Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Franco/Guza News-A

Oy! The things you learn on Twitter. Michele ValJean, writer for GH tweeted that GUZA himself is writing all the Franco stuff.
Yes. You heard me.

MR. G Destroyer of great stories! Deliverer of bad dialog! Oh, I was so hoping the people that wrote the Carnival, Not Wedding and Claudia's exit would be doing it.

Anyway, here's are the three promos that are out for Franco's story: We Love Soaps.

I'm not blogging GH today, sorry. Please let me know how it is in the comments below. Should I bother watching it later?


  1. He is AJ Quartmaine I bet.

  2. Ft. Hood memorial cut in on GH - about 20 minutes.

  3. From what I saw GH was just okay today...but def watch OLTL :)

  4. Guza writing for Franco??? Ohhhh Lord! He'll be happy he only signed on for 2 months I think. Talk about your poison pens...oh well, maybe the other stories will shine cuz we know Michele can write! If OLTL ever goes under (perish forbid), I vote GH hires their writers too!

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  6. Liked Nik before when Greg was Lucky, but now I want JJ back with his wonderful loving scenes with his girl!

  7. if you get soapnet watch it there, i have a feeling the max/milo/keifer stuff might be good, or at the very least be fun to watch. with the beginning cut off the show seemed weird in my opinion.

  8. p.s. definatly watch OLTL today!!!! i have to watch that on soapnet too, the last 15 minutes was cut off cause of the ft. hood memorial.

  9. I AM HATING CARLY the past few days

  10. If nothing else, watch the last 20 minutes...scene with Keifer and Kristina is good. Other than that...nothing real special today. Although I am liking the fact that Jason and Carly are both wondering if covering up Claudia's death is the right thing to have done.

  11. I had the hairs on my neck stand up when Anthony stood up and howled over Claudias death but when Michael said I am Michael Corthinthos Jr and they won't mess with me that he is his fathers son.I kept wanting AJ to appear.Cause I know Guza will never leave with a little Sonny and a big Sonny.

  12. Guza writing again. God help us.

  13. Thought the show was awful yesterday. Had Carly expressed to JAX that maybe they shouldn't cover up Claudia's death, maybe it would be believable. And had Jason maybe said to Jax that he sees where he's coming form A LITTLE BIT. I hate that they are making Jax a villan here. Yes it was a big mistake. But keeping him from his only child is just plain wrong.
    This story is making me dislike Carly again, and hate sonny. I don;t know what I feel about Jason but I'm so sick of seeing Sam being smug to people as if she has been the biggest and best citizen in PC history? Seriously? I liked how JOhnny called her on her past the other day about knowing distances and streets, etc. Please don't get rid of Johnny.. they are inching an Olivia and Sonny reconnection and I just don't feel it. And hello??? Carly gave birth 24 hours ago and is walking in heals? And walking at all? Or fast anyway??? This story sucks.

  14. I know a lot of folks don't like the Sam character, but she has grown on me.

    I know she has a horrible past as a scammer, but she had a sucky childhood, and, in her own way, has been self-reliant. A female captain of a salvage boat--that is a good model of plucky independence for young girls (of course, sometimes I wonder if TIIC just gave her that job as an excuse to show her awesome assets in a wetsuit).

    Sam is a complicated character, who has a shady past yet can show great caring and compassion. She has a wonderfully complex relationship with her Mother, and is an awesome older sister. And, remember what an awesome sister she was to her brother!

    I think that Sam is more multi-dimensional than most GH characters, and I certainly like her more than I do Carly, who still is a selfish bitch, and I still can't stand.

    Also, Carly came to Port Charles as trailer trash, and managed to marry every millionaire in town, thereby enriching herself through no honest efforts of her own. At least Sam works, and has her own money.

    Sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to register my opinion on Sam, who seems not very well liked.

  15. I like Sam more now than her first years on the show. And when she was with Jason, she didn't work - just hung around his house with him everyday and did nothing. That made the two of them extremely uninteresting. Much better now. Heaven help us though with BG writing.

  16. I think yesterdays show was as good at Tuesday's, which doesn't say a lot.
    I'm not a big fan of Sam's either. Never was when she dated Sonny, Jax, or Jason. Not even Lucky, because they were together for the wrong reasons. Maybe if they put her with someone else, that might help. I saw a tiny spark with Dante, but I like him with Lulu. I hate the clothes that Sam wears more than anything. They never make her look good. They make her look skanky, IMO.
    I liked seeing Zacchara on there, but no other scenes stand out from yesterdays show.

  17. Well of course Guza will write for James Franco, he's a movie star. Guza would never let one of the "underlings" do the writing.

    I saw bits and pieces of GH. I live in Texas, so Fort Hood coverage was on since 1 p.m. What I saw, didn't impress me much. Sam thinking Dominic was hitting on her. Jason and Carly commiserating over the cover-up (2 people who should not have been discussing it in the first place).

    Although I did like the scene between Keifer and Kristina - very realistic. I didn't see any of Michael or Sonny though. If I did it probably would have made me mad. :)

  18. Carly is a hypocrite. Always has been. Always will be. Always sides with Jason. Doesn't make what Jax did right. They have to make things complicated cause they have to find a way to destroy every good couple on the show.

    I like Jax and Carly together. I like Laura Wright in this role...she has made it her own.

    Jax's mother Jane was the one to say Bobbie is out of town. Pathetic...couldn't Carly have said it?

    Hated the Dante and Sam scene...the thought of them as a couple...ick. Love Dante with LuLu.

    Anthony is Zacrazy! I could have done without the scream when Johnny told him Claudia is missing/dead.

    Still not sold on the Michael storyline. So Sonny helps to raise Michael who is not his biologically and the kid wants to be him. Sonny has a biological son Dante who he doesn't know about but he grows up to be the opposite of Sonny. Hmmmmmm. (Maybe that's the story.)

    Love Morgan though.



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