, that song by Live was going on in my head when Marcie gave birth. AND it was a boy--! Jared is le mort. Something has happened in Matt's surgery. Rex told Roxy he knows Mitch is his father. Charlie realizes he killed someone but doesn't remember it. NICE CLIFFHANGER Friday!!

#GH It's the Michael show! Where IS he going to live? How IS he going to handle wacking Claudia over the head and getting away with it? How IS he going to pass his finals if he's never at school?!

LUKESON! Get your SonnyRitas out!

BTW, I have a bone to pick. Yes, I was gushing about Claudia's exit but WHY OH WHY does GH always have to totally DROP things in favor of others? I don't mean "Front burner it"..they don't even "back burner"! Spixie? Geesh, could have had them on a BIT after their non-wedding. Ditto the Cassadine thing. Maybe have Valintene mentioned now and again. A weird phone call from Hells. SOMETHING.

I liked Tyler Christopher's acting today..tearing up when Lucky was talking to him. Is that a "soul patch" on Lucky's chin? WTH is that? OMG, I so hope not.

Kristina is all crushing on Ethan!! awww.

GEESH. total non-cliffhanger Friday on GH that's for dang sure.

So, we know Franco took pics of Claudia at the cabin--right? but how did a chalk outline get on there? Did he recreate her with a mannequin or somethign? Did he dig her body up!? what. HE DUG HER UP!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. Loves it. One step closer to Zombie Claudia!

So, Crimson is putting on Franco's art show? Okay, here's hoping Megan Ward can get a day of airtime out of it.


  1. Not liking Lulu, I KNEW she would start ruining the new chemistry w/ Dominic!

    Also my hate for Carly has returned!

  2. Besides lacking romance GH also lacks mystery, suspense and drama. There is absolutely no storylines on this show. I give up. I cannot watch anymore.

  3. I was so excited for a few days when the writing seemed better and we saw so many actors working together. I should have known better. Sigh. I will watch James Franco, even if I have to mute the words Guza writes for him.

  4. As for dropping the ball, well Guza's back in town doing the writing now, so all the little underling (and far better) writers have to scatter. Guza doesn't need continuity cuz continuity is for sissies.

  5. I started watching GH in late August. The show has the potential to be so good, but the horrible pacing kills it. I've seen stories start to heat up and then suddenly, they are dropped. No continuity at all. Still, I love the actors and when the scriptwriting is good, it is top notch. Get it together GH! No wonder a mediocre soap like Days is kicking your butt! Geez!

  6. woohoo on the cliffhanger Friday.NOT!!! watched OLTL it kicks GH a** was so glad to see Marcie and hubby and there baby.Sad to see Natalie lose her husband but Jess is there shes lost her hubby too.So sick of seeing Michael and his attitude and Sonnys attitude too.

  7. Who is the mayor on OLTL? You talk about dropping story lines. But Friday was good no Stacy and I only had to speed thru GIGI a few times. How can GH be so good last week to sooooooooooo bad this week.

  8. So Sonny apologizes... to LUKE? WTH? No apology to Carly, Alexis, Johnny, etc but TO LUKE? FOR WHAT?

    And we are to believe that NOW Spixie is having this issue 4-6 weeks after their non wedding? They make it look like its been a day after their wedding. No scenes together for weeks and now this?

    They are ruining my fav charachter, Liz. AND they are making Rebecca even more like Emily so this is so DUMB.
    You know I think the kid playing Michael is so great, but they are destroying his fanbase.

    And a beer for Sam & Jason in the morning? ok. Whatever.

    Welcome Back Guza, we didn't miss you.

  9. I am wondering about Valentine too...what happened to him. He was creating such havoc one day and the next day nothing.
    I also want to know where the chalk outline came from drawn around Claudia. And, how did Franco get in the cabin or around the cabin to take those pictures without Jason and thugs seeing him.
    I am not a Liz fan. I really can't stand her. Nothing against Rebecca Herbst, I just do not like the character she plays. I can't wait until Lucky finds out what she has been doing and I hope she winds up swimming with the fishes!
    I also do not really care for the character of Kate and wish she would just go somewhere else with her magazine and not be heard from again, or maybe she could call Maxie and be mentioned, but not seen; kinda like she is now!
    Spinelli needs some airtime! I miss him!
    And, I would like to know who won the OLTL mayor race. It was like one day they were all about and showing how some people voted and it was even a cliff-hanger one day as to who won, but then they never told. Or, if they did, I missed it!
    Anyway, I love GH and OLTL!

  10. I disagree 100% about not seeing Kate. I think she adds something to the show that we really need. Connections to Donte & Olivia for one. And I think there's a place for her bitchiness and cut throat work ethic. There are hardly any family members left that are loving and realistic. GH is a mans world; they barely show Robin being the powerful Dr, or even Alexis or Diane anymore (consequently some of my favorite people!) By the way, have they ever showed Edward since the carnival accident?

    I agree about Liz at least of late. She is one of my favs but they are ruining her.

  11. I agree with Mrs. B, we need Kate! She's beautiful, smart, powerful, doesn't take crap from people and she has ties to 2 of my fav newbies, Donte & Olivia (I think I like the name Dominic better tho lol). Lulu is still a babbling idiot and I wish she would stay away from Donte or he may get limited airtime once she's through with him.

    Is there any one out there that really roots for Niz? I have yet to hear of one especially now that JJ is back.

  12. To all the OLTL fans out there. Watch the show next week, and you all will find out who wins the mayoral race!!

    My man, Roscoe Born dominated the show this past week, man, he's wonderful. Mr. Ron had some other storylines to take care of first. More Roscoe Born please!!!

  13. I tried watching OLTL, it didn't do it for me. Guess I'm a loyal sucker and gluten for punishment!
    Things can still improve if Laura returns and also when Donte is revealed as Sonny's son.

    I miss Johnny & Olivia ans little Emma too.

    Hoping someone wipes Sam off my screen like a mop

  14. I like Niz at first when it was just some good ol dirty raunchy sex. Now that they have feelings and are all angsty and torn and blah its boring. Same ol same ol. I still do like Donte and Lulu though, I think they will do well together once the big reveal happens.

  15. I confess I love Niz, even with JJ back because I for one do not believe under any circumstances that TPTB will ever give me a happy ever after between JJ's Lucky and Liz.

    JJ is back and this Lucky will be what they had envisioned all those years ago and that is not a guy with a career and kids

  16. Dawn you may have a point there but they are making it gross instead of believable feelings. He is not right for her life over all (think Spencer and lack of parenting)


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