Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Go Daddy...


It was a 3 day-fest of Daddy on GH!! Daddy switches, New Daddies, Old Daddies.. Advice Daddies... 

So let's go DADDY-O!!! 

You know we all have leftovers so---get out that Cranberry Sauce and sit back. 

NEW DADDY OF THE WEEK: Oh wow... what great scenes these were. I have to give it up for Johnny Wactor who did such a stellar job with Brando. Same goes for Sofia Mattsson; she had a baby boy not too long ago and playing this must have just been heartbreaking. The dialog was good; Gladys was great and so were CarSon. Giving advice and just being there for once. Loved Maxie consoling Brando as well. Epiphany talking Brando thought the NICU procedures. When Brando went to the incubator...I cried. I hardly EVER cry. This old jaded heart is like: meh... it's a show. NOPE. Tears. 

OLD DADDY OF THE WEEK:  Meet Marshall Ashford--long presumed dead but now walking around fully breathing. We don't know why he's been gone but I'm thinking Witness Protection program; especially after he beat up Joey Novak. Anyway, Curtis blew me away with these scenes. Both actors were just perfection. Loved Donnell and Robert, they just had me glued to the screen. When Curtis looked at the photo? Sniff. Now Marshall is at GH trying to talk to TJ. Curtis did mention Aunt Stella (who I can't wait to see) but she's 'recovering' from her stroke. Um... get her better!! 

ADVICE DADDY OF THE WEEK:  Sonny, being all "Mike", doled out the sage advice left and right. My fave scene was with Nina (see below) when he sat with her quietly and eased her anxiety. Then he was equally as good with Brando, talking about being a new father and gave a giant hug. Sonny was even gracious to Gladys and got her something to eat and made jokes about her being a grandma. It was so "family"!!! You might not like someone but in a family crisis, you just forget it and get on with life. I like the dual Sonny's! 

NOT YOUR DADDY OF THE WEEK:  Oh geesh, Valentin. Cried and Cried.  He was devastated by the news that he wasn't Bailey's Papa. Chase convinced him that he was the father (Even said there was DNA evidence). Valentin couldn't  tell Anna when she called because she was dealing with international idiot Peter at the time!! He did make a phone call and we aren't sure if it's to get revenge on Brook Lynn or not. They did move out of the Q Mansion and Ned even said Yuri was upset!! (He'll be away from Miss Monica!) The best part came when he and Nina talked and Val realized the hell he put her through with Sasha. Having a new perspective with the ruse on Sonny, Nina told him to choose forgiveness and to listen to Brook. Growth on a soap?? Hmmm...we shall see! 

FAKE DADDY OF THE WEEK:  Oh Chase!! I'm still trying to figure out the writer's reasoning for this second "switch" of a baby reveal. Why not just tell Valentin? He'd help in a heartbeat. Are Maxie and Brook THAT afraid it will 'get around town' if they tell him? Plus as far as they know, Peter is in custody. Still a good idea to keep it a bit under-wraps but...??? Now Chase will get all attached, and yada yada. Finn's already talking about playdates with Violet! Another little girl's heart to crush!! 

GHOST OF DADDIES OF THE WEEK: How can I tie Cassadine Island to all this? Well, the name FAISON came up a lot so I'm throwing him in there. People kept comparing him to Peter (hahahaa). I guess we can also count Jason as a "ghost" Daddy since he's buried until the mandate is over. This whole sequence got me frustrated but I also realize it had to have been written last minute; with the tunnel collapse etc. Peter using his last call to talk to Maxie? Um, no. Robert NOT shooting him in the head? Um...NO... why not!! Damn it. I get the baby reveal would be over but-- man. UGH. The best thing to emerge from the dust was Ghost-Daddy-Drew; I'm liking Cam in the role and think he's going to be a good addition to the cast. 

GO-GO DADDY OF THE WEEK: So,  Jax ends up leaving with a whimper. Says goodbye to Carly (who bitches about Nina) . He's going to go 'do business', which I assume is in Australia. He also runs into Nina in Charlie's and tells her to be careful around Sonny. That's it. Bye Ingo. Happy Trails. 

 WUBS FAVE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Probably the best scenes were the Brando-Baby scenes but for me? I loved when Sonny suddenly turned and saw Nina in distress. That "look" crossed his face and instead of leaving, he went back to comfort her. What followed was a great conversation of love, lying and forgiveness. Just done so well. This story could have just turned into CarSon on the warpath for Nina and it's just SO much more than that. :clapping: 

PROP ALERT: So... the moss is gone from the Corinthos' Kitchen and is now in a long container on the table at Sam's place!! 

