Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spoilers are UP you WUBBAHS!

That's right, newbie spoilers just for you! WUBSNET. Looks like the LukeSon truce may be coming to an end after the ambush happens. Remember, Luke set it up. Ouch.

TODAY'S GH: What can I say about Elizabeth? I MEAN come on!! There's a Cassadine in your house for feta sake, drinking brandy from a SNIFTER and YOU JUST STAND THERE? RUN! You girlie! Nik is so turning into Stefan. Did he have the Cassadine ring on? I didn't see it.

Oh, those ol' docks. LOL...LULU--do'h Just blabbin away. I'm glad Johnny knows in a way. He could become a policia too. WOW...Johnny even knows that DOMte is Olivia's kid!! I like this turn of events.

Jessie Brewer tells me (yes, she speaks to me) that Maurice has THREE GOATS at home!! Woot! He's so getting a visit from Helena. :)

Franco's face was on today. They must have inserted it. He's due on "for real" [MADDDDDDDDDDDDD WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ]tomorrow.

By the way and observant Wubber remided me that NIKOLAS knows about the whole Michael shooting too! hmmm. Guess he's too 'busy' to notice what's goin' on.


  1. Ok, question from yesterday or maybe it was Tues. Liz was talking to Luke and Lucky talking to Nik re: Jake being Jason's. So, why can't I remember when those 2 found out the truth about Jake. I know Lucky told Laura, but never knew they told Luke or Nik???

  2. This show is sickening, and right when I was starting to have SUCH hope. Lulu is back to her annoying self, Liz is turning into Sam minus the criminal, and we have no Alexis/Diana/Mac as promised. I want them a long with Maxie, and some Jake/Jason, more Molly/Morgan scenes, and let Carjax be happy. And for the love of God keep everyone's children away from Sonny (nless they're doing a fun scene like the carnival of course, lol)

  3. I don't think they ever addressed nik & luke knowing about Jake being Jasons. Perhapy that would explain Luke being a dead beat grand daddy.

  4. is co77x a badge # from dante's buddy's dad that got killed by sonny? and is it jason that shot him making franco the son and seeking revenge? just wondering?

  5. Maybe Liz is into Nik because she likes necks that are thicker than the thighs of 1st night Biggest Loser contestants. Seriously, what's with his neck size?

    Similar to Nik knowing about Michael's shooting (from Claudia, right?): I wonder if Dante will learn at some point that Olivia witnessed Sonny killing that Russian mobster last year? Or is that something that'll never come up again?

    I like that guess Anonymous #2 had about the badge number. Ties things together well. And I liked seeing his face today. I assumed we'd only see it at the tail end of tomorrow's show, so nice little surprise there.

    Ms. WubQueen: I'm a football fan first, GH fan second. Love Berman.

  6. There lots of talking about Jake in the past days maybe finally Jason will see Jake more and be his dad..
    Me hoping yes

    I was so happy at James Franco today it was so unexpected GH gave us a wonderful gift today ..

  7. who is james franco? I have never heard of him until GH. What is the big deal about this actor.

  8. Ok um... so Lucky and Liz are gonna buy a lot and build a house? They can afford to do this now?

  9. Liz did mention today that Jason bought her the house she has now. This was because Jake burned her house down playing with matches. At one point he also gave her a million dollars to take care of Jake. I'm not sure where Lucky's money comes from, but I believe he got some money from Nikolas a while back.

  10. The scene where Johnny overheard Lulu blabbing on the docks was so ham-handed! "...and he doesn't know you're really Detective Dante Falconeri!" It was like she was reading from a backstory book!

    Still, starting to like GH again, after a looong time.

  11. I have been hearing disturbing rumors that Johnny will be leaving the show when what's left of his nutty family leaves. If that happens, I will not be a happy camper. Now that he knows that Dante is a cop going after Sonny, I would love to see them work together and then become a cop himself. Since Johnny is basically a good guy and was trying to get out of the mob world to begin with, they could do great things with him.

  12. Oops, my bad, it was Cameron, not Jake that started the fire - Jake was just a baby.

  13. i'm a bit confused about the timeline with the mr. poletti murder. does anyone remember when dante said mr. poletti was killed? was it when dante and franco were children? if so then how does the timeline of the franco/dante background story make sense? (i know it's a soap but still...) wouldn't mr. poletti's murder taken place like 20 years ago? before sonny became a mob boss? or maybe sonny killed mr. poletti when he worked for scully (or frank smith). but then why would franco be obsessed with jason? or is it what jason represents (a cold blooded killer)? gahhhh! someone help! the timeline for this story has been driving me crazy! (and it certainly doesn't help that gh soras'd all of sonny's kids!)

