Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DOMte and Claudia: Baby? HELENA'S ON today!

Yep..they are going there! Claudia will also take a PG test to see the results. Too bad we know she's leaving. Will it be a click BOOM..and Donte will get a Deja Vu of Father/Lily? Will she be murdered?
Also, go on the WubsNet to see a great pic of Helena in bed and Luke listening to her-- looks like the new Cassa-Baddie is just that.

Daytime Confidential has the goods on who's moving to LA for AMC. LaLucci will commute and Dr. Joe Martin is retiring.

Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) is starring in web-based series called "The Bannen Way"
It will appear on in 2010.

MTV reports that Steve Burton (Jason) was a write in vote for the role of "Captain America" ! At least that gets his name out there for possible consideration!!

Even though writer Michele ValJean said they weren't hiding Emmys this year, we did see Julie Marie Berman's in the wedding presents yesterday! That is the one she won!!

Gedstern has a cool "book buzzer" on her blog that lets you flip through her book "Are You Gonna Eat That Banana"?

AMC: I am so confused about the dang "Annie Plan" that I so don't care anymore. I even vacuumed instead of watching a lot of it. Here's hoping they get their sheeze together after the move.

OLTL: Wouldn't Tea know Blair knows about Ross? I mean, Blair says she has a secret. What the heck else would it be? Nice scenes on the boat, they must have been done at the end of August early Sept. when it was hot 'round here. OMG, did you hear Nora's remark to David "Isn't there a Housewife who's desperate"?? LOL. Oh, I so love the writers on OLTL

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I love Lulu's top. Nice... CarJax's window view. Look closely. There's a sailboat just sitting there.
Kate's sunglasses. Megan Ward has to stay on the show. She really adds a lot to the whole Olivia thing. Crimson can be a great biz to keep in town too.
Claudia: Giant GO GO boots on!
woo go KRISTINA! You tell Sonny just what you think. Dang...great acting. Lexi totally held her own against Maurice!

Here comes the Cassadine story! It's coming!! I am so excited and I hope they play up the Molly/Krissy Cassadine angle. I so want Helena to meet Molly. She'd LOVE her!!! Get Connie on the set more. Have her finallly marry Edward! :twirling: Greece Mention today! Alexis and Liz call Nikolas a "Cassadine".. saying it like 'You are acting like an axe murderer"
Greg Vaughan sighting on the Haunted Star. The Spencer kids are ready to rescue Dad!

HELENA'S face!! There she is...all fainting in bed. That must be the "Mischia" girl. :waving to Connie: good to see you again. Luke is on too!! Trying to spoon his way out of jail. LOL

Man, the story is just getting good with Claudia..why does she have to leave!? If she stayed, PG with Dante's kid, can you IMAGINE??! wowza.

SEXIS...ah, my fave friends.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More on JJ... Tuesday GH: Ethan sings INXS!

More JJ stuff. SoapNet is saying JJ is back on AIR October 27th as Lucky. Which, makes sense if he's starting on set this Thurs. TV Guide has an article up with a JJ interview. Here's part: (read full thing on the link)

Did you ever imagine you’d reclaim the role after it was re-cast with Greg Vaughan?
I guess I always felt like there was a possibility somewhere, just because of the connection the audience has with Lucky, and with me playing him. So, yeah, I always felt it was a possibility. I was determined to work with Tony Geary again no matter what. It’s shocking how everything has aligned.

And that, my Wubbers SAYS IT ALL. And don't believe the ABC PR--Greg Vaughan did not ask to leave.

Tweet from Becky Herbst's hubby:
@MichaelSaucedo: I was sad to hear about Greg. He is a good guy. Speaking from personal experience, I know how he feels.

ABC issued a statement about the OLTL Rumors. Basically saying, don't worry, it's just moving to AMC studios. Relax....I still say we need to rally. I don't think Nelson Branco pulled that one out of his hat. No sir.


Coleman and Kate! Nice. Fun...they look good together. I wish they'd do more with the magazine side of things, I think there's some great UglyBetty potential.

"Maxis"...The rumors were so cute about them and I hope they are true! JJY needs airtime. (don't I say that everytime he's on!?)

Lulu to Ethan: "I'm sure you know some awesome boy-band songs, right"?
OMG..he's singing INXS!!!! that's my fave album!! EVER. I danced to it 24-7 back in the day. Wow. I think I got a bit giddy there. Nathan Parsons! GET OUT!

They've got a goldmine IN THE KARAOKE!! NLG had tweeted awhile ago that these scenes were a blast to film. BAFB was asking if it was real booze in them there glasses. LOL. Why not!?

Kate saying Olivia needs botox. LAMO. Molly and Morgan singing "ABC" having such a fun time. This is what Soaps should be all about. Family, fun... Geesh, Laura Wright was swingin' around her "belly"!

Dr. Matt. MILO is up introducing "Double Trouble"...Mac and Patrick!! Then Coleman gets on the bar with girlies!! LOL. Oh, this is too fun!!

Kate kisses a GIANT KISS. ;) Johnny calls Coleman "Captain Mustache"!

ONLY DOWNER today: Claudia begging Sonny four sex. I would have rather have seen them at Jake's.

Ethan goes to Wyndemere, in the middle of all this..and asks Nikolas where Luke is. It is SO RANDOM. Even Nikolas' face is all DOH!!!!!!! God, way to just shove that in there.

End of show: Kristina hears Sonny telling Mike he doesn't want baby with Claud, Claud hears Olivia/Kate talking about DOMte..JaSam sex (prelit candles) and Ethan/Lulu get text from Luke.

EVERYONE on twitter LOVED GH today! Nice fun job. As Gedstern asked: Did Guza leave and someone FUN write for GH?

GWaddie's Great LINT Challenge!!

Gwaddie’s Great Lint Challenge!

GH Fans, it’s time to collect some lint! Everyone has lint (and no, not belly button lint!). It’s time to dig for your lint. Look in the couch, look in the car change holder, look under the bed, look in your desk drawers. The lint I’m talking about is the lint that’s connected to pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters. Now, chances are these coins are gonna be ugly—afterall, they’ve been abandoned and neglected. But you know what? They can serve a purpose. They can change lives. Yes. Lint can change lives.

My challenge to you is to go search out those ugly, linty coins. Gather them up. Count them up and use them to donate to Team Scrubs Wubs LA Aids walk team! You’ll feel awesome, I promise AND since you weren’t using those coins anyhow, you won’t miss them!

I’m going to collect all the ugly, linty coins I can over the next 10 days. I challenge you to do the same. I will post how much change I’ve found and DARE you to see if you can beat my total! Heck, I might even take a group photo of my linty change!

So…..go find the lint and let’s put those ugly coins together to save lives! LINT RULES!

General Hospital: CoStars and Fans React to Greg V's outster

Oh, Twitter was a BLAZIN' last night, wubbers! Tweets all over in support of Greg Vaughan. Many fans were excited to hear JJ is coming back to play Lucky but many more seemed to be upset that Greg is leaving a role he'd come to own in the past years. Will this be a boon or a backlash? Fans are already pissed about so many things, will this just drive some of the newer fans away? After all, JJ left the role in 1999. Ten long years ago. That's enough time for a whole new generation of GHers.

CoStars of Greg's are tweeting their support. Here's a few that went out last night:

@1SteveBurton: God bless Greg V and his family. Sucks! He will be missed.

@Tyler2929: Everyone give GV your blessings please. He gave Lucky justice while he was ther

@DerkCheetwood: Our thoughts are with Greg V and family he will be missed by all.

