Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wed on GH: Dark, Doom and Danger!

ddneroval on twitter:

@WubsNet Best Claudia quote ever 2 Sonnny:
"I hope you remember how this began, cause you sure as hell won't forget how it ends"

@WubsNet Carly's baby brought into the world just in time to witness her first murder. Welcome to Port Chuckles, honey!

AHAHAHAHA...Baby Jacks has the same Bday as Claudia!! OMG, didn't even think of that until she said it. NO baby Emma's bday this year, NO Maxie Bday...NO Halloween.

Claudia's death...all Bavarian chanting---all slow mo. Pretty graphic and nicely directed.
Michael Wacked her, her eyes are open...Fin.
I think her SOUL went into baby Jacks. That what I got out of that scene.

Nice scene in the car with Carly--talking how Claud saved the baby. But come on, she looked TOO FABU for her ordeal. LOL.

OMG, CarJax post baby glow was so nice. Josslyn asleep in daddy's arms! What a cute (not 'newborn') baby!! Awwwwwwww. And I didn't think Carly would tell Jax, but I'm glad she did. Great acting, Laura Wright.

OMG, MAXIE'S HAIR IS BROWN!!!!! Browwwn. I think I saw a tattoo on her inner wrist??

Sonny: "you bury Claudia close to Hell as you can" and then Jason yells at Max who's only trying to help! This is the GoodFellas or something!

Drew Garrett was awesome today!

DOMte and LULU..DANaLu! FINALLY the paramedics are coming for Lulu. Geesh.

They should have had Kate at that party for Claud too..she WAS a part of the whole shooting deal.

KUDOS to the production TEAM Today!!!!!!! I have often said that GH mobular violence was terrible BUT I did say with good writing I Might like it. Well, Fri-today they did it up RIGHT. Nice job.. right down to the Bavarian Chanting.

Did you know you can download the premire of "V" From iTunes for free? Run to it!


  1. I had to run outside with my aging weak-bladdered dog and missed a lot of today, including the death of Claudia. Darn it. I did get to see Sonny tell Michael "you did good". Only Sonny would use that phrase to support Michael now. I hope Maurice gets an offer he can't refuse for a film or something. Saw Jason screaming at poor Max, too. Missed Maxie's brown hair. Maybe I should start dvring the show just in case the dog can't wait again.

  2. I missed yesterdays show all togethor but I watched all of it today and FANTASTIC Kudos to Carly,Jason and Sonny today and especially Claudia. My mouth dropped when Michael hit her.I do feel as though Michael will use this to get in the mob.But had to say Congrats on a great show today.

  3. These writers think we're idiots... Michael sits on the couch right where Carly just gave birth? WRONG in soooo many ways. And no stains of even wetness on the couch? And on top of that telling Michael its ok that he killed Claudia? No ramifications or even a conversation that what he did was wrong even if it was an accident? Acting on impulse leaving the house that way (which now will be Jax's fault too of course!). I had such high hopes last week and here we go again with stupid crap.

    On a side note, Maxie looked great with dark hair.

  4. Jen, I have to disagree. After the hostage sheeze, toxic ball crap, this was fast paced and done well I thought. Details were missing (after birth..yep) but all in all had me on the edge of my wub-seat!

  5. Like I said my mouth was hung open when Michael opened that door and hit her.I think yes they missed some stuff but its a soap not primetime.I say Hip Hip Hooray on a great show today but thats just my opinion and we know that everybody has one:)))

  6. I liked a lot of today's episode. Loved Claudia's death except that, Jason and Carly were more concerned with Michael seeing the baby instead of cleaning him up first.

    The kid was clearly traumatized. At least let him get her blood off of him.

    Didn't like Sonny SCREAMING at Michael after he just killed someone. Seriously? Liked Michael and Sonny talking though.

    Didn't make sense that they would torch the cabin and then BURY Claudia? Why not leave her in there to burn completely. Buried bodies always surface. At least if she burned, most of the evidence, if not all, would have been gone.

    But on Claudia's death.. Michael was clearly acting in defense of his sister and mom, so WHY NOT TELL THE POLICE? Forensic evidence would prove that he did it and not Jason or Sonny. This will come back and bite them. Obviously.

