Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 It's a gray gloomy Tuesday here! We will not see the sun much anymore until like...May or June. Sniff. 

Q house: Drew comes in..everyone sees him. Monica gives him a hug. He explains to the the entire family about his abduction. Says it came as a price. He tells her about Jason. Says he wishes he hadn't asked for help. She said neither one of their lives matter more. Hugs him. They have Jason Memory Time. 

Carly sobs on the back patio. Sonny walks out and hugs her. Sonny and she sit and talk about The tunnel. People coming back from the dead or not. It's just exhausting (that's my take). Joss comes in. Tells her Jason is dead. Joss can't believe it. They cry. Sonny goes up to see Donna and Carly's gone when he gets back. Cyrus calls him. 

Carly is on the St. Jaysus bridge. LMAO. Where are all the other women? 

Sam throws barware in the PH. Dante helps clean it up. Sam cries about "Cosmic Joke"--now she has to tell Danny (again) that Jason is dead. 

Dr. O is having a nightmare. Britt goes to see her, then leaves. Cries in the hall. Goes to her office. Austin walks in. They talk about stuff.. he says the Q's stabbed him in the back. She says she lost one person she's finally cared about. Jason's dead. "I always thought I'd die first" she says. She backtracks to saying she didn't mean it. Anyway, Austin offers to get her a turkey burger and watch games at his house. She declines. 

Scotty comes in and kisses Dr. O !! 


Dante and Sam make out and probs will have ZEX

TONS OF Jarly flashbacks...then BRITT is on the bridge too! 

Monday, November 29, 2021

Turkey Lurkey

Drew and Sam hug. Drew says he's in once piece and thanks her for going to look for him. She says Monica is going to be so happy (has no idea Jason is gone). Then Dante brings down Scout and Drew is so happy. Scout doesn't know who he is and turns away. He brought her a unicorn. She loves it. She goes to show the boys. Drew says he has to tell Sam and Dante about Jason. Sam is like: OMG Scout gets her father back and Danny loses his! 

Marshall talks to TJ in the GH chapel ...saying the same thin g over and over and then OOP! He says Curtis is his son! TJ can't believe it but he shakes his hand. Curtis walks in and isn't happy. tells TJ to leave. He and his dad banter and Curtis keeps saying he doesn't want anything to do with him. Marshall leaves and says he hopes they can be family one day. 

Nina and Phyllis see each other at GH. Phyllis is going to volunteer today because it's so hard for her without Lenny. They both end up going to Porita's. Portia tells Finn, Violet, Nina and Phyllis there's a change of venue. TJ and Curtis are also going to Poria's who's having it catered. 

Carly sees Britt and wants to know if she found her mother and she can't wait to hear about their adventure from Jason. Asks about Peter, yada yada. Then says: Everyone is safe, right? RIGHT??  Britt says she's sorry but Jason saved she and her mother. Carly's like I Don't CARE! WHERE IS JASON?!! Britt tells her he's gone. OMG... such a good scene. Carly says no body means he's still alive. She's going to Greece to dig him out LOL.. Britt says no, he's gone. Carly yells; BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! She yells that she wishes Britt never met Jason. Storms out of GH

Anna goes to see Sonny..she tells him about Jason. She wants to sit down. She tells him the entire story. He's reeling that Jason is dead. Anna and he hug. She leaves...he throws stuff. 

AND...this guy makes an "appearance" -- LOL 

Ned, Brook and Chase. Monica comes into the foyer and is all HI CHASE!! Brook Lynn says 'Um, he's family now". Monica looks fantastic. Then Olivia is there, can't believe what's happening and Chase is Bailey's daddy. THEN VALENTIN walks out!! ahahhaaha!! He's there too! :Clapping: OMG He had the contract Nullified about the ELQ shares since Brook Lie and he's still Prez of ELQ!! Then he tells everyone he ate the turkey and gave the rest to the dog (which Franco gave Jake but it stays at the Qs) !! Olivia screams. Then Val tells Brook she's the runt of the family and can't even sing. Chase punches him!!  Val gets up and leaves ...says Have a Nice dinner! Monica says we are calling Luigis for pizza! 


They surprise Curtis with a thanksgiving at the Club since he wasn't sure if he was going

Carly sobs at the house; sits on the patio and Sonny watches her through the window

Pizza shows up at the Qs...Monica wonders how it got there so fast. DREW brought it!! 

GOOD SHOW~~~!!!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Go Daddy...


It was a 3 day-fest of Daddy on GH!! Daddy switches, New Daddies, Old Daddies.. Advice Daddies... 

So let's go DADDY-O!!! 

You know we all have leftovers so---get out that Cranberry Sauce and sit back. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021



It was a day that had interruptions for GH again. Just a few minutes in the beginning. 



GOD but Rocco and Danny were SORD' A lot..and they both look like Blonde Duggar kids. I mean, I'm shook. They were watching the parade with Sam and Dante from the penthouse balcony. I mean, they couldn't even make Rocco look a BIT Italian? geeeshhhhhh. They talk about going to the Q house. AND how much Monica watches the kids. They sit on the couch while the kids watch movies. Sante end up kissing. 

