Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Animal Ark


Art Show: 
Sasha says she knows the sex of the baby. The email told her by mistake. She asks Brando if he wants to know. Of course he's not sure. :EYEROLL: 

Gladys figures out Kip isn't "Paulie" and Brook Lynn is upset. Gladys demands controlling shares of Deception not to tell.  Brook is like I can't do that! 

Cam and Trina innocently hug, Esme is all smirking. Then she says that she had no friends at boarding school because they were "jealous" ... when Esme tells Spencer about it he's like SO WHAT. Trina would never hurt Joss. 

Esme says Trina will have a night she 'never forgets"

Olivia brings Leo to the Photo show. Ned is there too. Olivia is going to meet the photographer. All Leo wants to do is stare at the photos. Olivia thinks Ned is wonderful for doing this for her.

Brook Lynn is supposed to watch Leo but she talks to Kip and Leo goes missing. 

Nik finds out that Victor is free and roaming around PC. Ava's not happy. Nik leaves to run interference with Victor. 

Then, Gladys goes into the backroom to make a phone call just as Trina walks out. Oh then Sasha goes in!! Brook Lynn peeks in to find Leo..leaves. THEN Esme wedges the door shut thinking she's trapping Trina ! OMG Sasha is going to totally go into labor LOL 

Cassadine Island:

Dr. O and Britt hug...they are in a room with Peter and a guard. Another goon goes and gets Drew. Drew makes Jason promise he will kill him if Peter makes him do something bad. Jason agrees. 

Peter gives Britt a piece of paper for Jason to read "verbatim" .. goon takes her out of the room. She and Jason read a paper while a goon tapes them. They say they are being held hostage and don't look for them because Peter will kill them all if they even try to find them. The video is sent to Anna. Anna shows it to Robert and Valentin. Valentin finally says to take Robert with her to the island if he can't go. He knows how to get on undetected. 

Upshot is: Drew is being sent back to PC to bring Maxie to the island and Peter wants Dr. O to "Program her" to love him. CRIPES. 


Gladys and Sasha are trapped in the storage room

Brook tells Ned and Olivia that she lost Leo

Jason somehow has a tarot card

Sasaha's water breaks


  1. I hope Leo saw what Esme did!!! At least Olivia will finally realize Ned was right.....seems a long way to go (one year of separation) just for this one moment with Leo....whatever...
    I can't stand Esme, but this actress is incredible. SURELY Spence will know Esme did it and if Joss was there, SHE would know it....
    Maybe Gladys helping Sasha give birth mellows her? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!
    and wouldn't others hear the pounding on the door and the screams?
    Love me some Valentin.

    1. I agree Esme is perfectly cast.. and Yum to Valentin as always

  2. haha Jason must have asked Britt about the card last time he talked to her, since he knew she had it. She probably gave it to him when she got close for a goodbye hug. lol I was so happy to see it. Now if there's anyone looking out for us fans, the next time Peter programmes Drew and unchains him Jason will whip out the card and cancel it and Drew will kill Peter instead of Jason. If he misses I will scream.

    I'll also scream if Gladys has to deliver that baby. I don't know why we have a hospital and an obstetrician on the show when every Tom, Dick and Harry who's in the vicinity can do it for you...and for free, no less. And if this baby ends up being called GLADYS we will hear the scream heard around the world!

    Loved the Photo display. Loved the interactions between Anna, Robert, and Val too.

    I hope tomorrow isn't sl skip-a -day.

    1. "Di says, haha Jason must have asked Britt about the card last time he talked to her, since he knew she had it."

      My first thought was that guard who gave him the card. :) Yeah Britch makes more sense. :)

      "Drew and unchains him Jason will whip out the card and cancel it and Drew will kill Peter instead of Jason. If he misses I will scream."

      I bet that is what exactly happens! Drew misses!!

    2. "Di says, *screams at Sonya*"

      ROFL! I know I know! It will suck if he misses.