@lisalocicerogh @greg_vaughan Greg, you'll do great wherever you go.. But I will miss your smiling face terribly

@brandonbarash: I'm deeply saddened by this news, @greg_vaughan. Not gonna be the same without you next door. Your star will shine wherever it lands.

@nancyleegrahn: Heartbroken about Greg. However, this is a guy who worked constantly before GH and will continue you to do the same after GH. He is an amazing gentleman, a dedicated father, a committed and talented actor who is loved and adored by his cast. He will be fine!


@TRACYSELF: WubsNet IMO JJ is Lucky the boy while GV is lucky the man, it doesn't really matter TPTB will ruin it & not use anyone to full potential!

@FrankStrovel: WubsNet Woke up this morning and dreamt I'd died and a younger guy replaced me.

@Janicedotkay: WubsNet wonder how jj's lucky will look w/jmb's lulu. he still looks so young! feel bad for gv. gh did this b4. remember stephen martines?

@RockGypsy@WubsNet On the Lucky switch. Guza needs to remember that lightning doesn't always strike twice and it wasn't the actor it was the material

@joyamberbrown: @WubsNet I heard this is TG's last hurrah as Luke. Makes sense the timing with JJ's return if it is only for six months like some are saying

That's an interesting concept. LOL... we all know TG wanted Ethan as Luke's kid, since "Luke" basically hates "Lucky" will THAT play out!? Lucky will still be a cop. How will they rewrite all that animosity over the years with the characters? Goodness. The key is and always will be the WRITING! That's probably why there's a nu-Cassadine surge. Bring on a baddie they can both fight.

I would also like to say how many people have been saying that Greg V is one of the nicest guys at fan events. A lot of you have photos with him and stories to tell. It's going to be a hell of a ride. As I've said all month, the dang spoilers have been all over. The Cassadine pull-backs-- was that all getting ready for this? Because although Greg found out MONDAY and JJ is back THURSDAY you know talks were going on way before now. I also still say Nathan Parson's days are numbered unless they can get he and JJ to click as bros.

Wonder about the future of Liason? For sure they are going to go with L&L2 to see if the "permanent lock" will still fit between Becky and JJ. LuSam fans? What do you think? JJ with KeMo? hmmmmm. This promises to change many dynamics, doesn't it?

Given this week, with all the outs on AMC, the rumor of OLTL's demise--casting shifts all over, it's clear ABC is scrambling to save what it has. Either that or it wants soaps to go out with a lot of noise!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Jonathan Jackson Back to GH?! Greg Vaughan is OUT

**UPDATE: Just confirmed...JJ is back on set THURSDAY...

Holy Smokes, Daytime shakin' itself up. According to Daytime Confidential, Jamey Giddens (UBER scooper) is reporting that the FIRST Lucky Spencer is coming back. We know they tried to get him back for the re-nuptuals of L&L..could it be true he's really back? Is this why Greg Vaughn was put on recurring? BTW, GV is the third Lucky, Jacob Young was Lucky #2. Hey, if he IS coming back can Genie be far behind? Do they want the Spencers back in PC? I must call her or maybe drive to Searsport. (next to her store, I know somewhere I can stay there! LOL) That is, if she's not in LA talking already!
LOOK at Greg Vaughans tweet tonight: as of today, with sad regrets, I will no longer be apart of what has been a big part of me and my families life. GH and TPTB have choosen (sic) to take a new direction. I THANK ALL of YOU, for the many memories we've shared and new ones to come!!! ALL MY LOVE, & BIG HUGS...
How do you feel about all this? I for one, loved JJ's Lucky. Tony Geary obviously never 'clicked' with anyone else. However Greg Vaughan has done a great job all these years and has grown into the part. (not that they write well for him, imo). To be let go like this --and JJ coming back this Thursday? OUCH. I'm tellin' you kiddies, don't go to Hollywood it will break your heart!
Sarah Brown's tweet: @greg_vaughan I'm so sad & sorry to hear this. I know you're going to do great wherever you go. My love to you and your family always
OH, had another thought before bed: How long will ol' Ethan last now? Hmmm. Just sayin'

Last Soap Standing? Monday's ABC Shows.

Well, well. Nelson Branco of Canada's TV Guide is strongly hinting that unless 'something drastic happens' OLTL will be canned in 2010. Now, I think we all could see that coming with the AMC move. Why move one soap to LA and keep the other in NYC? They made a choice--and the choice was AMC. Go back in my blogs and even the PodCast on Daytime Confidential. I told ya. It's astounding that ABC has kep 3 soaps on given their dismal ratings. Not even GH can consistently pull 2.0. AMC, OLTL and ATWT are basically down to what the GL was when it was pulled. What's coming? Web based soaps like "Imaginary Bitches" and the upcoming "Gotham" and "Reality Bites". Even SoapNet is ditching soaps like Night Shift in preference to reality shows.

I'm not sure watching more is going to help either. Neilson Box owners and log holders need to do the watching. (why they haven't switched to digital based numbers remains a mystery). Most of us love the writing on OLTL..daring, funnyand innovative. TPTB still decided to move AMC.

SPEAKING of AMC: 90 of the dance marathon. Lazy. LAZY. zzzz. I also don't give a crap who killed Stuart anymore. OH! Guess what? SON reports that not only is "Aiden" out so is "Taylor"...both fired. Interesting. Daytime Confidential is saying that "Colby" is another one that's OUT.

OLTL: had to go out. Saw that Blair was on a boat, didn't stop the wedding.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ethan teaches the kiddies to play poker. JaSam Hott-ness at the wedding. Bobbie was in the ABC stills...will she show up at Jake's? I saw her for about a second --and then she's off? Poor JZ...She didn't even SPEAK! Harsh.
OH! Mac/Alexis I like that..anything to get JJY more airtime. He says "Freesha" lol.
Krissy flirting with Ethan! lol.
MeganWard got all dressed up! Wow...nice to see her!
Kimberly Mclooks so cute. Nice choice. Not too dressy.
Morgan gave the speech for Jason! Loved that...
DOMte and Lulu. First Guy I've liked her with!! woot! And Luke will be so mad he's a fed! LOL.
Karaoke is coming...that should be fun. THE END where they all sing "I wanna know where love is..." and everyone is singing BUT JASON! LOL

Just want to thank all of you that time time to leave a comment (I know this blog isn't as easy as the other one), hit a sponsor, email me or tweet the WubsNet. I really like doing this--and hopefully GH won't be going anywhere soon, right? Take a look at the Team Scrubs-Wubs Aids Walk LA page and think about giving even a will help. There's also a link to tshirts and caps. I have prizes to give out for contributers--just email me with your confirmation or put it in the comments. Thank you!!

Did you check out the GH scoops and rumors on the Wubs Net? A million of 'em about how Claudia leaves.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Tid Bits & Rumors!

TEAM SCRUBS Wubs has TSHIRTS to help support the cause! Karla and Paul will be walking for the can help by either donating to their page, clicking on sponsors on the Wubs Net or ordering a wonderful Wub Tshirt. (you can also wear them to your many GH events to show you are a WUBBER!)

