Monday, October 31, 2022

Bingo Bango Bongo


SO, both Jeff and Carolyn see Liz...Carolyn hugs her but Liz doesn't hug back. They talk about the boys. She's angry they follow them on social media. She lays into them for dropping her with the neighbors and then having to run to Audrey's. They decided not to come after her because she was 'safe". Liz asks why they didn't give up Doctors without Borders and raise their kids! She blasts them for missing her graduations, her kids births... Jake dying and coming back, Franco dying. GOOD DIALOG, please watch as I can't keep up.  Liz says it's all a waste of airfare and goes to leave. 

Anna's going to be arraigned today. Scotty, Martin, Felicia and Victor are all there. 

Felicia calls Valentin while he's visiting Charlotte and tells him Anna was arrested. Felicia tells him that Anna said to stay there. 

Holly and Robert are all cute when he brings her breakfast and she helps him with his tie.  They go to Anna's court date. 

Meanwhile at court...the ADA asks for no bail. The judge is kinda mean. 

Valentin is visiting Charlotte..he talks to Felicia and then he and Charlotte are going out for hot cocoa. 

Heather is causing everyone to be in shock at GH LOL. Olivia's crying, Alexis is like "WHY is SHE out"?? Finn is aghast. Olivia and Alexis fill him in on all of Heather's deeds. Finn has to go in and Heather is yelling for a bed pan. She recognizes his name as the guy that got with that "SLUT" Elizabeth Webber before My Franco's body was cold. Heather has some sort of bacteria that can eat her alive. Heather taunts Finn about Anna and Liz. He wants to know how she sneaked out of the jail.  He ends up giving her a sedative LOL. 

Alexis and Greg talk about liking each other...sort of. They talk about the paper and Jackie..being reporters yada yada. 


Laura is dressed as a nun and saves Valentin!

Elizebeth goes back into her parents house to get answers

Heather isn't knocked out from that sedative. 



  1. Wow! I loved that ending!! Go Laura! Couldn't have been a better pick.

    And I guess Heather has built up a healthy tolerance to sedatives. lol they must put her out every day to shut her up. lol I was hoping Finn was given her some medical fertilizer to speed up that flesh eating disease. hehehehe

    The pacing was great. I hope they keep this up. I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow's episode too. I'm hoping they bring Spinelli in soon to check that video.

    And is anyone wondering if there'll be an attempt on Anna's life in remand?

    I'll leave the quote of the day to Sonya. I'm sure the Heather's quote will be included.

    1. "Di says, Wow! I loved that ending!! Go Laura! Couldn't have been a better pick."

      I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      "And I guess Heather has built up a healthy tolerance to sedatives. lol they must put her out every day to shut her up. lol"

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! I haven't thought about that, but I think you are right! :)

      "I was hoping Finn was given her some medical fertilizer to speed up that flesh eating disease. hehehehe"


      "I'll leave the quote of the day to Sonya."


      "I'm sure the Heather's quote will be included."

      Oh it's included alright! She cracked me up!!!!

  2. So many funny one liners today!!!!!


    V.C. on the phone with Felicia: Awwww! I know V.C. really wants to be with Anna! :( Yeah listen to Anna! Stay with your daughter!!!! :)

    V.C. and Charlie: Awwwwwwwwww! :)

    V.C. and Charlie's bodyguard: Oooooo! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!

    V.C. and SURPRISE: LAURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (I'm saying it the way Luke said it when he first saw Laura alive. :) YAY!!!!

    Montery California/Webber home:

    Liz, Jeff and Caroline: GREAT SCENE! GO LIZ GO! Man she made me cry.. Jeff telling her what do you want from us.. SHUT UP JEFF! Don't ruin the scene you jerk. I haven't forgotten that you left Terry at the coffee house! GRRRRRRRRRRRR! When Liz was leaving, and then she came back, I recognized the house! It's Portia's old house!!!

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Finchy, Olivia, and Alexis: Olivia and Alexis were both funny!

    Alexis: Good God who let her out?!


    Olivia: She shot me up with LSD!


    Alexis and Gregory: Is he going to ask her out on a date or what?

    Finchy and Gregory: Great scene. I'm glad Finchy is listening to Cam!!!!! :D

    Finchy and Heather: Okay Heather wins all the lines of the day! She wins the scene of the day.. I'm giving her all the awards and accolades! The actress nails Heather!!! She is killing it!!!