  3. Cassadine Island:

    Wine Celler:

    Jason and Drew: Good to have a plan, but I doubt it's gonna happen. Drew just got here. I doubt he will die.

    Britch, Jason, and the guard: Hiney's love letter. :) How sweet. :)


    Hiney, Britch, and Dr. O: YAY! Mudder and daughter reunion.. Where the gun is situated on Hiney, someone shoot him where the sun don't shine!!! Then he can't make any more baybays.. :)

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Robert, Anna, and V.C.: V.C. is stuck! Too bad he can't go to Cassadine Island with them. :( Oh look the video of the love letter from Hiney. How sweet. :)

    Robert and Anna: ADVENTURE TIME! YAY! :)

    Ava's art gallery: WOW! So many beautiful pictures.. I love them.

    Brasha: The mystery of the sex of the baby. How about the mystery of the Tribbles?! huh?! I mean they are missing! Oh and the other Tribble's babies are with Oprah! Did you watch her interview with Adele? I didn't, but I saw the commercials. The Tribble babies were on the table outside during the interview. Awwww. :)

    Kip and Gladys: Yeahhhh Kip forget it. She isn't buying what you are selling.

    Brooky and Glayds: Yeah Brooky is screwed! How much does Gladys want now?

    Brooky and young uncle Leo: Oopsy he is gone. The art gallery isn't that big. You can find him Brooky, unless he went outside. Oh oh.

    Vampira, Trina, and Cam: Oh boy! Vampira starting trouble. Stirring that pot. Is she showing her fangs? :)

    Vampira and Chad: Chad wins the line of the day.

    Chad: You don't know what it's like to work at a real job.


    Private room: I was thinking, Oh oh! Trina will go in there and Vampira will lock that door. Oh wait no. Gladys will go in there and get stuck! She has no cell service on her phone.

    Gladys and Sasha: Well, I was half right.. Didn't expect Sasha to be there too. Oh goodie stuck and she is in teeny tiny labor.

    PSA: Oh some animals are being extinct? Oh no. :( Great PSA! Thank you!

    Sidenote: Kip aka Artie O'Daly. I don't know who saw his short film that I put up yesterday, but I saw the part 1 of his short film. It's hysterical. I love it. I didn't NOT see that twist at the end coming. :) I laughed so hard. :) Check it out.


    1. Maybe Leo went to the zoo.

    2. "Di says, Maybe Leo went to the zoo."

      OH! Good one. He saw all the pictures of all the animals, and went to the zoo to see them live. :) Is there a zoo in Port Chuckles?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. must be - course it is a town with a university AND international airport and yet you can walk from place to place cause no one drives and/or has a purse------unless they are in the parking deck at GH - LOL
      but yet, just walk on down to Pier 55 and then walk on to Kellys and MetroCourt and GH, etc.............

    5. I know Mufasa.. I know. :) Every place is just a hop skip and a jump to another place. :)

    6. I want to say that in the "old days" Port Charles did have a zoo, but maybe I am not remembering correctly

    7. I really enjoyed the art, the pictures, the PSA, that was all wonderful!
      Esme is so awful...I love her, lol!

      I keep reading random comments (all over the place) that Brasha's baby dies. I didn't even want to type this, you know, putting it out in the universe, but if that happens, I'm going to be po'd!

      I'm really looking forward to Anna and Robert's little trip. And line of the day was perfect, and Esme's face was a hoot!

    8. "Julie H says, I really enjoyed the art, the pictures, the PSA, that was all wonderful!"

      Yes it was all wonderful! :)

      "Esme is so awful...I love her, lol!"

      Hahahaha she IS awful and I love her too. :)

      "I keep reading random comments (all over the place) that Brasha's baby dies."

      Yeah I've read that too. I hope it's not true. :( How long was she pregnant? 15 months? :)

      "I'm really looking forward to Anna and Robert's little trip."

      YEAH!!!! :)

      "And line of the day was perfect,"

      It sure was!

      "and Esme's face was a hoot!"


    9. 15 months..seriously she has been pregnant FOREVER, lol!