Ah, what a Friday I finally got info about all the WEDDING FASHION for you!! The info mainly comes from SOD and a few wardrobe peeps!
Maxie's gown: Made in house by wardrobe. Bradford's tux: Hugo Boss
Lulu's gown by Enzoani, Jason in Armani, Bobbie in Marc Bouwer, Robin in BCBG And Coleman in a vintage '70's suit (hoCheck Spellingw fun is that!?)
The minister is wearing an Anglecian robe (Episcopalian)

Oh, what? Did you say you didn't see BOBBIE in those scenes on Friday? If you look closely she is sitting in the 'audience' when they pan over it. Interesting how she didn't have a speaking part. LOL. She will appear on camera when Mac faints. Why the hell they didn't have her talk to Maxie before the wedding is beyond me. Oh, wait...they didn't want to spend the money?
The Rehearsal party's comin' up.... should be fun.

HUGE RUMORS all ovah the place about Claudia's demise (you knew they were coming)!! Newest is: Claudia gets blown to bits by Daddy Z. Lily Deja Vu. This is what FINALLY pushes Sonny outta the mob. That and the fact his kid is a fed. Hmmmmmm. Guza says: Don't hold your breath! LOL Also up: The whole "Romeo/Juliet" and "Star Crossed Lovers" references that Molly keeps bringing up tie into Claudia's death because Jason thinks it's Sam that goes boom. Another rumor has Claudia dying and the fingers pointed at Olivia. Spoiler: (On here first!) When Sonny puts the breaks on a baby, Claudia turns to DOMte! Anyone else remember his showfax script for audition? It had Claudia seducing him over pizza..heh. Check out new spoilers later today on the Wubs Net.
Oh, and when you read the Cassadine stuff, take them with a shot of tequila...all that sheezbot is changing daily. I don't know what the hell is going on with the arc on that saga. And I refuse to try anymore! heh.

KGMB took a tour of GH studios and there are some fabu pics of it here: SET TOUR

BTW, those of you keeping tabs on the AMC move? Well, seems head honchos have caved a bit about the "you're in or you're out" thing. Actors will be allowed to commute. Wait for the block taping to make AMC look a lot more like GH in the future!
Have a great Sunday! Thanks for all your wubbly support.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"It's the Worst Day in Scorpio-Jones History"...

"and that's sayin' somethin'" says Mac! LOL..
BUT A GREAT day for GH fans....very very fun today!!

GH started today with the most fun ever. Maxie has a nightmare where she's got 2 kids, is PG again and Spin is all action packed with Jason. Mac's a hoot (make sure you watch him in the background)--and Lulu is "Maxie to the Max" in this future. Loooooved. it.

Molly is a great little character. She's just the voice of reason. "This is a great day for nerds"!! Her dress is so right for her age, and I loves it. "I'm eeing like a fangirl"!
Lulu's dress is gorgeous, it looks much like a wedding gown. I loves it. I think the short look is great. Coco Channel purse. Nice.
Carly: "I love Weddings, especially oddball ones"..
FELICIA MENTION! That was thud worthy.
That wedding set is totally the Webber Scorpio house with Jax's colors. LOL. but!! I'M NOT complaining! Today is a fun day.

HOLY CRAP! Morgan goes: HOLY Crap! Jason's wearing a pink tie!

Patrick telling Mac what to do. LOL.
KUDOS to Wardrobe WONDERFUL choices. Everyone Carly, Robin, Lulu, Olivia the girlies and Sam looked awesome! Maxie looked perfect for Maxie. Big bow on her butt and all!

THE WUBQUEEN DECLARES that TODAY'S EPPY is one of the BEST EVER! And I don't lie about that Sheezebot. YOU MUST watch it !! SoapNet rerun because it's worth seeing twice if you didn't DVR it!!

Something Smells Feta in Port Charles...

Hmmm. The Cassadine story appears to have been pushed back AGAIN. If you remember the story was to happen much sooner with a mysterious woman coming to town, putting things in motion. Then the Carnival happened. There was also talk about the whole birth certificate that Helena found which has now been sealed into our collective "vaults" waiting for someone to make some connection. Now, I'm hearing that the newbie Matthew Borlenghi's debut is pushed back towards the end of the year. On top of that, the new gal, "Mischia" played by Amanda Brooks is really just a recurring character at this stage. We may see how Luke gets out of his present captivity but that's about it. I'm trying hard to sort through what little scoops do come through.

Was this moved due to Sarah Brown's abrupt departure as Claudia? Did they need to fashion a "out" for her? Not sure, but it is interesting to note that this is the second time the whole Cassadine thing was moved. The first (after Connie Towers came on and found the painting) was written so fast, your head was spinning. Sure, it was to get Luke off canvas but all other references to Rebecca/Ethan...birth certificate have been dropped. Spoilers were coming right before the funeral about a mysterious woman coming to PC, being very ill and starting a Cassadine rebirth. Didn't happen.

Helena and Luke are supposedly due back next week. Luke and Helena are held captive--someone lets him out, he goes in search for her. So will we really SEE Helena then? Not sure. Maybe things were block taped in a day. I still haven't seen anyone that has seen CT on set. Which doesn't mean a thing, TG is hardly seen on set either. :throwing hands up:

All I know is this: THE EMILY TWIN story was a flop. They've even thrown Liz and Nik together in some attempt to revive something that was really never there. We can dig the whole "Dark Prince" thing, but not when it moves at a snail's pace. Plus, if he wants revenge on Rebecca, why offer Ethan a million to get her out of town?? Secondly, THE ETHAN STORY lost all momentum when TG went on his 98th holiday of the year. I'm not saying TG doesn't deserve vacation time--he has been there longer than God, but it seemed like when he left, Ethan was a forgotten soul, wandering around town, mooning after Rebecca and moonlighting as a carney stick. It's those dropped balls and holes we have to contend with that make us fans very unhappy. Just sayin'

Are you looking forward to a Cassadine "rebirth" you think it can happen without either Stephen Nichols (Stefan) or Robert Kelly? (Stavvy) Do you think they could pop for one of them now that people are leaving? Hmmm. Do you think there's potential left in the Gothic Family?

In the meantime, more teens are on the way, I guess to flush out the "school" stories. Supposedly, there's a girl on board for Michael. Will she be the rumored relative of Toussaint? Who's that you asked? too. Poor Billy Dee Williams. He got 2 airdates in the beginning of summer then evaporated.

With Dick Cook leaving Disney, there's also things swirling all over in many factions of the company. Do they have time to worry about "Daytime TV"? Oh, you bet they do!
See you later to go over today's show..Spixie wedding promises fun, and hell BOBBIE is there! Too bad they couldn't pop for Flea to come back, patch things up with her daughter, you know. No comment on that.
BTW, Sarah Brown's last TAPING date is Oct 8th or 9th. So, you know there's a whole lotta writing goin' down!
One more thing, for you digi-heads out there, ABC/Disney/Getty Images entered into an agreement.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

LA Aids Walkin' and Thurs. Shows!

PLEASE check out the great Team Scrubs Wubs for the LA Aids walk this Oct. 18th! There's a team walking under the Wub Banner! That link has all the info you need to help out.

AMC: Oh, Dance Marathon..still not watchin' but I did lookie for a minute and see that things are still all over the place. Everyone's trying to snow everyone else. Whatever.

OLTL: Casting news: according to Daytime Confidential Jared is exiting (told you he was beating himself up) and Priest Andrew's back! Will he bring River with him? Soap Opera Network is now saying Cassie (Laura Bonarrigo) may be back too!

GH: Maxie/Robin fun talk. Maxie's hair is giving me hives though. Claudia/Carly are in the same bar they met at! Remember? JoLivia cute as usual. DOMte trying to get out of staying at Sonny's.
BORING today.
OH! Carly's "Next time you're in a car about to explode, you're on your own"!

MAC DADDY !! I love it when the cast gets together.