Curtis is talking to Portia about the photo and his father. Whole narrative. Portia thinks there's more to the story and Curtis should find out. Curtis says no.. he doesn't want to know Stella is still recooping from her stroke. So they won't tell her. 

Marshall goes to GH to see TJ. 

TJ and Finn talk in GH... they will be at dinner together. Then Finn is in his office and Chase visits. Chase tells him he's going to spend Thanksgiving with his "baby mama". Tells Finn about Bailey. Finn is happy. Says Violet will be happy. 

Brook tells Ned that Chase is Bailey's real father. He's not happy. Thinks she did it because he was hard on her about the stocks. 

Olivia apologizes to Austin. She says without him telling Ned about the symptoms he wouldn't have researched and known where to find him. Yada yada. She invites him to the Q's for dinner. He says no. The Qs were too mean to him basically. LOL 



Tuesday, November 23, 2021



ALERT: STEVE Burton shared on his IG he is out of General Hospital. Here the LINK 


Valentin checks himself out. Nina hugs him. He says he has to go to the Qs, say good bye to Bailey because she's not 

Sasha can't go to the NICU because she's just out of surgery. Dr. Says there's "complications and they have to Prepare" themselves. Gladys listens outside. Elizabeth comes in. The baby was deprived of oxygen and has complications and might have disabilities. They are doing some new treatment on him. Sasha cries. She tells Brando to go visit him instead of her. 

Sonny comes to check on the baby and Brando. Carly wants to know how he found out about it all. Hee hee. Oh Maxie walks by and she gives them the rundown on the baby. 

Chase and Brook regroup to plot out their course of action. Brook thinks maybe they should just tell Valentin the truth. 

Maxie and Anna talk. Anna tells Maxie that Peter is in custody and she's safe. Maxie looks for Brook. Maxie tells them they still need to keep up the ruse. 

NICU: OMG WATCH THE SCENES!! Epiphany and Brando.. so good and so sad! I cried and I rarely cry. OY!! Sad sad. 

Cassadine Island: 

Dr. O, Drew... Britt wonder where Jason is...they are glad Maxie is safe. 

No sign of life in the tunnel...the equipment can't find a heartbeat ...no signs of life. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

No Vax-Jax is Off

 MONDAY! And it's cold here--snow in the air! I think we are due for some inches tonight? Not sure. We know it's coming soon! 

Sasha's baby is taken to the NICU. She's still being operated on. She passes out. Brando has to leave the room. 

Brando sees Maxie and sobs. She hugs him, tells him to hold on to the first time he saw the baby. He says it was wonderful. But he's scared because the baby isn't breathing. Yada yada, Sasha is ok and he goes to see her. The doctor says they can't see the baby. I think it's because he's probably been airlifted out? 
Weird part of the show: No Gladys? Huh? 

Nina and Sonny at Charlie's... Nina tells him that Sasha had an emergency C-Section. He says he's going to the hospital. Nina says ok... gets really upset. Sonny turns to go and sees her shaky, sitting at the table. Hesitates. GOES BACK to sit with her!! OMG!! They talk about Sasha and the lie she told Nina. They talk about people lying. Nina says that when she met Mike, he was the kindest person she had ever known and she couldn't lose that. SUCH GOOD DIALOG you must watch!! 

Jax tells Carly he's leaving town. Blah Blah Blah... whatever. He's out. He says he probably won't be home for Christmas or Thanksgiving. All Carly does is yell at him about Nina. MY GOD SHUT UP!! 

Cassadine Collapse: Peter gets up and picks up a rock to bash in a passed out Drew's head. Drew fights back, Peter runs. Britta is not doing well but yells for Jason. He's in the part of the tunnel that's sealed off. Drew tries to dig him out. Not happening. 

Back in the house, Peter is leaving and Robert stops him at the door with a gun. Anna stops on his hand. Next scene Peter is chained. They ask where everyone is. He says the tunnel collapsed. Robert keeps a gun on him. Anna calls Valentin...tells him what's happening. He almost breaks down but doesn't tell her about Bailey. Anna goes to the tunnels. Gets everyone and Drew wants to stay to dig out Jason but the tunnel starts caving in again. 

They got to the house . everyone is sitting around saying how they want to kill Peter. Search and rescue is coming for Jason. 

Valentin doesn't believe Chase that Bailey is his. Chase acts really mean to Brook and says he has a DNA test to prove it. They argue. Brook sells the fact that yes, Chase is the Dad. Valentin is heartbroken. Chase and Brook Lyn leave. Chase in the hall: I know that Peter is Baileys' father and Maxie is her mother. They talk about the whole ruse and why they did it. 


Jax walks in and sees Nina and Sonny talking. He tells her to be careful

Valentin makes a phone call (revenge on Brook?)

Peter talks the idiot WSB agents into letting him call Maxie. He says he's coming home to her. 

The end is a shot of the tarot card, laying on the ground. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Have It Your Way


One word to describe this week? WHOPPER. Yep....it was a rootin' tootin' whopper of just everything! Babies being born, babies being outted, daddy reveals, guns, goons, girls and some Nixon Falls fallout thrown in. Phew! Kept a blogger busy!! 

You know we must eat a Whopper or a Whopper Jr. in honor of today's show! I chose the above photo because I liked it. That is all. LOL 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Welp, Hang on to Ya Hats....

