Monday, October 31, 2022

Bingo Bango Bongo


SO, both Jeff and Carolyn see Liz...Carolyn hugs her but Liz doesn't hug back. They talk about the boys. She's angry they follow them on social media. She lays into them for dropping her with the neighbors and then having to run to Audrey's. They decided not to come after her because she was 'safe". Liz asks why they didn't give up Doctors without Borders and raise their kids! She blasts them for missing her graduations, her kids births... Jake dying and coming back, Franco dying. GOOD DIALOG, please watch as I can't keep up.  Liz says it's all a waste of airfare and goes to leave. 

Anna's going to be arraigned today. Scotty, Martin, Felicia and Victor are all there. 

Felicia calls Valentin while he's visiting Charlotte and tells him Anna was arrested. Felicia tells him that Anna said to stay there. 

Holly and Robert are all cute when he brings her breakfast and she helps him with his tie.  They go to Anna's court date. 

Meanwhile at court...the ADA asks for no bail. The judge is kinda mean. 

Valentin is visiting Charlotte..he talks to Felicia and then he and Charlotte are going out for hot cocoa. 

Heather is causing everyone to be in shock at GH LOL. Olivia's crying, Alexis is like "WHY is SHE out"?? Finn is aghast. Olivia and Alexis fill him in on all of Heather's deeds. Finn has to go in and Heather is yelling for a bed pan. She recognizes his name as the guy that got with that "SLUT" Elizabeth Webber before My Franco's body was cold. Heather has some sort of bacteria that can eat her alive. Heather taunts Finn about Anna and Liz. He wants to know how she sneaked out of the jail.  He ends up giving her a sedative LOL. 

Alexis and Greg talk about liking each other...sort of. They talk about the paper and Jackie..being reporters yada yada. 


Laura is dressed as a nun and saves Valentin!

Elizebeth goes back into her parents house to get answers

Heather isn't knocked out from that sedative. 


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Road TRIP


So the Road is for Elizabeth ..and the TRIP is for the ending of Friday's GH!! Holy Moly!! And of all day for me to miss!  The last 5 minutes alone made you need the smelling salts. 

You know we are eating a giant BLT Let's GO GO ! 

Photo credit: @cameasada74

Friday, October 28, 2022

Don't Hate Me But...


Yep..another day! My Dad is coming in and well.. he tops GH --SORRY!! I'm not even sure when/if I'll get to Sunday Surgery. We shall see. 

Yesterday's show was sure a romantical bed-hoppin' one , no?? And Trina seeing Spencer was a riot LOL 

Here's hoping the most important thing on GH in years doesn't happen today and I'll miss it. 

Points to Ponder: 

Laura EVER coming back? 

The Hooker on Hold because Holly washed up? 

Does ANYONE like the Chase Singing thing? 

Did you love Georgie as much as I did? 

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Oh what a day!! I actually got here to watch the show the last 30 min!! Better late than never! 

Spencer is with Joss and Cam.. it's about time they visited. 

TRINA SAW Spencer instead of RORY!! giggle. Rory sleeps on a cot on the floor. 

Brook and Chase on a date-- and she's just waiting and waiting for a call, right? I don't think ANYONE likes this-- 

Felicia is with Sam and Britt! Talking JEWELS! 

MS WU!! WOO HOO!! She wants Cody as her ringer! 



Brook and Chase

Joss and Cam


Nina and SONNY--and they say they love each other!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Felicia and Holly at the Nail Spa.  Felicia says that she knows Holly is feeling worse than she's letting on. Holly says that she's English, that's how she is. 

Mac sees Anna in the jail. Then Robert comes in. He's happy Holly is back. They talk about Anna's frame up. He says he has to recuse himself from the case. Anna wants him to find Valentin. She tells Mac that the Deputy Mayor is working with Victor. 

Cody and Dante at the gym.  They talk about Britt..Cody flashes back to the giant necklace they found. They box, talk about fathers. Then he has to go to GH for his DNA test. 

Georgie, Maxie and Austin. OMG, Georgie hates Austin! ahahahaha she hugs Sam but says "Ewwwwwww" when she sees Britt ahahahhaa! Maxie tells Georgie to apologize to Austin, she says no. Maxie tells Austin about Spinelli's dating app and the data point stuff. 