Soap Opera Blog Coalition

It's that time again! Rejoice in the wonders of the Soap Bloggin' Community!

The Daytime Confidential podcast gang discusses the final week of Guiding Light. The highs, lows and final moments of the broadcast icon. (
Daytime Confidential)

PVB Roving Reporting Peppermint Patti hit lot of the events around AMC Fan Club Weekend. Check out her first hand account of all the festivities! (
Pine Valley Bulletin)

The Young and The Restless killed off Colleen Carlton and made the Serial Drama girls to wish, again, that soaps would stop killing off legacy characters. And also that Victor Newman would just stop. (
Serial Drama)

I love my DVR recorder, but if it is smart enough to know Guiding Light simply evaporated, it should have been kind enough to send me a digital condolence message or something. (
Soap Opera Examiner)

What happens when a bunch of Spinelli fans get together on Twitter to start a movement? GH, OLTL and AMC stars, writers and producers all Twibboned up to support a fan and raise money for a great animal shelter. (

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

:TWIRLING: Gina Tagnoni comes back to OLTL!

Love that Old-School Kelly Cramer pic!! WOOT! She's back. I can only hope Addie's on more and Cassie gets back too. I can't wait to see Cassie DP and GT together. Check it out on TV Guide Magazine.

I got some spoilers/rumors in the mail. I am just giving up again for awhile. LOL. I think the writers are scrambling with the whole "Cassadine/Luke" return. Rewrites all over. There were so many lame/false spoilers out there for the carnival, it's best to wait a bit. I think that newbie writer worked out so his "trial run" is over (looking at the ratings, it should be!) -and things are being retweeked. I also have to say I talked exclusively with a GHer who said everyone is on edge with the way the genre is going. No one feels secure and whispers abound wondering if another soap will be canned. Actors are busy looking to branch out if you know what I mean.

OLTL: I HATE Cole's apartment. ugh..too industrial for me! LOL. Hubcaps? Really?

GH: Aw, Mac's on. Jason's trying to put on a pink tie. I can forgive the 800th Olivia rant to Sonny/Claudia. Spin is so cute.
I do love weddings! I wish I could work on soaps/tv shows just staging weddings. Wouldn't it be fun?
Dr. Matt is trying to get Maxie to run away with him? SO they take him out of the storage unit and want us to think he's cute and charming? Ok, he is but he's NEVER ON!! So this is totally out of the freekin' blue. They just throw stuff in without going through the work to build it up. *SIGH* that a SCHOOL I see? hey, Gilmore Girls school! CHILTON...but they spent about a $4.00. Oh, wait, there's a pink backpack. Sorry, $24.00. Aren't I snarky today!?

Laura Wright? STUNNING today!! I want her hair. wahhh.


BIGGEST LOSER: God help me, I love this show. LOL. Love Coach. It is just fun. I could live without the 2 hours though.

TODDLERS AND TIARAS: On TLC tonight. Scary.. SCARY! But you just have to watch to make yourself feel good as a parent. heh.

I can't wait to see Eastwick and Cougar Town (just for Caroline Hennesy though) and Modern Family tonight! ABC looks funny!!

DID you see Mackenzie Phillips new book reveals? OUCH! Like a 10 year sexual relationship with her father? :thud: I mean, I knew she was messed up but this? OY. I was a teen when "One Day at a Time" was on, I loved her.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, LOOK who's at Spixie's WEDDING!

I spy, with my little eye: BOBBIE! It's a wonder she can still remember anyone's name!! Thanks to SOAPNET for this, see more over on their site!


Tuesday On Soap Deck!

Not POOP Deck...Soap Deck. ha.

AMC: I refuse to watch until the dang dance marathon is ovah. I'm hoping they don't have a Tom Delay guest spot. OY!

OLTL; Stacey said "PEE" today! Thank you writers, I knew you read the Wub Tub! Jared is really acting WEIRD. Like I said, fight club. Why would he want to beat himself up though? Not sure...we can only speculate. Kim/Stacey are a trip. David Vickers saying "Hello, Step-Nora" was a riot. I love that guy. I still hate Dr. Greg can't act--eesh. Rachael and he NO CHEM! Unlike Kish that oooooooze the chem.

GH: I'm just sad about Sarah Brown leaving. I think they missed the boat on her character big time. Liz/Olivia were random, weren't they? Yet Liz tells her she slept with Lucky's brother. Wow, some cocktails they are having!

Parapet action with Nik/Ethan. GET THE FETA OUT!

Ethan said: TRANSYLVANIA! that's worth about 50 points. If he says Lobster or Feta I will absolutely DIE! LOL We're in for a Cassadine fiesta soon it seems when Luke gets back.

Spixie were darling as per usual. Isn't she like that chick on The Big Bang Theory? He's the nerd. Hmmm, didn't think about that before.

OMG, today's show was painful in the fact I really REALLY wanted to nap. Just a slow slow day. 2-3 peeps just gabbin in a room.

BIG news coming: First up will be some more news on the Tristan Rogers' web series "Reality Bytes". I think I told you the head writer is named Karen, that's after ME!! She's also a lesbian. I so love to have the Wubqueen's image 'expanded' heh.
Next LA AIDS walk. Our team with Karla and Hubby are going strong for Team Scrubs Wubs. They'll be marching with Kim/Jason. (who are the biggest money makers so far on the leader board!) Details to come on how YOU can help!! It's on October 18th, the Wubby Hubby's bday! How cool is that? Wish I lived in LA so I could go too.

DWTS last night: I only saw a bit. Donny O looked great....Tom Delay? eesh. Get me a fork for my eyes. Hoarders was awesome though. Scary--and sad. I really love watching it. Fascinating.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday: AMC, OLTL and GH Support Spinj!

TODAY IS BRADFORD ANDERSON'S BIRTHDAY! (he's the big 30!!) What better way to honor our Spinelli than with a little charity action?? That's him up there with a cage donation in Spikey's(Spinj)honor! He recieved it when he was in NH recently.

There's a fun little thing going on over at Twitter! GH fan "Spikey" who is Spinj on Twitter, is fighting a battle with cancer. The idea was born to give support for her by putting up twitribbons on our icons. That blossomed into donations for Bradford Anderson's charity, The Manchester Animal Shelter in NH (BA's home state)which was started by Karla G and her hubby. (they are also TEAM SCRUBSWUBS for the LA Aids Walk). This went from .25 a ribbon donation to more and more if GH ACTORS would put them on their photos! It went from there to OLTL actors (Kirsten Alderson joined today!)
344 are people showing their love and support for Spikey. Among these supporters is Debbie Morris (GH Fan Club president), Michele Val Jean (awesome GH writer), Bradford (the man himself), Kirsten Storms, Brandon Barash, Haley (Molly), and Kristen Alderson (thats right, Starr from OLTL)....and Sarah Brown is looking for more info. Bradford himself will MATCH all donations. How's that for Fan Movement? Other supporters BAFB (Bradford Anderson Fan Blog) and Spinsvixenella
Please visit the BAFB for more info on how YOU can help!
AMC: I had a terrible thought: What if they are just going to have the cast dance UNTIL THEY ALL MOVE the sets to the WEST COAST in November? LOL!! Just have them dance, dance. Heh

OLTL today: Boring. The cheeseburgers BO and Rex were eating looked good!

GH: OMG, Anthony Z called Sonny "Mr. Dimples"!! I am also really liking how they are playing the DOMte character. PLEASE keep going like this. It's going to be really interesting when all hell/truth breaks loose!
ROBIN and JASON: I am so glad they've kept this history/friendship alive.
Nikolas is on the PARAPET! ALERT! LOL..Cassadine Brooding place.

