Tuesday, November 2, 2021

" I Smell a Mini-Series"

 I thought it was Wednesday for most of the day so... I'm already behind!! LOL 

Obrect is down, harpoon sticking out of her "You came for me, Britta"!! Britt tries to pull the arrow out. Dr. O passes out. She wakes up and Britt dresses her wound. Dr. O finds out Sonny is alive. 

Jason conks Peter with the gun when Peter tries to run. Peter is like "I must have something you want if you haven't killed me yet'. Jason goes to the boathouse with Peter but by that time Drew is in there holding Britt hostage.  Drew and Jason have a stare-off. Peter says this could be a great mini-series. 

Trina is vibing out to music at the Gallery and someone come up behind her. She grabs her mace but it's only Spencer. He needs a friend to talk to. They talk about Ava...Trina likes her and Spence doesn't. She doesn't trust Spencer. 

Spencer left his FIRST shift at Kelly's and Cam is pissed. Esme bops in and Joss is like what do you want? She can't believe Spence left after his first day. She says it's Ava and Nik's fault for making him wait on them. Oh, Esme wants to go glamping with Cam and Joss. Then she figures out that Joss and Cam are virgins LOL 

Shawn calls out Nikolas about not telling the truth about the Hayden shooting and letting him sit in jail. Yada yada... blah blah..fake.. fake fake.  Nikolas does say that Hayden has known who shot at her.."she's always known" he tells Shawn. He offers Shawn money to forget about it. Shawn's like: nice try but no. 

Alexis and Harmony talk in spa-jail about the Cassadines. Alexis is actually scared of leaving jail because booze is everywhere out there. Harmony tells her there are prisons everywhere. Even in your own mind. 


Cam fires Spencer ...and hires him back after Spence gives him a sob story about his Dad 

Stupid Jason gives up his gun rather than shoot Drew..ugh, now Peter and Drew have them all at gunpoint. 



  1. Ok I am done with this show until Peter is gone.. Jason would not be so stupid. He would shoot first and then try to find out the info later.

    1. Just proof what we all feared is true: TBTB want Peter on canvas.

    2. Jason would shoot Peter somewhere nonfatal, but would hurt a lot, and not allow him to get medical help until he told him everything. And then, maybe Jason would get him medical help.

    3. Peter is going nowhere and ruining every character on the show just to prop pets. So done.

  2. Cassadine Island:


    Britch and Dr. O: Oh I'm so glad the harpoon didn't hit any major arteries.. Whew! Dr. O is going to be okay! YAY! :) Yesterday you can see right up Dr. O's nose. :)

    Jason, Hiney, Dr. O, Britch, and Drew: SHOOT HINEY JASON SHOOT HIM! OH DAMMIT! $$#%%t$%$%$#%r$%

    Port Chuckles:

    The pier:

    Nik and Shaun: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Ava's art gallery: TRINA YAY! SHE IS THERE!

    Chad and Trina: I love Trina's sweater! I want it! Great scene. They wuv each other. :)


    Jam, and Vampira: Vampira wants to bond alright.. She wants to bond with Cam!! :) Vampira and Joss talking about sex and virginity. Vampira talking to Joss about sex with Chad.. Vampira wins the line of the day.

    Vampira: Spence was shy and inexperienced, but we figured it out.


    Cam and Chad:

    Cam: You're fired.

    Chad: I'm sorry. Boo hoo boo hoo. I left because of my dad. Boo hoo.

    Cam: Okay you're not fired.

    River edge Jail:

    Harmony.com and Alexis: This was a little boring. Hmmm besties? :) Womenmance? We could call them Aleximony. :)

    1. Call them Alemony, or alimony lol

    2. Alemony/Alimony!!! I love it!!!! Hahahahahaha! :)

  3. I give up. I HATE HATE HATE this Peter storyline and I've been over it since before it began. I can't with it anymore....Jason doesn't shoot him? Give me a break. **I actually went 7 days without watching an episode and finally binged them all but frankly - I probably shouldn't have - and I couldn't even get interested in the Peter garbage and did things around my house while it was one. I have NEVER done that in my history of watching the show (for over 45 years now!!).

    1. I haven't been watching either. Can't stand Peter

  4. RIP Jason Morgan. So completely OOC for him to have not shot Peter...or even Peter and Drew. The lengths Frank will go to prop his pets is as unacceptable as the consistently poor ratings prove.

    1. I agree. I barely watch anymore. This Peter thing I can't stand and don't want to see

  5. I'm sorry y'all. I'm really trying but the actor playing Nikolas is giving really stiff and unconvincing performances.

  6. I was sitting here yelling "THIS IS SO STUPID". And it is. The same thing over and over. Hiney wins. GH is losing.

  7. The week of November 1, 2021

    Genie Francis, who exited Port Charles as Laura Collins in August to take a late summer break, is back on set taping scenes as the town’s mayor. She’ll begin airing sometime this month.

  8. And from tv source magazine....

    Sonny takes a meeting with Ms. Wu, but there’s more to it than he realized (Can we get a Brad mention?)

    1. "AIR DATE:  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2021
      Sonny takes a meeting with Ms. Wu,"


      "but there’s more to it than he realized"

      Hmmm. Interesting.

      "(Can we get a Brad mention?)"

      Yes please! :)

    2. lol I knew you'd love that one, Sonya.

    3. "Di says, lol I knew you'd love that one, Sonya."

      Hahahaha. *High five* :)

  9. Like everyone has said...Peter has ruined the show. Jason would have and should have shot him. He also should have shot Zombie Drew. I just can't with any of this.

    Shawn pissed me off. They've ruined him too, for me. (I do think the Nicholas actor is ok, unlike others, lol.)

    Love Trina and Spence together, but she really should tell him to get lost. But I understand why she doesn't. :)

    That's all I've got. I think Britt's disappointed stare to Jason at the end of the show spoke volumes for all the viewers. Give me strength. :(

  10. The Spence actor is 22 - no wonder he looks so much older than the other kids. Some big shakeups coming soon per Twitter. Hopefully Peter finally gets killed and Jason remembers who is, not this inept idiot. Maybe the non-vaxxers wil be leaving.

    1. "LSV422 says, Some big shakeups coming soon per Twitter."

      Yeah I just saw that this morning.

      "Maybe the non-vaxxers wil be leaving."

      I'm trying to figure out who and what is going on. :)

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