 Sasha's screaming, Liz seems to think something is wrong. They get the doctor and do an ultrasound. Emergency C-section. She's got a placenta abruption. It happened probably when her water broke. 

OMG BROOK TELLS Valentin the baby isn't his!! They are sobbing!! OMG!! He's so upset that she would do this to him over stock. She says it wasn't she has to explain it all to him. 

Nina is at GH for Sasha..runs into Maxie. Maxie is frantic. Maxie says if Valentin finds out maybe he'll help them! Nina says: unlikely LOL Nina realizes that her making Sonny love her is like Brook making Val love the baby. 

Chase is starting to piece things together while drinking at the bar. Has flashbacks to talks with Brook. He calls the PCPD to get the EZ Pass records from Brook Lyn's car. He finds out it was Beecher's Corners. Bobbie is in Charlie's too and says how nice Beecher's Corners is..she was there Memorial Day. He asks why. She says she sees no reason not to say anything now. But she was going to deliver Maxie's baby so Peter couldn't find her. OH MAN....Chase is going to figure this out!! Bobbie says Maxie wanted to protect her baby from Peter. 

Sonny and Carly. Carly pushes him and pushes him about making Nina pay. He says if the do that it will be "denying who I've become"!!! Carly almost faints!! Sonny does a lovely speech about being Mike and being scared not knowing who he was and the only friends he had were Nina, Lenny and Phyllis. OMG This is so good. He's quiet and just being sincere. Carly's not even ready.  Sonny starts to tell her about Nina and then BOBBIE WALKS IN. He's like OMG! HI! I gotta leave..see ya. LOL . Later she wonders if Jason is the reason Sonny is upset. Carly says no. Bobbie says "oh that's good because 3 in a marriage is not a good thing" Pffffffft. 

Willow and Michael. Willow is BOXING AHHAHSHSA. She tells him about the park and Nina and of course, his rabid mother.  They decide to go to NYC for the Thanksgiving Day parade. 

Cassadine Island: Everyone is in the tunnel. Drew and Jason follow. Dr O Says they are going to collapse at any minute. All of a sudden they are lost and Drew comes out with a gun and holds it at Peter. Jason shoots Peter in the arm when he goes to pull the card out. There's a shoot out. Then the guard gives up. Then PETER IS GONE. of course. Then he's back shooting! The entire tunnel collapses. 


Nina ends up in Charlie's looking for Phyllis...Sonny walks in

Baby is born.. Mondays show has Sasha hemorrhaging

Chase comes into Brook/Val's room and says HE'S BAILEY'S FATHER!! He's going to protect The baby too! OH wow 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hair Today!!

 I'd say GONE TOMORROW but I WILL be back tomorrow! Sorry I'll be off--but I need to get my holiday LOOK going. I'll miss the baby scenes!! I will watch on Hulu as usual though so don't worry. 

I really did like yesterday's show and have been enjoying GH a lot lately. So much movement on canvas and character interactions. Sexis? More please!! And Sonny having a more softer side that's really noticable is perfect, imo. 

Carly will probably eat Nina alive in the park today. Hope there's not too much blood!! See you soon! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021



Unfortunately Bergen passed away... Maurice Benard tweeted about her. She had Wilson's disease. I loved her as Alice. RIP. 

We start with DANTE IN THE SHOWER. Thank you. Olivia tries calling him about Leo being missing. He gets to the gallery in about 2 seconds. That was just a nude scene for us LOL .. Everyone tries to find him.  They look at security footage, he's walking to the harbor. Ned figures out he was looking at the octopus and Fish pictures. Olivia and Ned find him on pier 54..he's laying on the docks. I think he's looking at the fish. He's on his stomach. Doesn't look up when people say his name. He was looking for an octopus like in the pictures. Acting very spectrum. Kid did a good job. Ned says he knew to look by water because he was reading about spectrum kids. First responders are taught to look by water and Dante says it's true. Olivia is sobbing, says "I'm scared Ned". 

Sasha's water breaks. Then contractions. Gladys is being calm and helping Sasha. Pounds and Pounds.. finally Brando gets in. Says the door was wedged shut. Gladys thinks Brook Lynn did it because that was the last face they saw (she was searching for Leo). They make it to GH. 

Sonny and Alexis hug in GH. He tells her he forgives her for stabbing Dante with the needle. Gives her advice, they talk about Kristina. He was totally "mike" in that scene!! They keep talking about him being gone and not being in crime... VERY GOOD SCENES. 

Carly goes to Charlie's to talk to Phyllis about Nixon Falls. Phyllis is going to live in the backroom for now. She wants Simple. Carly asks about Sonny in NF..Phyllis is wary. They have coffee. Talk about running a bar. Phyllis says that it was great when Mike came along. Then apologizes for calling him Mike. Carly says, well, you didn't know, but NINA did. She says she is so angry with Nina, yada yada. Phyllis asks why she wastes so much energy on this anger.  Says that Sonny and Nina are moving along and Carly should too. 

Austin and Maxie talk about Brook Lynn and Gladys. Boy, Austin just isn't doing anything for me. Maxie is all afraid that Austin will find out from Gladys but she sure is showing her hand!! 

