Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Right as Rain...


Holly burns... Robert puts a blanket over her.. yells NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. EMTs come. They medevac her out. OMG so, in the ambulance, Felicia comes out and Holly sits up!! "I'm all fired up"! IT WAS A RUSE! :Clapping:! LOVE IT. They explain that Robert and Holly faked the drugging. Felicia met Holly at the cabin the night before, gave her flame retardant stuff and gel and yada yada. Felicia also brought her a change of clothes today and her passport/fake papers. Oh, Mac wasn't in on it so he didn't have to lie to Jordan.!! Interesting. 

Savoy: Dr O grabs Cody's arm..drags him away. Offers him money to leave. "Britta needs her mother now" Cody says they are over, that Britt made it clear. 

Savoy: N'Neka bartends. Ava and Britt are at the bar. Cody is there, Nik walks in. Ms Wu talks to Victor (who texts "get necklace, Holly expendable) She's flirting with him. Nikolas goes up and talks to Ava. Britt is sad she's not married or with a man. Then she stumbles. Wu thinks she's drunk and tries to take her out of the bar. Britt starts to fight back and stumbles again.. Victor helps her out. They want to call her a cab. She says no..she's NOT DRUNK. Victor looks at her and is like: OMG you're not drunk, you're sick! He says: "Faison's legacy"!!!!!!!!! Britt lunges at him.. Dr O slaps him.. they tussle. Finally Victor is dragged away. 

Trina tries to sneak out of her house but Marshall's on the patio and catches her. They talk zzzzzzzzz Oh yeah, Portia and Curtis talk too zzzzzzzzzzzz.  I think Portia wants to have Marshall tested because she doesn't think he's Curtis' father. 

Chase asks Brook where the letter is for his PCPD job. Brook says she didn't do it an doesn't want to until they get Linc. She says she loves him like no other. They argue. Then he says they are done. 

***** OMG part of this is that Holly gave Selina Wu a diamond to 'dose' Victor up and punish him. Not kill him, just punish him. She tells her that he has her son. Wu agrees. 


Victor finishes his drink..gets a text that Holly is disabled but the necklace is missing

Holly and Robert say goodbye, she gives him the necklace




I MISSED The Thanksgiving DAY!! we go. 

Sonny's House: Awww...earrings. Dante and Sam are there too. Or they are just 'stopping by' and then Sasha and Gladys come in.  YEAH! Alexis arrives!! Sante make out the entire time/ LOL . They yell at Alexis about leaking the Esme info. 

Carly's at the Qs... I guess she's been with Jason, AJ and Drew so.... Millow are there, Leo (the rest of the kids are upstairs). Ned, Olivia, Chase, Brook.  OMG The turkey ... hilarious. LOVE IT.  Leo says "Mr. Gobble, I won't let you be eaten".. he's going to let him GO!! AHAHAHA. YEP!! Mr. Waddle is FREE! 

PCPD: Laura, Mac...Robert and Jordan and Alexis. Alexis did print some stuff because Jordy didn't give her an interview. Deputy Mayor is being kept around to see what "use" she can be.  Oh Felicia comes in with Turkey Dinner!! 

Holly in some cabin with the necklace. Has it on and there's a stove with fuel leaking. Oh, the PCPD find her in 2 seconds LOL. Some goonie guy does too. OMG the entire PCPD make it there in 10 minutes. Robert talks to her. Oh lord, the cabin BLOWS UP and.. she's on fire? And comes OUT? Will they save her and she'll go to a burn center for awhile? Get the necklace off her steaming body? 
That was... um.. dramatic. 

Gladys gambling makes sense. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Due To Wubby Hubby...


I will not be blogging GH Today !! The World Cup game is on so.. I said he can have the TV JUST THIS ONCE!! 

YES, it's the Thanksgiving SHOW...and yes, I'm bummed but it will be an easy one to catch up with I think.  So ENJOY!! 

It's kind of sad I don't even see a Temp Monica in that photo! BOO--- 


Monday, November 28, 2022


 Victor moves into Wyndemere!! AHAHAHA Nikolas is like DOH!! Victor says he's going to make himself at home. Gets a scotch. 

Elizabeth comes to check on Esme. Liz says she needs prenatal care and Esme says she's trapped what is she supposed to do?? Liz says she will do it. Esme says she'll be dead when the baby is born and Liz says she'll live on Cassadine Island in the lap of luxury. OMG I LOVE DARK LIZ@! woot! 

Liz sees Victor. He tells her he's moving in. South Tower (not the North because that's where Esme is and it's being "repaired") She leaves. Victor thinks Nik and Liz are having an affair. LOL 

Dante visits Heather, who's painting.  She kids him about modeling for her. She says she won't tell him anything until she gets a deal. He says no and leaves. She calls Scotty and tells him to come and visit. "I'll make it worth your while". 

Scotty goes to Heather's. She wants to sue the PCPD for her injury from the crash. Also, she wants Scotty to get her 'out' of the prison rehab. He says no, leaves. 

Mac and Kevin talk to Ava about helping to find Esme. Ava's like, I have NO clue. They say she knows someone that might. They want her to talk to Ryan to see what he knows. Ava says she will because she wants to save Trina from "the hook" (and thinks it's Esme) and will go see him today. 

