Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Surgery: DeFlowered


It was a decent week on the show if somewhat choppy. Usually when I start the Sunday Blog I have a clear beginning. Hard to remember all that happened since last Monday!! I'll give it a go though! 

Did you think the title was referring to Cam and Joss? Oh this is Disney, people! That's not happening until we've talked about it to death, did research and made 800% sure "the time is right". Silly rabbits. 

BIG thank you to @Flutterby on twitter without whom I would have no screen cappies! 

WU OF THE WEEK: OH Ms. WU!!! BRAD is your nephew and you want him outta jail! HOORAY!! WHAT!!?? Twitter couldn't have been happier. Sonny doesn't want to help but he won't interfere with is parole hearing. Michael's pissed. Who cares? FREE BRAD!! 

TAROT CARD READING OF THE WEEK: Yes, we had a few Greek-Wine Cellar scenes. Peter is trying to convince Britt to work with him so he shows his power over Drew. How? He threatens Jason and cuts himself in the arm. This whole thing started out promising and now? Unless it all gels together it's just messy. I basically want Drew to start stabbing and not stop. 


WUBS FINALLY HAS A SHIP OF THE WEEK: And, I couldn't be happier.  My last real "giddly" ship was NAva back in the day.  Before that it was Olivia and Johnny so...dang!! Anyway, Mike and Nina were ok in Nixon Falls but it was--Nixon Falls. Isolated and just weird. BUT I guess all my frustration with that paid off a bit because it set the basis for what is happening now. Sonny is absolutely trying to recreate what he had at the Tan-O with Charlie's Bar. It will be his man-cave. Hell, he even wants Nina to come in!! ("For Phyllis' sake..wink). The dialog is so good. Maurice and Cynthia are playing a quiet game of memory and romance. Squee! Sonny was even late for a 'date' with Carly because he was behind the bar talking to Nina just like the olden days!! I'm hoping Phyllis is on a lot as well. Make that place a hang-out. Sonny, move Badger Bob there. Wubs Seal of Approval!  #SINA 

PARDON ME OF THE WEEK: Alexis is walking out!! As much as I enjoyed the whole "Spa Jail" I'm happy she's free. Shawn's living at her house--and he can COOK!! Yes. Scenes please. Also, Harmony seems to be mucho interested in her wellbeing. Like.. really interested. Hmmm....

SURPRISE OF THE WEEK: It was Liz' birthday!! We had a little cake, a little Franco-reflection and Scotty passing Cam a condom. What more could you want from a party? 

"READY, SET...NO" OF THE WEEK: And, just when Cam and Joss were going to give into temptation, it was stopped because of a wooden spoon and some doubt. The wooden spoon was on the couch, the doubt in the head. Was Joss doing this just because Esme made her feel like a freak for being a virgin?? Personally, they talked about it SO much and had SO many condoms around I really didn't care. I'm a teen of the 70's. Soaps were way different back then on this subject. It's a soap. Not an afterschool special but.. there we are. 

THE SCORPIO FACTOR OF THE WEEK: So mixed reactions to this. Ned and Olivia lovers lost their damn minds. Robert and Olivia shippers were swooning. Myself (With no pony in the ring) saw it as a really great conversation and bridge to Olivia's understanding of communication and accepting that her son may need help.  Both Ava and Robert helped this couple realize that Olivia was acting out of fear. Sometimes you take your worst ish out on the one closest to you. It takes a different perspective outside of that relationship to see the clearer picture. Robert was fantastic in these scenes and knew Olivia looked at him as an escape from Ned and not much more. Ned is trying hard... got a doggie pic for her and everything. Hopefully, this is all on the mend. I do like Olivia and Ned being the "couple" of the Q Mansion. 

JELLY OF THE WEEK: Spence's face when "Cam and Trina" are mentioned in the same sentence. Heh. 

PSYCHO OF THE WEEK: We knew she had it in her, now we have proof. Esme, fresh from a glam make over (big improvement, imo) went to talk to Trina about staying away from Spencer. Trina was rational and calm. Esme seemed to be until she stepped in the hall and we see her rage in a blood-stained palm. 

PCPD MOMENT OF THE WEEK: They don't get them often so when they do, it's twirling time!! Chase is starting to put those pieces together about the baby and here's hoping he gets the goods before Valentin figures it out. Why? Because for once, I'd like to see a detective actually DETECT. 

RUSE OF THE WEEK: Brook Lynn and Maxie employed "Kip" and actor to impersonate her baby daddy so that Gladys would drop the whole thing. "Paulie" managed to get Gladys to give back the credit card and shut up. It was all in all, a cute caper. 

  Britt watches Drew cut himself open. Love this---it's what I do when anything gross comes up on TV. Let me just say that Kelly made these scenes bearable. Full stop. 

GH director, Phideaux Xavier made his music known at The Savoy this week. I personally loved it because I'm an alternative music fan and it was so '80s sounding! The backstory all had to do with cancelled bands, last minute fill ins and even a little of Brook Lynn's old music manager, Linc. Why? All to lead up to the Mystery Hat Man reveal. Here's hoping it's a goodie! 


