Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Uh...Zander's Back?

For ONE day? Here's the 411.

Must be a dream...or nightmare? Maybe Liz remembers ALL her baby daddies? Maybe it will be a Grey's Anatomy thing. The elevator opens, and he's there to take Rebeciemily to heaven!

Mr. Brannon just tweeted this nugget: So about that whole dead being dead thing...yes it's true. I will be appearing on General Hospital again. It will air sometime in mid Dec!


  1. I didn't like Zander dead or alive.So if he shows up I guess he shows up tada

  2. I MISS ZANDER. So wish he was coming back for good. *sigh*

  3. No sonny today he must be in bed with guza to have a kid by him.

  4. Zander's coming back has to be a dream...haven't we killed him twice already????? LOL at anonymous' comment, lololol...

  5. I'm looking forward to the Zander bit - at least someone is trying to appeal to the fans for once and they are using a little originality. Love the Guza commment, too!!

  6. Didn't like Zander. He was the first person to come between my Liz and Jason...If you don't count Carly.

  7. Oh I loved Chad Braanon's Zander. One day... I'll take it.

    I'm really not liking this Nik/Liz/Lucky throw in Rebecca/Ethan storyline. It's a snore fest for me.

    I wanted to smack Michael Corinthos III yesterday...can't wait for the reveal that Dante is Sonny's first born. Dante needs to smack his little bro upside the head, knock Kiefer on his ass for Kristina and take Morgan to the Yankees home opener.


  8. Loved Zander with the original Emily only.

    WIll someone PLEASE smack Carly?

  9. ugh its one episode to do with rebeccas exit i bet him and emily show up to usher rebecca off of earth. haha


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