PS. Oprah today! MAD MEN! Mad Men was the BEST last night. Sally and the Barbie. The Lawnmower--Joan leaving? (Say it ain't so!!) I just love that dang show. It's on AMC Sunday Night at 10pm.

General Hospital Casting: Amanda Brooks

Word is that Amanda Brooks will be playing Mischa...a mysterious woman with ties to Ethan and the Cassadines. Here's a list of her roles:

Hellhounds (2009) (TV) .... Demetria
Stiletto (2009) .... Penny
Middletown (2009) .... Sadie
My Best Friend's Girl (2008) .... Carly
River's End (2007) .... Regina Kennedy
D-War (2007) .... Sarah Daniels
... aka Dragon Wars (UK: DVD title)
... aka Dragon Wars: D-War (USA: new title)
... aka War of the Dragons (Malaysia: English title)
Cut Off (2006) .... Patricia Burton
Flightplan (2005) .... Irene
Yorick (2002) .... Pagan Initiate #2

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Show, A Voice From the Wubqueen

Christina Applegate looked faboosh!! She's one of my best dressed! Loved Neil Patrick Harris. Just the right amount of charm and snark to host. Glad Jon Cryer won, sorry, I'm a Duckie Fan from way back!

The best moment was NOT that gawdawful dance routine (synthesizer? REALLY?!) but Sarah Silverman's mustache!

Diablo Cody was mentioned by Toni Collette and I have to say she's a muse of mine. LOVE that girl. Want to be her. *sigh*

Pop Eater tweeted this to me when I asked about the "Dr. Vegas Clip"
WubsNet only the IMDB page Wubs ... couldn't find a clip worthy of tweetin'!'s nice to get a message from a big ol' entertainment blog.

JESSICA LANGE looks so stunning! I'm so happy she thanked Drew too--they should have both won. If you haven't seen "Grey Gardens" (HBO) rent it! "Grey Gardens" was recreated on OLTL by Dorian and Blair, btw. There's also the first doc made of the real Big and Little Edie. I just saw it, it was really good as well.
I'm out of words, getting a head cold so I'm packin' it in. I'll write more tomorrow! See ya soon...Here's to The Office winning best comedy show!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tyler Christopher on ESPN Radio Sunday...

Tyler Christopher to appear on ESPN Radio Sunday!

Tyler will appear on the “Picking with the Stars” segment of the nationally syndicated “John Kincade Show” on ESPN Radio this Sunday, September 20th.

The appearance will air at 9:40am ET and can be found on your local ESPN Radio affiliate or Sirius 120 / XM 140. Tyler will be talking his love of sports and representing “The Stars” making his three selections against the spread for Sundays NFL games. He will also talk GH as the host, John Kincade, is a HUGE General Hospital fan! Please tune in and see how much Tyler knows about NFL football!

Friday, September 18, 2009

FF --Bye to Guiding Light...

Goodness, the Ratings did spike during Carney week --by 300,000 viewers! First 2.1 in a LONG LONG time. See what getting the cast together can do? Yes, the outside 'stunt' did help but it's the STORY and everyone being together that did it. (in my humble opinion!!)

Hey! Nancy Lee Grahn was talking about making the neighbors wear ear plugs not too long ago. Now we know why! She and Michelle Stafford of Y&R are donig a song and dance number for breast cancer research at Santa Monica College of Performing Arts on September 26. Read all about it on SOD. One reason we need the Nurses' Ball back!! Can you imagine Brandon Barash belting one out? I mean, I like Karaoke as much as the next person, but why not raise some AIDS awareness in the process?

Today is the last day ever for the Guiding Light. I remember watching the last show of "The Secret Storm" long ago. Strange. I've never actually watched the Guiding Light but like most people, I've seen the outpouring of love that's been going on this week. Sad. Sad that "our" genre seems to be dying. Which Soap will be the Last One Standing? Cause you know it's coming to that. ABC hasn't gotten rid of any (since PC that is). We'll see.
Daytime Confidential has some nice Guiding Light tributes up.

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Also a fab new pic of the Spixie rehearsal! Glamour Girl has a bunch of good ones up.

AMC: DAY two of "Dance Marathon"... goodness. There are so many people/characters I can't stand on this show. Randi, Marissa, Madison , Colby... I have to say this murder is dragging out forever. -EV-ERRRRRRRRRR.. I can only hope whatever Randi drank kills her. Loved Amanda's dress/skirt combo. Very cute. OMG, did you see Randi trying to have a hallucination ?? Oh, painful. I winced. eesh.

OLTL-- I am loving the Blair/Tea feud. The nuVickyDorian! LOVE THEM. "The whole lah, lah... I got a secret..." God, Brody gets IMPAILED and is making out with Jessie the next day?! LOL...his insides must be made o' gold!

I totally missed the Jarrod gets jumped. Who did it? What is going on? Is this the stalker guy? GOOD MAKE UP. looks real. Why do I get the feeling this is a "fight club" type story? Not sure. But I do. I think he beat himself up. Or put on make up or something, that's why he wants no nurse. Someone tweeted that he WAS jumped. But hey, Brad Pitt played a guy on Fight Club..just sayin.

Goodness. Fish's parents..good phobia dialog. Cut to: hot gay make out! LMAO.

"I'm trying to smoke the Man-Whore you got in there"--Todd to Blair. Too fun. BLAIR: CONCENTRATE! Don't start making out with Ross! geesh.


JoLivia: I like them. Ronnie Dimestico. What a name, eh? Worst UNDERCOVER Cops ever...eesh.

More Niz sex flashbacks. Nikolas is up in the bat tower or what?

Tons of Foreshadowing today..on all fronts. Mobular, Niz-- Jax--secrets.

HERE'S my ending for Claudia:

Johnny finds out Dominick is really a fed...he goes to take him out because he thinks he's going to arrest Sonny. Olivia looks on in terror--Claudia sees it all and steps infront of the bullet. As she's dying she says to Sonny "I may have made a mistake and almost killed one of your sons...but I just saved another"...
:takes a bow: thank you, thank you...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Cassadine and a Bartender Land in PC

Matthew Borlenghi is coming to GH as "Travis"...believed to be the newest Cassadine. The "on hold" story that was given in SID seems to extend to Oct. Borlenghi played Brian on AMC. Geesh. and think about poor Dr. Matt Hunter with STILL no story.

Chikezie of American Idol fame is coming to bartend at Jakes. Who cares that Llandview got the great All American Rejects.? :pouts:

Today's Soaps on a Rope 9/17

Oy. What a night. My dog is digging out his ears and flappin' like a turkey all the time and poor Jack (it was his birthday!!) comes down at 3am with a terrible sore throat and cold!! I have BIG OL' BAGS going..especially since I had meetings all morning.

AMC today was --well, there are just no words. "Drunken Chicken"?? Please. I loved Thorsten K's face while dancing. LOL. It was like GET ME OUT. NOW!

OLTL: Fish's parents. Saying to Leyla "You're black"! Heh. I am going to look forward to the Vicky/Dorian race. Now that David's in on it? Priceless.

Anyway, you saw that SBrown is out....the new SID is saying the Cassadine newbies are coming soon, which totally goes against what they said two weeks ago. I have no clue. I got something in email saying the chick was coming...and the guy is being played by the actor who was Brian on AMC. Confused? You betcha!! As far as I knew, it was on hold. "Helena" gets in touch with Nikolas--but no one has said she's been on set yet. WHO KNOWS!

