Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Franco...and Spoilers

Yep...graffiti artist. WITH A HOOD! Too bad he's not "naked Graffiti Guy"! Heh...

Another great BLURB about our gal, Caroline Hennesy on EW's POPwatch. They call her "Barb" on Cougar Town their fave new character. They spelled her name wrong but I commented. Plus WE SAW HER FIRST! LOL.

Laura Wright has signed a new 4yr deal with GH. She's totally into her wine business too and is starting to tweet about it. Her name is @LLDubs on Twitter.

New Spoilers are up. Looks like the Cassadine stuff isn't happening in the next 2 weeks. Perhaps just the beginning of it all...setting it up. Liz will be the new Laura/Lasha with brothers fighting over her...

On EXTRA! Today there will be the "Men of GH" your local channel and time.

Brandon Barash tweeted a cause for the stars of GH: The Holiday House GH Stars/Fans built.

LISA LoCicero was voted "Most Beautiful Woman on Soaps" By SOD!

Greg Vaughan checked into Twitter too:
Good morning. Coffee time! Been enjoy these past few days of R n R!! Both Sebastian movie & 90210 are doing well!!


  1. no lulu/dante

  2. Sad to hear nothing on Spixie at all whatsoever. bummer! Nothing about Crimson, either which means not much of Kate. Double Bummer.
    Even though Jasam isn't in the spoilers, I'm sure they'll still be on daily. Blech! I bet Kelly would look fab in pink, or even yellow instead of greys and blacks and leather.

    Hope we get to see more of JJ this week!

  3. I hate Sam. I just can't get over it so I have resigned to just forward through every scene she's in. This is a shame since I love Alexis and the new actresses playing her sisters. I love Steve burton but his chracter is just not the same, his moral compass has been lost.

    I agree about Kate & Maxie & Crimson. They could really make something with the actors tied to that company.

  4. His MORAL COMPASS has been LOST!!!???? On what murder did he lose 10 years ago??? Jaime....wake up.


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