    Heather: My kingdom for a cammode!!! Your the one that slut Elizabeth Webber took up with barely 5 minutes after my Franco was cold!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And she just goes on and on and on hahaahhahhaahaha! The actress is a perfect fit for Heather. Oh so Heather DOES know that BobTodd is dead.

    Robert's hotel room:

    Robert and Holly: Awwwwwwwww! Such a sweet scene. They are sitting down and she is tying his tie sitting down.. It just makes me sad and I just want to hug Emma Samms!

    Robert: You're trying to fix me already.


    Jail cell:

    Anna and Jordan:

    Jordan: Anna it's an arraignment not an execution.


    The arraignment: Yes! Scotty did love Lucy!!!!! Oooo that ADA is working for Victor isn't she? Is the judge working for Victor too? I'm glad Anna has all her friends with her.

    Sidenote: I miss Caaaaaaaaarlos. :( *Sigh* Whenever I miss him, I watch him on GH on youtube.

    1. You missed the line of the day I liked best, sonya. ( You know I couldn't let this one

      Finn: You're going to feel a little prick.
      Heather: Story of my life.

    2. "Di says, You missed the line of the day I liked best, sonya.

      Finn: You're going to feel a little prick.
      Heather: Story of my life."

      Oh shoot! Yeah I did forget that.. That was a great line too!!! ROFL!

      "(You know I couldn't let this one"

      Of course!!!! ROFL!

    3. OH! I forgot to mention that there was very good continuity with Liz and her parents, when Liz talked about how she was dropped off with the neighbors to stay with them. Then she ran away to be with gram!!! YES VERY GOOD CONTINUITY! :D Oh but then Liz talked about her son being a good painter because of his step dad! Uh no Liz!!! Your son got the painting gene from YOU! Since YOU are a painter!!! Oy!

    4. The GH writers don't do their homework. Liz was a painter for many years. Just became a nurse because of the hospital theme of GH. And supposedly needed money

    5. I thought she'd give herself credit too, but then thought she was trying to deny any connection between Jake and her parents DNA. Thought it was a dig at them.

    6. Oh dear Lord, Alley Mills was a hoot! The dialog was hysterical, and I was crying. All her lines were lines of the day, lol! And Alexis's delivery of "Good God who let her out?" was spot on. She made me laugh out loud! I was thinking good old Victor has something to do with Heather's flesh eating disease. Another distraction for Robert and company.

      Liz also was fantastic. She ran thru 30 years of her character in 2 minutes. I loved it!

      I was very surprised and thrilled that it was Laura who took out Victor's guy, with the candle stick in the chapel. (Hey, it's a game of Clue, lol!) Go Laura!

  3. Alley Mills is a hoot, but really, this isn't how old GH fans remember Heather from the late 70s and 80s. Heather was a lot more subtle in how she delivered her lethal lines...not too unlike Esme...kind of like the Bad Seed's Rhoda Penmark. I suppose over time Heather has just decided what the eff and no longer has any desire to hold anything in or to pretend otherwise. Jeff and Carolyn...For globetrotting doctors...their home didn't look "collected". It looked like Pottery Barn. You'd think they'd have all these global treasures from all their travels. Jeff was dressed like a soccer dad. I'm willing to wait to see how this unfolds. There has to be a plausible reason why they've stayed away all these years. just know she's going to escape the hospital.

    1. Old Timers from 50 years ago aren't going to complain about this I'm sure. She's doing a good job and we don't expect her to be the same.

      The home didn't look "collected"? Take it from me, if you're on the go in third world countries you don't manage to collect and drag too many things around the world with you. Nit picking about knick knacks.

    2. Diana, I am an old-timer, too and I get what you're saying about Heather. She was never this outright psychotic and over-the-top. She was actually just the opposite, cunning and calculating, pretending to be naive, but plotting behind people's backs.

      But, the writers changed Heather completely the first time Robin Mattson came back, and the character has just been written more and more insane every time since then. So, I'll just go along with the ride.

    3. i dont think anyone can hold a candle to robin mattson. she is a legend. i agree this version is different, but i like where she is going with this and the potential for great scenes, so like Zak, i'm going along for the ride and very happy that the character is back.