    I think that is it lol

  7. I sooo wanted the Claudia mess to be OVER! It will now go on and on ad nauseum. Does no one care how Johnny will feel, she was his sister, he did try to save her. Then there will be months of Sonny smashing things and yelling, and months of Michael acting out and yelling, and months of Jason yelling...YUCK!!!

  8. Yeah that's what I would have told my kid also if he just killed someone-You did good--now you're a made man-join the team me and the brain damaged thug here well we can't wait to have you with us.

    Jason too bad U didn't fall in that hole or even better push Sam in. Claude & Sam are sisters in sin.

    I don't care how fast paced it was it was still a kid killing someone and his idiot Dad telling him he did good.

    Who cares about Maxie's hair? I hope this JF guy got a good look at this and we have some JM ass kicking coming up soon god knows he deserves it. Where's jerry when U need him to torture JM.

  9. I disagree whole heartedly that the writing team did it up right. I was ill hearing jason tell everyone what to say for the cover up (hell may as well teach em at age 16, break em in early). I agree with Jen about the couch (eeeew) and it just seemed as if he was getting a pat on the back. If there was dialogue such as "there was nothing you could do, she was kidnapping your sister and leaving your mom to bleed to death" or if claudia first tried to hurt Michael or carly I would accept this. Yes it was jaw dropping when Michael hit Cluaida, but other than that and some Carjax tenderness, thumbs down for me. I hate hearing Sonny's mouth running to his kids, more often than not he's full of it. You did good here? We'll make this all right? No! We'll head into Mac right away and oh by the way maybe stop to see Lainie too. Can you imagine if Alexis gets wind of this? Krissy & michael "playdates" will be OVA!

    Maxie has had that tatoo for a long time, I remember seeing it several times and thinking it didn't fit in w/ Maxie's whole vibe.

  10. Gh was on fire with the end of Claudia .............
    From Thursday to tuesday GH was amazing all the actors did amazing job , the main one Maurice , Steve Laura , Sara and Drew they have such amazing cast ..
    I thought Sonny told Michael he did good because he protected his baby sister..
    Can I say how amazing was Steve when he played the rough mobster m finally we Saw Jason as a power guy , we seem to be forgetting that ..
    I think he just didn't want the police to connect the cabin to the body so he he kept them apart ..

  11. Wow anonymous you are holding some grudges on the J man, hu? I thought the whole past few days were ridiculous, but this is a soap opera people. I was a little surprised though since LW has had a few kids wherself, you would think she would have pushed for more realism.

    Claudia sure looked creepy with her eyes open. I hope this isn't the end of Johnny, I so enjoy him playing nice.

  12. Oh I'm so sorry mom, blah blah blah, I like the actor playing Michael but they are making him like GV's Lucky. Whine, whine whine.

    When you watch the eppy see Sam's dinky little head and carly's in the background. Sam looks about 7! Kemo is a tiny little thing.

  13. This show is absolutely horrible. F gh and the writers. Too much violence and not enough families without mob ties. Will Mykill go to jail ? But of course not... he'll be put on a pedestal with the other two heroic murdering criminal... Jason and Sonny. This show is sick. I hope it gets canceled.

  14. wow anon number 2...sisters in sin...who cares about Maxie's hair...

    its a freaking soap. Of course we care about Maxie's hair, and who cares about sin in a soap world...Everyone has "sinned" on this show twice over..I guess LMP (who you probably love) is a sister in sin too...

  15. Im not sure that was Claudia they burried. Why focus on her bracelet? Didn't see a bracelet on the body they picked up.

    As for Maxie... I was totally confused. At first I was like "Wait...who is that brown haired girl?" Then I realized it was Maxie. Maybe she coloured her hair for the whole Xena warrior princess thing?

  16. For a long time, Maxie's hair was one of the few things I did care about.

    I LOVE the idea that Claudia's spirit is transfering into the baby! That's hysterical! Sarah Brown should come back and do a bunch of voiceovers for the baby. She could be like Stewie on Family Guy!

  17. I choose to suspend belief most of the time when I watch GH because Guza usually gives me no choice. With that being said (and done) I could totally enjoy today's show. I almost jumped out of my seat when Michael schwacked Claudia.I hope SJB gets an Emmy and gives Guza the big kahzoo.

    I really liked the dynamics in how the show was written today. I have hope once again that GH might return to the power house show it once was.