Laura and Scotty talk in the square about Thanksgiving. She's worried about Martin. Holly listens from a hidden bench. Laura sees her and asks what she's doing. Holly says she has 'work". Scotty says 'YOU HAVE A JOB'? LOL!!  He leaves. Holly tells Laura her ride share isn't showing up. Laura says she'll take her wherever she needs to go. Holly hedges then says ok. She has the briefcase. They are driving and Jordan calls about Robert. Laura has it on speaker phone. Holly stops the call and pulls out a gun. Holly tells her to get off at an exit. Laura says no-- Holly says she has to ...

Ryan finds out about the prison transport crash.  Ava comes to see him and tries to get answers about Esme. She says that she'll be there for all his interviews and he can bask in her beauty LOL Ryan finally agrees to the interview. 

Robert is in GH sleeping "it off".. TJ ran a tox screen. Diane is there too. Robert wakes up and Diane tells him that his briefcase is gone. He says GET ASHFORD HERE !! He tells her about the necklace and she tells him someone took the briefcase he knows well. 

Holly steals Laura's car, leaves her with a phone on the side of the road (I think Robert and Holly set this all up)... 

Gavin can't find Holly--tells Victor she's gone

Heather Webber comes face to face with Ryan. HE stares at her-- big time. It's delicious. 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Three Tequila, Floor


What a strange week!! I only watched 1 day in real time, then caught up on the other 2! Only A Three DAY WEEK!!  

I guess we have to all do some tequila shooters, right? 

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thankful For: My GH Family !

A big thank you to Dave B who helps keep the blog rolling and to Sonya who always recaps! I can count on it being in the blog even if I miss a day or 5!!  Love all the people that take the time to comment and also the lurkers...I see you in the numbers if not the words! 

I'll be watching the shows tomorrow probably but I am dying to see the Dr. O and Britta scenes as well as figure out if Robert and Holly pulled a switcheroo on Victor.  HE HAS to be in on that, right?? 

I also want to say a big thank you to all that have read this blog; whether you're new here or a vet. I probably would write it even if only 1 or 2 people were around!! So glad everyone is still hanging around this ol' berg. 

Thank you to the writers, actors, crew-- everyone on General Hospital because even though I might bi*ch or moan, you're still my show and love you all!! GH is so special and continues to have me tuning in on the daily so it has to be doing something right! 

Here's hoping you're spending your day the way you want to and that it involves your favorite foods! I did serve pizza last night and totally thought of the Quartermaines when I did it!!! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Welp-- DECK DAY!

 Yesterday's SHOW: 

God, Nina is the new Amy-Carly combo LOL 

BRITT-- Oh heartbreaking. "Did you know his brain is in a jar at the WSB"?? LOL 

SO don't care about Chase, Brook, Linc and Blaze. NOPE

Victor...Holly; both dressed to the nines!! Where does Holly shop in Port Charles ??? 

HELLO Alexis, Dante and Sam... love it. I wish Molly and Krissy were there. That's nothing new.

DOCTOR O IS ON! I can't wait for to see Britta!! I'll sob. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Interrupted by MY DECK BEING worked on. The entire thing is a tear-down (and yes, they work all year)...and my Dad is coming sooooooooo, you know what I'm going to say. I'll need to catch up on GH Friday or Saturday. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday The 22nd


GUESS WHO is FIVE this year!!?? That's right!! Tillie the Terror! When we rescued her we knew she'd be in our hearts but not this much!!  That's a SHORT Hair...LONG Hair composition! 

So, THE SHOW... !! Yesterday was wild!! SO much happened I could barely keep up. I was thinking that Britt's Huntington's diagnosis has to be real now, right? BUT!!! If Kelly DID come back it could have been that Austin was in on it and paid off the expert!! So, see, it could still be soapy 101. It would be a horrible thing and Austin could never be redeemed (ahahaha) but that's the only way I could think of that this could be fake. 

I do believe the Thanksgiving show for GH will be AFTER Thanksgiving due to the many interruptions we've experienced. *sigh* so frustrating. 

Well, report on what happens today please!! Holly's in BIG TROUBLE ! FOR SURE! If you'd like to read about PALOMA hit this link: GH WIKI 

Monday, November 21, 2022

I'll burn your clothes


Robert grills Holly about working with Victor.  She says she is but not by choice. She can't tell him because he'll have a target on his back. He says there already is! She has to tell him EVERYTHING!! She tells him she was captive at the casino, called Robert but then Victor came in with her sister Paloma and shot her right in front of her!! Her sister died.  They put her body out for Robert to find and put her wedding ring on. Also.. Victor falsified her dental records.  Holly tells him she shot Lucy but didn't kill her, Lucy's alive. 

Holly explains she shot Lucy with a rubber bullet and she fell back. She then fired the other bullet into the water to leave a trail. Victor's guards picked up Lucy and took her. She wore an Anna mask. Then Victor told her she still had more work to do and she has to do it because he has Ethan. 

Britt is going to meet with the Huntington's consultant and wants Austin there too. The Dr Lady basically says Britt has probably been having symptoms for while and possibly has stage 2 Huntington's. The doctor wants to do more testing.  The doctor examines her. She's in stage 3!! She could live 5-15 years but also need around the clock care as early as 18 months. 

Scotty meets with Cody. Cody wants legal advice because he might come into a LOT of money. Cody explains the whole inheritance chain. Scotty tells him to stay away from the Ice Princess (curse)  

Sonny meets with Brick to tell him he's really NOT happy about him meeting with Carly. Brick texts Carly. 

Drew goes to run in the square. Carly finds him. They say they need to be careful about who sees them. Then Olivia pops out. Carly gets a text from Brick and leaves. 

