Monday, October 24, 2022

In Your Trunk ...


ADA Arden talks to Jordan and says Robert Scorpio will have to recuse himself. She leaves. Mac and Jordan talk about Anna being set up. They realize Anna was the target, not really Lucy. 

Anna goes through her trunk again, flashes back to seeing herself "shoot" Lucy.  She puts everything back in the trunk. Dante comes up and tells her about Holly. She's just about to leave and ADA comes out with a cop to SEARCH HER TRUNK!! 

Anna's brought into the station. Mac and Jordan are mad. Dante tells Anna he'll fix this and leaves. There was a gun and clothes. 

Scotty and Felicia see Holly sitting with Robert at The Metro Court. They all hug. Holly says she can't remember the past 2 years. (she's lying)... Victor comes in. Holly plays dumb: Oh, whos' that?? Um.. he's a Cassadine? really???? They tell her Luke died and they think Victor did it. 

OH GOD the CREW Scenes are STILL GOING ON.. :eyeroll: they are still on the cliff. Carly's afraid to go back to Port Charles because it might "Change Them". SORRY DONNA!! lol OMG AND IT'S GOING ON AND ON. 

Sasha has to have another guardian appointed by the court says Martin. Sonny and Nina are supporting her. Martin says neither Sonny or Nina can be it because of their criminal records. Gladys pops in to say she'll do it! 


They are searching Anna's house now 

Anna's arrested

Holly slaps Victor 

Tomorrow:  Cam and Liz are on together! 


  1. Thank goodness for FF. I don't think I can watch a minute of the new "super couple". What a waste of time.
    It is so good to have the old timers on with a story. Regardless.
    Who the heck is this ADA? Not only do ADA's not act like this one, she is not a very good actor. I motion for her to get the hook next. If that story continues someday.

    1. I think she'll have to be the hook? and WHY ISN'T MOLLY in there? She was on for a minute for Trina's Trial now..nothing

  2. Holly is in on it (brainwashed) cause it's SO obvious she knew Victor and the slap was planned.....he will say later 'well-played my dear'.......
    Crew fans - PLEASE help me care-----they just aren't doing it for me...I guess when he finds out Carly knows the truth about Willow and lied to HIM he will leave her ---cause we ALL know in 2023 Sonny and Carly will get back together.
    beyond stupid Anna searched her car in the freakin' parking lot------the whole thing is ridiculous....including Anna's home and security system.....
    WHY wouldn't Mac think Alexis or mask? SURELY Robert will?
    but I love CS so he can't get caught soon or he would leave the show- WHERE IS LAURA?
    I like this Gladys but feel it's not gonna go well with her being in charge of money....
    Michael Knight - solid gold and for a moment I wondered about him and Sasha down the road????
    Vets are so good!

    1. "Mufasa says the slap was planned.....he will say later 'well-played my dear'......."

      Hmm someone on twitter said the exact same thing when Wubs was live tweeting.. Was that you?! :)

    2. "mufasa says, DING DING"

      :O *GASP* THAT'S YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    3. you are so right about holly. obvious

  3. A lot of funny one liners today.

    Jacksonville Florida:

    Crew: I love them, but It went on for way too long. I mean the scenery is beautiful, but man it's so windy!

    Port Chuckles:


    Sona ninny nanny goat, Sasha, Marty, and Gladys: Nah Sona Ninny nanny goat isn't going to be Sasha's guardian. No way! The Tribbles could be the guardians.. Or Badger Bob!!! Yup it was so obvious that Gladys would be the guardian! Poor Marty! I just want to hug him. I'm glad Sasha hugged him! Awwwww! :) Nina thinks Sasha like a daughter awwww! :) Hey! Where is Lucy? Is she at Nixon falls? It would be great if she was! :)

    Parking lot:

    Anna, ADA Arden, cop, and Dante: Why didn't Anna get rid of the evidence in her car?!?!! The look on Dante's face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Police station:

    Mac and Jordan: Mac wins the line of the day.

    Jordan: So she went looking for evidence to prove it.

    Mac: Obviously.

    BAHAHAHAHA! Mac knows the score. :) Uh wait Mac, have you set up the DNA test yet or have you been too busy?

    Mac, Jordan, Anna, Dante, and ADA Arden: Uh huh. Arden is SO in on this!!! I bet she is working for Victor. I'm so glad Dante is on Anna's side!!! Robert better fire Arden!

    Metrocourt lounge:

    Holly, Robert, Scotty, and Felicia: REUNION! :D Emma Samms is sitting down again.. :( I just want to hug her. :(

    Holly and VIctor: That was a great slap, but are they working together? :)

    Scotty and Victor: When Scotty put his drink down, I thought he was going to punch Victor.. Too bad he didn't! :)

    Victor on the phone: Who is Victor talking to? It's not ADA Arden. Hey wait a minute. You are not threatening the Tribbles to do your dirty work are you Victor?

  4. Carly and Drew are just laughable. The whole thing is mindnumbing. I could forgive the California cliffs if the setup was good...but it's not. I get that Carly wants to move on. There's no there "there". Cameron Mathison is a game show host. But marketing loves him and the focus groups love him. Could you see Billy Miller playing this?
    On the other hand, who didn't get excited to see four 80s superstars at one table! Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms, Kristina Wagner, Kin Shriner...and then that Charles Shaughnessy interloper from Days of Our Lives enters the scene lol. Charles is a devilish baddie. I still dont get what's the point of Gladys if they've ruined her character and made her "normal." Loved it a lot better when she was a tacky money grubber and a pain in Sonny's rear end. Now it's like she's a model mom, clothes and all.

    1. I LOVED having the 4 vets at one table. I bet their hugs were hugs of joy and they were all glad to see each other again IRL.

  5. The Carly and Drew scenes are painful to watch. I ended up fast-forwarding through them. ABC, find Cameron Mathison a role on a primetime show and be done with it.

  6. maybe crew will fall off the cliff

  7. All through the Carly and Drew scenes I kept thinking that the writers were trying to make them look romantic, but instead they came across as nauseating. The whole Jacksonville story was stupid and if it's purpose was to get them together officially, there are many other ways they could have done that. The only good thing about the whole storyline was Linda Purl.

    1. the dialog yesterday was TERRIBLE IMO--SO SO . Hallmark circa 1989

  8. He is on a Hallmark mystery series and some movies always plays the same type. BORING

  9. Also the majority of posts on this blog find the whole storyline ridiculous

    1. and SOD did a poll on Twitter----82 percent hate Crew pairing

  10. All I could think of during those "Hallmark" moments is that they left the ash receptacle behind on the beach. Litter bugs.


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