Sam and Britt go to her office to chat. Britt wants to ask Sam about her past; were you a jewel thief??? She wants Sam to find out where the necklace came from. Sam takes the case. 

Ava shows Nina the empty note and thinks Nikolas stole it. Then she figures out he didn't because he knew about the recording on her phone. Must be Victor! 

Victor and Nikolas are still arguing in the Metro. Victor tells Nikolas he's moving into Wyndemere! 


Are Britt's diamonds the ice princess? 

Cody and Mac are at GH for their DNA tests 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

And It's ONLY Tuesday!!


Today is too crazy for me--and since I have no clone or face mask person I have to do it all!! Sorry!! I'll be back tomorrow! 

WHO do you think is in that "Anna" footage?

Holly in a mask

Assistant Mayor lady in a mask? 


Monday, October 24, 2022

In Your Trunk ...


ADA Arden talks to Jordan and says Robert Scorpio will have to recuse himself. She leaves. Mac and Jordan talk about Anna being set up. They realize Anna was the target, not really Lucy. 

Anna goes through her trunk again, flashes back to seeing herself "shoot" Lucy.  She puts everything back in the trunk. Dante comes up and tells her about Holly. She's just about to leave and ADA comes out with a cop to SEARCH HER TRUNK!! 

Anna's brought into the station. Mac and Jordan are mad. Dante tells Anna he'll fix this and leaves. There was a gun and clothes. 

Scotty and Felicia see Holly sitting with Robert at The Metro Court. They all hug. Holly says she can't remember the past 2 years. (she's lying)... Victor comes in. Holly plays dumb: Oh, whos' that?? Um.. he's a Cassadine? really???? They tell her Luke died and they think Victor did it. 

OH GOD the CREW Scenes are STILL GOING ON.. :eyeroll: they are still on the cliff. Carly's afraid to go back to Port Charles because it might "Change Them". SORRY DONNA!! lol OMG AND IT'S GOING ON AND ON. 

Sasha has to have another guardian appointed by the court says Martin. Sonny and Nina are supporting her. Martin says neither Sonny or Nina can be it because of their criminal records. Gladys pops in to say she'll do it! 


They are searching Anna's house now 

Anna's arrested

Holly slaps Victor 

Tomorrow:  Cam and Liz are on together! 

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Cliff Notes


The week got really good!! Because I'm a more "seasoned" viewer, I did love the whole Holly reveal and am so looking forward to FINALLY getting this Cassadine story on the road!  

CLIFF NOTES--get it? Well our big ol' "on location shoot" sure wasn't Florida!! As someone said on Twitter "Today, Jacksonville will be played by Malibu"!! This whole thing was a FF for me so I'm leading off with it and not mentioning it again! Great scenery, just not what it should have been. (Couldn't you have shot on the flat beach!!?)

Grab some California Rolls (Wegmans are my fave) and let's go! 

Friday, October 21, 2022

The Most Beautiful Sight...


Well, yesterday ended on a whopper! Everyone is trying to figure out how "ANNA" -- "shot" Lucy. I mean we know she didn't so who did? Holly disguised ?? Someone in a stupid MASK? OR... ???? What say you! I'm hoping we see a closer view of the tape today. 


Virgina's ashes are going to be spread in Malibu ....I mean Florida at the beach. It's SO California AHAHAHA I mean, at least TRY. Anyway they have Virginia in an urn and are going to scatter her. She talks to the ashes and lets them go. 

Maxie, Sasha and AUSTIN (remember him?) are at GH wondering where Lucy is.. Sasha and Maxie go to the cafeteria and Austin and Mason talk. It's about family yada yada. 

Holly has no clue why people thought she was dead. She only knows she was on a boat. Robert wants her to go to the doctor. They go to GH. Holly is scared. Robert says he'll be right there. They see Austin. She's going to get an MRI. The last thing she remembers is being in a casino in Monte Carlo. She wants to talk to Ethan (her son)..Robert leaves her with his phone. Holly stares at it...looks like she might really remember something ?? she puts Robert's phone on Do Not Disturb!! 