Carly goes to Sonny's office to set him straight about Brick. She says she asked Brick to cover Drew and her digital tracks because of the insider trading. Sonny says he "approves" of Drew LOL. Carly finds out Nina told him about her being in Brick's room. She's pissed. Then Dex walks in "Where the hell have you been" ?? says Sonny. Carly leaves. 

Olivia tells Drew that Leo has been talking about the cell phone he found non-stop. They tlalk a bit more, not about anything special. Olivia knows that Carly and he have to keep their 

Joss and Dex. Dex's fever is broke--but he still hurts badly. He wants to go back to his apt. but needs new clothes.  She gets them, helps him dress.  Joss is going to take all of this stuff to Sonny's "fire pit" to burn it. OH!! Dex grabs her and they make out!!!! Joss loves it! WOOT! Then Dex has to leave. 


Brick and Sonny both doubt Dex's story

Britt trashes her office and picks up the necklace. Cody walks in

Victor thinks Robert might be on to Holly...tells her there's another assignment for her. 

Carly is going to help Joss burn Dex's clothes 


Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Crying Wolf


Mixed bag for me this week. I felt like the show chopped itself into TWO shows and then just inserted things wherever it could. Friday was a puzzling mess for me. Maybe it was my mood because we got snow? At least I'm not my brother, he's sitting on 5 feet right now!! eek! Buffalo South Towns are always dumped on! 

Ok, here we go... grab something good, sit back and I'll tell you a tale...or seven! 

Friday, November 18, 2022

False Alarm


WU DAY!  Ut Oh, Gladys is going to lose all of Sasha's moolah!! 

Britt and Brad.. love them of course. 

And Liz with the crafty fake out on Esme. LOL She also mentions the sex tape. I love sassy Elizabeth. This story is SO SOAPY. Totally not believable -- but so TOTALLY SOAPY 

Laura and her damn ugly outfits.  SAM has on 1/2 a sweater LOL 

Laura is now the smartest person in Port Charles. And, we see Fake Anna Face 

                                                           LOOK at this LINEUP!!!!!! 


Laura sees Victor on the docks. She says she doesn't want to take the launch with him-- he tells her they are family and have to work together. 

Maxie and Austin at GH. She's suspicious of why he's doing so many operations at GH that are off the books. They kiss and Spinelli sees them. 

Cody wants to talk Britt to breakfast and she's hung over. He also sees her hand shaking. She says it's nothing.  Sam comes in and wants to talk about the necklace. It looks like it actually belongs to Cody. 

Mac, Dante and US Marshall at the PCPD. Marshall yells into the phone they lost Cassadine! FIND HIM! Then Felicia walks in. They talk more about him being sad about Cody. 

Valentin goes back to the safe house to move Anna 'it's not safe here anymore". He says Laura found out Olivia Jerome is in Pentonville. They are going to move her tonight. They make love on the couch. 

Robert and Holly talk in the Metro Court dining room. He wants her to go with him to see Patrick and Robin. She hesitates. They talk..then kiss.  He tells her that he knows where Anna is (news to me!) and he's going to the safe house to see her tonight. Holly gets the address off of Robert's phone. She calls Victor and says she has to meet him. Looks like a set up. 

Holly meets Victor on the docks. She gives him the addy of Anna's safe house. He says he's busy so she'll have to 'turn Anna into the authorities" .. SO WEIRD. 

Sam talks to Spinelli about Cody. He found out he has a juvvie record but it's sealed. 

Austin tells Britt that the top Huntingtons' doctor  from Toronto is going to be in PC today and he set up a meeting. Britt is hesitant. 

The US Marshall is going to pick up Anna and asks Dante and Mac to go with him. They head out. Laura tells Felicia they should be very worried.  I think because Holly is involved. 


Austin bugs Spinelli to see if he and Maxie are compatible according to his dating app. (don't ask, no idea) 

The police break into the WRONG HOUSE-- the tip was not good to trap Holly. 

Victor overhears Britt talking to Cody about the necklace and the ice princess.

Robert finds Holl on the docks and says "you have some explaining to do"... 

Thursday, November 17, 2022



Oh geesh, so it seems ol' Elly Musk fired a bunch of people, locked them out of the building (or in some cases, IN and they couldn't use their badges to get out of the parking garage LOL)!! Anyway, Twitter may not survive much longer. Where are people going? It seems like the majority are on Mastodon. I'm there as 

When you sign up for Mastodon, you have to choose a server. You scroll down on that first page and choose one. I just happened to pick mindly social.  If we are both on that server, it's easy to find and follow each other. Just use the #GH hashtag and put it in your bio. If you're on another server, put my address in the search and you'll find me. We'll get it sorted out. 
Eventually LOL 

So, Mastodon isn't as user friendly as Twitter, that's for sure. I'm not even sure it has the capacity to do our live tweets. We'll probably crash the site. Seriously. They are already struggling. 

SO!! There's always this blog-- I'll update daily as usual. Also, FB page : 

HOW was today's SHOW?? I'll have to watch it in the morning. I have a hugely busy day tomorrow. I'll see you at 3 when GH is over!! 


A Day Off


Oh man, I have a HAIR appointment today... and before you say anything I KNOW I always make them during GH time!! My hair lady comes in at 1 on Tuesday/Thursday and I don't want to get in there later. Sooooooooooo. SORRY!! 