    4. Willing to give her a chance. She's at least entertaining. IMHO Mary O’Brien was underrated and never got the accolades she deserved for her frantic portrayal of Heather. Fans always think it was Tony Geary who saved GH from getting the axe but Luke was still a nothing in ‘78 and the 1st half of ‘79. The two stories that brought GH’s ratings up were Lesley sacrificing herself to save Laura from the charge of murdering David Hamilton AND Heather gaslighting longtime favorite Diana Taylor. Say what you want about Mary, but I can tell you that fans were riveted by her edgy, fragile portrayal of a woman desperate to get her baby back. We talked about it every day in school. Cher’s sister also played a good Heather and while Mary didn’t have the force-to-be-reckoned-with performances of Robin Mattson, it really worked in the character’s favor. Heather wasn’t the sly confident schemer that Robin portrayed. Mary’s Heather was written as the girl-next-door who was forever flying by the seat of her pants, winging every spur of the moment lie and every last minute maneuver in increasingly desperate attempts to keep her husband and get back the child she gave away. Mary was PERFECT for THAT Heather. With her flawless skin and big baby doll blue eyes, she looked like a sweet innocent girl who couldn’t have possibly connived to drive her best friend crazy. It's fascinating to me that a character that was 19 years old when introduced in 1976 is still driving story almost 50 years later.

    5. I too am hoping that these writers don't make Heather a cartoon character villain. Hopefully she will settle in if she's around that long.

  4. wondering if they are REALLY Liz's parents????? plot twist since they don't seem to care about her....
    agree about new Heather - she is great but Heather WAS subtle and quiet.....if she IS the hooker she will escape GH and Cam is in trouble-------and like Karen said only would she care if Esme is her daughter ---------------TOTALLY rewriting history ----- Ryan said he and Esme's mom were in love................if he is attacked and she is still in the hospital, I see no reason for her to be back???????
    Laura is back - WOOHOO!!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. WHAT? I wasn't even negative......

    3. Mufasa, you can't please every person all the time. Take it with a grain of salt. ☺

  5. Hasn't Laura killed two people via cranial hemmorrage? David Hamilton, whom she pushed into the fireplace, where he broke his skull. And then, Rick Webber`s mistress Theresa Carter, whom Laura whacked upset her head with a camera (?) and killed her.

    I'm surprised that she would whack that guy in the head with a candlestick like that. But, I'm glad she did.

  6. Mufasa I'm interested in your opinions. You are entitled to what u think. I am 68 years old and have watched since high school. Alley Mills did a good job but to me Robin Mattson is Heather Webber.

  7. I have a feeling that Heather is the hook killer with her flesh eating bacteria lol. But why or how?? Or she's another red herring. IDK

    1. I hope it's her and not one of the characters I like. It will be odd, and a little random, if she's not involved in something that's going on.

    2. I had that feeling too. IMO it is a cop out to bring someone in to be the perp in an already ongoing mystery.

  8. Late comment and praise for Rebecca Herbst. The past couple of days have been great and she has been stellar. Why she's not in the forefront more is beyond me. In the show's defense, they might have wanted to wait until sweeps to showcase this...explaining the terrible pacing of this story. Maybe there was a contract issue also early on? And maybe they were holding out that they'd get Robin Mattson back. In any event, it's a story 25 years overdue in telling. It's sad though that Rachel Ames' Audrey won't be able to partake in any reunion with Jeff or even Elizabeth. It was nice to see her photo on the mantle but I thought it was odd they didn't have a photo of John Beradino.

  9. I thought Alley did a really good job. Maybe being in a mental facility for so long might have caused Heather to act differently but I liked seeing her. Becky was phenomenal and the casting is right on for her parents. Loved the Laura surprise and can't wait until Victor gets his comeuppance one of these days. So many vets in one show !

  10. I thought she was good too. And I'm sure we're going to find she's been exaggerating things to get what she wants- hopefully part of an escape plan. That being said, I'd love to see a scene with her and the unflappable Victor, while she's in full "crazy" mode. That would be good for more than a few laughs.

    And the Laura surprise was such a great infusion of joy. I can't imagine anyone not liking it. As others have Laura in the chapel with a candlestick. This is a game I'd love to play.

    So many vets, and some great recasts.. I loved it.


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