    I am hoping Maxie's hair is a wig. And ya'll know I adore Brandon Barash but he needs to adjust those sideburns because I don't love them. LOL

  18. Loved today! (Except the part of it being Sarah's last day) I loved how they were able to shock me. Lets face it, not much shocks anymore, but how they directed Claudia's demise was excellent. Her shining wide open eyes freaked me out. I also agree with the comment that it was great to see Jason in his role as a killer because that fact is always sanitized. I liked seeing who he is capable of being.All around I thought every cast member knocked it outta the park today!

  19. Has anyone heard anything about Brandon Barash leaving? On this week it says "Speaking of particularly permanent, that is how I am hearing that the writing off of Johnny Zacchara will take place. As Claudia dramatically makes her exit, so will little bro and that is not going to clear the way for a Sonny and Olivia pairing as quickly as you would think, for the obvious reasons."

  20. Question: when did Maxie have time to dye her hair? She was at the Metro Court with Lulu as a blonde earlier in the evening, right?

  21. Ashlee, I also read Sage's prediction about Brandon Barash. I'm hoping that it's just a false rumor. He does seem to be making lot of various appearances lately. He's going on Rick Springfield's celebrity cruise next week. And he had better leave those sideburns alone! If he shaves the side burns, he might as well shave his chest.

  22. Did anyone else notice that the power was out, and Sonny had to manually open the gate and Maxie had to wait to let the pool guys in, yet when Jason called Sonny the call came through on his land line, which was a cordless telephone? Everyone else in the world loses power and their cordless phones don't work, but not on GH! I can suspend belief about a lot of things, but to make such a point of the power being out and the gates not working and to miss the fact that the cordless phone would not work drives me nuts!

    I disagree that Sonny told Michael he did good because Michael was protecting the baby. All Sonny knew was that Michael killed Claudia, not the circumstances.

    Poor Max and Milo had to do all the digging and lifting while Jason "supervised"...

  23. Lori - I thought I was the only one who thought Brandon Barash's sideburns were too long....hahahaha! Got to love us Soap fans these are the things we focus on.

    Speaking of mens hair....doesn't it look like Jax and Patrick went to the same barber???

    Waiting for 11 p.m. for SoapNet but it looks like The Yanks are going to wrap up The World Series tonight. Still waiting for those Morgan and Dante scenes....


  24. Frank - you are correct, technically Maxie was at the party semi blond (it was kind of ishy) and now she is chocolate brown, all in the same night. That's why I am hoping it was just a wig!(helloooo continunity police)

    Lisa - I like my Johnny looking like a hunk, not an Elvis-y "hunka hunka burnin love" lol

  25. geezus all you people who are nit picking over all the missed details....stained couches, no blood, etc...GET A LIFE!!

  26. After complaining about the technical part of directing and camera work, I have to say that Claudia's demise was beautifully done! Image fading over image, the music in the background, the shock of it all, and Claudia's open eyes all blended together for an eerie, ghastly end to a horrible character...loved it and ran it back twice so I didn't miss anything. As for the bracelet? I think it may resurface (thanks to Franco?) and play a part somewhere down the line. Wasn't it a gift from Sonny? Anyone notice the new ad? Someone has taken pics of all of this.....exit Claudia, enter Franco I think. Good transition to our next phase of "General Mayhem", lol.

  27. Ain't soaps grand??? It's the missteps as well as the great parts that keep us coming back. Does anyone remember "Dark Shadows"? The camera would pull back too far and show the garbage cans of dry ice that were making the "fog"? and one time the character dropped the gun they were supposed to use and pretended to grab a knife to kill the victim (or was it a dropped knife and a pretend "bang bang"? I can't remember after all these years)..whatever it was , it's all part of what we love...suspend that belief! just enjoy the show!

  28. I don't like that they made Michael a killer. Does this mean we are getting another mobster?
    I don't like that Carly didn't get to celebrate the birth of her much anticipated baby girl because she has to worry about Michael.
    Love that Lulu now knows Dante's secrets, but I don't like that she stands up for Sonny. Is she going to be one of the reason's Dante doesn't go after Sonny?
    Sam in any of these scenes anymore, just seems like a backdrop.
    What she was saying to Jason while they were heading to the cabin, sounded like what she said to him when they went after Jake's kidnappers...
    And how was Michael able to find Carly and Claudia so fast when nobody else could. Did I miss the scenes where he found out what kind of car was being driven?