I really liked yesterday's show and I'm SO happy Liz is in the Esme story. I also like Temp-Nikolas. He's good. I think Finn's character is done because Anna and Valentin are working and she's about the only one I like him with--although Alexis?? Hmmm... 

David and I have been talking about year end already and predictions for GH so those will come out soonish. I think the show is on the right track although we could trim that cast by a LOT and still have 50 stories to tell. 

Question: Do you think Epiphany will pass her MCATS? 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Teenage Wasteland


THESE TWO got MARRIED 41 years ago?? What!!? So long ago and yet so close. Boy, did I wait for that wedding for MONTHS. It didn't disappoint; such a great location shoot and beautiful clothes and some surprises! 


Nina sees Carly goes into Brick's hotel room! (to get the antibiotics) She goes and tells Sonny. hey are kinda flirty. Sonny says they were always like that. Then they try to eat dinner. Nina says won't it be weird if they date? Then he decides to go up and confront Brick. 

Liz comes into Finn's office, tells her Dad to leave. Finn has to go because of a page. Liz tells her dad her name isn't Lizzy, it's Elizabeth and all he does is ruin things.  They talk about the last 25 years. Him abandoning her and Sarah too. "I wasn't perfect like Sarah". He says he felt closer to her...she says why. He says she's her own woman. Anyway, he leaves. 
Liz talks to Finn...turns her phone off. Wants to know if Finn wants to stay with her. They talk then she goes to Wyndemere. Finn thinks she's blowing him off. 

Joss tells Dex he's hot..he says "SO ARE YOU" ahhaa. get it? She says no, your fever. She tries to find out why he works with Sonny. He flashes back to Michael telling him not to tell her he's working with him. They banter. He likes the Georgia Bulldogs. Carly comes in with the antibiotics. She says his fever should break by morning. Tells Joss "Dex is DANGEROUS" lol 

Drew tells Willow he can help with her finding her bio parents. LEO finds a phone (Dex's) and they have to charge it. Michael figures out it's Dex's phone. 

Drew tells Willow he will take a reporter from Aurora to interview the commune people to find out about that time and Harmony. 

Nikolas gives Esme a bag to pack and says they are leaving where no one will find her. She says she's not going.  Then she fakes cramps. Dimitris runs in. Nikolas says she's faking it. Then he calls Liz.. she doesn't answer his voice mail. Then she switches her phone off. Oh, she ends up picking it up and going to Wyndemere. 


Liz and Nikolas go into the room and Esme is ON THE FLOOR!! 


Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Finn to Jeff Webber "you don't know me, you knew my slept with her".  Punches him. Later he and Jeff talk in his office. Jeff tells him that Reiko was lonely and they were working on the same island and well...things happen. Finn tells Jeff he knows he's a cheater, Hayden proved that. Finn screams at Jeff for messing with Liz' head. 

Liz goes to Wyndemere. Tells Nikolas she remembers him there. She also thinks he knows where Esme is. THIS IS A GREAT COUPLE OF SCENES. Anyway, watch it. Nikolas cops to knowing where Esme is. Liz wants to see her. 

The bathroom door creaked open, that was all. Esme says she has to get a hold of Ryan. THEN LIZ COMES IN!! Sees that she's pregnant. What are you doing here!!? Esme says she's been there for weeks and tried to escape. Nikolas tells Liz that Esme is the hook person! Pfffffft. 

Liz and Nikolas go into the living room. She thinks the baby is Spencers. Nikolas says no.. and she's like IT'S YOURS??????EWWWWWWW. Then she gets a text and has to run out. 

Josslyn shows Carly Dex.  Carly says "you got shot working for Sonny, right"??  OMG Carly is going to help them and get antibiotics! AHAHAHA She's in EVERY FKING STORY! Carly calls Brick. 

Brick meets Nina. Sonny and they sit down at a table to talk. She has to go look at the tasting menu. Sonny and Brick talk about Michael being mad at Sonny/Nina. Carly calls Brick and he doesn't TELL SONNY! WOW! He goes to find antibiotics

Joss finds out about Esme being in town. 

Michael is going to organize a bone marrow drive. Willow knows it's the right thing to do. They also are going to try to find her birth parents. Drew comes in.. flashes back to Carly saying Nina was her birth mother then the DNA test saying no. I think that he realizes she's lying. 

HAD TO LEAVE EARLY FOR MY JOB..missed last 5 min! 

Monday, November 14, 2022



Sad to hear of John Aniston's death. I'm not a Days watcher but even I know he's a legend in the genre. 


TEMP NIKOLAS! GEESH!! TEMPS are the new recasts or what? Anyway, the windows are boarded up in Esme's room. He goes downstairs and Ava is there. Ava tells him Esme is back in town. "We have to find her before the police do"!! 

Up in Es room.. she throws her breakfast on the floor.  She tries to charm Dimitris. 

Curtis gets the genetic testing results back today. Marshall, Portia and he are all at GH. Jordan walks about the corner. She wants to talk to Portia in her office. Portia lays into her about wanting to interrupt her and the DNA results. Jordan says she just wants her to know Esme was spotted in town.  

Test results are in; Curtis is in the clear. Portia says it's weird he has NO markers tho. 

Dex tries to hide in Joss' room as the RA girl tries to get in. Joss was afraid of bedbugs and she was going to check. Joss tells her it's fine. Adam comes around the corner and says "well you SAID you had bedbugs" so he outed her to the RA. She says it's nothing. Then he hears a noise coming from her room. Joss says it's a cat she rescued. He tells her ok, and to put in a good word with Trina for him. Joss goes in and Dex is on the floor. Fever. Joss has to get antibiotics. 

