Monday, September 14, 2009

Post-Traumatic Carnival Syndrome.

So..we've come off a pretty fun week of GH--well, semi-fun if you don't count the bullets, car crashes, bodies trapped, et all...HOWEVER we did get a ton of cast together and outside shots with real extras! No gelato cart subbing in for a popcorn maker either!

Now, the aftermath. When we left last Friday, Johnny still wasn't at GH yet. Kristina, who blacked out and was trapped under a ride didn't even have to stay the night for observation. Poor Eddie Q found out he was drugged by dead Andrea. Liz was proposed to by one brother and made out with another. I thought I saw a glimmer of hope for Claudia with her losing Kristina and helping Molly. I really want that character to work.

DOMte won't need his transplant, ergo that secret will stay a secret until AT LEAST Nov sweeps if not longer. Looking at the spoilers for the next couple of weeks, I'd say we are in for a bit of a lull. The Crimson Fashion Show is supposedly happening, and that might be good...but I haven't heard a date for it yet. Seems to me we were to have one eons ago--and all we got was a crappy little " launch " party. I guess I'm hoping we don't have to wait as long as we did for more outside stuff and also that the writers see how much we all loved the cast integration. It's sad when the fans are giddy with excitement seeing characters together on the canvas for even a moment.

I'm really afraid that the DOMte reveal will be so dragged out I'll really start to lose interest. Loving the actor that plays him, but the thought of seeing him going around "Ma, you gotta give me some lasgna" for another few months is too much to take. Ditto Lisa LoCicero who has to put on that worried look whenever Sonny walks in on she and he--or she and Johnny.

Next up is Ethan...seems like he's kinda shoved aside, doesn't it? He's reduced to chasing after Rebecca and I am assuming, keeping the Haunted Star going. With the pushing back of the Cassadine newbies, I wonder what's going on with all that. The whole "who's the daddy" idea is rumored. Will it be A Cassadine or A ..Spencer? I'd love it if she had one of each- heh. Nik=Stefan Ethan=Luke Rebecca=Laura. Even the 'punishment' storyline.

JaSam--they sure are doing a full-court press of the SexUal PoWer aren't they? Goodness. If KeMo twists her hair anymore, it shall come off!

THE SPIXIE Wedding is coming, that's a happy thing--although it doesn't go as planned I do think it ends in a good way. Some tweeters were wondering if Kristina Wagner (Felicia) was coming back for the whole event. Please. :eyeroll: That would be great wouldn't it?

TODAY's SHOW: Ronnie shows up in DOMte's room. I think his days are probably numbered. You can so see him going down in a hail of mobular bullets.

Johnny said he loved Livvy! whoo! Then, passes out before he could speak the Claudia truth. Then, he tells Jason to protect Olivia from Claudia. eek. Loved the SB and BW scene!!

Claudia slaps Spin when he tells her about dear old Daddy's plot and that John may die. Daddy Z goes crazy when he finds out his son was hit instead of DOMte.

Niz is drinking together--hah. Great combo.

PS. Carly's going to dream of her daughter when she's a teen on Oct. 5th!


  1. you are...... awsome... anthony from twitter

  2. Did you mean to put in the spoilers that Emily gets close to Edward or did you mean to type Rebecca? Didn't know if we shouold read into that one or not.

    Hating Jasam, I find Kelly M slutty.

    Not digging the Niz always drinking either. Can't they just "BE"? I would think this may send Lucky back to the bottle, which may be a good storyline. Maybe Sam can help him and they will find their way back to each other. I loved them together.

    Also wish they would have a new opening already. So dumb.

  3. Why is every set so dark again???
    The eye strain puts me to sleep.

  4. Hey Karen....can you tell me who Kristina Wagner is?

  5. love dom and Anthony was a blast to watch.missed my OLTL anyone watch it?Is it worth watching?

  6. Kristina Wagner played FELICIA, Maxie's MOM! :)

  7. Hey MamaSpat, sorry to hear about your surgery, hope it went well. Most definitely watch OLTL, it is all good. If you want to watch GH, alot of the posters like the current storylines. I have tried, but I hate the Lizzy the Tizzy hour.