Willow and Wiley in the square. He sees Nina and runs "GRANDMA"!! Willow is like: Um... They get hot cocoa. Then Willow tells Nina that she's not to see Wiley, and steer clear. Nina is like Ok, I'm sorry, it was an accident (which it was). Willow trying to act mean was laughable. 


Gladys tells Brook she's done and whatever happens next is on her

Sonny looks sad when Alexis says he must miss Nixon Falls

Carly sees Nina and Wiley in the PARK!! 

The baby is a boy...Brando says he looked at the gender on the phone. (not born yet tho) 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Animal Ark


Art Show: 
Sasha says she knows the sex of the baby. The email told her by mistake. She asks Brando if he wants to know. Of course he's not sure. :EYEROLL: 

Gladys figures out Kip isn't "Paulie" and Brook Lynn is upset. Gladys demands controlling shares of Deception not to tell.  Brook is like I can't do that! 

Cam and Trina innocently hug, Esme is all smirking. Then she says that she had no friends at boarding school because they were "jealous" ... when Esme tells Spencer about it he's like SO WHAT. Trina would never hurt Joss. 

Esme says Trina will have a night she 'never forgets"

Olivia brings Leo to the Photo show. Ned is there too. Olivia is going to meet the photographer. All Leo wants to do is stare at the photos. Olivia thinks Ned is wonderful for doing this for her.

Brook Lynn is supposed to watch Leo but she talks to Kip and Leo goes missing. 

Nik finds out that Victor is free and roaming around PC. Ava's not happy. Nik leaves to run interference with Victor. 

Then, Gladys goes into the backroom to make a phone call just as Trina walks out. Oh then Sasha goes in!! Brook Lynn peeks in to find Leo..leaves. THEN Esme wedges the door shut thinking she's trapping Trina ! OMG Sasha is going to totally go into labor LOL 

Cassadine Island:

Dr. O and Britt hug...they are in a room with Peter and a guard. Another goon goes and gets Drew. Drew makes Jason promise he will kill him if Peter makes him do something bad. Jason agrees. 

Peter gives Britt a piece of paper for Jason to read "verbatim" .. goon takes her out of the room. She and Jason read a paper while a goon tapes them. They say they are being held hostage and don't look for them because Peter will kill them all if they even try to find them. The video is sent to Anna. Anna shows it to Robert and Valentin. Valentin finally says to take Robert with her to the island if he can't go. He knows how to get on undetected. 

Upshot is: Drew is being sent back to PC to bring Maxie to the island and Peter wants Dr. O to "Program her" to love him. CRIPES. 


Gladys and Sasha are trapped in the storage room

Brook tells Ned and Olivia that she lost Leo

Jason somehow has a tarot card

Sasaha's water breaks

Monday, November 15, 2021

Hi Dad.

 MONDAY@!! Oh and we have a little wet snow here in Rochester. BOO..nothing sticking yet though. It's coming. Got the long coat out to walk Tillie!! 

Brook Lynn and Chase outside of Kelly's. He presses about finding Louise. They go in to get warm and eat. She tells him the entire story about her pregnancy. Says she had the baby in a hotel because she wanted Val to see he didn't have all the power. 

Curtis asks the MysteryHatMan who the hell he is. He answers "The person you've been searching for your whole life'. Curtis shows him the sketch, asks what he's doing. Says Linc was in his back pocket and he probably beat up Joey Novak. He is Curtis' dad... Curtis is all torn up.  Marshall Thomas is the guys name. Curtis says there was a grave, yada yada. Then the guy says he gave Curtis a lawn mower for his 3rd birthday. Curtis says that there is nothing he could say to explain how he made them grieve for years and years. REALLY GREAT STUFF. Dad says it hasn't been safe to come forward until now. 

GALLERY: Portia, Cam and Trina..wonder where Curtis is. Esme (looking smashing) walks in with Spencer. Nik is there with Ava. Portia tells Nikolas that she hopes Spencer can teach "his father a thing or two" LOL. Joss is at a volleyball practice btw. 

GH: Valentin is walking outside his room, on the phone with Char and Bailey. Anna comes up and so does Robert. They banter about Victor and if the WSB should offer him a deal. 

Then Valentin goes to a guy's room who was a guard on the island (Why would he be at GH?? who knows). He has a needle full of air and he says unless the guy talks, he will inject him. Anna runs in...(it's obviously her plan) -- he says he turned sides and knows where Peter is. He tells them Cassadine Island. 

Scotty is at the jail, talking to Victor about Liesl. Robert comes in. Scotty is Victor's lawyer..tells Robert he will call a press conference about Peter August, the WSB not dealing with Victor and Victor will also tell all the WSB secrets he can. 

GLadys is getting meds for her migraines that Brook Lynn is giving her and runs into Brando and Sasha. They ask her to go to the Gallery exhibit with them. She's thrilled. While there she sees Kip, the guy that played "Paulie" waitering! LOL! She's like: UM HEY, PAULIE!! 


Gladys finds out that Kip is an actor

Curtis throws his dad out but this dad leaves a family photo behind. 

Victor is let out of jail but won't tell Scotty where Liesl is

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Surgery: DeFlowered


It was a decent week on the show if somewhat choppy. Usually when I start the Sunday Blog I have a clear beginning. Hard to remember all that happened since last Monday!! I'll give it a go though! 