Liz gets a voicemail from Jeff, telling her to call him. Carly BARGES into Liz' house.. demanding to talk to her. She wants to know about Esme. She's on her way to tell Josslyn. Oh! BUT She sees Liz with her photos. "Scrapbooking"? Liz says no, just decluttering. Carly grabs a photo: These your parents?  Liz says she hasn't seen them in 25 years before going this past week. Carly tells her not to burn the photos because she might regret it. Liz tells her to leave. She's reevaluating her relationships. Carly goes. Liz lights a match. Then we see CARLY on the porch--SHE STOLE A PHOTO OF JEF AND CAROLYN!!!!!!! OMG! 

Trina and Spencer at the Jail. Trina talks abut the letter. He says he always believed in her and did what he did to save her.  They talk about him not trusting her to be in on the plan. She's disappointed he didn't believe enough in her to let her know.  Watch the scenes because they were tough to write up! LOL.. basically Trina says she had feelings for Nikolas and he HAD to have known that and he didn't show the same back. He finds out she went to the Comic Con with Rory. 

Finn goes to a meeting and Alexis is there. She thinks he needs to tell her what's bothering him. She says he has to talk about what's bothering him. He tells her about Reiko's affair. She says "can't you talk to Elizabeth about all this"?? He says it's complicated. They see Jordan ...Jordan says she didn't know Liz checked herself out of the hospital.. Finn was like WHAT? WHY ? WHAT HAPPENED????????????? AHAHAHAHAHAHA. 


Carly interrupts Joss

Jeff Webber is at GH but Finn sees him first

Elizabeth shows up at Wyndemere 

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Mixed Nuts

WELL... once it started getting good, GH delivered in many ways!! Prison Vans crashing! A bullet wound stitched up! Heather getting her BLT!! I think "Friday" hit this Wed so mid-week was a good time to watch.

Grab your BLT and let's roll. 

NOTE: I just saw how much I wrote--so grab two !! 

Friday, November 11, 2022

Dorm Dreams


US Marshall guy takes over Anna Devane's case from Jordan. He says because it's a WSB agent and an ex-police chief. 

Vanna are at a safe house, Sonny drops by. They talk about Heather being at Kelly's-- then Sonny has to go and won't be back. 

Austin sees Britt drop change and then having trouble swallowing..he knows something is up. 

JOSS HAS DEX IN HER DORM ROOM! He wants to leave but can't...dizzy and he falls on Joss.. GOOGLY EYES. 

Cam and Trina talk in Kelly's ..he tells her Esme is around town. She freaks out. 

Laura and Spencer talk at Pentonville. She tells him Esme is back in PC but can't be found. She wonders what happened with Nik and him. HE says Ask your son...or ASK ESME! 

SORRY, my You Tube TV stopped playing.. 

I'll have to finish tonight! 

Thursday, November 10, 2022



Nina and Ava at the PC Grille. Having Martinis celebrating being roomies. And they talk about Willow and TJ. Ava says she should apologize to Willow about thinking she and TJ were having an affair. 

Michael and Willow still at GH. Hugging. Crying. Yada yada. Willow says not to tell anyone else she has cancer. Nina comes in to apologize to Willow.  Willow tells her to drop dead. LOL! ahahhaaa. Oh WILLOW. You gonna be sorry!! 

Liz is on the docks and Esme is hiding..she comes out. Liz says she's calling the police. She dials and then Esme lunges and Liz falls and cracks her head on the dock wall. Passes out. Then Nikolas comes out and liz sees him fuzzy--Esme says Liz fell. Nikolas gets Esme back to the tower. Esme says that Liz is going to tell the police about her and Nikolas will be found out. Nik says Liz won't give him up. 

Heather is at Kelly's... Cam says they are closed. She says "I hear the BLT is to DIE For" She talks to Cam about the times she chased the kids around Spoon Island being a 'monster". She also sees "Franco in his eyes".. the good stay with us, The BAD get what they deserve. THEN.. OMG Cameron actually MADE HER A BLT. He didn't leave. He didn't call 911. HE MADE HER A BLT AND SHES' EATING IT?????????? WHAT??????????  He finally calls Dante when he gets a soda. DERP. 

Something is skulking outside of Joss''s DEX..bleeding from his wound. Dex says it's just superficial and not to call the doctor. She's watching Wiley. She finds Willow's nurses kit (LOL) She stitches him up. If you've seen any movie or TV show with the girl/guy gun shot wound, you know how that went. Cutsie talk.. oh, and Dex wants to learn how to surf and guess what? Joss knows how to! 

Jordan tells Dante they found the original driver of the prison van tied up in an empty lot. Dante thinks Valentin did it...Jordan says she thinks Sonny helped. Then she leaves to go to see Liz...Liz says that Esme pushed her. "and someone else was there too" but she doesn't know who (she's not saying Nikolas). 

Dante goes to see Cam because Cam FINALLY got a clue and called him about Heather being there. Dante gets there and arrests her.. geesh. THAT was boring.  


There's a BOLO on Esme Prince and Victor tells Ava. Ava almost chokes on her olive. 