Looks like Anna on that tape that shot Lucy. Martin yells at Anna that it was HER and she did it! Anna says NO WAY, it's a set up. She charges into Victor's waiting area (haha) and confronts him. She yells..he acts shocked. Scared about Lucy==Anna CHASES HIM AROUND THE ROOM! AHAHHAA. Jordan kicks her out of the room. Martin wants her arrested and gets the ADA. Jordan lets Anna go.. ADA says Jordan's off the case because she's friends with Anna. Victor says he thinks Lucy was afraid of Anna. :eyeroll: 

Anna goes to the parking lot and searches her car for planted evidence. I think Johan planted it in her house? 

Chase tells Ned that he's really not happy singing-- he wants to be a policeman again. OMG Brook Lynn sees an email from Dante that is reinstating Chase and I think she erases it????????? WHAT the hell? She says Linc called and their plan is going to work. 


Anna finds the shooter outfit AND GUN in her trunk!!! 

Holly is going to check herself out of GH and go to the Metro

Monday : Mac Daddy is on! 

Thursday, October 20, 2022



Victor is in the PCPD for questioning.  Martin comes in, they tell him Lucy is missing. 
Jordan asks Anna if she thinks Victor would murder Lucy Coe. Anna says: YEP!

We see a body on the shore, dressed in black.. could be Lucy or Holly. Body hand moves. Body goes to Q Boathouse. 

Olivia still wants to buy the Metro from Nina. Nina's like NO! Then Olivia storms off. Sonny comes up. 

Ned and Michael argue about Valentin. Michael is like: Can you trust him? 

Portia and Curtis are looking at wedding venues at the metro (on an iPad)..TJ isn't paying attention because he's texting Willow asking how she is.

Willow is on the patio at The Q house. Then she goes in while Ned and Michael are arguing. Olivia comes in. The voices get high. Willow clutches her stomach and looks faint. She goes out of the house and walks to the boathouse. She sees footprints, opens door, screams. Then Olivia and Michael run out and they see the body. Olivia "OH my GOD". 

IT's M-CAT Day and Marshall gives Epiphany a rose. She's really nervous.. She blames him for encouraging her to take them. They talk and she finally is confident. She kisses Marshal. He's all giddy. 

CURTIS asks Sonny if he got tested for Alzheimer's because he's not sure about getting tested because of his Dad's genes. But he says he might start a family with Portia so it might be a good idea. 


TJ and Trina go away for their weekend to Comic-Con 

Drone footage shows someone who looks like Anna shooting Lucy (must be a mask or Alex) 

Robert finds Holly in the boathouse 

LOOKS Like Carly and Drew will get a location shoot!! .. "SUPER COUPLE" LOL okay..This episode will air tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

On the Waterfront


Diane and Alexis. I think Diane had her hair colored at the hospital LOL They talk about the serial killer. Then Robert pops in all twinkling "You're a sight for sore eyes". He asks if there's anything else she remembers and she says no. Just a woman/jingle bracelets and nothing else.  Cute scene with the 2 of them. Robert even mentions his cancer scar! 

Spencer and Cyrus talk in the jail. They talk about family. Cy wants to help him but that mean guy Booker walks in. Booker wants his library job back. Spencer says no. Booker moves to him and Cyrus steps in front. Booker punches Cyrus. Cyrus punches him back. Guard comes in and then finds a shiv on Booker. Cyrus planted it. Spencer is impressed. 

Sonny, Dante and Kristina grab lunch. YIPPEE!! Krissy is going to a management training session (trip) soon. Guess we won't see her for awhile. Dante has to leave for the PCPD. Alexis comes over. They talk about Diane's condition and Kristine's job. 

Ava goes to Wyndemere. Nik tries to get rid of her. She says Scotty said Nik wanted a divorce. He says no-- Victor got it wrong.  She has to go up to the tower to get some files for the Gallery. He's like NO! YOU CAN'T GO UP THERE! He says the tower had a pipe break. She's like FINE--whatever. She's having dinner with Nina. Leaves. 

Esme is trying to get out of the tower. The wire doesn't work. She screams and throws stuff all over the place. No one hears her. Then she finally gets the lock open. "We did it Ace" she says.  She opens the door and Nikolas is there. He tells her to shut up, no one is coming for her. 