  29. Dear Anon,

    You tell those who are nitpicking to "Get a life," but, face it, we are folks who have followed a soap for years, sometimes decades, and have joined a website to discuss it.

    So, either we don't "have a life," or, life me and probably most others, we have a very, very full life, and see Port Charles as an alternate universe to which we can escape our very very full lives. And, as such, we are entitled to be as nitpicky as we like!

    I agree with a lot of the comments about the Claudia demise. I hope her soul doesn't transfer into that poor baby, she'll have enough problems growing up in that family.

    I also think that Maxie should stay as a blonde, it suits her better.

  30. Drew Garrett rocked it!

  31. Ant Joan - Well said. Thank you!

    To Anonymouns - I have a life. It just includes watching GH. The belief that something can actually be happening is in the details. Details are what GH lacks sometimes.....we can still watch the show, enjoy it, discuss it and move on....we don't need to insult others.

    This Anonymous has a name...its Lisa

  32. Ok, well I agree that today (Wednesday's) episode was definitely "sit on the edge of your seat" awesome today! As always opinions abound on both sides of the good and bad line. So, with much respect to everyone's comments, here are my hits and misses for the episode

    Hit: Fantastic directing and editing in the whole "Michael kills Claudia scene" I really liked the music and the slow motion.

    Miss: This, to me, is the most violent episode GH has done and I didn't like the fact that it happened at the hands of the teenager on the show. We've not even actually seen this level of violence with Jason and Sonny.

    Hit: Carly and Jason trying to move Michael's attention away from Claudia

    Miss: Michael is already heading down a path of self-destruction and I can't help but think that by covering up what he's done, Jason, Sonny and yes, even Carly are pushing him even further down that road.

    Hit: Carly telling Jax the truth. I am so happy that Carly has learned to trust Jax and be honest with him.

    Miss: Carly needs to remember (which I'm sure she will) that Jax is far from innocent in this whole thing. She never has a problem blasting Sonny for anything and everything he does wrong.

    Hit: Simply said: love Lulu and Domte.

    Miss: That was the longest rescue ever!

    ok that about sums it up for me.

  33. GH was amazing yesterday the all editing was just amazing, and all the cast played their part well
    For me it made me forget my day to day problems ..

  34. You tell em Ant Joan and Lisa! and Stampin'GHMom, well said! Great posts on both sides of the issues! Love a lively discussion between informed and open minded people!

  35. AOL article about James Franco:|main|dl5|link7|

    It says soapy fans are loyal. =) Thought you'd like it Karen

  36. Anyone else find it odd that Carly just gave birth was taken hostage and Bobbie is no where in sight. You would think they would have included Carly's mother on some of the scenes.

  37. I thought it was weird enough that Carly had the energy to walk to the vehicle. Couldn't Jason have carried her and Sam carry the baby....But I guess I wouldn't trust Sam with my baby either.

  38. For Anonymous who hopes GH is canceled - why do you even watch? If you don't want it on th air, just don't watch it! That way, if you don't watch, we don't have to read your idiotic posts about something you dislike so much. You think it's horrible and sick! Seriously, I just don't understand! Shut your trap already! Find another show to bash!

  39. does anyone know the name of the song or who sang it (the one played at the end of yesterday's (Thursday's) episode of GH?

    Karen in Alaska

  40. I disagree re: this

    nothing in this surprised or amazed me there was no WTH moment this was classic typical predictable GH the writers didn't flip the script "IMO" it was pretty much the same ole good ole' testosterone heavy chest pounding writing they always do "Mikey you done good son." You killed the whore the Bitch, the words you can't type on ABC message boards but Sonny can say on screen...

    the acting by "some" of the actors again was what saved the day the script was pretty much the same ole same old demise of a mob villan in a body many now?

    Claudia came in with her father calling her a whore and went out being called a whore...what is different here? That Jason is hanging out with a woman who did the same thing to his kid and got off scott free but Claudia didn't order a "hit" on Michael he got shot by accident but mobturd is banging the broad that wanted his kid dead and "purposely" endangering him

    so Jason wants Claudia dead? He's a walking contradiction, a joke that hasn't made sense in a long time. You keep your kid in a box but you are publically acknowleding Carly's kids

    Godfather to Carly's daughter? Amazing performance by Sarah Joy Brown...Sonny stepped up a little overacting in a few spots but for the most part he badgered the woman awesomely....great acting.



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