Did you think the title was referring to Cam and Joss? Oh this is Disney, people! That's not happening until we've talked about it to death, did research and made 800% sure "the time is right". Silly rabbits. 

BIG thank you to @Flutterby on twitter without whom I would have no screen cappies! 

Friday, November 12, 2021

Gallery Goodness



FRIDAY is here! Is it a FRIDAY GH...??? Not sure. 

AT THE HOSPITAL: Maxie had to give Bobbie a ride there. She runs into Austin. Then Chase finds them and wants to question them about Louise. Maxie resists. Austin tells him to bug off. Then Austin agrees to talk to him about the night she had Louise. 

Gladys goes to visit Valentin. He butters her up. Invites her in to get info about the Brook Lynn thing. She says she can't tell him anything or someone will get hurt. She leaves. 

At the Savoy: Wow, Portia is there again! They talk about the Linc Brown thing and getting the bands. He thinks the mob wants a foothold in the joint. He will put a STOP TO THAT ASAP! :eyeroll: She leaves. Linc calls and he's going to come in and talk to Curtis. Linc then confirms that Mystery Hat Guy is the one that asked him to go to the Savoy. "I owed a favor" 

Kelly's... Sonny talks to Spencer about working. Yada yada..Sonny's proud. Spencer says a friend. talked to him and made him see he needed to be his own man. Yada yada.. Sonny says he's proud but Spencer needs to make up for all the damage he did. 

Gallery: "The Photo Ark" exhibit is tonight..Ned knows Olivia is still mad. He then goes to the Coffee Corner with Brook. They are talking about the shares. They talk about Olivia...Leo. Brook says that Olivia is probably scared (oh, see below what Robert said!! LOL) 

Gallery... Trina puts out the Photo Ark Book... Esme comes in. Disney Plus plug. Then Esme asks her what she wants from Spencer. Trina's like: NOTHING, he asked for MY advice, I gave it to him, that's it. Esme thinks Trina is trying to 'steal' Spencer. 

At the Qs...Robert is there to visit Livvy.. he says the kiss was NOT meaningless. He then says its' obvious Olivia uses him when she doesn't want to solve problems with Ned. He says he's a fantasy figure to her and larger than life. He also thinks she's not dealing with the Leo situation because she's scared. 


Ned walks in on Olivia and Robert hugging. Robert leaves. Ned gives Olivia the invite to the Gallery show

After talking to Valentin, Chase starts to put the night that Brook Lynn had her baby together with Maxie's night SHE had HER baby. 

Chase tells Brook he knows she's lying about when her baby was born

Esme leaves the gallery and is shown to have been so mad she drew blood in her palm with her nails. 

Hat Guy comes into Curtis' Club and confronts him FINALLY. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

No Sex Today

 IT's Thursday!! November is marching on and on... 

The Savoy.. Chase talks to Brook Lynn. Poor Brook can't even get a fancy blazer to wear LOL He says she should make Maxie talk to him about Louise. 

Carly is there with Millow. They talk about nothing. 

Curtis is happy there's a line around the building to get in. 

Liz and Finn are there. Liz is feeling blue. Portia talks to her. Then she and Finn order champers. 

That music guy IS Brook's old producer, Linc. He says something to her and she tells him to bug off and Chase tells him to get lost. 

They DO Have real music there.. . I liked it. It's alternative/punk type. He's a GH director. 

TEEN SEX: Good God, Cam has a condom and Joss has about 89. They get out some pretzles. Lip gloss. Candles. OMG it's just painful to watch. Anyway ..Liz comes home just in time PHEW. no damn it!! It was just a car turning around. She's still at the Savoy.  Then they talk about if it's the RIGHT TIME.. are you ok? You ok? Is it ok UGHHHHHh

GH: Austin goes in to talk to Valentin ..says "Brook Lyn sure saw you comin"...he tells him to talk to Gladys. Says that Gladys said that Brook was 'playing him' and he should ask her what's going on. 

Gallery: Scotty is drunk and goes to see Ava at the Gallery. He's upset about Liesl. "I failed her". OMG He faked being drunk so she'd tell him all about Nikolas and the Greek compound!! LOL 

Charlie's ...Sonny and Nina talking about her maybe going to prison. Sonny says "You have no idea what my power can do"... being all sexy. Nina gulps. LOL WOW.... nice scene. They talk about what might have been. Lenny not dying..the two of them maybe.. You know. Sonny says the DA might eve drop the charges against Nina. Nina says she should stay away from the bar since he owns it. He's like NO! She says "You have rules". He says to stay away from Carly and Wiley but she can come to the bar. You know he wants to be able to see her. 

Sonny finally shows up at the Savoy, doesn't say why he's late. Carly wants to get to know Charlie's Bar better since he bought it LOL 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Liz ..Surprise

 I see Peter made Drew cut his own arm :eyeroll: Yesterday I mean. 

HERE'S HOPING MY INTERNET HOLDS OUT!! They are doing a lot of work around my neighborhood and things are getting nutty. 

Trina and Joss talk about Joss going all the way with Cam tonight. Trina thought they'd go slower. Um, they go any slower and I'll be in the nursing home before they do it LOL . Joss tells her about Esme joking they needed separate bedrooms and Trina is all "You're having sex for Esme's sake"??  They talk, talk blah blah..Joss leaves for Cam's. 