Lucy is shot; Anna hears it and runs from Pier 45 to 55...She only finds Lucy's shoe. Victor walks down the stairs yelling for Lucy. He sees her shoe too.  He pretends that she went to the wrong pier and he doesn't know where she is. Dante shows up. Anna says she thinks it's Lucy. She and Victor banter. She's mad Valentin went to see Charlotte. Victor leaves. Anna shares her worries with Dante. 


Nikolas is clearing Esme's room..she's locked in the bathroom

Someone is seen crawling to shore...they want us to think it's Lucy but I think it's Holly

Tuesday, October 18, 2022



In an exclusive from SOD, they say Liz will finally get her parents...Jeff and Carolyn Webber. Read all about it on Soap Opera Digest . He's a great match and I loved her on Star Trek so... here's hoping! 

My Father


Esme in the tower, holding her belly; talking to it. NIkolas tells the handy- guy not to fix the south tower AT ALL..NO TOUCHIN IT.  Nikolas comes into the tower with a tray of food. Esme tries to hit him with a candlestick but he deflects it. He tells her the baby will be born and she's 'expendable" "No one will miss you" says Nikolas. Esme says her father will...he knows I'm alive. 

Ava and Scotty at the Metro Bar . He tells her to leave Nikolas, he says to get divorce papers drawn up. 

Lucy and Victor at the Metro eating. Talking about nothing. He wants to take a cruise with her around the harbor. She says yes and goes to change. 

Valentin tells Anna Victor is trying to get rid of him. She thinks it's a trap. He doesn't care he wants to visit Charlotte. Valentin leaves. Anna calls someone for help but no idea who it is? 

Britt and Cody talking about Peter's Possessions. It's just.. meh. He keeps trying to get her to tell him her 'secret" (Huntington's). Hem..haw... they go to her room at the Metro. It's messy. 


Monday, October 17, 2022

Is It Monday?


AGAIN????? what. Time--whips on by. 

FLORIDA: Don't care. I guess Virginia needs to be moved. Bobbie goes up to talk to Drew.  She's worried about her daughter.  Then she checks in her room. 

Peyton apologizes to Carly.  She's ashamed of her actions. She's just so sorry. They make up. That's about it. 

Drew and Carl talk about Florida. Carly says she was a miserable daughter. Has regrets. 

Mac, Felicia and Scottie talk about Dominique's son... Mac tells Scotty he might be his. Scotty can't understand. They explain about Leopold and Dominique. Scotty has no idea if Dominique had a kid. But he thinks Cody Bell is BAD NEWS! 

Britt and Cody at Kelly's.  Talking about Lack of Texts.  She mentions that she knows Mac might be Cody's daddy.  He doesn't think he's good enough for Mac Scorpio. She's trying to tell him to get the DNA testing done. She talks him into it and called Mac. They'll be getting it done soon. 

Personally I wish Elizabeth was on instead of 1/2 this. 

Anna and Lucy talking about Victor and Victor overhearing.  Lucy basically spills their whole plan. She tells Anna she also told Marty the entire plan. Anna's angry. Lucy says she's doing a great job.  Lucy leaves in a huff and says she won't stop seeing Victor. 

Valentin knocks on Victor's door.  Victor knows something is up. He tells Valentin it's time to "reward him".  Valentin has to leave NOW right NOW to go see Charlotte. On Vic's private plane. 

Lucy goes to Victor's room.. he says 'star of the show" .. 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Eye Spy


This week was unremarkable in many ways. YET, I did love the VAnna spy-nannigans with Lucy and Robert was also in the mix so win-win. Not a lot of movement in anything though and of course, we were interrupted again this week. Poor GH--we will never get our Friday's back on cliff-hanger track!

Grab your Grub and let's GO! 

Friday, October 14, 2022



Bobbie goes to Jacksonville to check on Carly. They have lunch. Drew is in a Aurora meeting. They talk about Peyton. Reeses' accident. Nothing. 

Maxie and Britt talk about Cody.  It was just blabbering about how bad Britt's dates are. Then Sam says she wants to go talk to Cody. 

Cody talks to Dante about Britt. Then about their past. Dante has to go..text from PCPD 

Sam and Spinelli talk about his dating app and his data mining of people. It's boring. 

Anna tells Robert about Eileen ..Deputy Mayor being in cahoots with Victor. Robert isn't happy Lucy was involved. They vow to both get Victor for Luke's murder. 

