Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday: AMC, OLTL and GH Support Spinj!

TODAY IS BRADFORD ANDERSON'S BIRTHDAY! (he's the big 30!!) What better way to honor our Spinelli than with a little charity action?? That's him up there with a cage donation in Spikey's(Spinj)honor! He recieved it when he was in NH recently.

There's a fun little thing going on over at Twitter! GH fan "Spikey" who is Spinj on Twitter, is fighting a battle with cancer. The idea was born to give support for her by putting up twitribbons on our icons. That blossomed into donations for Bradford Anderson's charity, The Manchester Animal Shelter in NH (BA's home state)which was started by Karla G and her hubby. (they are also TEAM SCRUBSWUBS for the LA Aids Walk). This went from .25 a ribbon donation to more and more if GH ACTORS would put them on their photos! It went from there to OLTL actors (Kirsten Alderson joined today!)
344 are people showing their love and support for Spikey. Among these supporters is Debbie Morris (GH Fan Club president), Michele Val Jean (awesome GH writer), Bradford (the man himself), Kirsten Storms, Brandon Barash, Haley (Molly), and Kristen Alderson (thats right, Starr from OLTL)....and Sarah Brown is looking for more info. Bradford himself will MATCH all donations. How's that for Fan Movement? Other supporters BAFB (Bradford Anderson Fan Blog) and Spinsvixenella
Please visit the BAFB for more info on how YOU can help!
AMC: I had a terrible thought: What if they are just going to have the cast dance UNTIL THEY ALL MOVE the sets to the WEST COAST in November? LOL!! Just have them dance, dance. Heh

OLTL today: Boring. The cheeseburgers BO and Rex were eating looked good!

GH: OMG, Anthony Z called Sonny "Mr. Dimples"!! I am also really liking how they are playing the DOMte character. PLEASE keep going like this. It's going to be really interesting when all hell/truth breaks loose!
ROBIN and JASON: I am so glad they've kept this history/friendship alive.
Nikolas is on the PARAPET! ALERT! LOL..Cassadine Brooding place.

PS. Oprah today! MAD MEN! Mad Men was the BEST last night. Sally and the Barbie. The Lawnmower--Joan leaving? (Say it ain't so!!) I just love that dang show. It's on AMC Sunday Night at 10pm.


  1. I felt so sorry for Christine Chenawroth last nite her show Pushies up Daises was cancelled but she got a emmy you know she would rather have a job.
    Love Spinelli and his causes.
    Watched GH cannot wait till Sonny tells Dom to take out Johnny....only way to leave a comment is annonmous boohoo its mamaspat sticking out my tounge :))

  2. OK, I have a question regarding the shelter Bradford Anderson is sponsoring - Is this a 'no kill' shelter. The website doesn't say, as far as I could tell.

  3. i for one could not believe the lack of enthusiasm the AMC cast had for doing The Twist! btw where did they get that song? Chubby Checker is sitting somewhere wondering why they didn't feel like paying him some royalties...maybe that had to pay for the name! i mean "The Drunken Turkey" looked suspiciously like "The Chicken Dance"--really glad my 5 year old cousin did not see that; he would have been so confused!

    I loved the Mr. Dimples about a spit-take.

  4. Try clicking the circle next to "name/url"...that fixed my "anonymous" problem.Once clicked you can enter your name...url is optional. Good luck!

  5. So does Lulu now know Dante is really a cop?

  6. The badge will read Dante Falconeri (although i didn't know badges had names on them)...and she knows him as Dominic i think he's safe for a bit longer...

  7. Oops! didn't follow my own advice about the name/url before i clicked publish...sheesh on me.

  8. YES, Shirleedee, the Manchester NH shelter is a NO KILL!


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