Sunday, October 9, 2022

Sunday Surgery: The Land of Oz


Although BASEBALL (and yes, I yelled that) interrupted GH on Friday, we still got a whopper of an ending on Thursday.  Hooker strikes again!! The beginning of the week? Still baffling me about editing, time...story choices. You name it. (what else is new?!) 

As I read over the blog, I realize it's pretty brutal. I'm just frustrated at the moment. GH can be so brilliant one day and so.. damn confusing the next. Just being honest here. 

Grab what you got and let's go go ! 

Thx to @Here4Sprina for the photo 

I don't think the editors or continuity people even care anymore. I do try HARD not to notice but when time is so warped and creeps along at SUCH a snail's pace, you tend to concentrate on that sort of thing. Diane's stabbing aftermath has been exactly 12-15 hours in soap time. Ava managed to change (Nina did not) and get to see Ryan. It was just all wonky and it bothered me. Plus, not for nothing but when something takes SIX-SEVEN business days to tell and it's only hours in soap time? I need a damn drink. 

JUDGEMENT OF THE WEEK:  Well... Nina's getting an eye full!! TJ is comforting Willow about her being all pregnant and having cancer (a story that comes and goes like everything else on the show). Nina harasses Willow, thinking she's having an affair. MANY people on Twitter were angry with Nina but not yours truly! NOPE!! Anything and I mean ANYTHING to make this story more interesting, I'm all in. Plus, Nina's her mom (something I forget from time to time) and it will make it even better when the truth comes out. 

SHAFT OF THE WEEK:  There she is--looking all stunning. Finally getting a story and.. and.. it's going to be about Finn's dead wife, Reiko. I can imagine she was going to have his baby and lost it when she was pushed down the stairs. This is another example of stories moving at a glacial rate. Liz' "episodes" have been happening for so long and so interrupted, I can't even feel any tension with this whole thing.  Did Elizabeth get to go visit her childhood places? No. Is her sister around???  Dad?  What happened to her fits of fugue state? ? Where are Cam, Jake and Aiden?  

SPEAKING OF NO TENSION OF THE WEEK:  Here is another story that's just flat as the Florida Pan Handle. Lord save us all. The backstory of Carly was actually told before in great detail. Most fans remember them (quite a few if you look at Twitter). Carly's High School was Robert Kennedy. It was destroyed in a flood. She wouldn't call Reese, "Reese" like she does because she didn't use that name when they were BFFs. Linda Purl is suddenly gone (the only fun-factor in the whole thing) and is replaced by---DREW. Who has Jason's memories so why doesn't he know all this? Then there's the fact of Virginia's grave being moved. Let's be honest. Carly would not give a damn about that. 

DNA OF THE WEEK: I'll say it: Without the Taggart factor, this is just a dud. It's 2022. Just tell the damn truth. Plus, I totally think Stella should be the DNA hunter OR Trina doing her own DNA for a class. Now they are making some angst  between Trina and Curtis because you know, "tension".  It feels like this story was written in the early 80's. 

WAKE UP OF THE WEEK: Diane is up and ready to tell everyone that Hooker had on jangly bracelets and was a woman. She thinks she's seen her before but??  I think she's the DA Lady, angry she lost the case. Esme? Too easy. 

MINISTRY OF THE WEEK:  Someone else that saved the day for me was Cyrus! He 'saves" Spencer and reminds us all that he's his uncle.  Spouting the gospel is his thing now as well as trying to guide Spencer a bit. Watching Jeff K and Nicholas together was a treat.  If Spencer has to be in jail, let it be with this guy. 

HUG OF THE WEEK: Speaking of time, Brando's funeral seems to be taking an age but then again, it's probably only been 2 days since he died in Port Charles time. Maxie picked out an outfit for Sasha to wear to the memorial. Nice scene. Maxie then popped right over to watch Chase sing so she's not too worried about her friend I don't think. 

SING SONG OF THE WEEK:  Brook Lynn was temp casted for a day but the gal that has filled in multiple times for her. (Like the rotating temp Michael!) Anyway, Chase FINALLY sings at The Savoy and while it's nice, it's also Disney-esque with the dancing in the background. So wholesome. (I'm so jaded). BUT! He may get his police job back soon and while I'm sorry for Brook, I'll be happier than hell if he just returns to the PCPD. BTW, if they were famboozling Linc, shouldn't he have been there? 

ESME OF THE WEEK: We all knew it was happening. SO many people went off that parapet and lived it's not funny. What IS a little funny is that she said she ended up in Canada. That's true, Lake Ontario goes straight over. We had a ferry at one point. So.. if a 'fisherman' picked her up then who knows? She could have been enjoying Tim Horton's this whole time. She skulked around and listened to the whole hooker story outside of Kelly's. She swore to Daddy she didn't hook Ava. There's a plan afoot and I'm thinking it's going to be in the form of a Cassadine heir. Is she faking it or is she really PG? Only time will tell. 