Alexis runs into Dante at GH when she gets checked out after being in jail. She's at GH to attend a meeting actually, AA. She got her 90 day chip. Dante says it's ok not to feel guilty. 

Maxie and Sam talk at GH too. Sam is waiting for Alexis. Maxie finds out Sam was in Crete. Sam talks about Dante. Maxie might be mad because of Lulu. 

Sonny takes Phyllis to Charlie's. Nina is there and so is Shawn Butler. He's looking mighty FINE!! Sonny asks Phyllis if she like's the bar. She loves it. BUT doesn't really want to manage it. We shall see. OMG! Sonny is a bit jealous of Nina talking to Shawn!! AHAHAHAHA. Shawn and Sonny catch up while Nina tries to talk Phyllis into managing the bar. She finally says yes!! Nina tells Sonny he's as caring as Mike was. 

N'Neka and Curtis talk about the Savoy. The Detroit band that was going to play cancelled.  Portia has a patient that can play that night. Some bass player. Oh then they cancelled. Some shady Mr. Brown is in the club too, I think he's the one cancelling all the acts? He looks like Brooks' old Music producer. Anyway.. the other band cancelled because they 'read reviews on line that mentioned the mob".. Curtis is bummed. The Customer says this could be an opportunity. He manages a guy going to Buffalo but has a night off. Can he play? (It has to be Mystery Hat man, right?) 

Liz's surprise party!! The boys and Violet/Finn are there. Nikolas comes in. He's invited? Um.. ok....Scotty also shows up. Wants Finn to call Anna about Liesl. Finn tells Scott not to ruin the party. Later, Cam talks to Scotty about wanting to have privacy and he wished people would leave. Scotty tells him if he lived at the dorm, he could put a sock on the door LOL AHAHHAA Liz overhears him talking. Then Joss rings the bell. No has has left yet LOL. 


Mystery Hat guy got Music manager guy to get the singer booked at Curtis'?? 

Scotty gives Cam a condom LOL 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021


 Gladys gives Austin a nice bamboo plant for cheering her up at the Savoy when Joey Novak came in. 

Maxie and Brook they hire a guy KIP...to play..Brook's baby Daddy? HUH? 

Cassadine Island... PETRA idiot. Threatening everyone.  They are chopping this up so badly, it's SOooooooooooooooo boring. 

Michael and Willow bring Wiley in to see Carly at The Metro. Wiley is into whales now, btw. 
Carly wants to talk to Michael alone. 

OMG my net for the TV went down!! It's just grinding. I can type on here though. How weird!! Not sure what happened... hope it comes back on...

Monday, November 8, 2021


 Cassadine Island: Peter tries to talk to Britt about being "family". Says she'll have to earn the right to see her mother. She tells him Maxie hates his guts. He says he wants to find his daughter. She said she's kidnapped because of the psycho HE hired. 

Jason and Drew are chained up in the cellar. They talk about what Drew did on the bridge since he doesn't remember. Jason explains everything. Drew said he should have killed him. Jason said he needs to get home to his Daughter, Scout. They need to kill Peter. 

Sonny and Carly talk at the Metro over lunch. Then MS WU COMES IN! He thanks her for saving Jarly and tells her about Joey. Gives her half the Novak territory. She has a favor to ask him. OMG OMEOIJROIEUORIU!! BRAD IS HER NEPHEW!! She wants him OUTTA JAIL!! They talk about him and the baby/Nelle thing. She says he's very sorry and he's going to not make it in jail soon. Sonny says he won't go to the parole board. 

Alexis is packing to leave... Sam and Diane come in to congratulate her. Harmony is sad. Wah. Nikolas shows up and says he got Alexis out. He talks about Nikolas giving up his money. Alexis is happy. 

Harmony offers her phone number to Alexis... :) NICEEEEEEEEE little spark there I think LOL 

Spencer has to tell Esme that he told his father to go take a hike. She wants to go to a cabin with his friends. She takes a phone call. Spencer asks Cameron if he's STILL a virgin. They talk about boarding school vs being in a small town yada yada. Cam says they aren't ready yet. Esme comes out. They talk about the Niagara Falls road trip and Oscar dying, yada yada. He says that he and Trina were close then. Esme is all @@ Spencer finally tells them that he gave up the money. Cam thinks he's dumb to do that. Spencer says Trina talked to him and she made sense. 


Alexis goes free

Peter takes Britt at gunpoint to the cellar

Sonny agrees not to hurt Brad if he gets out of jail

It's Official: Rademacher OUT at GH


Multiple sources have now said that Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jacks) is out at General Hospital following the vaccine mandate that Disney had enacted. NLG first confirmed on twitter and now Deadline  and Soaps In Depth is trying the ? to sidestep it all but he is out.  

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Ties That Bind


I think the dialog department must stay awake at night typing because this show has so many characters with SO many words!! LOL I've peeked at other soaps and GH by far, beats them out in the narrative department. Sometimes that's a good thing-- sometimes not so much. Great movement on canvas this week with good humor so I was a happy camper. 

Grab ya coffee or beverage of choice and let's do this! 