    P.S. I have tried to log on this blog to post a comment FIVE times, with no success.

  8. Dang, I hate this, this blog site sent me a message like five times that it could not process my request, and now it did. What's up with this stuff???

  9. Of course they show us Johnny but don't show how they got there with Spin. Same as when Kristina was found in the rubble, no scene of pulling her out then either. Dumb

  10. i have to admit when i first read whos the daddy spencer/cassadine i thought of liz. then i read rebecca, then i thought would they go there and have a double spencer/cassadine whos the daddy with a baby switch lol. i know im reaching. on a different note, sjb rockeed her scenes today in my opinion. it almost gave me the chills.

  11. You know what I found most peculiar about the carnival incident is that neither Sonny nor Jason seem to know that Max got hurt as well...You would think that someone might tell them and that maybe they would at least stop by and check on him. (Now, I say that having not seen today's episode yet...)

  12. I second Anthony's comment... Karen you are super awesome ;)

    Hi Mamaspat - definitely tune in for OLTL, excellent episode!! Besides it will keep you entertained while you're recovering :D

    Didn't Niz swear at least TWICE that they would never drink together again?? Oye and Nik already had a head start too (rolling eyes)

    Loved Jason and Spinelli together today! Jason telling Spin no more mobular stuff for him, that Spin is like his brother. Yippee!!! Jason is finally going into family mode. I also loved Spinelli and Johnny together. I like their loyalty with their non-mobular friendship and the fact that they are friends even with the whole Lulu/Maxie stuff.

    I'm going to take some money out of the Maxie Big Mac Fund and buy some more light bulbs for the sets immediately :D

  13. A double spencer/cassidine who's the daddy plot??? OH Melissa! Both Liz and Rebecca pregnant...think of the possibilities!!! Has this ever been done on a soap before? New? novel? definitely... Guza??? oh dear. OLTL just shines, don't miss it.

  14. I don't want Liz to be pregnant. I think that is a stupid idea. If she is, 20 bucks says the baby dies of something.
    Why does Guza hate Lucky??
    I was one that didn't want Liz and Lucky to get back together, but now I think he needs something. If they are going to diss him again, please give him some kind of storyline to help him out.

  15. YES YES YES Please give poor Lucky something to work with. That guy is sooo good looking, and by the way can act once you get past the whining script he's been reading the past 2+ years. Loved him with Sam..

    I also like the Spin & Johnny and Jason & Johnny friendships.Sick of Domte & Olivia. FF through all of it until the secret is out. STill love domte, just can't sit through the same conversations. I was warming to Niz but they of course are going to ruin it by having them jump into bed and have Lucky propose. Make it a true triangle where both men are fighting for her and are aware of the others involved like they used to be in the old days.

  16. Doesn't ANYONE do the dirty deed in bed anymore? Carly & sonny in the limo. Jason & Liz on the couch. Olivia and Johnny on the couch or the floor. Carly and Jax on the floor. Now Niz too? geesh. a bed is really more comfortable Guza!

  17. I haven't watched Tuesday's epi yet but will soon. Yeah, why don't they have them (couples that is ) have sex in bed anymore. It does seem all those places would get very uncomfortable really. I don't mind Nik & Liz ....Its much better than Liz & Lucky....boring as heck. I hope Liz is pregnant & with Niks kid.(Of course thats if she doesn't lose the baby too/Guza doesn't really like kids I don't think)... It seems everytime she sleeps with someone else she gets pregnant. Not Lucky though. Plus this asking her to merry him--meaning Lucky....its like we haven't really 'seen' much of them really as a couple. Or should I say Guza hasn't really let us see them together as a couple. So I'm just not buying them together really. I think he was better with Sam too. Of course the whole Sam & Jason is boring as well....been there done that too. Sorry all Jasam lovers. Of course I liked Jason & Liz but Guza just couldn't take us fully down that road....Yeah I agree with what someone posted ...why didn't Jason & Sonny know about Max & neither does Diane either...whats up with that?? I don't get it at all.....makes no sense to me...but heck Guza makes no sense anyway....IMO.....

  18. I was diggin Jolivia today! So sweet

  19. Liz and Nik = smoking hot! they are good together so I know GH will ruin them.


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