Mystery Hat Man finally revealed himself to Curtis; we have to wait until Monday to find his identity

Drew was programmed by Peter to cut himself; Jason figures out the key to his mind

Britt agrees to go with Peter to save Jason

Phyllis agrees to run the bar for Sonny; Sonny and Nina are thrilled

Port Charles goes out to see an act at The Savoy

Elizabeth has a surprise party

Cam and Joss are going to "go all the way"...but decide at the last minute to wait

Scotty apparently carries around condoms

Alexis gets a pardon and Harmony is really sad

Ms. Wu wants to get her nephew Brad out of jail 

Sonny makes a semi-deal with Ms. Wu and Michael isn't happy

Esme is all sorts of raging; she harms herself with her nails while talking to Trina 

Robert talks to Olivia about Ned and Leo

Ned underwrites a National Geographic photo show for the Gallery. 

"Paulie" convinces Gladys not to blab about Baby Daddy

Austin plants doubt in Valentine's mind about Brook Lynn 

SPOILERS OF THE WEEK:  We finally find out who Hat Guy is (hopefully on Monday), Tuesday is the Photo Ark Exhibit at the Gallery Carly and Phyllis connect.  Get them all on Diagnosis Daytime! 

WUBS SUGGESTIONS OF THE WEEK: I have some so here it goes. Esme really should be trying to be an Influencer on social media. Think of the possibilities. Hell, you could even have product tie-ins to help the budget. I can so see her getting a ring-light and doing some MakeUp-True Crime readings!! Phyllis should be related to someone on the show. Pick someone. I still say she and Stella could be great together. (Where IS Stella?). Once Cassadine Island is done, it's done ok? The show is doing great on just the other stories going on. No more mind-mapping. Thanks. Get Victor and Val going on challenging Nik to all that is Cassadine. 

That's it!! Hope you have a happy Sunday.  I'm enjoying the show a lot. It certainly has a lot of parts to the puzzle and stories. If you don't like one thing, you can tune in for another.  Cheers! 


  1. I’m not understanding Austin’s role on the show.

    1. Same here. Can't stand him. He's a greedy interloper.

    2. 100 percent - brings nothing to the table.

    3. He’s a Q and wants his shares of the business. He’s also a doctor working at GH. A new character sometimes takes time to evolve. When Roger just started playing Franco I wasn’t thrilled at all with character and look where that character went. Who liked Finn the first for couple of months? Takes time. If you don’t like the actor that’s a different story.

    4. I had great hopes for him, but they keep moving around his character - I feel they don't know what to do with him......

    5. Just another failed character for him.

    6. Roger has a huge fan base. He must be doing something right. I think Austin storyline is about to get interesting.

    7. I like Austin. I don't understand Olivia.

    8. I agree with Rae. I like Austin and am baffled by Olivia.

  2. Another great SS. Thanks so much. And I thought maybe the title referred to Sonya's missing tribbles. lol Not really but it did spring to mind.

    And Scotty has to be prepared for when he find his liebchen.

    I'm hoping that we'll be finished with all the off set stories soon. Alexis is back and hopefully Cassadine island is finished.

  3. Karen you and I May be the only Sina fans. Maurice lights up the screen lately and they have him interacting with a lot of characters and I love it. Bring on the angst!

    1. Another Sina fan here! This MikeSon guy is actually likable, watchable,and far more intriguing than SaintSonnyMob with the unbearable, shrieking wife.

    2. Me, too! Sonny and Carly feel like they have outlived their.spark. Nina is at least tolerable to watch and Sonny has a softness about him with Nina.

    3. Sorry, I can’t stand Nina still. I would rather have Sonny with Carly be default. In no way, shape or form do I want Carly and Jason back together either.

  4. Thanks for another great SS!
    It was a full week on GH. You are right...something for everyone.
    I hope the wine cellar crap is over and done soon. It is the vehicle to bring Drew back to PC and it's tiring. One will overtake the other and Hiney will disappear again. Any bets?
    Happy Sunday!

  5. ---------Don't like Nina and Sonny-her pretend whispering is on my nerves. We ALL know people who do that for sympathy and it's not working for me at all----
    ---------Give me Shawn in a coat and looking so fine ANYDAY of the week - I want him with Alexis - I thought he would work with Phyllis??? and maybe sparks?????I dunno.
    --------BEYOND stupid that PETER is still alive cause of who WR is and Jason is out the door---------cause I do believe he will save the day/Peter STILL FREAKIN escapes/we think he's dead/Carly blames Britt and there is nothing more with Carly/Sonny/Jason...
    -------------enter Brando as enforcer when their baby dies.
    -------------enter Esme - Ryan's daughter -
    -------------Harmony will find out and be killed
    -------------Chase is new baby daddy and in the meantime Maxie has COMPLETLEY forgotten about fashion, which I would be okay with IF she would say, "I miss my baby so I don't care how I look."

    1. Yes. Maxie has forgotten fashion. They do make nice clothes for plus size women. The jeans not so much IMO

    2. Agree totally about Maxie. There are ways every size woman can look fashionable. What happened to Crimson? Nice that they are bringing the gallery into the story. have high expectations. lol

    3. I will take Nina's whispering over snarky Carly any day.

      I'm happy GH has woman that aren't all stick skinny. But yeah the wardrobe could be way better. They are all very beautiful just seems like they're dressed to be 60

    4. Cannot stand Nina and the pull of Sonny towards her is bad. Carly has done some terrible things, but the show is minimizing what Nina did.

  6. I like Carly but I also do like this side of Sonny and his interactions with Nina. It will get messy but nothing that some 'soapy' water can't fix.


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