AVA OF THE WEEK: I'm including this because Maura and Jon just did their magic. She's great no matter what. Ava is suspect of Ryan and Esme. We also got a nice fake-out dream sequence from Ryan. (with a kiss!!) -win. 

HOOKED OF THE WEEK: Oz , who we find out is actually an attorney, got his immunity. Then Oz made the mistake of walking on the fog-filled docks all alone. WHAM! You're dead. Oz, we hardly knew ye. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Oh, Lexi is just so awesome in every scene she's in. Sassy and Brassy and holding her own with anyone in the room. The exchange between her, Dante and Sonny was so natural and so flowing, it was a joy to watch. GH said she's on more and that had better be true. She could totally be in Sonny's "importing" business. Faith Roscoe #2? 

BTICH OF THE WEEK:   Austin was last shown Sept 28th with a needle ready to do something to some guy with Mason also in the room. WTF. WHAT THE ... !!! This "story" is just driving me insane. WHY DO YOU HAVE AUSTIN on chasing after Mason who's chasing after Ava at the Q picnic then never follow up? Why does he pop up weeks later with Mason and a needle and just MIGHT BE DOING something interesting and we don't see the end of it? Are you trying to create tension or make us curious? Welp. NO.  By the time we see Austin again, I will not care.

PROP OF THE WEEK: I want those milkshakes. I'm also liking Trina being a bit feisty. College does that to you! 


Victor makes Nikolas divorce Ava. Valentin got the note he wrote confessing to Esme's "Murder" 

Valentin thinks Nina might help with the Victor situation

Diane wakes up; says a woman attacked her

Esme is back and visits her Daddy 

Spencer gets advice from Cyrus

Cody goes to throw a poker game for Selina Wu

Chase sings at The Savoy 

Trina is angry with Curtis for interfering with her future

Ava visits Ryan 

Sasha needs some clothes, goes to Maxie for help

Terry and Yuri are getting along well. Yuri has a bearded dragon. Finn is thrilled 

Liz tries to get more information about Reiko 

Jordan and Robert work together to try to solve The Hooker

Nina sees TJ and Willow embrace; thinks the worst 

Sonny lets Dex go, Dex won't press charges. Joss is pissed 

Michael is pissed 

Kristina wants Dex back as her bodyguard. And is pissed 

Carly and Drew get the media in on the graveyard thing. Carly remembers her past 

NEWS OF THE WEEK: Another cast member to add to the roster!!  Alley Mills of The Wonder Years Fame (ok, she was on BB but I don't watch that!!) is on her way to GH .  Her role is a "mystery". I'm hoping she'll play Liz's mama but she'll probably end up being Carly's Aunt June or something. (that was mean lol but I REALLY hope she's related to Liz!!). Another rumor is that she's Esme's old nanny. 

January 6th hearings will interrupt GH on October 13th. 

Looking back at individual scenes from last week, GH had some great moments. I'm feeling like with SO many characters we miss beats. Scenes are really, really short. Where's Dr O? Scott? Lucy is suddenly gone. Spoilers say Valentin wants Nina to basically 'replace' her in the Victor trap. I miss Martin and Phyllis.  Molly? Where are you?  She should have seen TJ and Willow not Nina!  I know Genie will be back but-- I thought it was sooner than now. Holly's on her way. 

I do love the GH community and it's our SHOW!!  I just want the journey to be a bit more exciting and cohesive. That's all!!  See you next week!! 


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Oz said he wanted to go to school to pass the bar exam. I don't think he's actually an attorney yet although he told Jordan and Robert that he would act as his own attorney if need be. we know yet that he's dead?

    I loved the obvious "shower curtain" ad-lib by Michael Easton about Chase's pants. It made Cyrus Hobbi (Yuri) nearly break character and laugh. (See it on @ghgifs.)

    I'm surprised you wrote nothing about Dex on a meat hook. 😁

    1. I thought he told Jordan that he had graduated in the top of his class.

    2. He did graduate so I thought he was still a lawyer but you're right-- and the Dex thing? He got off the hook and last week it was all about him LOL So--

  2. "Oz we hardly knew ya" Loved Ava and Ryan's scenes. I especially loved his sarcastic mind talk.

    I'd like to see more of Spencer and Cyrus too. Cyrus trying to get him to "see the light" could be very entertaining, whether he's faking it or not. And the "old testament " comeback leads me to think we might get some action there too.

    Frank, I laughed at that shower curtain come-back too. I was sure it was an ad-lib beause Yuri was trying so hard not to laugh. lol I guess sometimes the actors are as bored as we are. lol

    Thanks again for a great SS. And brutally honest is always good.

