Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is that an Ice Princess Ring?

note: If you are emailing me....please be patient. I'm swamped and overwhelmed at the moment. I am working (for realz) tomorrow and Friday.

OLTL: SO, Charlie is a murderer!? Didn't see that coming!! Does anyone know if Tuck Watkins is staying on the show or leaving...he's always on/off/on/off.

General Hospital: Sheese..I got a headache today listening to Carly and Alexis and Jax and Jason and then Jax and Carly. Haven't they had this arguement since they MET?! I'm also sick of Carly/Jason at the moment. Isn't she supposed to be resting?

eeeeeeeeeeee! Nikolas said "rape" To Luke!! oy vey! Luke needs to bitch slap that boy! He's a Cassadine! Don't protect him...!! It sounds like a FULL ON CASSADINE Spencer beat down! Oh Nikolas, even Grandma will tell you LUKE will win hands down!

Lulu told Olivia she knows DOMte is a cop and her son. Wait until she finds out he's Sonny's kid too!

OMG, L&L2 is gaggin me. Lucky going on and on about their WUBBBBB! That ring is huge he gave her. I would have loved it if he would have said "I had it made out of the ice princess"!!

other GH NEWS from Deb Morris GH Fanclub Prez

It's prime time for Megan Ward! She can soon be seen in a guest starring role on "Ghost Whisperer." The episode (#05.11) titled "Dead Air" is tentatively scheduled to air on CBS on Friday Jan 8, 2010. (Note: This date is subject to change, so please check your local listings.)

Connie Towers: (Helena) The Rose Theatre Brampton, in Brampton Ontario, Canada. This beautiful state-of-the-art venue will be featuring General Hospital’s Constance Towers this January 2010. As part of their main season of live theatre, Ms. Towers will be starring in the role of Lily Harrison in the Broadway comedy Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. The New York Times says this play is “Awesome! Funny, sentimental bittersweet and riotous!”. We know Constance Towers will shine in this unforgettable play, written by Richard Alfieri. Site:

ONE MORE FUN THING!! Check out this's hysterical. Made by Crack, the Wubber Fan:


  1. Speaking of the Ice Princess, the ability to create weather (snow) is now a reality. Mikkos would be proud!

  2. I wish Cluadia would have killed jason & Carly, saved the baby and married jax. How do you like them apples you hypocrite, Carly?

  3. FRANK, you are a wealth of info!

  4. Stephanie (dnbmommy)November 11, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    LOVE Ghost Whisperer, so glad Megan will be on. If you guys don't watch it, you should. Although it does give me the heebie jeebies sometimes when I watch it the dark...when everyone else is asleep and I've had a glass of

  5. i'm sick of liz and lucky, jason and sam and carly and jax. all 3 couples have totally destroyed their relationships leaving zero chemistry. it is time for them to go their separate ways. i am sick of couples on this show torturing each other. leaving no romance. the only real couple is scrubs.

  6. I agree that all of the forementioned couples are dead to me with the exception of L&L now that JJ is back. But of course Guza is ruining that by putting Nik together

  7. Is the Ice Princess still at the bottom of Pt Charles harbor? Can't remember to save me. Agree on the couples, is there a one we care about these days? So much for LOVE in the afternoon...sheesh

    OLTL thoughts: 1) Why is MR EVIL using such a tiny gun? I almost laughed when I saw it. Guess he doesn't have compensation issues, lol 2) Why is Jared acting drunk or drugged? Did I miss something? and 3) Did anyone else go "huh?" when they said Charlie was a murderer? We never saw a body, never saw a crime, and he was never nervous about any of it...and we are supposed to be invested in his guilt?? or in Jared's coverup? Sounds like Carlivati has been drinking with Guza, lol...

  8. Leesy,

    From the way Charlie keeps talking about his past and how his alcoholism ruined things with Jared, I am thinking that this "murder" is something that happened while he was drunk at some point in the past...

  9. Anon...yeah I figured that, just can't understand why we are supposed to get all hot and bothered over it. Do you think they are working Charlie off the canvas? That would leave Viki free, Clint free, Bo free, Nora free...hmmmmm back to square one??? Cleaning house ala Guza...they have to stop drinkin' together, lolol...

  10. I have to say I wish they would just pair up Liz & Nik because I don't think JJ as Lucky has any chemistry w/ RH's Liz anymore. Actually I don't think JJ is working for me at all.

    OLTL - I was so sad that there wasn't more Chris/Layla/Kyle/Fish today:( who cares about blair and todd!

  11. Saw the OLTL preview and it makes me want to watch it. I used to a long time ago, so I have my DVR set to today's episode to see what I missed.

    I liked Lulu and Olivia today. That is it.

    I agree that no couples are safe in PC. They don't just destroy each other. They really go for the jugular. Why is that Guza?
    Scrubs is the only happy couple right now (Because I REFUSE to call Jason and Sam a couple) and they aren't even on that much anymore.
    Can't couples be happy for once. I understand that gets boring, but couples are hardly given a chance at any happiness.

  12. Just remembered a formula the writer of Days of our Lives used in their hey couple new and starting out (blossoming romance), one couple in the midst of their hot romance/adventure, and one couple having problems/ breaking up and moving on (not backwards)....worked for them! They were the #1 soap at the time...Guza are you listening??? Don't break all your couples up at the same time! Moderation my dear, moderation, lol

  13. OMG rachel you are soooo right! the jj/rh ship sailed 10 yrs ago and lightning doesn't strike twice...esp on GH! there is no chemistry anymore and after all these years of lucky being a "bit" character and very poorly written just because jj is back he's being shoved down our throats like he never left...BUT HE DID A DECADE AGO!


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