  14. DOMte said he was killed when he was a kid?? The timeline doesn't work. Do badge numbers look like that? with letters/numbers??

    I hve no idea about the Luke Jake thing, I seem to remember Lucky telling Laura--maybe Luke was there? oy. TOO MUCH VIEWING

    Franco has been in "Milk" "Spider Man" and "Pineapple Express" he's pretty aclaimed in that "20 something" actor class.

  15. I fell in love with Lucky & elizabeth all over again yesterday and Wednesday. But they had to ruin it by having her sex it up w/. nik? I never thought I would dislike Nik since he was always a hero in my book. Saving someone with his wallet or his power (lal Jax). But now I am really not diggin on him. JJ is bringing something back to Liz, the way Jason did. The spark is there and its not slow and boring. I did enjoy GReg but JJ has something over him, something us long time viewers can only explain due to L&L history. Loved that old story of her rape and him being there for her sleeping on the floor. Oh it was sooooo good! Jason who by the way? I say make Jake Lucky's and that is a lot coming from a huge liason fan! I almost barfed when Liz apologized to sam, that was so uncalled for. Anyone have insight on that? And then they just cut to another scene with no reply from Scammer?

  16. I loved the Liz/Lucky scenes yesterday, but I also love the fobidden lust with Nik - that's the stuff soaps are made of. No couples are immune from angst, not even Scrubs. I so hope Johnny gets to stay around and that Olivia doesn't go back to Mr. Dimples. Johnny is a great character and interacts well with everyone.

  17. doesn't Liz have like 7 mil from jason? When he bought her that house didn't he set up a trust in her name too?

  18. Stephanie- I think Liz got 5 million for Jake and Cam, set up in a trust from "Emily"
    I also think it is weird that they are talking more about Jake being Jason's. Everytime Jason talks about it, it is always Lucky is a good father to Jake, so I think that once Lucky finds out about Nik and Liz, Jason will interveen as Jakes father.
    I thought Liz and Carly had a truce when Michael was shot. She even apologized to Liz for keeping Jake away from Jason and keeping him safe from the mob? Now that Michael is better, she forgets?
    I'm glad that Johnny found out about Dante, but I wish it was Olivia that told him and not Lulu's big mouth.
    Are they trying to ruin the Dante/Lulu chemistry by making her more bratty? Where did all this Sonny love come from?

  19. Can't Dante have LuLu arrested for interfering with a criminal investigation? LuLu is making me crazy. Didn't Dante watch Johnny leave the docks?

    Hanging out at the pier and having confidential conversations where people are practically yelling at eachother has to go...enough writers. The writers use this trick too much, its so old. Oh, you want so and so to find out about something...lets go to the pier and have a chat! ARGH!!!

    About Police Badges - in New York anyway I believe the Badge Number is just that a number. The color of the badge represents rank. (Gold is a detective, etc.)But that is a great theory.

    If speculation is James Franco is Dante's childhood friend then wouldn't Dante recognize him? Assuming they have any scenes together.


  20. I loved Liz & Lucky yesterday too!
    What a smack in the face to Jason for Liz to use that money towards a home with Lucky (good for her). I have to agree that I don't mind the angst, I just hate the sex. If it were once, I could deal. But multiple times after she just shared those moments with Lucky at that property make me not so happy with Gh's sweetheart. I can't wait for Sam to screw it up with Jason and sleep with Franco. Not sure if that rumor is true or if its Maxie, but I will be watching

    And as for Niks neck, I would love to give it a few licks! lol I find him very attractive just annoying lately.

  21. I have to be honest that I am a Sam fan true and true and even I cannot get why they would make us believe Jasan would forgive her. This is why I was so upset when they Had Sam hire the men to threaten Liz, and also when she saw Jake get kidnapped. Because the jason we know would never ever forgive anyone for putting his child in harms way. That would be like him forgiving Claudia for hiring Devlon to shoot sonny (and obviously the outcome of michael being shot instead). This is the same writing having Niz. I just don;t get it. Nik was a lot of things, but a betrayer of his brother is not one of them. And what the heck are they doing to Lulu? how has she turned in a bratty tattle tale? I was loving her as the fun loving BFF of Maxie, and fun flirty 20 something with Donte. Now here we go again, she just needs to STFU!


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