Joss covers for Dex but then finds a leaf outside that shows he's still bleeding

Heather leaves with Dante

TODAY felt crazy and all over the damn place. And just..weird. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Michael sees Willow and TJ. He thinks Willow's cheating on him. Willow is angry and says "is this NINA's FAULT"? Then she asks TJ to leave and tells Michael. She tells him about her cancer. He says he's so sorry and hugs her. He says that it's her choice.. then and now. She tells him she has to start chemo and get a bone marrow transplant. 

Val is worried about Anna, she's not at the drop off. Sonny's trying to call Dex, he's not answering. Dante comes over to Sonny at GH. Says he wants to go for a beer. Dante gets a call about the police car. TJ comes out and is mad and asks Sonny where Nina is. Sonny says he knows about him  and Willow. TJ says he can't believe Sonny thinks that. He knows TJ and he would never cheat. Sonny says ok, I believe you but Michael won't. 

Van: Guard, Dex and Anna all passed out. Heather? MIA. Dex wakes up, tries to wake up Anna. Anna wakes up and is good.. just a little head wound. BUT she notices Heather is gone. Then Valentin finds her and they leave. Dex hears sirens and runs. 

Mac and Dante show up and realize that Anna was going to be sprung from the van and she's on the run. 

Nikolas is frantic that Esme is gone. He goes into the living room and finds a light bulb gone.. and THE HOOK IS THERE. Nikolas gets the fireplace poker and the hook comes down. They tussle, he hits his head and the hooker runs. Phone rings: it's Liz. He gets up and looks around. Sees the hook. Says it's from their boathouse and it must be Esme. 

Cody reads the DNA results. Says 'I'm not your son".. Felicia was going to check it but Mac says why bother (idiot). CODY totally LIED to get that necklace. Cody still wants to be friends with Mac tho. Mac gets called away about the van. Felicia basically tells Cody to go away now that he knows he's not Mac's son. (Since he didn't care in the first place). 

Liz and Finn. Very weird situation. He's like HOW do you know your parents aren't lying to you? He says Reiko said she fell. Liz says no. She tells him that Reiko and her father had an affair.  Liz cries and says she's sorry. Finn says he's sorry too. AND LEAVES!! HE LEAVES!! What a douche! 


Valentin and Anna take off in the car... 

Cody did lie, he's Mac's kid. He wants that necklace. 

Esme is hiding on the docks, Liz comes on the docks too 

Finn sits in his office and looks at old photos of Reiko hahahahaa what????? 

DEX stumbles in the woods, shot 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Did You Vote Today?!

 Just asking!! 

Felicia, Mac and Cody are at GH waiting for his DNA results. There's a backlog. 

Anna on her way to GH before going to Pentonville. She's getting a blood treatment first (thanks to Finn).Valentin tries to call Sonny but it goes to voice mail. Valentin is like: YOU HAVE TO MOVE NOW, Anna's going to Pentonville tonight!! Valentin then goes into Anna's patient room, dressed like a doctor with an ID tag that says: Hamilton Finn. He tells her the plan that Sonny's man is driving the van and she'll be let out on Rt 31 to make her escape. 
Felicia sees Valentin later and asks if it's all set. He says as long as Sonny does what he's supposed to do...

OH DEX IS DRIVING ANNA! THEN, A guy comes out and says HOLD UP! Another passenger. It's HEATHER WEBBER! PFffffffft!! The prison decided to do a two for one. Anna's annoyed. Dex is like :UM, well.. and Heather says: ANNA !! Looks like we are car pooling!! ahahahaha

Sonny is talking to Michael in the park with Nina. Michael accuses them of trying to see Wiley. Sonny's like WE WERE JUST WALKIN' IN THE PARK! Sonny takes a call. Nina tells Michael to be more respectful. Sonny comes back and Nina drops that Willow is turning to someone else. Michael is like: Shut up. Sonny says: YEAH I SAW IT TOO! ahhahaha PETTY! Michael ends up leaving. 

Britt calls her specialist and says she's having symptoms. Then Sam comes in and has info on the necklace. It's worth 35million dollars... Leopold Taub was the last owner in the 80s. It was in a Paris Fashion show then no one knows. Could have been bought or stolen. Oh the necklace gems are from THE ICE PRINCESS! 

Laura tells Victor she took Charlotte out of school and OH! Valentin's home too! ahahaha. Victor isn't happy. He leaves. Laura says that Victor could have started her mother's fire and framed Anna for Lucys' "Murder" 

Esme still trying to shimmy down the sheets. 

Lia and Finn at Liz' house. Finn isn't mad she didn't tell him the real reason for her visit. He hopes she got the answers she needed.  Then she says her Dad was seeing a doctor and she pushed her down the stairs and she died. "It was my fault" she says.  Finn is angry her parents tried to make her forget and sent her away for 25 years. 

Willow is in with Terry and TJ -- Willow needs chemo and a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT ..really ????????? WHO KNEW?????? ahahhaa. Willow sobs. TJ hugs her. 


Cody opens DNA results but doesn't say what they are. 

Van gets in an accident after the first guard pulls a gun on Dex

Esme escapes

Michael sees Willow and TJ hugging. 

Monday, November 7, 2022

Green Park


Laura and Valentin come to the jail. Anna kisses him. They brought Charlotte home. She'll be at Kevin and Laura's with security for awhile. Laura leaves. Victor tells Anna he has a plan. She's supposed to be going to Pentonville tonight. 

Liz is home with Terry. Cam comes down. Asks how it went. Then goes upstairs to get a book. Terry asks Liz how she is feeing about her parental visit. Liz says manipulated and betrayed. Terry says she has to tell Finn. 