WHAT THE SORA'D OF THE WEEK: Good Gravy!! Rocco and Danny sure changed. I was told that's the same girl that played Scout for 2 years. The other two? I had NO idea who they were. The 'old' Danny was dark haired and slight. These two kids look like brothers and one is almost taller than Dante! LOL 


No signs of life emerge from where Jason was trapped in the cave-in 

Drew makes it home to Sam's PH

Valentin is devastated to learn he's not Bailey's father 

Brook is surprised to learn Chase is!! 

Sasha and Brando's baby is in the NICU; deprived of oxygen for awhile

Sasha was hemorrhaging but saved by surgery. 

Sonny gives Brando advice and comforts Nina 

Dante and Sam share the parade and a kiss together 

Peter uses his one phone call to terrorize Maxie 

SCOOPS: Anna will make Peter and offer (eyeroll); Thanksgiving dinners at Alexis', Portia's and the Q's, Scotty and Liesl reunite and everyone finds out about Jason. See them all on Diagnosis Daytime! 

That's a wrap! Great acting all around this week. Everyone seemed to bring their A-game. Rich dialog and moving around canvas. Great little scenes like Maxie/Brando and Ned/Brook. We haven't actually had Thanksgiving dinner yet so that will be this upcoming week. Maybe Laura is home?? I hope you had a lovely day of thanks. Thank YOU For being a faithful reader and keeping this site going. 


  1. Good SS, as usual. Thank you Karen for all you do for we fans.

  2. Thanks Karen. Great SS. You said it all for me too.

    One thing that really stood out for me too, besides the kids being blonde is thst Rocco is supposed to be 8. He looks almost as big as Dante. And Danny is supposed to be 10. He's supposed to be older than giant Rocco. lol SORAing them shouldn't make the older kid younger than the younger child. But then again, it's GH. They don't check history. *sigh*

  3. Sonny is SOOOOOO much more interesting as a conflicted, feeling person than the angry guy who always issues threats and throws barware. It has to be more interesting for Maurice to play, too.

    I will easily swap Ingo and Steve B. for Cameron Mathison. I agree I think he will be a good addition. And once again, poor Monica gains a son and loses a son.

    1. I like conflicted Sonny too. It gives Maurice a break and allows him a wider range too. I also like CM and as far as I'm concerned they could recast for Jax, but I can't see a recast working for Jason.

  4. I still don't get the Brando/Sasha baby storyline because I don't think the baby will die - UNLESS like I said Gladys blames Brook Lynn? Still think Brando becomes the enforcer...
    BEYOND stupid they don't tell Valentin the truth....
    I thought Laura and Marty were coming back -
    this has nothing to do with COVID, but I kinda think Alexis has done all the storylines possible...I read that she goes to classes and meets a professor, etc., but why can't she just be a normal mother? GH completely DROPPED Neil's death/related to Cyrus......I am kinda tired of Alexis' problems - be a Shawn.........I dunno......
    I still think down the road ----------Willow gonna be Nina's daughter! and Harmony tells her right before she dies/Esme kills her.....

  5. Another great SS! Thank you.
    What would be so bad if someone was genuinely and continually happy on GH? Who ever said a soap must be sad and gloomy all of the time. A little contrast couldn't hurt.
    The 'new' Sonny is good. Nina is falling deeper.
    The writers must have some idea coming from the ridiculous fake baby daddy switch. Right?
    First flurries in CT today. Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. Found the names of the new Rocco and Danny.

    Zakary Risinger plays Danny. The actor is 12. (They aged him 2 years.

    Brady Bauer plays Rocco. Can't find his age but the character is 2 years younger than Danny.

  7. Great SS! I guess it doesn’t really matter who plays the kids since we probably won’t see them again for another year. I can’t wait for lies and Scott’s reunion. I actually don’t mind the new Sonny - more liakable. Brando and Sasha were heartbreaking. Good material always helps!

    1. I don't care who plays the kids either but I do care that the younger character is now years older than the older character. And people were wondering if they were brothers so I did some checking.

  8. I wish they hadn't killed Franco. It really worked with Liz. Austin is such an odd character. Can't see anyone paired with him. I really like Roger hope they can make this work.

  9. I don't like Dante and Sam together.


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