    10. "Julie H says, 15 months..seriously she has been pregnant FOREVER, lol!"

      ROFL! She has!!! Hahahahaha.

  4. I recently stumbled across an account on Twitter that alleges it is written by an insider at "GH." I normally don't put much stock in rumors but he/she (whoever it is) posted three recently that I thought were interesting.

    ** Steve Burton (Jason) is now vaccinated and isn't leaving the show. Neither Burton or the producers are commenting publicly because they *want* viewers to think he is leaving to juice up the ratings. They will do a storyline where it looks like Jason is leaving town but, in the end, he will stay.

    ** Laura Wright (Carly) has let producers know it is OK if they let her boyfriend, Wes Ramsey (Peter), leave the show. Supposedly, she does not like all the online criticism coming her way and is worried the situation will make fans turn against her and her character. Wes is fine with it because he wants to keep his girlfriend happy. As such, Peter will finally be written off.

    ** Vanessa Marcil is returning as Brenda Barrett. Her return is only for a few months and is not ongoing. She will be involved in story involving Deception and they will tease viewers that she may reunite with Sonny.

    Who knows if these are true but, if they are, I guess we will know within a couple of months. For me, the first one (Steve Burton's status) seems the most likely.

    1. The Steve Burton is staying could be true??? Seems like they are setting it up for him to be "left" on the island by Peter, so we may all "think" he is dead. ??? IDK. Vanessa Marcil I would have to say NO WAY is that true. Laura Wright is a maybe too. I doubt that one is true either.


    2. Honestly, the one with LW is irritating if it’s true. She shouldn’t have the power to give permission on the dismissal of an actor.

    3. Can't see getting irritated about a rumor. These are all things I've seen on sites which have called them speculation. They're only writing their own fan ficion and calling it a rumor. It draws people in and creates more hits for their page. It also starts arguments and chaos, and haters who just pop in every day to snarl about what or who they hate....repeatedly....over and over...every day.

      I've left sites where the sides supporting or not supporting certain people have led to nothing but hate. Not a fun place to go talk about the show. What I like about this site is that it discourages that kind of nasty behavior.

    4. I love reading rumors and speculation, but I'm with Di, a lot of those sites are so hateful. I only comment here as this is a very nice blog and the commenters are ALL so friendly, nice and respectful. I congratulate Karen on encouraging and keeping it that way!

      As for the above, I can totally see the Steve one being true. :)

    5. Don't you have to wait a bit to get the vaccine after testing positive?

    6. You have to wait 90 days. (I was in that situation early this year.)

    7. Apparently it's just 10 days if you had no symptoms when infected.

  5. Maybe Leo went in search of Austin.

    1. Hahaha. Well Leo knows that he is working at the hospital. :)

    2. That was my first thought when Ned said I know exactly where Leo is!

  6. I am weeping...:(


    1. What?!?!?!! OH NO! :( I never heard of Wilson’s disease..

    2. I loved the actress and her character. She was really missed when she left the show. :(

    3. Di says, I loved the actress and her character. She was really missed when she left the show. :(

      Yeah I loved her and missed her too. I don't know why the actress had to leave.. Also Reggy!!! Why did he have to leave? :(

  7. Esme's character is akin to The Bad Seed. Like the Cassadine story lines, these baddies were born that way and are rotten at the core.
    What I do like and hope to see is: Joss, Cam, Trina are all onto her. Even if Joss lacks confidence in her relationship with Cam, why oh why would she or the other two ever believe a word out of Esme's manipulating mouth?
    I also like how the Esme character does not always get away with her evil and vicious deeds, unlike Peter's character. Gladys and Sasha will entertain us today by virtue of Esme's handiwork. I hope someone gets a clue that they were intentionally trapped in there.

    Not for nothing Anna said 'let's FINALLY get him (Peter)' in yesterday's episode. Yeh, I'm more than ready for that character to vacate the canvas.

  8. They will never kill Hiney. The whole story line is ridiculous. Britt and Dr. O deserve better.


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