CAM and Liz talk about her trip. She tells him she went to CA. He tells her Joss stayed the night and the Hook is after people around Trina's trial. 

Finn doesn't know if he should call Liz.. then Heather is wheeled out to be transferred. She makes naughty jokes to Finn. Valentin comes out of the elevator, talks to Finn about a plan for Anna. 

Nina and Sonny in the park. They talk about the hook.  BORING

Willow and Michael playing with Wiley in the park. Willow's appointment is later today. Michael takes a phone call.. TJ comes up to Willow. She tells him she's going to tell Michael about her cancer after her appt with Terry today.  TJ and Willow hug. Sonny and Nina see them hug. Nina is all side-eye. Wiley goes up to hug Sonny and Nina. Willow pulls him away. Michael comes back and gets all pissy about them being there. GEESH! Public park, sir! 

Holly gets a text from Victor asking her what's happening. (She's in Robert's office) She says she's still gathering intel. Then Robert comes in and the deputy mayor. She tells him to stop trying to get Anna bail or she'll call for his resignation. Then Laura walks in... HELLOO!! Laura hugs Holly. Tries to tell her Kevin could help with her memory. Holly yells I SAID NO! Laura and Robert go into the hall. Deputy Mayor yells at Holly that she could get them both caught. 

Laura talks to Robert in the hall and wonders the timing of Holly showing up. She thinks Holly might not be telling him everything. 

Esme is trying to figure out how to get out of the tower. Nikolas comes in... he tells her there's no way to get out of the rooms. He leaves. She then tries to figure out how to use the sheets to propel herself to another window LOL

Victor is at Wyndemere and calls Johan. Says the necklace Britt has could be "the one" and if it is they can finish their whole "project". Then Nikolas comes down and blah blah blah. Victor thinks he might let him in on "THE PLAN"...about fking time. I'm getting bored and I really want to like this story.


Victor finds out Charlotte is gone from her school

Esme ties the bedsheets together to try to get out

Anna is going to be transferred to Pentonville--OR IS SHE ?? 

Michael overhears Sonny say "DON'T TELL MICHAEL" (what Nina suspects)

Weird show today I thought. Just ...messy. 

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Lemons


I should have called this "Sundae Surgery"! Friday was full of them!! Made me hungry lol. So the week started out with a bang and ended in a "meh"... There were so many scenes I had hope for and then they just fizzled out. Like the car you thought would be fabulous and it turns out to be a lemon. 

You know we are eating ice cream with your fave toppings. Let's GO! 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Eat that Sundae!


Kelly's: Sonny and Nina. Dex is patroling outside and they are both eating a sundae. Sonny is happy they don't have to hide anymore. OMG they are not eating that sundae. Nina says she loves Sonny.

Charlie's: Willow and Michael on Date Night.  EWWW.  Willow is anxious about her test results. Michael is oblivious to what they could mean.  The phone rings as soon as they get their sundaes (MORE SUNDAES!!) .. test results are in. 

Maxie goes to Austin's office and sees Mason. Mason says he needed help with insurance and billing. Maxie wonders if he wants to go out to dinner. Austin is kinda mean, says NO. Then tells the ER he'll be down to treat the guy. 

Maxie catches Spinelli talking about Society Set ups on the phone. She hears he wants to close it. They are at the Metro Court on the balcony. She thinks he did the SOcial thing because he's lonely after Ellie. She says he'll find someone one day. 

Joss and Carly. Joss realizes Cam is in danger, tries to call him. Leaves a voice mail. She's frantic to go see him. Joss flashes back to Dex and his shirt being unbuttoned. 

Jordan assures Portia and Curtis the PCPD will protect Trina (ahahaha!!) . Portia and Jordan then talk about the DNA markers and that Portia should tell Curtis the truth. 

Cam is out on the bridge to look at the lock that he and Joss left. Flashesback to their zex scene. "Who's there"!! Oh it's stupid DREW! They start talking about Oscar. Oh, I think Oscar and Joss left that lock. They talk about the mountain where Drew left Oscar's ashes. 

Joss goes to Kelly's to check on Cam. Sees Dex. They flirt kinda. Then Cam walks up. They talk about the hooker being after them. Dex goes in and tells Sonny. 

Drew goes to Carly's house to check on her. She says he has to leave. Carly then realizes that Joss snuck out of the house. 

Sonny brings Josslyn Home. Cameron refuses to let Dex take him home. 


Josslyn sees Carly and Drew make out. 

Oh pretty boring for a Friday, are we still off schedule? 

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Stock Meeting

 Holly and Robert say goodnight. She's too tired to see Mac and Fe. Robert Leaves. BUT! Holly isn't tired, she sneaks out of her hotel room. 

Holly meets Victor on the bridge. He wants to know what Robert is up to. She says finding a judge who will grant bail. He tells her that this whole ruse is better than being his prisoner, right? If she doesn't do it, she'll wind up like Lucy Coe. He also has Ethan. As soon as Anna is in jail, she'll be free of Victor (Or so he says). He threatens to kill whoever he has (I think it's Ethan) unless she does his bidding. 

Brook and Chase having a beer. A fan asks for a photo. Brook is so happy. Tells Chase maybe he can be a singer forever. Sad face for Chase. A woman comes in named BLAZE who's going to sing with Chase. Linc comes to the meeting. They see Linc touch Blaze and Blaze is uncomfortable. 