I have to go to the vet...have to get those dog ears taken care of. I hope they give him a big ol' shot of "STOP FLAPPIN" medicine. !! Let me know what happens on GH, ok? While you're waiting, head on over to the Wubs Net and hit an ad or two for the LA AIDS WALK!

Thursday Soap Opera Blog Coalition

BTW, confirmation came this morning that Sarah Brown is leaving GH...early November. She'll be taping into MidOctober. She tweeted she has a movie in the works so congrats to her!

Daytime Confidential's Jillian Bowe dishes the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. What could be in store for everyone's favorite Forresters and Logans? (Daytime Confidential)

General Hospital's Nikolas and Liz had sex, and then Liz accepted Lucky's marriage proposal. It was enough to make the Serial Drama girls completely speechless, which is why they are turning to you to fill in the blanks and describe what the writers were thinking. (Serial Drama)

There is a god or goddess for just about every human affection and despite the fact that the soaps goddess has never been documented by anyone contributing to Wikepedia, Mary Montanari simply know she exists. (Soap Opera Examiner)

One Life to Live's Nick, Nicholas Rodriguez, went "On The Record" with We Love Soaps in the first of a new video series. (We Love Soaps)

Find out why the Wubqueen is suffering from Post-Traumatic Carnival Syndrome. (Wubs)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Sarah Brown Leaving GH? 9/16-update YES.

Breaking tweet on Twitter...5:20 today:

"All the news that is fit to print. Claudia Zacchara has been a wild ride, every ride stops when the music ends. The Music stops mid Oct."


RT @sarahjoybrown: Its been nice being back at GH, but it's time for the Character to come to an end, at least for me. Much love :)


A Blast From GH's PAST!

Look what I found. This is hilarious. IT's an old intro to the WUBS that I wrote in 1999! Ten Years ago! It's really funny to see what I was complaining about back then. Don't know if I should laugh or cry reading it. Think I should update it
NEW SPOILERS are up! OMG, Liz and Lucky make the love next week. WILL we have a Who's the Daddy? I wasn't sure, but usually sex that close means only one thing!! Can anyone else think they'd go there AGAIN with poor Lucky????? I hope not!

AMC TODAY: Dance Marathon...reminds me of the Gilmore Girls. Boy, do I miss that show!! At least it's something different. Loved Ryan and Annie's "bitchy" exchange. "What, you comparing me to Erica"?? AND Adam and Erica sniping about age. LOL

OLTL: Loved Dorian's outfit today. I'm very disappointed they are not continuing with the David Vickers Reality Show. I loved it, and it would have been such a hoot to continue! Wow..the Llandview PD gets KUDOS? The Cops are THE GOOD GUYS? We can tell this isn't GH by a long shot!! Very nice moment for the men in blue. They also totally stole my Diane/Alexis run for mayor storyline from last year! RON! I want my money!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Niz are both having flashbacks o' sex. Rebecily has on a nice batwing shirt. LOL on the JaSam coming downstairs in a leg lock and everyone seeing them. Molly is such a scene stealer.

Molly: "I think it's really romantic...Jason and Sam were once torn apart by cruel circumstances now they are together"

So, Michael might go to the same prep school at Kristina? Considering he's been in a coma a year, I hope they have some nice tutors for him. NYS doesn't take kindly to missing your Regents tests!

Edward! Ethan has something to do! Do you think they buy his accessories at Hot Topic?

Carly's gown today! LOL...the stylists need to come to WNY and shop at the BonTon or Kaufmann's. We don't wear Malibu Barbie stuff.

Gotta fly. Kiddos bday today. I'm feeling very sick..we are going out to dinner. I really hope I can make it. Wouldn't that be horrible if I didn't!!? I have to take some alka I think!

The National Enquirer says Helena contacts Nikolas the 28th. Can we dare hope that's IN THE FLESH?

I've come to the conclusion they have no clue what to do with Liz. They just throw her at guys (usually when she's thisclose to Lucky) and hope it works. Cameron, Jason, Lucky--now Nikolas. Whatever. Why didn't they try her with Matt? I mean, when she and Lucky were broken up? Remember when they had her around Patrick 24-7?? This week, having her say that she loved Lucky, was "over Jason" and "Wanted Nik" was just yucky.

on a side note: I hate vacuums. I have had so many over the years. I don't like bagless kinds (ewwwwwww, gross) and my latest broke. I am still hauling out my MOTHER'S from 1962. A great Electrolux that has the suction it was born with. It's heavy and a pain but it still works like it came off the production line!! LOL. Finding bags is a trick but I'm up to it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waiting on the Wings...

So, who's going to LA and who's staying? Who will commute to La-La Land? ABC had announced that a press release would be forth coming this week about the actors' decisions on staying with the show. So far today, nothing is up. I did however, find this nugget in the NY Times RealEstate section: Cameron Mathison puts up Harlem Home.
“It is a tricky situation,” he said. “We envisioned being in this place forever, but in order to keep my job on ‘All My Children,’ we have to pack it up and move across the country.”
In other news, Wubber Anthony has a friend that works for David Canary and they report he's moving from his Staten Island Home as well. We'll find out more and more.
There has been gossip that Thorsten Kaye is not going...his wife, Susan just rejoined OLTL --a show on which he also used to have a part. Hmmmmmmm.
I bet we wait a bit longer to find out what's going on...I'll keep you posted!

Monday, September 14, 2009

So Long, Mr.Swayze...

North and South

Patrick Swayze has lost the good fight and died of cancer. Read it on ET. I loved him in all his movies...The Outsiders was wonderful. Of course, Dirty Dancing and Ghost are faves too. He was also great in North and South. He will be missed. What a talent. GH connections? Demi Moore (Jackie) in Ghost and Genie Francis in North and South. It's been a heck of a year for Hollywood.

Post-Traumatic Carnival Syndrome.

So..we've come off a pretty fun week of GH--well, semi-fun if you don't count the bullets, car crashes, bodies trapped, et all...HOWEVER we did get a ton of cast together and outside shots with real extras! No gelato cart subbing in for a popcorn maker either!

Now, the aftermath. When we left last Friday, Johnny still wasn't at GH yet. Kristina, who blacked out and was trapped under a ride didn't even have to stay the night for observation. Poor Eddie Q found out he was drugged by dead Andrea. Liz was proposed to by one brother and made out with another. I thought I saw a glimmer of hope for Claudia with her losing Kristina and helping Molly. I really want that character to work.

DOMte won't need his transplant, ergo that secret will stay a secret until AT LEAST Nov sweeps if not longer. Looking at the spoilers for the next couple of weeks, I'd say we are in for a bit of a lull. The Crimson Fashion Show is supposedly happening, and that might be good...but I haven't heard a date for it yet. Seems to me we were to have one eons ago--and all we got was a crappy little " launch " party. I guess I'm hoping we don't have to wait as long as we did for more outside stuff and also that the writers see how much we all loved the cast integration. It's sad when the fans are giddy with excitement seeing characters together on the canvas for even a moment.

I'm really afraid that the DOMte reveal will be so dragged out I'll really start to lose interest. Loving the actor that plays him, but the thought of seeing him going around "Ma, you gotta give me some lasgna" for another few months is too much to take. Ditto Lisa LoCicero who has to put on that worried look whenever Sonny walks in on she and he--or she and Johnny.