  3. Thanks for another great SS!
    Cyrus and Spencer, Ava and Ryan were the week's highlights. And a little bit of Oz.
    The editing and the timing problems on GH are sometimes overwhelming. I don't understand why they don't see it. I have wondered before...don't they even watch it to see how things are working or not?
    Maybe there will be multiple hooksters. A new cult?
    Chase should be a cop.
    The Liz/Finn story is a mess. Seems out of control with no end in sight.
    I really like Trina but they are trying to change her character. Wardrobe included. Why do they change so many characters. "If it ain't broken...".

    1. out of control is SUCH a great way to describe it all

  4. I don't understand. I haven't watched always lately. If Oz is a lawyer or law student WHY does he look like a crazy bum? I'm confused

    1. He's woke. lol Pushing against the establishment. hehe He's a black market criminal so he's probably blending in better with the people he's selling to. Don't want to llok like a lawyer or cop.

  5. He's a jailhouse lawyer.. he said he was reading law books in jail and maybe he would take the bar

    1. Birth name Henry Haggerty

      Education Graduated from Unnamed law school
      Bartender at The Highsider
      Black market dealer

  6. I am reasoning that he was making good money selling his illegal phones instead of pursuing being a lawyer.

  7. As Di said, brutally honest SS and I loved it. So many stories, pacing is off, characters not seen for ages. It really is a mess sometimes. GH is very lucky to have so many outstanding actors and actresses. It keeps me in the game. That and the one liners, lol!

  8. A great SS.
    I wish GH would get it together and move it along. The pacing is ridiculous and the way they jump from story to story, why oh why. Either commit to the story or drop it, when you don't show characters for weeks how are we suppose to remember what your trying to push.
    Austin--it was getting interesting again then of course they drop it, by the time they bring it back will we care.
    Liz--once again her story is still not about her and GH doesn't care
    Yuri--did we ever find out what happened to him and missing Monica?
    Esme--if she is pregnant it doesn't mean it's Nik's, obviously they plan to keep her around so she isn't the hooker.
    Joss--listen to Trina, she is giving you the same advice you gave her about Spencer so why won't you listen. When she breaks Cam's heart which it looks like where we are headed who will he end up with.
    I wish GH would tighten up there stories and move it along, this snails pace is killing everything. Also stop wasting time in Florida, Carly could care less about Virginia and since Drew has Jason's memories why does he need to be told everything again?

    1. Missing Monica indeed--WHERE OH WHERE is Monica? If Leslie wants to leave the show, at least honor the character, don't pretend she never existed. She is the Quartermaine matriarch, and her absence needs to be explained.

    2. Try leaving a message on Frank's twitter account or Chris Van Etten's.

    3. I did a search under Leslie Charleson. Found this: In May 2022, Nancy Lee Grahn said on Instagram that Charleson had a fall and will be out for a while but she will return.

      Maybe just keep up with the news under her name and you will see any updates. Chgeck with the writers about mentioning her name.

    4. Chris isn't on twitter. Frank never listens LOL

    5. True. Although I'm sure in the past he's picked up a few things from this blog.

  9. And it looks like we can't say for sure if Rory is leaving. It says at least on episode. That doesn't mean he has to give up GH.

    1. "Di says, And it looks like we can't say for sure if Rory is leaving. It says at least on episode. That doesn't mean he has to give up GH."

      Well if he isn't leaving GH then good. I don't want him to go I like him!

  10. I keep changing my mind but I am going BACK to the assistant DA being the attacker - I went back and looked and she is short ----Victor/Holly would have NO reason to be following Oz------but the DA would have possibly seen him leave Jordan's office, etc....
    -----it ain't Esme....
    -----WHERE is Scott???????????
    -----Yes, January 9, 2022 is when Liz's storyline started - and it's October - SCREAM----
    -----I also am changing my mind that new lady is Maggie - I think she is too old to be Esme's nanny???????????? I WANT her to be Liz's mom - NOT Virginia Benson since the writers CLEARLY changed Carly's history anyway......

  11. Just read that Dr. Munro is returning. Truth or not I do not know. Another character in the mix. Guess they need a doctor because Finn doesn't do too much doctoring anymore.

    1. Is this where you read it?

    2. Is it the guy that played him first?? OMG he was gorge

    3. Matt Cohen. Yes he was. And the article is just speculation. As they say at the end..."what might have been going on is that Cohen was at the studio not to don Griffin’s scrubs anew but to tape a segment for Entertainment Tonight, where he’s worked since tapping out at General Hospital." It's a much more permanent gig.

    4. Yes Karen, same guy. He was, or is, on ET or one of those celeb bits TV shows. Matt Cohen.

  12. I think Oz was killed by Wu clan. Selina owned his bar and said she knows everything that goes on. If she heard that he got a plea agreement who knows if she thinks he may have spilled things about her.?



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