Victor says he'll take care of Lucy Coe in his own time. Then he goes to visit her at Deception and he brings her a diamond necklace. It's really nice. Oh! Martin walks in. He sees Lucy's jewelry. 

Ok, I just couldn't finish today. That hasn't happened in awhile. zzzzzzzzzzz. They should have followed up with Esme. 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Yesterday's GH


YEP... Esme had Nikolas feel her BELLY!! ooff!!  She's HUGE all of a sudden LOL LOVED He locked her into a Tower!! 

Michael is just so... nothing. blah. Dex also does NOT come off as a mercenary.  He is wanting Sonny to go to prison or get kicked out of the USA NOT because he murdered AJ but--NIXON FALLS? ahahahaha WHAT? 

Joss and Cam in Grunge Flannel.  And SO Disney. And Michael is so DERP, he drops the information about Dex to Cam AHAHHAA. 

Ava and Sonny: SUPERB!! More. Thank You. I love Ava  They were SO GOOD TOGETHER. 

Anna and Val find out about the Deputy Mayor being in on Victor's plan AND Victor finds Lucy's lip gloss LOL 

I Fast Forwarded Carly and Drew. Don't care. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2022



1. He's going to need to make sure that's not a fake bump

2. Did she think the Launch guy wouldn't see her or turn her in when she went to Wyndemere? 

3. How did she know the safe combo? 

4. Nikolas should hide her in one of the back wings of the house

5. I'm out today due to stupid meetings


Tuesday, October 11, 2022



This show is good because yesterday was so boring I went right to the couch and slept for an hour!! LOL When I tweet and blog, I swear I use a lot of brain power (believe it or not) and when it's not exciting I'm DRAGGIN! 

Oh! I forgot to mention Willow!! DOES SHE LOOK GORGEOUS AND NO CANCER whatsoever? wasn't too long ago that she was Zombie-like in her pallor.  I was laughing yesterday because it's like she has nothing at all anymore. BUT DOES-- you know what I mean?? 


Anna's in Robert's office to talk about Luke's death. It's very boring. Then Laura's assistant comes in (who's a plant for Victor). We NEVER SEE her. I mean--WTF. She's been on about 2x in a year! LOL She wants to know why Anna was there. Robert says they are planning a trip to Australia with Emma. 

Ava and Trina at Kelly's..Ava's hair got REALLY LONG in 2 days LOL. Trina says Rory wants to go a comic convention-- and she's not sure if she should go overnight. 

Nikolas catches Esme in the safe. She says: "Hello Lover"!! She taunts Nikolas that she's not dead yet lol. He thinks she's the hooker. She says he knows her better than that. 

Valentin asks Nina to help with Victor for Charlotte. She says she will with no questions asked. He wants to put a bug into Victor's room. 

Lucy comes to Victor's hotel room crying and hugs him. She wants Johan to go give flowers to the memorial service. She needs to get Victor out of his room or something. 

Valentin and Anna listen into Lucy and Victor while they are in the park. 

Dante and Dex. Dante wants to know what happened to him with Sonny. Dex won't tell him. 

Michael and Sonny--Sonny tries to make up with him. Michael is pissy still. It is just the same ol' crap over and OVER AND OVER ... they make headway and then Nina comes in and Michael is like "I'm done". 

DANTE JUST finds out about Oz being killed LOL 


Robert tells Anna to abort the mission and Lucy is still in his room

Esme tells Nik she's pregnant 

TODAY'S SHOW: Crazy all over the place. 

Monday, October 10, 2022



OZ in a body bag. Esme walks down the stairs.-- She says "too bad for you Oz, but good for me". She stands there and looks in her wallet. Its' almost empty so she's going to Wyndemere-- on the FERRY? Esme goes to Wyndemere. 

Victor tells Nikolas he has to divorce Ava. Nikolas remembers her taping his confession on her phone. 

Ava is in getting a check up from Portia . Portia is sad Ava had to close her gallery but they both want Trina safe. Amy tells them Oz was stabbed. Ava leaves GH fast. 

THEN AT WYNDEMERE: Ava gets there and is with Victor and Nikolas 

Curtis is with Jordan. He gets the divorce papers. Now they talk FOREVER about the damn divorce. I'm so sick of it. Jordan gets a call that Oz was killed. 