Next up is Ethan...seems like he's kinda shoved aside, doesn't it? He's reduced to chasing after Rebecca and I am assuming, keeping the Haunted Star going. With the pushing back of the Cassadine newbies, I wonder what's going on with all that. The whole "who's the daddy" idea is rumored. Will it be A Cassadine or A ..Spencer? I'd love it if she had one of each- heh. Nik=Stefan Ethan=Luke Rebecca=Laura. Even the 'punishment' storyline.

JaSam--they sure are doing a full-court press of the SexUal PoWer aren't they? Goodness. If KeMo twists her hair anymore, it shall come off!

THE SPIXIE Wedding is coming, that's a happy thing--although it doesn't go as planned I do think it ends in a good way. Some tweeters were wondering if Kristina Wagner (Felicia) was coming back for the whole event. Please. :eyeroll: That would be great wouldn't it?

TODAY's SHOW: Ronnie shows up in DOMte's room. I think his days are probably numbered. You can so see him going down in a hail of mobular bullets.

Johnny said he loved Livvy! whoo! Then, passes out before he could speak the Claudia truth. Then, he tells Jason to protect Olivia from Claudia. eek. Loved the SB and BW scene!!

Claudia slaps Spin when he tells her about dear old Daddy's plot and that John may die. Daddy Z goes crazy when he finds out his son was hit instead of DOMte.

Niz is drinking together--hah. Great combo.

PS. Carly's going to dream of her daughter when she's a teen on Oct. 5th!

Friday, September 11, 2009

GH: It's Friday Peeps!

OLTL today was good. Love their titles. "Vlad the Impaler"...LOL. Kids should so look up the meanings to their stuff, it's usually some nugget of info.

GH --Where's JOHNNY Z? Bleeding to death in the warehouse? It's taking long enough. And DOMte wouldn't have those chains on in ICU. NO way.

Jason ran over to Sam's to tell on Liz like a little girl, didn't he? I was laughing. Very weird.

Sonny and DOMte--how many years have I sat through some son/daughter talking to their "real father/mother" without knowing it. I think about a million.

They are doing the Keifer story well. He's really acting like an abuser. Kristina has giant diamonds in those ears!!

Lucky asks Liz to marry him. POOR Lucky. He's the new AJ, I swear.

After the rest of this week, today was pretty much tame. I should have good scoops coming in this weekend so check the WubsNet for updates.


What a day of rememberance. I was on the net all morning that day because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. On MSNBC this morning they are replaying their ACTUAL BROADCAST they were doing on 9.11.01. It's surreal. David Gregory was just talking :( They even thought the PLO did it at one point.

However you were affected, and we all were...take a minute to remember the people and all the rescue workers. In DC and PA as well. Things are still not the same in NYC as we know. I so hope they finish the memorial within my lifetime.

In memory of Jerry Mario, firefighter

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just another Thursday...

Well, I totally fell today playing with my dog--he knocked my feet out from under me and now I am so sore. Went down our hill. I think the garbage men were pointing and laughing. wahh.

AMC: Someone, tell did Kendyl get out of jail and why is no one looking for her?? And then, I fell asleep. heh.

OLTL: Tea looked frumpy-wumpy in her robe. (her engagement ring is HUGE!!) Blair had on a clown shirt. Stacey pee-pee'd on the stick. LOL... Todd's back to his old self. When he thought he did it, he was all sorry. The ending was wow! Good one. I'm sure the baby is ok, but it made it sound like it was shot.

GH: What was that Fellini/MTV/Lonely Piano montage at the beginning? I expected to see women dancing with chains and balloons. LOL.
CAN THEY THROW enough hints around about DOMMte?? what do you think..hmmmmm.

Oh, Claudia's shoes. Michael remembers Claudia talking at his bedside

GIVE DOMte some MORPHINE! You're a hospital! Geesh, did you want to cut those pom-poms off Olivia's shirt? And there's PATRICK! snoopin' around. I like DesiLu--the first one I've liked her with!

FEELING FETA-LICIOUS!!! I can't wait for bad ass Nikolas Cassadine Dark Prince to come out and unleash the BATS! whoo! I am liking Ethan/Rebecily better than her with anyone else.

THIS ADA chick "Louise" is getting a hell of a lot of airtime without being "announced". UH OH....Diane is going to be PISSED! :)

Michael finds Krissy when rescue workers can't--he HAS THE SECOND SIGHT! Wouldn't Claudia have stayed there screaming to turn over every cart???? uh, writers..hellooo. THANK YOU for making Claudia NICE TODAY!! Michael is going to think that Claud left Krissy there. I get it. Claudia really was concerned, I think she realized she didn't want her hurt--and now Michael is going to think she did. I hope Sarah Brown convinced them to let her play Claud differently.

If you were wondering where Cameron was--he went home early with the 'GOODSONS'--that's it! WOW..good save. LOL.

Like the Jason realization that Edward needs him!! wow. Nice. BUT,er..Michael is his great-grandson too ya know. Natalia is really slipping into the OLD EMILY--her speech was so Em and not Rebecily.

JASON sees NIZ kissing!! LOL.

U Stream From NYC

Ashton Kutcher is broadcasting live from NYC USTREAM--all about volunteering in your community there. Others around: Cameron Matheson (AMC/Ryan), Randy Jackson, Tyler Perry.
It's amazing you can watch and participate live--if you are on Twitter, log in to chat with other viewers. This is the same platform Kirstey Alley used to raise money for water in Africa.

Soon, this will be the WAY we GET ALL OUR NEWS!

My volunteering organization of choice? As most of you know, I mentored someone for 11 years. Very rewarding experience. Just helping one can do so much!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Please read Bradford Anderson Fan Blog regarding a member of the Spinxie fanbase. We are trying to show support by putting a twitribbon on our tweet icons.

Thoughts go out to Spikey today --hope her operation is a success.
From the NAME BOX: Congrats to Nicole, Joel and Harlow on their new addition, son Sparrow James Midnight Madden! Guess they are Pirate fans? This would be a great day for your birthday!
For those of you wondering, Sonny's not finding out about DOMte soon. He won't need the transplant and Olivia won't spill. Come on, you knew it would be during sweeps.

OLTL: They used good blood for Sean, eh? There's never enough on GH. Not realistic anyhoo. They also do bruises well. Todd looked nasty.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Geesh, Eddie Q crashing into everyone at the carnival wasn't enough, we had to have sub machine guns going too. LOL.
Edward looked so real sitting there. I laughed a bit at the guy that got shocked on the ride. Whoops. It was random and funny, imo.

Claudia comforting Molly while Kristina is being rescued. Nice. Epiphany is on!

WHOLE montage of Jason blinking. LOL..."Song..." Jason blinks..."Song.." Jason blinks twice. Sorry it just struck me pretty funny. I know SBu is emoting but Jason blinks so much, it was just reminding me of that.

SO, Liz is going to call GRAN. Uh..okay. Why the pretense? I guess they keep Audrey's memory alive so she can babysit.

I have to go early today!! Spoilers should be walkin' on in soon. Happy 9/9/09!

Hey, more to come on AIDS WALK LA! Take a lookie at the WubsNet page for details. Support team Scrubs Wubs!

FUN TWEET from Derk Cheetwood (Max): Today is wifey day,I can't even begin to tell you the list of activities she has planned for us, something about spray tan.then I went blank

Tristan Rogers Announces New Project !

And it sounds FABU! Seems he's developing a new web soap called "Reality Bites" . With the soaps on air losing viewers, the future just may be in cyberspace. I can't wait to see what comes from this! Kate Lang is the writer and I have to tell you, after a sneak peak we are in for a treat...