Friday, November 5, 2021

SPRINA Delight


I watched Yesterday's show on HULU. SO much better with no commercial. Like the Photo Ark Project. 

I absolutely love Spencer. He's such a good character played by such a great actor. 

OMG OLIVIA!! ahahahha. WOW. Drunk and funny 

Shawn and Nik in the gallery where they can't be 'heard'... 

Joey Novak was beat up. I'm assuming by the Mystery Hat Guy? Oh he's an OG!! 


End of the funeral today... I wasn't sure if it was going to interrupt GH . 

Esme, Cam and Spencer at Kelly's. Spencer is appalled at how little he makes at Kelly's. He has to borrow a delivery bike to go make some rounds LOL 

Spencer goes to find Ava to tell her he accepts her marriage. Trina is like: Um, you just want your money. OMG Great scene. She reads Spencer for being an entitled rich kid and tells him to get out. WATCH IT. 

Sonny tells Ava to bug off in getting Avery back. Jerk. Ava tries to tell Nikolas that Spencer will come home. 

Alexis and Shawn do exposition about Nikolas/Hayden...blah blah He tries to get her to take the deal. Says he's living at her house and cooks really well! 

Sonny goes to visit Joey Novak. He doesn't know who beat him up. He tells Novak never to threaten his wife.. there's no coming back from that. UGH Whatever. Mob shit. He asks for the whole Novak territory. Hope they don't traffic drugs. Anyway...he has a bunch of HUBRIS says Sonny. Irony or?? 

Weirdest scene ever...Liz is all of a sudden talking to Carly (I think the beginning got cut out). She says SHE'd be totally angry with Nina and can't believe she got out on bail. LMAO. She also says she wouldn't forgive her and hopes Carly gets "justice". Um, ok? 


Nikolas gives Shawn money for a non-profit 
Spencer gives up all of this money and Prince-Ship

The Publishing Question

 whynotNovember 4, 2021 at 5:09 PM

I think they're all idiots too but come on, it's just as irresponsible to name people just based on gossip and then say "I do NOT have confirmation".


I thought I'd address the above comment in a blog because it's been a hot minute since I've even had to describe what my blog is about and what I publish. In the olden days...way way back when we took covered wagons to the internet, I did a lot of Gossip/Scoops posts. I had more insider information from actors themselves because in that Golden Age of blogs, they would spill everything. Now, GH is run pretty tight and believe it or not, I don't seek out spoilers anymore (besides the basics) because I WANT to be surprised. Yes, I do. So, this blog has become about recaps, summaries and news. 

I'm also on Twitter almost daily tweeting the show live. I also read a lot of accounts on twitter and know people who run blog sites and have podcasts. I'm sometimes on a podcast when asked. I DO NOT run with weird gossip that I think isn't true or is personal to actors. This subject however is huge and will have a major impact on the show. It's all over the net that this is happening. Deadline did a story about it. Actors have talked about it openly. Ingo makes SEVERAL controversial posts on IG that I do not comment on here. 

I decided to post about the vaccine mandates and subsequent rumors of actors out because some of my readers do not go on twitter or facebook. I feel like if it's this big, I should let you all know. Since it hasn't been confirmed by ABC/Disney or the actors themselves I did put in a disclaimer because I do not want to appear that I have insider info that no one else is privy. This is A BIG DEAL. It will continue to be a big deal if and until the mandate is lifted. 

Whether or not you agree with the policy is moot to me. I simply stated what is being shared on soap boards. I DO know there will be people leaving the show because of it and they've made that choice. As soon as it's confirmed anywhere, I will put it in the blog. 

PS. I chose to respond to this comment because the word "irresponsible" really pisses me off. I don't owe anyone anything. I feel I run a pretty good ship here and have done for almost 25 years. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Shot in the Arm


So today, I won't be able to do a blog. I did want to keep you abreast of recent rumors about GH and the whole Disney vaccine mandate. 
There are indeed cast and crew members that are out because of non-compliance at this time. RUMOR has it that 2 of the larger ones are Ingo R and Steve Burton. A minor note is that Carolyn Hennessy may be as well. I do not have confirmation of these names. No official word has dropped and other than a few rants on IG, the actors themselves have not said anything in public yet. 

That said, we may see the fallout play onscreen in the next few weeks as things must be changed to accommodate the changing canvas. There may be more people out...and there may be less. I also have no idea what happens if an actor decides to suddenly get the vax after deadline has passed. 

Maybe we will find out today who Mystery Hat Guy is..? Let me know in the comments. Sorry I couldn't recap today but it couldn't be helped. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The Savoy



Brook and Maxie talking about Gladys knowing about the baby not being Valentin's. Chase comes in later says he's been studying the case and wants to talk to Maxie. Brook tells him he's being insensitive. Maxie excuses herself to go to the restroom. 

Mr. Mystery Hat guy is looking at his phone, Going to go to The Savoy tomorrow when they are having a big act tomorrow night. 

Pentonville: Cyrus and Sonny.  They are being all mobby "I wish someone had killed you" said Sonny. Cyrus basically tells him someone is coming into town to fill the shoes of the guys blown up. 