Dex and Joss at his apartment. He has contour make up on his abs LOL . She has to button his shirt up because his wrists hurt. She wants him to go to the cops. He says no. Yes. No..Yes No. 

BRANDO'S MEMORIAL They do a toast. TJ is there too--sits with Willow. Michael doesn't want to be there so he's being a sulky baby. Not that much happens, really. Lots of hugging and such. Sonny tells Gladys she needs to stay in Port Charles for Sasha. 


Portia figures out the victims are connected to her daughter. 

Nik sees Esme at the safe "who the hell are you"? 

Dante goes to talk to Dex about what Sonny did to him

Sonny wants to make up with Michael 


Sunday, October 9, 2022

Sunday Surgery: The Land of Oz


Although BASEBALL (and yes, I yelled that) interrupted GH on Friday, we still got a whopper of an ending on Thursday.  Hooker strikes again!! The beginning of the week? Still baffling me about editing, time...story choices. You name it. (what else is new?!) 

As I read over the blog, I realize it's pretty brutal. I'm just frustrated at the moment. GH can be so brilliant one day and so.. damn confusing the next. Just being honest here. 

Grab what you got and let's go go ! 

Thx to @Here4Sprina for the photo 

Friday, October 7, 2022

Highlights From Yesterday's Show

 NO GH TODAY--- BASEBALL So I watched HULU for yesterday 

Yesterday's GH .. 

WU! yeah!! And Cody says he doesn't want to cheat at cards? UM..why ahahahahaa. OKAY. 

Liz/Finn...Terry and Yuri! Seeing Chase sing.  So don't care about Liz/Finn and I'm so angry this story has Finn's dead wife in it.  Yuri has a bearded dragon too. 

OZ is on with Jordan and Robert. OMG he was a lawyer?? NICE!! I'm glad Robert was on. 

How the hell did Esme get into the PRISON AT NIGHT? AHAHHAHAA.  She says she has a Ryan going to be a Grandpa?  Hm, guess we will see. She doesn't tell us her plan. 

Chases' song was good but singing on soaps is SO not my thing. 

OH! Oz is down!! HOOK strikes again! 

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Meeting For Me! So Sorry!


There's no new GH tomorrow due to A BASEBALL GAME (no comment) so I'll watch today's show then. I have a meeting at 2:30 so I couldn't watch most of it anyway. 

Hope you are having fun and I hope Carly's story is OVER SOON. I hope Kristina gets a lot of airtime and I hope the killer is surprising. Liz's whole tale better shake a leg as well! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Get To the Graveyard


Um, Willow still has cancer LOL. Totally forgot about her. TJ thinks she needs to push her schedule down. He says she's scaring him with her choices. 

Ava leaves Ryan-- tells him she's going to get another neuro exam for him from Kevin. Later, Ryan has a dream where he tells Ava about Esme being his daughter and he's going to take her hostage. 

Ava then goes to have lunch with Trina. Esme is stalking them outside of Kelly's and overhears Ava talking about Ryan. 

Ava then goes to Sonny and wants to put in a good word for Dex. 

Nina talks to Curtis about next year's nurses ball at the Metro. Um..wasn't Chase singing at The Savoy?? Huh? Whatever. Nina's still in her dress from forever ago. 

Oh Nina sees TJ and Willow hug after she thanks him. Nina's like "Look who's having an affair now"! 

Joss wants to call the cops on Sonny about Dex.  Dex says no. Joss says he's stupid and walks out. Dex follows her. Michael is disgusted with his dad. He leaves. Sonny asks the goon 'What with the knives"?? AHAHHAHA, um, didn't Sonny want him tortured? Oh! Turns out no!! Sonny had NO IDEA that guy had knives and he's damn lucky he didn't cut Dex up in 'his name"!! OMG!! ahahahahaa. 

Crew is talking to some  reporter in Florida about the graves. They are putting it on the news but the reporter warns that 'people won't be happy".  The reporter is real from the local ABC station. They talk about Virginia some more. Carly thinks she should change her name from Corinthos to something new. 