GH casting: A few extas on: The minister will be played by Anthony Michael Jones 9/24
Jeff Lewis plays a dentist who sees Olivia --I have to find out if it's THE Jeff Lewis from BRAVO TV? think?

Guza is calling Nikolas "Heathcliffian" from Wuthering Heights. Who's Cathy? Liz? hmmm.

RUMOR: another WTD story with Rebecca, Nik and Ethan. Please let it not be true. They HAVE to come up with something different than this. Right?

See you after 4ish. Today's the DRAMAZ day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Easy Commenting/SKYPE today!


I've turned OFF the crypic word you have to put in for posting, that should help many of you. I like it when you register so I know who's posting but you dont' have to now. If I get a ton of spam, I may have to re-do it. We'll see. STAY WAY MEAN SPAMMERS! LOL

General Hosptial today: CARNIVAL SKYPE at 3pm... the room is : EMMYSHOW and look for kdmask if you aren't already on the list. Ask for approval (we just have to be friends) to get in! I really love Skyping with you all . We are JUST IM' phone.

Did you see the new spoilers? Eddie Q lives--at least to be in the hospital for awhile. When you visit the page, please visit the sponsors to help the Scrubs Wubs LA Aids walk!

WubsNet is 52 people away from 5,000 followers! It's amazing!

Tweets lately from the stars: Steve Burton is obsessed with Cracker Barrel. Some of his fans sent him a gift card!! Nancy Lee Grahn was singing for some reason last night. Heh. If you're not on twitter yet, get in there!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day of WUB

Lori had a marvy idea for my blog today! Why not dish about daytime's LABOR PAINS over the years!!? I'd love for you to recount some baby-birthing.

The one I remember most is Felicia giving birth to Mariah Maximilliana. (it's a wonder Maxie doesn't throw that name around sometimes!!) It was Halloween and she was dressed as a clown. Frisco almost knocked her out when he thought she was a burgler...LOL. She did make it to the hospital on time and gave birth to Maxie.

Another one was Lucy giving birth in a cabin to Serena and Scott helping. There have been a lot of cabin births on soaps over the years, hasn't there?!
Erica Kane gave birth to Bianca on AMC while suffering from Toxiemia -it was drama at the hilt.
I have to admit though, most of the really juicy "Births" happen off camera when we suddenly find out a character had a baby years ago and they suddenly walk on screen. ie: Nikolas Cassadine-- ie: Kendall Hart (although they did have Susan Lucci try to look 14 during that whole flashback LOL).
Give some of YOUR fave labor stories! I think there were a mess of kids born in snowstorms ;)
Happy LABOR day to you. You don't want to hear MY Labor story--all 27 hours of it :taping foot: I do only have one child after all. heh.
BTW, NO GH today. So, the carnival starts up again tomorrow.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MSN behind the scenes Carnival videos...

Check out this on MSN, a little article or "Ad" depending on how you look at it!


What did you think of the Carnival Friday? I think you all know I was giddy. :) Throw me a bone, I'll be happy for a month or so!

Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson and Carolyn Hennesy are going to BEAN TOWN Sept. 12th! I should have kept an eye out for this. I have plans now or I'd drag Gedstern there with me. Here's the BOSTON EVENT info.

I hope you have a great Labor Day. I should be doing a fun Labor Day blog Monday...look for it...

One more thing, Brandon Barash will be on the MDA telethon this weekend. Watch for him.

Friday, September 4, 2009

GH on 9/4: Movin' the Blog

I'm testing this Blog out. I can put ads on here (which I know are a pain but I need them !!). Many of you have Blogger accounts as well. Let's see how it goes, shall we?

Kirsten Storms twitpicked this After Emmy Party! Check out her Official Site: Glamour Girl. BTW, her twitter name IS @teenystweeting –verified by her, Sarah Brown and WUBS!
There are some new spoilers up. Guza said in SID that Scotty/Serena return is a “good idea” but sounds less than likely. DOMte may need a transplant but I think Olivia’s secret is safe for now. They’ll have that reveal during a sweeps time!!

Please also check out the AIDS WALK LA information and support Team Scrubs Wubs! Do you live near LA and want to join up? You can walk with the Scrubs Wubs –they’ll meet up with Team Scrubs and Kim McCoullough and Jason Thompson! I so wish I lived there, I’d go in a second. Please hit a sponsor to help raise money for these great teams!

AMC Today:Good Lord, was that a wedding dress Annie had on? EEK! Keep those sunglasses on, Adam! Other than that..zzzzzzz AMC Insider tweeted (@amcinsider) that Thorsten Kaye is OUT of AMC. Which, stands to reason since his wife is now working in NYC on OLTL. I hope they kill him off in a really gruesome way on AMC and then he goes back to OLTL!!

OLTL: Infamous scene that “Carlotta” quit over! The whole “Christian may be gay” stuff… It’s actually nice and light hearted. The first actress said “Carlotta” would never say that because she’s so Catholic. Whatever. See ya! They did a great scene with John shooting the police-guy and us thinking it was Cole! (well, those of us SPOILER free, that is). TEA in the courtroom=bull dog!

Loved the Starr/Sean thing, they were so cute. I don’t watch Rachael to like that Doctor schmoozie guy. And–come on. Not another Starr kidnapping! LOL

GENERAL HOSPITAL: This is on Daytime Confidential, read the whole article, its’ great.
The soap (GH) , which took home the Outstanding Writing award at the Daytime Emmys this past weekend, has lost a staggering 362,000 viewers year-to-date, much more than any other soap opera. GH is also down a critical three-tenths of a ratings point in households.

TODAY’S SHOW: Poor Andrea. She’ll run out of the drug before she can get it into Edward! LMAO. Max and Diane are so fun, I so wish they’d show them more. Derk Cheetwood auditioned for LOST!Carolyn Hennesy is going to be on COUGAR TOWN! They’d better keep those two on the show!!
Fake Set for Scrubs on the drunk tank. Must have filmed that before the real thing. Loved them trying to dunk Patrick though. MOLLY dunks: Patrick, DOMte, Johnny–LOL. All wet tshirt men today! oooo lah lah.
Claudia wore such dark black. She has to use Tide Total! Spinelli witht he balloon! LOL. Even Maurice had to smile at him!
How nice to have our cast outside, doing different things. I love it! MAC DADDY! Everyone is there! They popped to pay for everyone. Even EXTRAS who TALK! Patrick in a Wet Tshirt! AnthonyZ talking about “Wack A Mole’!! LOL

YOU MUST watch GH today…if you missed it, catch it on Soap Net. Really fun. If they did more cast integration, we’d be all set. KeMo did such a fun Valley Girl! JaSam was even entertaining and they weren’t part of the fair yet.

Like the Cirillo brothers story! The gypsy story is such a set up but you have to say it was fun. “Chief of Police”. The gypsy would have been great if it had been Connie in a mylar mask.
Rebecily in her Donna Reed Dress. And isn’t the carny stick perfect for Ethan?!
WE HAVE to let GH know how much we LOVED the cast integration at this point!! OF course, it had to be semi-ruined with idiot GUN MEN at the end. Maybe Anthony Z is talking to Alkazar? What do you think?

CHRISSY FIT: (mercedes) twittered she’s going to be an Aunt soon to a baby boy! Congrats!
BRANDON BARASH ALERT: He’ ll be on THE MDA telethon 9/6 into 9/7. I don’t think he’s singing until around 1am.

GH is a rerun Monday….maybe we’ll SKYPE during GH on Tuesday??! Could be fun.

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