AND....THE SHOES are filled by..JOEY NOVAK. He's back. :eyeroll: Whateverrr

THE Savoy: Carly and Olivia go out for drinks. They want to steal Curtis' bartender lol. They talk about how horrible Nina is.  Then they talk about Nedly. Then Leo. Then Gladys walks up to talk to Carly. Olivia gets up. Joey Novak comes by. "HI Mrs. Morgan".. Carly says "Mrs. Corinthos".. they talk about his uncle being dead. Joey goes towards Carly. Curtis throws him out. 

Gladys is out there with Brook's credit card ordering up the drinks ...talks to Austin. She says he's no fun but she is..and she leaves the bar to get a table. He thinks back to when Maxie and Brook were all frantic about Gladys. He's suspecting something. Then Olivia yells at him about Leo..again. 

GH: Anna visiting Valentin. He's doing well after his operation. Concerned about where Peter is. He doesn't care if Victor is his father but he cares about him being Charlotte's and Bailey's grandfather. 


Portia has Elizabeth draw Mystery Hat Guy... Curtis doesn't recognize him. 

Someone named "KIP" is going to help take down Gladys. As per Brook and Maxie 

Looks like Joey knows Mystery Hat Guy. 

Gladys is getting shit-faced and Austin is going to get info from her! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

" I Smell a Mini-Series"

 I thought it was Wednesday for most of the day so... I'm already behind!! LOL 

Obrect is down, harpoon sticking out of her "You came for me, Britta"!! Britt tries to pull the arrow out. Dr. O passes out. She wakes up and Britt dresses her wound. Dr. O finds out Sonny is alive. 

Jason conks Peter with the gun when Peter tries to run. Peter is like "I must have something you want if you haven't killed me yet'. Jason goes to the boathouse with Peter but by that time Drew is in there holding Britt hostage.  Drew and Jason have a stare-off. Peter says this could be a great mini-series. 

Trina is vibing out to music at the Gallery and someone come up behind her. She grabs her mace but it's only Spencer. He needs a friend to talk to. They talk about Ava...Trina likes her and Spence doesn't. She doesn't trust Spencer. 

Spencer left his FIRST shift at Kelly's and Cam is pissed. Esme bops in and Joss is like what do you want? She can't believe Spence left after his first day. She says it's Ava and Nik's fault for making him wait on them. Oh, Esme wants to go glamping with Cam and Joss. Then she figures out that Joss and Cam are virgins LOL 

Shawn calls out Nikolas about not telling the truth about the Hayden shooting and letting him sit in jail. Yada yada... blah blah..fake.. fake fake.  Nikolas does say that Hayden has known who shot at her.."she's always known" he tells Shawn. He offers Shawn money to forget about it. Shawn's like: nice try but no. 

Alexis and Harmony talk in spa-jail about the Cassadines. Alexis is actually scared of leaving jail because booze is everywhere out there. Harmony tells her there are prisons everywhere. Even in your own mind. 


Cam fires Spencer ...and hires him back after Spence gives him a sob story about his Dad 

Stupid Jason gives up his gun rather than shoot Drew..ugh, now Peter and Drew have them all at gunpoint. 


Monday, November 1, 2021


 HELLO!! I'm here!! Had a nice time.. it was a whirlwind!! Philly is great. PRETZLES!! YUM!! 

METRO: Dante/Sam... Carly and Sonny. They are happy Dante and Sam are 'together'. They all go over the Greece trip, Drew..yada yada. Sonny and Dante talk about the families. Carly and Sam talk about Drew. 

Gladys is visiting Valentin!! To tell him about the baby??~~ Maxie and Britt rush to get there first. Gladys is ready to spill and Brook runs in and stops her. Brook says in the hall that Gladys will lose her blackmail leverage if she tells. Gladys says to get Sasha and Maxie on board then. Brook finally gives her her private credit card and tells her to keep her mouth shut. 

Spencer is talking to Nikolas about Hayden. Spinelli and Shawn are listening in the van. Nikolas says he didn't have Hayden shot. Spencer doesn't believe him. Nikolas lunges at Spencer and throws his phone in the river. Says he's trying to record him saying that he had Hayden shot. Spencer yells back: NO! I'm trying to get you to say you didn't have her shot at!! So, they go on and on and basically when Spencer out and out asks Nikolas about the shooting he says: LET. It. GO. Spencer says he knows he did it but..WHY? 

Spin and Shawn say they don't have enough evidence against Nikolas because he didn't confess. 

Cassadine Island: Britt and Jason snorkel up!! ahahahaa. OMG. Peter wakes up Liesl but kicking her. Grrrrrrrrr. She says he's taking advantage of his fathers' genius. They are in Cassadine lab. HE wants Dr O to "condition" Maxie to forgive him. WHAT? So weird. Anyway, Liesl spots poison. oh IT'S ACID! She throws it at him and it gets his arm and hand. He radios guards.

Britt is alone in the boathouse-- she drops the radio and makes noise. The door opens and she shoots...a harpoon? Not sure what that is lol 


Britt shot her mother!

Jason has a gun on Peter!

Maxie and Brook plan to make Gladys shut up 

Sonny will visit Cyrus in jail 

Mickey Mouse

  FRANCOS' TUMOR IN A JAR  Sonny goes to see Kristina. Blaze is there. He apologizes for being so vicious and it was unacceptable and sh...