Michael goes to Dex's apartment (it's Chases' but gray) ... Michael wants to fire him. Dex says no. They talk and Michael says ok. BUT Stay AWAY FROM JOSS. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Day of The Hoodie


Diane is awake and Robert goes in to talk to her. 

Sonny tells Dante he will GET JUSTICE FOR DIANE!  Diane wants to talk to Sonny to see if she can get the timeline clear. Robert gets him. They talk and Diane remembers some stuff but then Dex over her when she is stabbed. She remembers tho that her attacker was a woman. 

Joss is at Pouzzol's and the "chef" (goon) guy stops her from going in back. Dex is still hanging from his hook and singing the Star Spangled Banner to keep awake. Goonie sends Joss away. She leaves in a huff. 

Carly is at her high school "John F Kennedy" and says it's where her "Life changed forever". Talks about the day Reese and her girlfriends ditched her and she yelled "I hope you crash and burn" and they did just that.  2 died and one was in a coma (Reese).  Drew comforts her. Carly says Reese turned on her because she slept with her father.  Yada yada.. not her fault because she was so young but she didn't stop it. 

Ava visits Ryan in his cell. Says she think he might be faking it. She tells him about all the hookings . He thinks in his mind that "he's the only one that should be hooking her"--ergo, it's not him. doing it.  She says "are you waiting for Esme"??  She says that she thinks Esme was obsessed with him. Ryan talks more in his head to her. She says "But Esme is gone". 

Valentin tells Michael he wants to have him back at ELQ full time. Valentin is busy with other stuff and Michael can run ELQ the best. Joss comes in, Valentin leaves. She thinks Sonny has Dex in the restaurant and Michael needs to help her save him.  They go to the restaurant and Michael gets all mean to the goonie guy.  They convince him if he doesn't let them search, they are calling the police and he'll go down. So, anyway, Joss saves Dex. 

Nikolas is told by Victor he's going to divorce Ava. Nikolas says no. Valentin pops up and has the letter he wrote Ava and Victor yells at Nikolas. 


Nikolas agrees to divorce Ava because Victor threatens her life

ESME pops up at the end of the show. It's probably not even her, it's the DA chick that's mad she lost the trial or something. 

Monday, October 3, 2022

How's JAIL Treating Ya?



Joss and Trina are in Charlie's...they can't find Dex on any social media platform. He's still "missing". Trina wants to know why she cares so much anyway. Joss hedges. Trina tells her about the Gallery being closed. 

Dante goes to Pozzluo's to see Sonny and ask where Dex is...Next Kristina comes in and asks about him because she doesn't like her new bodyguard. Sonny says she'll take who he gives her. She says she won't. Oh she's sassy.  WATCH THAT SCENE! LOL she and Dante compare mothers!! 

Liz and Greg talk about Reiko. Greg says they weren't really  talking when Reiko died. That's about it for that. 

Finn, Robert and Alexis await news of Diane. Finn tells them she is doing ok, not awake yet but not going to die.  Liz and Finn go check her vitals. Alexis thanks Greg for waiting with her. Then Sonny walks up and Alexis introduces Greg to him. 

Sasha goes to see Maxie and they hug. Sasha needs an outfit to wear for Brando's funeral. She only has the one she wore to Liam's. Maxie will help her out. Maxie gets an outfit for her. She tells her that it won't be easy but Sasha will get through this. She did when Nathan died. 

Carly and Drew :eyeroll: she wakes up and he had gone running. They talk about sleeping and techniques to sleep better. No I am not joking. Oh then they get breakfast in the room and he comes out of the shower in a towel. Oh brother.  He got her an interview with the local news station. 

Spencer gets hit by that guy in jail (he looks just like Brando). Anyway, finally Cyrus shows up and saves Spence. Spencer thinks it's a set up. Cyrus wanted to be able to "save" him. Cyrus says they are family. Spencer is like "I don't care". 


Joss goes to see Sonny and sees that goonie guy with the big knife instead

Robert and Dante list the clues to the killer: Sonny, Jingling noise and no bloody clothes. 

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Rough Around The Edges


Quite a bit to dish up this week for sure. One note: People can't figure out if it's sweater weather or still hot and humid in Port Charles !! Wardrobe was all over the place.  Speaking of all over the place, the editing gave me a headache this week almost as much as the jumbled pacing. 

So, grab your grub and let's go! 


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...