Felicia and Mac are watching Maxie's kids. Maxie is stuck at the office because Lucy's been gone and it's a mess. Mac wonders about the DNA test and when the results will be ready. Robert comes over to discuss Anna and how to get her out. Robert says he might check on Holly because he thought she was acting strange. 

Maxie, Sasha and Diane are at Deception. Sasha is going to be a partner again. She's clean and ready to go. Diane and Maxie talk about trying to save the company.  Gladys isn't too happy about it all. 

Austin talks to Gladys about Brando and Sasha. Mason comes up. They talk alone and it turns out Austin is working for a woman and he's a 'mob doctor' that looks the other way when stitching people up. 

Curtis and Portia are in after having dinner at The PC Grille. Curtis is off the Savoy for the night. They talk about him getting gene tested and having kids. Curtis wants 3. The Metro has a cancellation for Valentine's Day 2023 for their wedding. Portia thinks it's too early. Curtis wants to go for it. Portia still thins that it's too soon. Finally they agree that that's an ok time. 

Trina freaks out about the killer targeting people from her trial. Carly freaks out because JOSS might be a target LOL . She tells her about the letter. Joss and Trina think Esme must be back doing it. Jordan thinks the girls shouldn't go back to PCU. 

Robert goes back to the Metro and finds Holly coming back to her room. She says she went out for a walk, He says she's cold. "You could always warm me up"...they kiss. 

Had to leave the last 5 min!! see you tomorrow

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Down The Stairs

DR O is all blonde!! She, Scotty, Britt and Cody are at Charlie's talking about Peter's necklace they found.  Britt talks with her mother about accepting Cody (at the bar) Dr O wonders if Britt told him about her diagnosis. Britt says no, it's private.

Cody talks to Scotty about giving him another chance after he punched him. He says that Britt is important to him and he knows Scott loved his mother. 

Carly and Sam talk about Drew and he walks up. Drew interrupts and doesn't let Carly tell her about them because they can't be a couple because of the insider trading stuff. 

Spinelli and Sam talk about Society Socials and that he should pull the plug before the FBI starts investigating. 

Alexis calls Jordan because she got a letter from the serial killer. Jordan and Dante come in. The letter seems legit. The killer seems to have a hit-list. They talk about whether to publish it or not. Jordan tells Alexis not to. They take the letter.

Alexis calls Greg-- she made a copy of the letter and shows him. 

Joss and Trina talk about their respective weekends. Joss isn't "feeling" that way about Cam even tho they slept together. Trina tells her about the comic con. 

Elizabeth doesn't believe anything her parents tell her about Reiko and pushing her down the stairs. She says they gaslighted her. Then she starts having flashbacks. Her mother says it's time for her to remember. Scenes with "Reiko" and yes, Liz pushes her down the stairs. Well, she kinda falls.. not really PUSHED PUSHED. Anyway, Reiko had a concussion and needed a blood transfusion. She got one and that's how she contracted the disease that killed her!  Liz is angry because her parents drugged her, programmed her then abandoned her because of their reputations. She leaves. 


Britt starts coughing when swallowing; her disease is showing up again! 

Jordan tells Trina the killing are connected to her

Tuesday, November 1, 2022



Town Square ..Avery and Donna trick or treat with Sonny and Nina. Carly's talking to Sam about how happy she is and sees them and gets all pissy. She wants to talk to Sonny ALONE! Why did they have a sleep over with Nina? Oh it was a movie night. Carly says thank you for respecting her boundaries. 

Carly tells Sam about Florida. Flashes back to Drew and her cliff kissing. 

Sonny sees Holly and is like WOW, back from the dead. Holly says she can't remember the last 2 years. Sonny is like YEP, I hear that! She leaves to go get cider. Robert and Sonny talk about Anna being in jail. 

Alexis' Office. Drew brings in Scout for trick or treat. She's a butterfly. Alexis tells Drew she saw his name in the news with the Florida grave stuff. He wants advice about the insider trading threat Ned threw out. Alexis says it's absolutely insider trading but the FCC probably wouldn't press charges unless the parties were 'romantically" involved. ut oh

Holly and Robert try to figure out how to spring Anna from jail. There has to be new evidence for there to be another bail hearing. They go to the town square to check out the halloween fest. 

Laura and Valentin. "God didn't summon me, your girlfriend did" says Laura!!  VAL tells her about Lucy being shot and Anna's set up. They go to leave and Bald Baddie comes in. Oh he works there. He wonders who Laura is "I haven't seen you here before sister".  Then the bald guy sees the passed out guy and pulls a gun on them. Val knocks him out and Then Father Kevin shows up! YIPEE!! they put the guys in the crypt. 

Finn and Anna talking in jail. He tells her he met Heather Webber. THEN he tells her all about ELIZABETH! geesh!

Elizabeth wants answers about their time on the island.  She asks who Reiko Finn was.. Jeff looks shocked.  It comes out he had an affair with her when she was married to Finn. Liz' Mom knew too. Liz knows it was more than an affair. She tells them about her dreams and blacking out and such. Jeff says Liz found them together. She asks if he pushed Reiko down the stairs. 


I think Alexis opens a letter from The Hooker

Val, Kevin and Laura run out to get Charlotte

Holly calls someone with an update on Robert. I Think someone has Ethan! 

Jeff finally tells Liz SHE pushed Reiko down the stairs. 

Here We Are

  Drew goes to see Michael at the Gatehouse but he's out with Wiley. He tells Willow about the congress-person seat and that she can'...